BH (QT) 93 – Little White Face (21)

Chapter Ninety-Three – Little White Face (21)

After Shao Guanqun and others communicated with the people at the University City Security Base, they learned that the University City Base had just experienced a zombie siege.

It is said that there are thousands of middle and high-level zombies among the zombies in the besieged city, but they were all killed by Yan Jing Ze!

Upon learning of this news, Shao Guanqun looked at Yan Jing Ze with scorching eyes, and even made people suspect that he was interested in Yan Jing Ze.

     Zhou Wenxiu is a little wary.

Yan Jing Ze looks good, he was worried about this before, let alone now. This makes him subconsciously nervous, afraid that Yan Jing Ze will be snatched away.

At this moment, he didn’t want Shao Guanqun and Yan Jing Ze to get too close.

Zhou Wenxiu said: “Chen Shuxin, you take them to the cafeteria to eat. Jing Ze and I will go home first, we will continue discussing about this in the afternoon.” Zhou Wenxiu said ‘they’, of course, referring to the people from the S City base, as for the Sky Dragon base people… After the matter was clarified, they were already restrained.

Zhou Wenxiu gave orders and left with Yan Jing Ze. They needed to discuss some things privately.

In the past, Yan Jing Ze had to go to the canteen to exchange ingredients for whatever he wanted to eat, but now he doesn’t have to.

When Yan Jing Ze was talking to Zhou Wenxiu before, Chen Shuxin wrote down all the things he wanted. When they got home, the ingredients had been delivered.

Zhou Wenxiu grabbed a handful of those ingredients: “I’ll cook, you rest… You made a move with the S City base people before, is there any discomfort?”

    “That level of force has no effect on me,” Yan Jing Ze said. As soon as he went up before, he only showed a hand on Shao Guanqun and others and did not really fight, naturally it didn’t affect his body.

But Zhou Wenxiu was still a little worried: “You should take a break, I’ll do the cooking.”

“I like to cook for you,” Yan Jing Ze said. Zhou Wenxiu couldn’t wait to let him stand still. This is too much.

“Then let’s do it together?” Zhou Wenxiu asked, and then rushed to do all the work of washing and cutting vegetables.

Yan Jing Ze is responsible for throwing the ingredients into the pot and cooking them.

Yan Jing Ze casually throws the ingredients into the pot, but the finished product is still delicious… Zhou Wenxiu always feels that if he eats like this, he will get fat.

Okay, he thinks too much. This is the end of the world, with physical exhaustion, he cannot get fat…

     “Jing Ze, killing zombies is not good for your health, so don’t go,” Zhou Wenxiu said halfway through the meal.

     He wanted to kill the zombies, but Yan Jing Ze… he didn’t want Yan Jing Ze to go.

“If I don’t go, you won’t be able to deal with so many zombies,” Yan Jing Ze said indifferently. If there are so many zombies like Shao Guanqun said… Yan Jing Ze suspects that after Jia Wenhan snatched the University City base in his previous life, he might have been quickly exterminated by this group of zombies!

  The number of zombies that can be controlled by the psychic beside Jia Wenhan that day is almost his limit, a little more than that is absolutely difficult to control. The zombies will definitely want to bite when they see the living.

That’s not a good news… If this is true, ordinary people in the base will also die.

     Now, it is them who are facing this danger.

Yan Jing Ze is actually quite lazy and he doesn’t have the spirit of self-sacrificing, but this world… If he doesn’t do something, the zombies will destroy mankind. The whole world will be full of dark energy… What is the point of being alive?

With this in mind, Yan Jing Ze looked out the window.

On the day when the zombies besieged the city, when Zhou Wenxiu and the others killed ordinary zombies in large scale, the dark energy in the air became very dense for a time. Later, he collected the dark energy and condensed it into a black meteorite, only then did it get better.

But even so, the whole world has become a little darker recently.

There’s also more dark energy in the food and stuff grown in the base.

