BH (QT) 88 – Little White Face (16)

Chapter Eighty-Eight – Little White Face (16)

  The end of the world has begun more than a year, and in this more than a year, the human and zombie confrontation has never stopped.

   In the University City base, no one knows how many people have died in the hands of zombies.

Now Jia Wenhan and zombies mixed together, let them go to join him… Although there are a very few people who have moved in order to live, but most people, at this time, are very angry, and even cursed.

  Jia Wenhan was not angry either, he was now feeling very proud of himself.

    Being in the limelight, his heart is stirring with strong emotions that need to be expressed.

    If he hadn’t defected from the base, Jia Wenhan would still be hiding a little bit of his ugly thoughts, but now…

Jia Wenhan looked at the wall and sneered, motioned to the dark and thin middle-aged man beside him, waved his hand again, and everyone saw the zombies besieging Zhou Wenxiu all stopped.

  They showed a salivating gaze at the walls, but backed away little by little.

    The zombie attack started at noon, it was already 5pm, the sun was slowly setting and hanging in the west, emitting a demonic red light.

After more than five hours, Zhou Wenxiu didn’t know how much sweat he had. When he used the power, his body was inevitably covered in smoke… At this time, he was already a mess, exhausted, and his life was at risk. But when he looked at Jia Wenhan, his eyes were very bright and there was not even the slightest amount of fear and defeat.

Jia Wenhan hated this look of his.

    Before the end of the world, Jia Wenhan already knew that Zhou Wenxiu was such a person.

  The university where Zhou Wenxiu is located is the best one in this University City. He is a popular figure inside, so of course Jia Wenhan has heard of him.

What Zhou Wenxiu won again, what Zhou Wenxiu has sponsored, and what activities Zhou Wenxiu organized…

     He was a student and drove a luxury car to school!

     At that time, Jia Wenhan especially looked down upon Zhou Wenxiu.

     Zhou Wenxiu can have these all because of a good birth.

If Zhou Wenxiu didn’t have a pair of wealthy parents who did their best to train him, if he was born in an ordinary family like him, maybe he wouldn’t be as good as him!

When the end of the world came, Jia Wenhan was overjoyed after he awakened his lightning ability and discovered that he was very strong.

Not only is it rare, but the attack power is also strong, so it is simply the standard for the protagonist, he is going to rise up!

    Jia Wenhan immediately decided to contact some psychics to form a small team to break into the post-apocalyptic world.

  Those school girls in the school who did not take him seriously in the past and the departments’ beauties, in the future will use their face to live and use their body to please him.

In the past, those rich second generations who looked down on people in the school had to listen and bow in front of him and treat him as their master.

All those professors in the school had to rely on him if they wanted to live!

Just thinking about these things, Jia Wenhan felt excited. He even thought about how he would humiliate Zhou Wenxiu, the pride of heaven, if he was alive!

As a result, he had just pulled together a small team when Zhou Wenxiu surprisingly came to the rescue to his university with several hundred people.

He was not convinced at first, but after seeing Zhou Wenxiu killing the zombies, he didn’t dare to confront Zhou Wenxiu.

For more than a year, he has been oppressed by Zhou Wenxiu. Sometimes he will like women who are not psychics, but some of them disagree to go with him and he cannot force them. He was so furious!

And he was not the only one who was dissatisfied with the rules Zhou Wenxiu had set.

    Gradually, Jia Wenhan cultivated many people in the Field Department.

But he still didn’t dare to oppose Zhou Wenxiu, after all, Zhou Wenxiu was very prestigious.

Even if Zhou Wenxiu raised a little white face and was a disgusting homosexual, no one thought it was wrong.

     Fortunately, he met Shao Laoqi two months ago, the dark and thin middle-aged man next to him.

Shao Laoqi came to H City to work. Because of his small size and many brothers in the family, he did not marry a wife even in his forties. He made a living by doing odd jobs everywhere. Before the end of the world, he was in a waste paper collection station, helping people sort out waste paper.

When the end of the world suddenly came, he was terrified, and as a result, the zombies didn’t bite him!

The waste paper collection station is located on the outskirts of H City. It is surrounded by factories. There are not many people. After a few days, Shao Laoqi hid and went out to find food. But he saw a group of zombies gathered next to a rock…

He felt that the stone was good for him, so he took it in his arms, and after a long time, he also found that the stone could make him stronger.

It’s a pity that this stone also has side effects… With this stone, there are always zombies following him.

During the period, Shao Laoqi also encountered many living people. He was not afraid of zombies, and those zombies followed him. Therefore, everyone he met was afraid of him, and some people wanted to kill him… Shao Laoqi gradually avoided people. After leaving, at this time, he found that the zombies that had followed him for a long time had become stronger.

