BH (QT) 91 – Little White Face (19)

Chapter Ninety-One – Little White Face (19)

Qu Yaofeng also does not understand how there are so few zombies along the way.

    He is aware that the University City base has been cleaning up the zombies, but this thing, he has never done.

In the end, he didn’t know what was going on. In the past few days, there were fewer zombies near his base. Now near the University City base, there are even fewer zombies.

     Where are the zombies? Where did they go?

The dilapidated city was silent, and the communities and houses that were not maintained and more or less affected by the fighting were all grayed out, making people shudder after seeing it, but everyone did not hate such a scene.

Because there are no zombies wandering around!

     Those people who came from the S City base were obviously a little cheerful and confused.

Qu Yaofeng has been familiar with the temperament of these people from the S City base these days, and immediately said: “Zombies are everyone’s enemy. We have been cleaning zombies. And between the University City base, we have been clearing a special road… “

He used to think that the people in the University City base were stupid to do this-even if they had to kill zombies when collecting materials, why did they go to clean up the zombies?

  If he had been a psychic in the University City base, he would have been annoyed with the leaders who forced him to kill the zombies!

As a result… the people of the big base actually did this too!

The S City base is an officially established safe base. The entire base is very large, inhabited by millions of people, and has gathered many powerful psychics and famous scientists.

They also have an army with powerful hot weapons, and the leaders in their base will also organize people to kill zombies and clear the road.

The S City base came to H City this time. There are a total of five people, one with water ability, one with wind ability, one with fire ability, one with earth ability, and one with lightning ability. Each of them stronger than Qu Yaofeng.

But at this time, seeing the surrounding scenes, this person who is always very irritable, improved his mood. Hearing Qu Yaofeng’s words, he even praised: “You did a good job.”

“I didn’t actually do anything.” Qu Yaofeng said modestly.

    “No, you have done a lot!” Shao Guanqun said.

    They had come out this time and met many small bases along the way.

Those who are in charge of the base, most of them are not good, and many of them do not treat ordinary people as human beings. In contrast, the Sky Dragon base is one of the clear streams – although the status of the psychics in Sky Dragon base is high, at least ordinary people are able to get by.

As a result, they had a good impression of Qu Yaofeng, and now they naturally believed what Qu Yaofeng said.

This Qu Yaofeng is a good person, but the University City base is not so good, especially Zhou Wenxiu.

He robbed Qu Yaofeng’s supplies and beat up Qu Yaofeng’s sister. Why is this person so crazy?

As they were talking, they had already arrived near the University City base.

As soon as they approached the University City base, they smelled an unpleasant smell, and at the same time, they saw some ordinary people working back and forth outside the city.

Because there are not enough materials for burning fire, burning zombies is done by fire psychics.

     The pits used to put zombies were dug by the earth psychics.

     Even the cleaning is done by the water psychics.


In short, killing zombies and burying zombies two days ago, the psychics were all tired, and today they have a group holiday.

    Anyway, there is not a single zombie near their base now.

  The ordinary people at the base had no problem with this. Although some of the psychics were not good like Jia Wenhan, most of the psychics were the ones who gave them shelter and they were grateful.

   This time, the psychics went to rest. They began to repair the walls, build watchtowers, and so on, and a few older professors prepared to transform the wall with blueprints.

“Now this wall can be collapsed directly by the earth psychics… This is not good! We should make some improvements…”

Psychics can sense each other, of course, a particularly weak one like Yan Jing Ze will be ignored.

  As soon as the people from the S City base arrived, they found that there was not a single psychic outside the city, and were a bit dissatisfied. When they saw how broken the base was, how smelly it was outside, and how rugged the walls were, the impression was even worse.

At this time, ordinary people outside the city also saw this team, and they immediately became alert: “Who are you?”

     As soon as one person finished asking, the other recognized a person in the car: “They are from Sky Dragon Base!”

     “People from Sky Dragon Base, do you still dare to come?”

     “Stop them!”


