BH (QT) 89 – Little White Face (17)

Chapter Eighty-Nine – Little White Face (17)

Zhou Wenxiu stared blankly at Yan Jing Ze.

In fact, he actually had a vague feeling that the reason why he was always in good shape lately, and his powers suddenly becoming very strong and recovering faster, etc., it was all because of Yan Jing Ze.

It’s just that Yan Jing Ze is obviously so weak… so, he can only attribute it to the power of love.

    Until this moment.

Yan Jing Ze is actually not weak at all, or even very strong, so the various changes that have happened to him recently are indeed due to Yan Jing Ze.

A few days ago, he was besieged by those high-level zombies… It was also because of Yan Jing Ze that those zombies suddenly became so weak, right?

    Standing on the truck, Yan Jing Ze, at this moment, is obviously in the C position, attracting everyone’s attention.

Zhou Wenxiu looked up at him and his heart raced once again.

    Jia Wenhan’s heart beat faster too, but not because of love, but because of fear.

All his supports are gone! The zombies that allowed him to stand up and defy Zhou Wenxiu were all dead!

“Who the hell are you?” Jia Wenhan stared at Yan Jing Ze with a fierce expression.

    “I’m Yan Jing Ze, you don’t recognize me?” Yan Jing Ze gave him a contemptuous look and patted the dust on his body.

    The original owner is a person who pays special attention to appearance, his mind is full of knowledge about clothing style and so on. Yan Jing Ze received all this knowledge, of course, it is impossible not to pay attention to his own clothing.

  While others wear convenient sportswear, he wears a suit and leather shoes, he also styled his hair himself.

He is as handsome as he can be.

  What is more interesting is that Jia Wenhan also wore a suit, forming a strong contrast with him.

Jia Wenhan’s figure is still good, he is not ugly in a suit, but his face is too ordinary. Yan Jing Ze just showed such a marvelous skill, there is a strong aura added to him…

Jia Wenhan is definitely inferior and unimportant compared to him.

    The people in the safe base all think Jia Wenhan is ugly.

“How on earth did you kill those zombies? Why did you appear…” Jia Wenhan said while a lightning bolt struck down towards Yan Jing Ze’s head.

   Zhou Wenxiu dashed toward Yan Jing Ze, and a fire cloud blocked Yan Jing Ze’s head.

    But what he did was unnecessary – the lightning did not strike on the head of Yan Jing Ze, but on Jia Wen Han’s own head.

    Zhou Wenxiu: “……”

Yan Jing Ze sighed and looked at Jia Wenhan: “You have a lot of guts. How dare you make a move on me?”

    “That’s impossible, that’s impossible…” Jia Wenhan himself is a lightning psychic. He is immune to lightning, and although he was struck by lightning, he was not seriously hurt.

But his own abilities backfired and smashed himself… which made it hard for him to accept.

     His confidence was hit one after another and he couldn’t stand it.

   Zhou Wenxiu didn’t care about his fragile mood and made a move on him at this point: “Attack! Don’t let any of them get away!”

    The most urgent task was to finish off Jia Wenhan and his group.

    As soon as Zhou Wenxiu made his move, the others following him also followed.

   From the wall of the safe-zone, more people also jumped down and rushed towards Jia Wenhan and others.

Jia Wenhan and the others have cars to escape, but they also have cars to chase! Jia Wenhan and the others had psychics, they had more psychics!

  Most of the psychics in the safe zone had already exhausted their psychic abilities by now, but they were all holding their breath.

    Jia Wenhan actually recruited so many zombies to attack the base… They hate Jia Wenhan to death!

Although Jia Wenhan used to win over a group of people, not all of them can accept his dealings with zombies, so at this time, in fact, there are not many people around him.

There are many people who want to kill him.

     At this moment, not to mention the psychics in the base, even the ordinary people in the base rushed out, ready to fight with Jia Wenhan and the others.


Jia Wenhan and his men could not defeat four hands with two fists. In the end, they were all killed.

When these people were fighting, no one dared to go to Yan Jing Ze, and even everyone tacitly avoided the truck where Yan Jing Ze was standing.

This man is too strong and too powerful… they dare not offend him.