  Once he couldn’t break down the door of a supermarket, he wanted the zombies to help him, and they really did it!

    He could control the zombies!

    Shao Laoqi was instantly happy, but his life, still, was not good.

He had realized that something was wrong with his situation, and he dared not contact people or go to a safe base. Occasionally, when he sees someone and wants to catch someone to speak with, he can’t catch them by himself so he will let the zombies do it. But those zombies will always bite people directly.

So, he had no worries about food and clothing, but he still didn’t have a woman.

    In this regard, Shao Laoqi could not say how depressed he was, and it was at this time that he met Jia Wenhan.

Jia Wenhan accidentally found Shao Laoqi, and surrounded Shao Laoqi with his men…

     In short, the two men had a fight and finally decided to work together.

Jia Wenhan wants to get the university city base, Shao Laoqi is willing to help Jia Wenhan. But in the future, he will only eat and drink, and there should be a group of women serving him.

   Speaking of which, Shao Laoqi is not without ambition, he also wants to be the leader, but he really does not have the ability. His family was poor when he was a child, he studied half-assed, and cannot read all the characters.

    Who will be convinced of him?

Besides, he has no other ability besides controlling the zombies. Those zombies are also very stupid. They can only understand simple commands and can’t control them if they are far away.

In fact, today, when he brought so many zombies to the University City base, he was really nervous. He was afraid that his abilities would suddenly fail.

  Later, he was quite happy to see those ordinary zombies being killed – these guys were not under his control and it’s fine for them to die.

    He is a living person in the end, in fact, it was annoying to see a large group of zombies.

Shao Laoqi controlled the surrounding zombies, but Jia Wenhan looked at Zhou Wenxiu coldly: “Zhou Wenxiu, I didn’t expect it, you fell into my hands.”

“I did not… expect you to be such a person,” Zhou Wenxiu gasped, his back straight.

  Jia Wenhan sneered, “What kind of person am I? Zhou Wenxiu, I hate this moralistic look of yours the most!”

    Zhou Wenxiu: “Jia Wenhan, the zombies are the enemies of humans, yet you are mixing with the zombies…”

“Zhou Wenxiu, you’d better stop accusing me.” Jia Wenhan interrupted Zhou Wenxiu’s words, “Look, the person you like, is in my hands.”

    Jia Wenhan pointed at Yan Jing Ze.

Jia Wenhan used to hold back his grievances, but he couldn’t find anything Zhou Wenxiu did wrong, so he could only slander Zhou Wenxiu in his heart. It was only when Zhou Wenxiu met Yan Jing Ze that he had a place to attack Zhou Wenxiu.

   When he first told the people of the Sky Dragon base that Zhou Wenxiu had a meteorite and suggested that they start with Yan Jing Ze, it was to see a good show.

The little white face Zhou Wenxiu liked, didn’t like him at all, and ran with the people from Sky Dragon Base… How interesting!

After that, Zhou Wenxiu went after him. No matter what happened, he ignored the overall situation and didn’t take the base in his heart for a man. He deserves to be spit on!

At this time, Yan Jing Ze could also see that Jia Wenhan hated Zhou Wenxiu.

    He thought of what happened in the original historical trajectory.

Zhou Wenxiu exchanged meteorite for the original owner from the hands of the Sky Dragon base, and was injured. After finally returning to the base, the matter about the meteorite was spread.

The people in the University City base all know that their base originally had a treasure that could enhance the power, but as a result, their president, for a man, actually gave it to the people of Sky Dragon base and was seriously injured.

What’s even funnier is that the man still doesn’t like their president and actually eloped.

The people in the University City base couldn’t accept this. Even the people Zhou Wenxiu trusted felt that Zhou Wenxiu was crazy to do this.

  At that time, Meng Jiaying did not go to meet Zhou Wenxiu, and no one accused Meng Jiaying – that little white face originally eloped! What do you mean ‘save’?

At that time, Zhou Wenxiu was simply accused by a thousand people.

Later, when the zombies attacked the city, Zhou Wenxiu died in battle, and everyone felt that Zhou Wenxiu brought it on himself.

     If he didn’t throw the meteorite and get injured for that little white face, he wouldn’t necessarily die!


It was clear that Zhou Wenxiu built the base. He obviously lost his life for the base, but finally died with a bad reputation… This is probably what Jia Wenhan would like to see.

Yan Jing Ze has figured out all the ins and outs and now he is a bit tangled.

     How can he help Zhou Wenxiu better?

    Zhou Wenxiu likes weaker people, if he suddenly went on a killing spree… It will not be good, right?

While Yan Jing Ze was thinking, everyone’s eyes, fell on him.

    Zhou Wenxiu even looked at Yan Jing Ze with worry and guilt.

    Jia Wenhan was satisfied with the situation and he laughed cheekily twice, “Zhou Wenxiu, do you want me to let him go?”

