BH (QT) 92 – Little White Face (20)

Chapter Ninety-Two – Little White Face (20)

The scene was very awkward for a while.

However, these people came from the S City base, and when they fought, they had been merciful and didn’t hurt the people from the University City base.

Zhou Wenxiu took them to a nearby conference room.

  This conference room has always been used by the field office for meetings, and there is a conference table inside that can seat dozens of people.

Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu sat at one end, the people of S City base sat on one side, the people of University City base sat on the other side, as for the people of Sky Dragon base, they could only stand on the other end.

Shao Guanqun and others from the S City base have now made some guesses and feel that they have been tricked by Qu Yaofeng.

Not to mention what they just saw.

   This university city base, although the outside is in disrepair, but the base is actually very well built inside. Many ordinary people come and go, there is no lifelessness on their faces, and they all look full of hope.

    The person in charge of this base is obviously nice to the people below.

  In fact, when you think about the previous events… Ordinary people and psychics in this base have a sense of belonging to this base and are willing to work hard with them for the base. This is enough to prove that this base is good.

More importantly… The little white face in Qu Yaofeng’s mouth who seduced his sister and also fascinated the unrighteous base leader, Zhou Wenxiu, is actually very strong…

  What else can Qu Yaofeng say and how can he be trusted?

    “President, Mr. Yan, what would you like to drink?” Chen Shuxin asked.

    Yan Jing Ze said: “Green tea. You don’t need to make it, just give me a cup and tea leaves.”

Chen Shuxin immediately took the cup of tea to Yan Jing Ze, poured a few more cups of water, one for each of the people at her base, and one for herself, and sat down opposite Shao Guanqun with the cup.

Of course, she will not pour water for Shao Guanqun and the others. These people came to find trouble and still expect her to pour water? Dream on!

When Shao Guanqun and others were in the S City base, they were respected because they were powerful psychics. After leaving the S City base, although they also encountered some ignorant small bases who did not take them seriously, most of the time, they were all being served, and those who didn’t know any better were beaten down by them.

Now that they are so neglected, they are actually unhappy, but they dare not raise it.

  That Yan Jing Ze is too strong.

Moreover, they were also at fault in today’s matter. It should be that they got the situation wrong and misunderstood people.

   Shao Guanqun held down his temper and turned to Zhou Wuxiu, “Sorry, we didn’t get the situation clear before and got impulsive.” He was not stupid, he knew that he had been used by Qu Yaofeng.

  Zhou Wenxiu heard Shao Guanqun’s words and looked at Yan Jing Ze – now this matter… What does Yan Jing Ze intend to do?

Zhou Wenxiu’s action made other people look at Yan Jing Ze, and this look made everyone confused.

     Yan Jing Ze is making tea.

He conjured a small water ball with one hand and a small flame with the other hand, and then put the water ball on the flame to heat it.

     He actually has two abilities!

The S City base is a very large base, but there is only one person who has two abilities. This Yan Jing Ze actually has two abilities?

   As they were thinking this, they saw Yan Jing Ze put a little hot water ball into the water cup.

That’s not all, he moved his fingers and a gust of wind blew by… A few pieces of tea leaves floated up beside him and fell into the cup.

  Wind power! He has wind powers!

    The point is, they couldn’t even detect that he had powers!

    Could it be that the difference in rank was too great?

Shao Guanqun had always felt that he was very strong before, but at this moment, he suddenly realized that he was just a frog in the bottom of the well.

Yan Jing Ze pushed the tea brewed with three kinds of abilities to Zhou Wenxiu, secretly restored his abilities, then took out the second cup, and followed the same pattern.

When doing this, he asked: “What are you guys looking at me for? I’m just a little face, you don’t need to pay attention to me.”

People from the S City base: “…” If you are just a little white face, then what are we who are crushed by you?

People from the University City Base: “…” Yan Jing Ze is amazing. Previously, he used the ability that can make zombies die instantly and he can also control other people’s attacks. Now, three common psychic abilities have appeared. Where exactly did this monster come from?

