BH (QT) 90 – Little White Face (18)

Chapter Ninety – Little White Face (18)

  The people of the security base are all very impressed with their chairman – a big killer like Yan Jing Ze, their chairman can even handle him!

And… Yan Jing Ze used to send meals to their president every day! Let such a person cook and deliver food for himself…

People silently gave Zhou Wenxiu a thumbs up in their hearts.

Chen Shuxin, who understood the specific situation, was even more overwhelmed—Yan Jing Ze was so strong?

“That time when we were besieged, the zombies should not have run away but were killed by Yan Jing Ze,” Lu Huarong said.

  At that time, Zhou Wenxiu was planning to fight for his life, they all saw, but then those zombies inexplicably disappeared…

They thought that the zombies ran away, but Zhou Wenxiu’s expression was a bit tangled at that time, so… In fact, it was not that the zombies ran away, but Yan Jing Ze took the shot. Those zombies were all killed, right?

  “It should be… Huarong, that day our powers were particularly good, do you remember? Maybe it’s also because of Yan Jing Ze… Just don’t know why he’s hiding his strength,” Chen Shuxin said.

“Yes, and his strength is unknown to the president. I am afraid that the president didn’t know until today,” Lu Huarong said.

  Chen Shuxin suddenly thought of something: “The power of Yan Jing Ze is so strong, could there actually be a limit to its use? That time he was shielded, he obviously did not do anything, but later he was particularly weak and also fainted, today too.”

Lu Huarong also thought of this when Chen Shuxin said so.

    Other people thought Yan Jing Ze was acting like a baby, but it may not be the case…

  But this matter, they will not say to people outside – this is the weakness of Yan Jing Ze, Yan Jing Ze may not want to let people know.

They will see how Yan Jing Ze is doing tomorrow.

    When Lu Huarong and Chen Shuxin were worried about Yan Jing Ze, Yan Jing Ze had already gone home.

  Just after entering the house, Zhou Wenxiu asked, “Jing Ze, if you kill zombies with your hands, will you hurt yourself?”

    On the way back, Zhou Wenxiu thought about many things.

  For example, when he fought against the people of the Sky Dragon base, the people of the Sky Dragon base suddenly became incapable of fighting, the powers all went wrong, but after that, Yan Jing Ze fainted.

Another example is that when they went to kill the zombies a few days ago, they were besieged by the zombies, and later Yan Jing Ze also fainted.

     This time… Yan Jing Ze’s complexion is not good.

     Yan Jing Ze didn’t expect Zhou Wenxiu to think so.

     But… Zhou Wenxiu thinks so, it’s good!

Yan Jing Ze didn’t say that after training and awakening abilities, his body was no longer a serious problem: “In fact, it is nothing serious, but I will be particularly weak afterwards.”

     “Is there any damage to your body?” Zhou Wenxiu was extremely worried.

“I’m fine, really. I’ll be fine with a good rest, but you know, my body was already bad, and now I will be even weaker…” Yan Jing Ze said, setting a character for himself.

“Really? Would you like to do a detailed inspection?” Zhou Wenxiu was worried.

    “Didn’t the doctor fail to detect anything last time?” Yan Jing Ze hugged Zhou Wenxiu and kissed him: “Actually, as long as you stay with me, I will be well soon.”

“Then I will sleep with you tonight?” Zhou Wenxiu asked subconsciously.

     Yan Jing Ze: “!!!” Zhou Wenxiu actually wants to sleep with him?

Zhou Wenxiu also realized at this time that Yan Jing Ze didn’t mean that staying with him would really be good for his recovery. Yan Jing Ze was actually talking about staying in love.

    Zhou Wenxiu was a little embarrassed: “If you are not willing to…”

    “I am willing.” Yan Jing Ze said, “You go take a shower, and then we sleep together.” This opportunity to take advantage cannot be missed!

That is if Zhou Wenxiu does something… Zhou Wenxiu is a gentleman, as long as he is unwilling, he will definitely not do anything.

Yan Jing Ze, on the other hand, was very active in sleeping with Zhou Wenxiu and carried his quilt into Zhou Wenxiu’s room.

    However… the final result was not good for him.

  Zhou Wenxiu was really tired after a busy day today, and he is really a decent man. He did not intend to do anything and soon went to sleep, also slept quite well.

    On the contrary, he… lying next to a great beauty that is in every way to his liking, he cannot sleep!

Yan Jing Ze used his spiritual energy to make Zhou Wenxiu sleep better. After taking the opportunity to kiss his lips a few times, he became more and more awake, so he just got up to exercise.

He must train his body well!

    Yan Jing Ze did not fall asleep until almost morning and was finally woken up by the sounds outside.

    Early in the morning, Chen Shuxin came to find Zhou Wenxiu.

There were many things in the base today, but Zhou Wenxiu didn’t go to the office… She came to Zhou Wenxiu, and brought breakfast for Zhou Wenxiu and Yan Jing Ze.

“I want to take two days off.” Zhou Wenxiu said to Chen Shuxin, while Yan Jing Ze was like this… he was not as ease.

     Thinking of the previous two times, Yan Jing Ze went home and slept, and then started cooking for him, he felt distressed.

“President, is it true that Yan Jing Ze… has side effects after using his powers?” Chen Shuxin asked.

    Zhou Wenxiu knew he couldn’t hide it from Chen Shuxin, nodded, and added, “Don’t let anyone know.”

    “President, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone!” Chen Shuxin assured, and then took out some more things to ask Zhou Wenxiu.

   Zhou Wenxiu answered one by one.

    As they were talking, Zhou Wenxiu’s bedroom door was opened and Yan Jing Ze came out.