    The people from the University City base didn’t have a good look when they saw the people from the Sky Dragon base.

They don’t have much supplies themselves, but still, they have previously saved some for Sky Dragon Base which was sufficient enough for Sky Dragon Base! As a result, what did the people of Sky Dragon Base do?

 They actually kidnapped Yan Jing Ze!

    If Yan Jing Ze was really kidnapped by these guys… their base is finished!

   Fortunately, their president is capable.

    “Who are you to kick us out?” Qu Yaofeng got out of the car.

    “We don’t welcome you,” the man from University City Base said.

“I don’t want to come here, too! But Zhou Wenxiu snatched the supplies from our base and injured my sister. I want to ask him for an explanation!” Qu Yaofeng shouted.

“Who told you to kidnap Yan Jing Ze? Deserved it!”

    “What kidnapping? That Yan Jing Ze clearly went with my sister voluntarily! Isn’t that right Wan Wan?” Qu Yaofeng looked at his sister.

    Qu Wanwan turned her head, slowly: “Huh?”

    Qu Yaofeng: “……”

   Qu Yaofeng added: “I have evidence here, there is a love letter written by Yan Jing Ze to my sister!”

   Several psychics around Qu Yaofeng also said, “Yan Jing Ze seduced Wanwan and cheated her emotionally, you have to give an account of this matter!”

    “And Zhou Wenxiu, Yan Jing Ze clearly went with us voluntarily, what’s this talk about kidnapping? Who is he to take away our supplies?”

“And he even hit and turned Wanwan into a fool!”

    Qu Wanwan turned her head back again, “Yan Jing Ze came with me on his own.”

    Qu Yaofeng: “……” Sister, you’re really too slow to react!

    “You guys heard it, my sister said so!” Qu Yaofeng said.

  “So what if she said it? It’s not like you guys can say whatever you want to say!” The people in University City base sneered.

    “My sister is stupid, she can’t lie!” Qu Yaofeng said.

    The two sides argued.

Shao Guanqun did not like to hear people quarrel, immediately said: “This matter let your president and that man named Yan Jing Ze come out. Confronting each other will do?”

    And as soon as he said that, Qu Wanwan added: “I’m not stupid.”

Qu Yaofeng: “…” Okay, sister, you are not stupid, but your reaction is too slow!

     Shao Guanqun felt that calling Zhou Wenxiu out and making it clear was the best way.

  Although he was biased towards the Sky Dragon base and still felt that Qu Wanwan, a silly girl, would not lie, he still had to give that Zhou Wenxiu a chance to explain.

However, the people of University City Base did not buy it: “Why should we listen to you?”

    “The president has recently taken a leave of absence to rest, so he has no time to care about you.”

    As they were talking, some psychics who had nothing better to do ran out: “What’s going on over here?”

  “The people from the Sky Dragon Base said they are here to demand a statement!” Those ordinary people who stopped the Sky Dragon Base immediately said.

    “Want to say what? Get lost!” The psychics on this side of the University City Base hated the people from the Sky Dragon Base so much that they didn’t have a good tone.

  Although Qu Yaofeng knew that he was in the wrong, he was still angry that someone was so disrespectful to him, and the people from the S City base who came with him were equally angry.

Shao Guanqun said, “Your base is so overbearing?”

    “We are so overbearing, so what?” The psychic from the University City base glared at Shao Guanqun.

    They had already found out that the people from the Sky Dragon base were in contact with Jia Wenhan, and now they especially hated these people.

    Several people from the S City base looked at each other and finally made a decision.

They came across a lot of safe bases that were overbearing and unreasonable. They usually encountered this situation…

  Shao Guanqun directly grabbed the leader of the psychics: “Take me to see your president!”

    As soon as he did so, the others from the S City Base also did so, restraining several of the University City Base’s psychics at once.

Usually, at times like this, these psychics should take them to see the leader.

     But the University City base is different.