Qu Yaofeng: “…” Didn’t they say that this Yan Jing Ze was just a coquettish little white face? Why is it like this?

Qu Yaofeng stood at the other end of the conference table, a little far from Yan Jing Ze, and nudged a man beside him and asked in a low voice, “Is that man really Yan Jing Ze?”

The one pushed by him was the person who came to the Sky Dragon Base last time. He didn’t understand what was going on, so he nodded painfully.

  Qu Yaofeng: “……” Yan Jing Ze is so powerful, his sister hooked up with Yan Jing Ze, why not just bring Yan Jing Ze back to Sky Dragon base, ah!

  With Yan Jing Ze as his brother-in-law, what else does he need to be afraid of?

Thinking about this, Qu Yaofeng looked at Yan Jing Ze, as a result, he met Yan Jing Ze’s meaningful gaze, and he suddenly panicked.

Yan Jing Ze smiled again at this time and looked at Zhou Wenxiu: “Wenxiu, is it good?” He showed his hand specifically to calm the people from the S City base and keep them from disregarding Zhou Wenxiu. Now that they have been calmed… He should do what a little white face should do.

Zhou Wenxiu had already heard about the awakening of psychic abilities from Yan Jing Ze himself, so he was not as surprised as the others at this moment. He took a sip of tea and said, “It’s good.”

“I’ll brew it for you every day from now on.” Yan Jing Ze smiled towards Zhou Wenxiu.

    Zhou Wenxiu’s heart beat faster: “Good.”

    “What do you want to eat for lunch? I’ll make it for you.” Yan Jing Ze asked again.

“Anything is fine.” Zhou Wenxiu felt that so many people are present, saying these are not good… But Yan Jing Ze asked all the questions and he couldn’t not answer, right?

  As a result, the crowd saw the two of them actually started discussing lunch.

    The most shocking thing is that Yan Jing Ze… actually intends to make lunch?

    The people of the S City base looked at each other. If there is no previous incident, just look at the current situation… This Yan Jing Ze does look like a person who can fascinate people to the core.

    He looks… so good!

But now… the people of the S City base now only hope to resolve the misunderstanding, and then ask Yan Jing Ze to help and kill the zombies.

The S City base is an international metropolis with a very large population. Just after the end of the world, there were more than 10 million zombies.

In the past year or so, although many zombies have been killed, many people have also become zombies. There are still tens of millions of zombies in the S City base.

In the beginning, these zombies were ordinary zombies, scattered in various places. Where there were zombies, there were often survivors, and they did not have enough weapons… Therefore, the S City base adopted the method of slow clean-up and did not use hot weapons to carry out area bombing of these zombies.

But one year after the end of the world, they obtained a batch of hot weapons, and almost all the survivors in S City were rescued… They began bombarding zombies with hot weapons.

The effect of hot weapons in killing the zombies is very good. They draw the zombies together, a bomb goes down, and a large number of zombies fall.

However, after several times, they suddenly discovered something was wrong.

The zombies that survived the explosion had actually gotten stronger!

The tens of millions of ordinary zombies in the S City base became less than a few million from the bombing, but there were also many more intermediate and high-level zombies!

What’s even scarier is that these zombies probably realized the danger and actually left the S City base and walked towards the neighboring cities…

When the end of the world came, it happened at the time when the earth’s magnetic field had a problem. The global power grid was paralyzed and the communication failed. At least one-third of the population instantly became zombies and bit their family members… All state authorities were paralyzed instantly and the army also suffered heavy losses.

After that, the magnetic field problem made the airplane useless, and the train that was in operation had a problem at that time and collided on the track and destroyed the common road…

At that time, many people were terrified and running for their lives. So, a car accident and other things are not uncommon, the road is also blocked by a variety of broken cars…

  After a few days of chaos, the population has been reduced by two-thirds. Even if you want to unite again, you cannot unite.

    However, several large bases like the S City base have been built, and these large bases are also dedicated to fighting the zombies and saving all of humanity.