   Nothing can be seen now, in the long run… those who have not awakened their powers, even if they are not bitten by the zombies, may also become zombies because of the exposure to more dark energy.

“Jing Ze, I hope you will always be safe…” Zhou Wenxiu looked tangled.

     “Then you must protect me,” Yan Jing Ze laughed.

Zhou Wenxiu nodded seriously, no matter what, he would definitely die before Yan Jing Ze.

     In the afternoon, Zhou Wenxiu discussed with Shao Guanqun about killing zombies.

Someone in the S City base followed the group of zombies, and they would also take the opportunity to kill some, but this does not weaken the strength of the zombies, because those zombies have been getting stronger.

   When it comes to this matter, Shao Guanqun is a bit torn.

“This is normal. The dark energy in the dead zombies is absorbed by the remaining zombies, and the remaining zombies become stronger,” Yan Jing Ze said.

     “What dark energy?” Shao Guanqun asked.

“You have not researched it?” Yan Jing Ze asked with a smile and then said his own speculation.

Shao Guanqun froze for a moment and suddenly looked at the wind psychic among them, “You send this message back immediately!”

For more than a year, the S City base has been studying zombies, and has also done a lot of tests on psychics, but it is a pity that nothing has been discovered.

Now that Yan Jing Ze said so, Shao Guanqun suddenly realized—it turned out to be such a thing!

“This is the information I compiled,” Yan Jing Ze directly gave a booklet he wrote to the other party.

   The wind psychic nodded towards Yan Jing Ze, asked for a motorcycle and left.

    Today many roads are not smooth, driving a car is certainly not as fast as driving a motorcycle.

As for why the wind psychic can send the letter… If there is an obstacle on the road, the wind psychic can run with the help of the wind ability and carry the motorcycle on his back.

Even if he encounters a large group of high-level zombies… such a powerful wind psychic can run faster than the zombies.

After giving out the information, Yan Jing Ze looked at Shao Guanqun: “We will set off tomorrow.”

     “Okay, thank you!” Shao Guanqun looked at Yan Jing Ze gratefully.

“Don’t thank me, just protect me and Wenxiu when the time comes,” Yan Jing Ze said.

     Shao Guanqun: “???” They are so strong, they still need protection?

Yan Jing Ze said again: “Whether it is me or Wenxiu, if we get injured, I won’t help kill zombies anymore.”

Shao Guanqun didn’t quite understand what Yan Jing Ze meant. He knew that Yan Jing Ze was very strong, but everyone was killing zombies, why did they have to protect Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu specifically?

This should not be necessary?

    Shao Guanqun had difficulty understanding until Yan Jing Ze made his move…

In a small town between S City and H City, a group of people were running ahead, and countless zombies were chasing behind.

   On the S City side, many psychics were arranged to follow the moving herd of zombies, doing their best to intercept them and find ways to evacuate any humans the zombies might encounter on their way forward.

However, things are not going well.

There are many small security bases across the country, and most of these security bases are established by some powerful psychics.

They had found a good stronghold in the post-apocalyptic world, collected supplies and planned to stay for a long time, and suddenly they were asked to leave, how could they be willing?

There are zombies everywhere out there!

Forget it, these people from the S City base often encounter some disgusting small bases—some superstitious characters with problematic behaviors have done a lot of disgusting things that ordinary people can’t imagine in the last days!

Sometimes, without needing for the zombies to come, the psychics of the S City base will kill them first.

     However, there are some people who are very obedient.

Yesterday, people from a small base, under their persuasion, carried out a collective migration, and they also helped.

As a result, an accident happened during the migration.

Those zombies came ahead of time and even chased them.

S City base has researched a whole set of methods to enhance the strength of the psychics. Meteorites of various abilities are also available, so the psychics are generally very strong.

The group of psychics responsible for trailing the zombies, there are about ten psychics with strength similar to Shao Guanqun and the others. In addition, there are hundreds of slightly weaker psychics.