These arrested psychics are young people. At this moment, they are not afraid at all, but they look awe-inspiring: “Don’t think about it! Even if you kill me, I won’t take you there!”

That’s not all, at this time, the alarm of the University City base also sounded, and at the same time, someone directly attacked them!

In fact, the people of the University City base were not like this before, but they had just experienced what happened when Jia Wenhan brought zombies to besiege the city.

   Jia Wen Han and the people of Sky Dragon Base are very close, and now they feel that these people in front of them might be Jia Wenhan’s accomplices!

The people from S City base are all dumbfounded, but they are all like this now, they have no choice but to fight!

After all, it was a mixed battle. The University City Base did not dare to use hot weapons, and the people in the S City Base didn’t want to hurt the young psychics in the University City Base. The two sides fought hard.

  After Yan Jing Ze said he could make ordinary people awaken their psychic abilities, Zhou Wen Xiu was thinking of waiting for him to get better before looking into this matter, but Yan Jing Ze was busy pulling Zhou Wen Xiu out the door: “Wenxiu, I’m really fine already!”

   Yan Jing Ze intends to show his skills, and at the same time, let Zhou Wenxiu know that even if he is a little white face, he is also a powerful little white face!

   As a result, they had just gotten someone to try it out when the security base alarm went off.

  Someone else came to report, “President! The people from Sky Dragon Base are attacking!”

    Zhou Wenxiu had been thinking about the people from Sky Dragon Base!

    In the beginning, those guys kidnapped Yan Jing Ze!

    But they dared to come over… How dare they!

“I’ll go and see it right away.” Zhou Wenxiu was about to leave after he finished speaking. After walking a few steps, he stopped and grabbed the motorcycle of the person who reported to him. He sat on the motorcycle and looked at Yan Jing Ze: “Jing Ze, come on! “

  Now, he didn’t even dare to leave behind Yan Jing Ze!

     Yan Jing Ze sat behind Zhou Wenxiu and was taken to the battle scene by Zhou Wenxiu.

The motorcycle braked sharply, Zhou Wenxiu stopped abruptly, first helped Yan Jing Ze get down, and then rushed to the battlefield.

     Zhou Wenxiu’s appearance is so handsome!

Yan Jing Ze leaned on the motorcycle and looked at the battlefield, frowning.

  Among those who fought against Zhou Wenxiu, there were several people whose strength was similar to that of Zhou Wenxiu when he just traversed here.

  Now Zhou Wenxiu has gotten a little stronger, but these people are so many!

    Where the hell did they come from? What are they doing here?

    Wait! His family’s Wenxiu will be bullied if he fights them!

  Yan Jing Ze, on the other hand, had rested well and his spiritual power was at its best. So, he didn’t hesitate to press his spiritual power over, then moved the attack of that earth psychic to the water psychic beside him, and used the attack of that water psychic to that fire psychic…

The battlefield was suddenly messed up, and all the people who came from the S City base were smashed by their own abilities!

They were all dazed and dumbfounded—what the hell is going on?

  Zhou Wenxiu was also a bit overwhelmed – Yan Jing Ze did it? Is he okay?

    Only then did Yan Jing Ze walk over, and at the same time, he used his spiritual force to press these people.

    A few days ago, he had to deal with the zombies, he did not dare to use his spiritual power indiscriminately, but now it’s fine… Yan Jing Ze frowned and looked at these people: “Who are you and what do you want?”

The people from the S City base felt a huge pressure on them, and they didn’t dare to move for a while and looked at Yan Jing Ze in fear—such a powerful pressure… This person is really too strong!

However, they quickly refused to admit defeat… Shao Guanqun resisted the pressure, gritted his teeth, and said: “You are Zhou Wenxiu? Even if you are strong, you can’t snatch other people’s supplies! We are from the S City base and are here to hold justice. You also call out the little white face named Yan Jing Ze. Some things must be clarified!”

     People around: “…”

     Yan Jing Ze: “…I am not Zhou Wenxiu, I am Yan Jing Ze.”

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