Yan Jing Ze looked like he hadn’t slept well, and was rubbing his waist – he had done too much curl-ups yesterday…

“How do you feel?” Zhou Wenxiu asked.

     “It’s okay.” Yan Jing Ze said: “I’m hungry, let’s eat something and then go back to sleep.”

     Yan Jing Ze sat at the table and ate—he was really hungry after exercising for half a night yesterday!

But at this time, Chen Shuxin looked at Zhou Wenxiu with a face full of condemnation—Yan Jing Ze looked like this. Their president tossed the other last night, didn’t he?

Yan Jing Ze was already uncomfortable and the president still didn’t let him go!

     Zhou Wenxiu raised his head and met Chen Shuxin’s gaze: “What’s the matter?”

     “Nothing…” Chen Shuxin said, looking towards Yan Jing Ze: “You must take good care of yourself!”

    Both Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu were confused.

  Since the matter of the zombie siege has been resolved and there are no other urgent matters in the base, Zhou Wenxiu took some time-off to stay at home with Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze ate and slept, and he was energized and healthy again. He also discovered a way to strengthen his physique.

He has awakened a total of four common psychic abilities: water, fire, earth, and wind, and by grabbing these four elemental energies out of the air and stuffing them into himself, his physical fitness can be improved.

His psychic ability can also get a little, almost unnoticeable, improvement.

     But it still improved.

  In the long run, he might even be able to boil his own pot of water, instead of just getting himself a glass of water as he is now.

    The body of Yan Jing Ze is fine, but Zhou Wen Xiu is still not at ease and let him continue to rest.

  Before, the household chores are mostly done by Yan Jing Ze, but now Zhou Wenxiu does not let him get his hands dirty.

Yan Jing Ze watched Zhou Wenxiu busying around, a little bit salivating…

     This night, he didn’t sleep well again, and even woke up in the middle of the night to wash his underwear.

When a new day comes again… Yan Jing Ze feels that he still needs to find something to do: “Wenxiu, my strength has actually been increasing recently, and I also discovered that I can awaken people without abilities.”

“What?” Zhou Wenxiu was stunned.

     At this time, outside the city, the people from the University City base finally finished cleaning up all the corpses of the zombies.

“Although the zombies are gone, this smell… is really bad!”

    “It will be good to turn over the ground here when the earth psychics are free.”

    “By the way, have you seen the president in the past two days?”

    “No, what’s wrong?”

“I heard that the president… since then, the king does not go to the morning court.”

“I’ve also heard… If I have someone who is as good-looking as Yan Jing Ze, I will be the same as the president!”

     “Aren’t you straight?”

“I can bend, ah! If Yan Jing Ze confesses to you, won’t you bend?”

    “Well, I can also bend…”

    “Speaking of which, it was Yan Jing Ze who took the initiative to confess his love to the president.”

    “He is definitely in true love with the president.”


   While these people were talking, in the distance, a team was coming towards the University City base.

    The people who are coming are those from the Sky Dragon base.

Before, the people of Sky Dragon Base brought some supplies to the University Town Base to exchange food, although the food was exchanged, Zhou Wenxiu robbed it back halfway. They were very angry and wanted to come to the University Town Base to ask for an explanation.

But it was a matter of them being in the wrong, plus the overall strength of their base was no match for the University City base, so they didn’t dare to come.

    Until… they hooked up with a bigger base!

  The people from a nearby large base in S City suddenly came to their base, saying that a group of zombies in S City were coming this way and wanted to unite the bases here and kill those zombies together.

    The people of Sky Dragon Base immediately agreed and began to change their ways to please the big shots from these big bases – if the small bases on this side of H City want to unite, then they must elect a leader… The boss of Sky Dragon Base wants to be that leader!

  So what if Zhou Wenxiu is a little stronger than him? He has the people of a large base as his backer, no need to fear Zhou Wenxiu!

   Moreover, the people who came from these big bases, each of them are stronger than him, so looking at it, Zhou Wenxiu is actually nothing.

The boss of Sky Dragon Base is named Qu Yaofeng, who is Qu Wanwan’s brother.

    The original owner felt that Qu Wanwan can raise himself, it was also related to this.

Qu Yaofeng, who brought people from the S City base to the University City base, spoke of bad things about Zhou Wenxiu all the way.

“Before, we came to exchange supplies with Zhou Wenxiu, but he ended up taking the supplies and not giving the food!”

    “Zhou Wenxiu also beat up my sister, and my sister is now dumb from the beating!”

    “That Zhou Wenxiu raised a little white face, and that little white face even seduced my sister!”


    If Yan Jing Ze heard these words, he would think, this Qu Yaofeng is too good at reversing black and white.

But he was not here, only the people from the S City base, listening to Qu Yaofeng’s words, first had a bad impression of Zhou Wenxiu.

Especially after seeing Qu Wanwan’s silly appearance, they all felt that Zhou Wenxiu was too much.

    Yes, Qu Wanwan… is now a little fool.

Qu Wanwan is not only a psychic but also Qu Yaofeng’s sister. When Sky Dragon Base came to the University City Base to exchange supplies, she was the presiding officer. She and Jia Wenhan also agreed on the strategy of using Yan Jing Ze to snatch the meteorite from Zhou Wenxiu. But then, something happened…

Yan Jing Ze had just traversed at the time and was not very good at using spiritual power. The consequence of smashing all of his spiritual power on her head was that she fainted on the spot, and she became a little fool when she woke up.

She’s not completely dumb, it’s just that her reaction is slow in all aspects… But the originally smart sister became like this, Qu Yaofeng was upset!

   The psychic who came from the big base in S City said, “Don’t worry, we will help you get justice!”

    After saying that, he was a little puzzled: “How come there is not a single zombie in this area…?”

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