Moreover, these group of psychics also have space-based psychics, and that rare space-based psychics’ space are filled with hot weapons.

It was also with these hot weapons that they were able to stop the zombies.

    But now, they still can’t support it.

In front of them, there were tens of thousands of zombies, and behind them, there were those who were fleeing, the people from the small base…

The people of S City Security Base gritted their teeth and held on.

“These zombies are getting more and more powerful, can they escape?” a young soldier asked in tears.

  “Whether they can escape or not, we have to do our best!” the man in charge of leading the group said.

    The young soldier nodded with tears in his eyes and continued to hold on.

   The man leading the group, however, could not resist wiping his face and wiping away the water stains on his face, which he did not know whether it was sweat or tears.

They will not be able to hold on anymore, and the people behind… probably will not be able to escape.

     But what else can they do?

    Can’t exactly run away, right?

“Our mission is to kill the zombies! Kill one more if you can!” the man shouted after wiping.

The fighting men’s spirits were shaken… and another one of them was dragged away by the zombies.

    The man realized that he would hardly be spared and blew himself up straight away…

  The soldiers of the S City base are already at the end of their rope, and those who are running away ahead of them are no better.

The vast majority of them are ordinary people who simply can’t run fast enough.

    And they didn’t just have zombies chasing behind them, but also attracted zombies in front!

Not to mention, fleeing and fleeing, some of their cars are still broken, plus the road is impassable… Many of them can only run with both legs.

If it weren’t for the soldiers behind to protect them desperately, they felt they couldn’t waste other people’s sacrifice… some people would have stopped running long ago.

     They are so tired!

It was also at this time that they suddenly saw several motorcycles driving towards them.

They were so tired that even breathing became difficult and their throats were on fire, but when they saw these people, they still shouted up, “Stop! There are zombies back there!”

   These people have motorcycles and may be able to escape… Don’t rush over to the zombie side!

But those people didn’t stop!

Those who fled subconsciously looked back, and the zombies behind were getting closer and closer, and they could already be seen… They could see, and of course those people riding motorcycles could see, but they still rushed towards the zombies.

  These people also came to their rescue, but unfortunately with so many zombies, they are afraid that these people will become sheep entering the tiger’s mouth.

    Some people could not restrain themselves from crying.

At this time, Shao Guanqun, who rushed to the forefront on a motorcycle, had hatred for zombies in his eyes.

He saw his comrades fighting to the death with the zombies, and now he just wants to go save people!

Coming this time, Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu brought with them all the psychics of the University City base and the people from the Sky Dragon base… There are thousands of them in total.

But the large group is moving slowly, and right now, there are just a few dozen people rushing ahead on motorcycles.

Zhou Wenxiu drove the motorcycle in the middle of the team. When he came to the front of the group of zombies, Shao Guanqun and the others were already fighting against the zombies.

“Master Yan, please help!” Shao Guanqun shouted.

Yan Jing Ze should be the strongest in the entire team, but this whole time, he has not even made a move.

The admiration that Shao Guanqun had for him because of his strength had all faded.

Fortunately, this time, Yan Jing Ze answered, “Hmm.”

Zhou Wenxiu had stopped the motorcycle, but neither he nor Yan Jing Ze moved. They just sat on the motorcycle and looked at the group of zombies quietly.

Forget it. After being quiet for a while, Zhou Wenxiu started his motorcycle, turned and ran.

     Shao Guanqun: “…” What does this mean? These two people ran away?

    They actually ran away?

  Shao Guanqun was confused, but an exhausted soldier beside him asked, “Am I seeing things? How did these zombies fall down?”

Shao Guanqun turned his head and found that among the large number of zombies he was chasing, a lot of them had suddenly fallen down and turned into ordinary corpses.

Moreover, the remaining zombies have also become extremely vulnerable.

All this is too magical… Is it related to Yan Jing Ze?

Shao Guanqun had an alarming guess, but had no time to think more – at times like this, the only thing he could do was to kill more zombies!

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