  Now that the zombies in the S city base ran away, they immediately sent people to kill those zombies.

    Unfortunately, those evolved zombies are very strong!

The intermediate zombies are still beatable, but most of the hot weapons are useless for those high-level zombies!

     Zhou Wenxiu’s firepower is as powerful as a bomb, wouldn’t it be able to kill high-level zombies?

  What’s more, the zombies may also become stronger…

Shao Guanqun and the others are here to find people in H City to kill the zombies that are moving here.

“After we came to H City, we arrived at the Sky Dragon base, when the people of the Sky Dragon base said…” Shao Guanqun said all that Qu Yaofeng said.

    The people of the University City base immediately became angry: “Absolute nonsense!”

    “It’s obvious that your Sky Dragon base always comes crying for food!”

“The president sees that you guys are still good to ordinary people and support you with food, and you are still not satisfied!”

    “That’s right, you guys even colluded with Jia Wenhan and tried to rob the meteorite!”

    “You even kidnapped Yan Jing Ze!”

When University City Base said the previous ones, Qu Yaofeng did not speak but hearing the last sentence, Qu Yaofeng retorted: “Where’s the kidnapping! We have no ability to kidnap him! He was in love with my sister and went voluntarily!”

With that said, Qu Yaofeng took out a few pieces of paper from his arms: “I have the evidence of their communication here!”

   When Zhou Wenxiu went to save Yan Jing Ze, Qu Wanwan was knocked unconscious before she had a chance to speak, so the evidence didn’t have a chance to come out.

    But now Qu Yaofeng took it out!

However, he originally intended to make fun of Zhou Wenxiu with this, now… Qu Yaofeng said: “Yan Jing Ze, my sister is sincere to you! Do you want to be my brother-in-law?”

On the other hand, Yan Jing Ze was speechless.

    Zhou Wenxiu’s face was darkened: “Don’t you talk nonsense!”

  At this moment, Qu Yaofeng didn’t even bother with Zhou Wenxiu and only went to look at Yan Jing Ze: “Yan Jing Ze, you went with my sister voluntarily in the first place, right?”

Jia Wenhan said this a few days ago, but no one believed it. As a result, Qu Yaofeng actually said it again and came up with evidence…

Yan Jing Ze looked at Qu Yaofeng: “I did leave voluntarily at that time.”

     The people of the University City base were all dumbfounded, and Zhou Wenxiu suddenly looked at Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze said again: “At that time Qu Wanwan kept approaching me, asking me about Zhou Wenxiu, obviously not with good intentions. I played along to see, but unfortunately, she was quite careful, I did not find out any news. Later, something happened and it was discovered that the problem was Jia Wenhan.”

Yan Jing Ze silently gave himself a thumbs up.

     Whitewashed successfully!

     Thinking about this, Yan Jing Ze looked at Zhou Wenxiu again: “Wenxiu, I only like you.”

     Zhou Wenxiu coughed slightly.

  Qu Yaofeng: “……” So, his sister wanted to pit people and ended up being pitted?

    People from the University City base: So that’s how it is!

    People from S City base: “……” You are so strong, why do you still need to do this?

But this powerful man is still acting like a baby with Zhou Wenxiu… He has some strange fetishes, they can understand.

   In fact, they were too lazy to care about these things, they just wanted to beg Yan Jing Ze to kill the zombies right now: “Young Master Yan, President Zhou, things have been clarified. We misunderstood you guys, we solemnly apologize. In addition, there is a very important matter that we would like to ask for your help.”

“What is it?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“A large number of high-level zombies from S City are coming to H City. We need to kill them as soon as possible, if not, the people in those small bases will have difficulty surviving! In addition, the high-level zombies in H City also need to be killed as soon as possible, we can help you kill the zombies on the H City’s side first,” Shao Guanqun said.

Yan Jing Ze said, “That won’t be necessary… The high-level zombies on this side of H City should have all been killed by us.”

    Shao Guanqun and others: “???”

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