    So, Yan Jing Ze stood on the truck, smiling and watching the whole battle unfold.

  The only thing he did during that time was to point at the thin and dark middle-aged man and say, “The one controlling the zombies, that’s him.”

  After the zombies were killed, Shao Laoqi, who does not use his powers much, was already scared out of his wits. When Yan Jing Ze pointed him out, he was crying and begging for mercy.

  But no one took pity on him.

    A wind blade flew by and his head fell off his neck.

  The killing scene was very bloody, Zhou Wenxiu was a little afraid of scaring Yan Jing Ze. But when he turned his head, he saw that Yan Jing Ze seemed to be watching with great interest.

    Zhou Wenxiu: “……”

    Zhou Wenxiu’s mood was incredibly complicated, and the others were just like him.

    Many of them, in the past, have said bad things about Yan Jing Ze, thinking that Yan Jing Ze is a useless little white face.

   As a result… Yan Jing Ze turned out to be so powerful!

    These people are uneasy in their hearts, lest they be remembered by Yan Jing Ze and get into trouble with Yan Jing Ze.

Meng Jiaying especially. Of all those people, he is the one who looks down on Yan Jing Ze the most. These days, he said a lot of bad things about Yan Jing Ze… He feels that he can live until now is simply a miracle.

Although Meng Jiaying liked Zhou Wenxiu, he still cherished his life. He didn’t dare to move forward at this time, and even wanted to kill himself a few days ago.

     The people in the safe zone who killed all the traitors stood under the truck and looked up at Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze made such a calm appearance before, in fact, it was also to bluff people and prevent others from doing anything to him.

     His current state… is actually not very good.

His spiritual power is like water in a sponge, as long as he is willing to squeeze, there will always be some, but his body has been squeezed out…

   When the damn ones are dead, Yan Jing Ze immediately looked at Zhou Wenxiu: “Wenxiu.”

    “Jing Ze…” Zhou Wenxiu called out, his face full of hesitation.

Yan Jing Ze is very powerful, much more powerful than he thought. The previous appearance is probably a disguise of Yan Jing Ze.

And this made him a little bit wondering what to do with Yan Jing Ze, and he didn’t even feel confident—would Yan Jing Ze still like him?

People at the safe base were actually a little worried when they saw Yan Jing Ze talking to Zhou Wenxiu.

Yan Jing Ze is so powerful, definitely not a little white face… What is the relationship between him and their president?

Yan Jing Ze didn’t know their thoughts, he only regretted secretly after seeing Zhou Wenxiu’s tangled expression.

Did he act too much just now?

Zhou Wenxiu likes weak people. Wouldn’t he dislike his appearance?

Thinking about this, Yan Jing Ze immediately showed an uncomfortable expression: “Wenxiu, they tied me and hurt my hands.”

As he said this, he held out a hand, which had a bruise on the wrist from being tied by a rope, and there was a little burn.

     His wrist is very white and the wound is particularly conspicuous.

“Does it hurt?” Zhou Wenxiu felt distressed, and he immediately jumped into the truck, trying to grab Yan Jing Ze’s hand to take a look, but he felt that his hand was too dirty and he didn’t dare to grab it.

“Of course, it hurts.” Then Yan Jing Ze said: “I’m still a little dizzy…” Zhou Wenxiu really likes his weak appearance! No, it hurts all of a sudden!

“Would you like to go to the hospital?” Zhou Wenxiu was anxious.

“No, they won’t see anything even if I go to the hospital… I want to go home and rest.” Yan Jing Ze blinked at Zhou Wenxiu.

“I’ll take you home right away.” Zhou Wenshu said. Now that the zombies are dead and the traitors are dead, he can go home.

    “Wenxiu, you are so kind to me,” Yan Jing Ze said.

    Zhou Wenxiu’s heart warmed up and immediately had someone go prepare the car.

    People around: “……”

   What did they see?

    How could Yan Jing Ze pout to Zhou Wenxiu that his hand hurt after killing so many zombies?

What is his preference? Likes to pretend to be weak?

     Forget that, Zhou Wenxiu actually looks distressed…

  President! Wake up, president! This man is not at all as weak as he appears to be, he is much stronger than you!

Also, this is the end of the world, right? Why are these two people playing a romantic drama style that is incompatible with their surroundings?

   Everyone’s expressions were torn, but Zhou Wenxiu was already fascinated and didn’t pay attention to them at all, and kept comforting Yan Jing Ze.

    The surrounding people are a bit dazed.

    Are these two… really the same two that killed so many before?

After Zhou Wenxiu got into the truck, Lu Huarong immediately followed him into the truck, untied the rope from Chen Shuxin, and made a piece of ice and stuffed it into Chen Shuxin’s mouth.

  Chen Shuxin slowly woke up and jumped up with a jolt: “Yan Jing Ze…”

    After calling out the name of Yan Jing Ze, Chen Shu Xin saw the situation around her.

Seeing that Yan Jing Ze is fine, she sighed with relief: “Yan Jing Ze, you are fine, that’s great… Did the president save us? President, I’m sorry I didn’t protect Yan Jing Ze.”

After Chen Shuxin apologized, she realized that everyone was looking at herself with complicated eyes.

     Chen Shu was unsure, so: “What’s the matter?”

  Surrounding people: “……” In fact, it’s nothing. It is not that the president saved you, but Yan Jing Ze saved everyone…

    Chen Shuxin is still unclear when the car Zhou Wenxiu wanted came.

Yan Jing Ze was leaning on Zhou Wenxiu’s body, Zhou Wenxiu took him directly and jumped out of the truck and into the car—Yan Jing Ze was in poor health and needed to go back to rest quickly!

  Zhou Wenxiu instructed a few sentences and took Yan Jing Ze away. Chen Shuxin only noticed at this time the surrounding zombies and corpses: “Yan Jing Ze woke up long ago? There are so many zombies and corpses here… He wasn’t scared, right?”

 People around: “……”

    Lu Huarong said, “He wasn’t scared.”

    “Then he has quite a lot of guts,” Chen Shuxin said.

    Lu Huarong didn’t know what to say for a while.

   And at this time, Yan Jing Ze is sitting in the car, trying to remedy the situation, trying to be a soft little white face again: “Wenxiu, my hand hurts…”

“I will definitely protect you in the future and prevent you from getting hurt,” Zhou Wenxiu said subconsciously, and felt something was wrong after finishing speaking.

Does Yan Jing Ze still need his protection?

     “You must protect me…” Yan Jing Ze kissed Zhou Wenxiu on the neck.

    Zhou Wenxiu cannot think of anything for a while. Regardless of the strength of Yan Jing Ze, since Yan Jing Ze wants him to protect him, then protect him.

    But… Yan Jing Ze’s appearance today, it’s really fascinating…

Zhou Wenxiu took Yan Jing Ze home, while at this time, the others were still cleaning up the zombies outside the city.

   They had the earth psychics make some pits, throw the zombies in, and let the fire psychics set fire to them…

Only if bitten by a ‘living’ zombie will one become a zombie. A ‘dead’ zombie will become a normal corpse and will not infect people, but they should be burned quickly, otherwise they will rot and become smelly…

   Everyone has almost used their powers at this time. In fact, a bit tired of burning, but still trying to work hard.

Of course, they also take a break and chat.

    “I didn’t expect that Yan Jing Ze would be so powerful.”

    “He’s so powerful, is he with the president sincerely?”

    “He is so powerful and can do whatever he wants, how can he not be sincerely with the president?”

   Previously, Jia Wenhan had said that Yan Jing Ze had eloped with Qu Wanwan at first, and at that time, some people actually believed this and were heartbroken for their president.

But now looking back… If Yan Jing Ze really wants to run away with someone, how can their president have the ability to bring him back?

  But the Sky Dragon base should also not have the ability to kidnap Yan Jing Ze… Maybe Yan Jing Ze has some kind of hobby and likes to be kidnapped?

Didn’t he get tied up on purpose today? That time was mostly intentional as well. As for why he did it…

It suddenly occurred to everyone that when their president confronted so many people in Sky Dragon Base, not only did he not suffer any injuries, but he also robbed them…

  They suddenly felt a little sympathy for the Sky Dragon base.

    But whatever, their president is really great to have found such a capable partner like Yan Jing Ze!

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