“What are your conditions?” Zhou Wenxiu asked.

    “You kneel on the ground and kowtow to me and beg me!” Jia Wenhan said.

    It was too cheap to let Zhou Wenxiu die in battle and be remembered by the people in the base!

Jia Wen Han spent so much effort to catch Yan Jing Ze, just to make Zhou Wen Xiu lose face, to make Zhou Wen Xiu make a fool of himself.

    Zhou Wenxiu didn’t move a muscle and looked at Jia Wenhan: “Is what you say true?”

    He was afraid that he would not be able to escape this time.

He didn’t know why Jia Wenhan hated him, but there was no doubt that Jia Wenhan would not let him live.

  After the end times came, he had long been prepared to die, but he didn’t want to see Yan Jing Ze die.

    Hearing Zhou Wenxiu’s words, the people of the University City Base were anxious: “President, don’t!”

    “President, he lied to you!”



Although Meng Jiaying’s position was transferred by Zhou Wenxiu, but before the zombie attack, he still came to the city wall to kill zombies, this time even shouted: “Zhou Wenxiu you are crazy! Just for that person you have to kneel down!”

Jia Wenhan was triumphant.

     Zhou Wenxiu knelt down in front of him, what a delightful thing this was?

     This person, who is better than him, whether before or after the end of the world, is now kneeling before him and begging for mercy!

“Zhou Wenxiu, you are really loyal to your lover. Haha!” Jia Wenhan said, “Of course it’s true, as long as you kneel down and beg me, I can spare him…”

    “You are also worthy of making Zhou Wenxiu kneel to you?” A voice interrupted Jia Wenhan’s words.

    Everyone in the room was stunned and looked at the person who spoke.

It was Yan Jing Ze who was speaking. He had stood up from the truck compartment and the rope on his hand was broken.

     It was he who used his own fire power, which was similar to a lighter, to burn a little bit.

     He accidentally burned his wrist and it hurts a lot now.

Yan Jing Ze felt quite miserable at the moment, and wanted to let Zhou Wenxiu comfort himself… Of course, the top priority was to solve Jia Wenhan first.

In fact, Jia Wenhan is really nothing great, the ones who are great are the zombies.

Zhou Wenxiu has always wanted to kill all the zombies, but… Even if the zombies are killed, humans may not necessarily live well.

  The air is filled with dark energy, the whole world is gray and dull, while the various colors of other energies are simply interspersed.

What fell on Earth, along with the asteroid, was mainly the dark energy, and in such a situation, the zombies, rightfully so, would be stronger than humans.

In the previous year or so, humans were able to resist zombies because zombies were not sane and because there were actually many living people scattered in cities. Those powerful zombies who wanted to eat people would choose those who were alone rather than attack the base.

But in the future, when there are more and more powerful zombies, those bases will be over sooner or later.

     Well, thinking about those now is a bit far away.

As far as the current situation is… the thousands of zombies controlled by the black and thin middle-aged man are really strong and can easily kill the entire university city base.

     But without these things, what is Jia Wenhan?

   Seeing that the rope in Yan Jing Ze’s hand was gone and also stood up, Jia Wenhan was a little angry. But soon felt that anger was unnecessary: “You are now helping Zhou Wenxiu… before, didn’t you still dislike Zhou Wenxiu and want to elope with that little girl from Tianlong base?”

Jia Wenhan didn’t take Yan Jing Ze seriously, and looked at Zhou Wenxiu: “Zhou Wenxiu, do you think this little white face you raised is sincere and honest with you? He wasn’t kidnapped by the people of Sky Dragon Base, he ran away with that little girl surnamed Qu! Your head has long been green!”

  Yan Jing Ze: “……” This Jia Wenhan is courting death, how dare he turn over his old debt!

    Yan Jing Ze said, “Jia Wen Han, do you know one thing?”

    “What?” Jia Wenhan asked.

“The villain died of talking too much,” Yan Jing Ze said. As he said, he played with a black stone in his hand.

     “Meteorite?” Shao Laoqi, who was sitting beside Jia Wenhan, said suddenly.

The black stone in Yan Jing Ze’s hand is the same as the meteorite in his hand, that is… how does he feel that the black meteorite in Yan Jing Ze’s hand is getting bigger?

     “You rely on those zombies, right? Look at it again,” Yan Jing Ze said again.

Jia Wenhan looked at the zombies subconsciously.

     He and Shao Laoqi divided the zombies into three levels, namely low-level zombies, intermediate zombies, and high-level zombies.

The ones that are almost as powerful as ordinary psychics are intermediate-level zombies, and those that are similar in strength to Zhou Wenxiu are high-level zombies.

And high-level zombies…only one or two he can deal with or escape, and three can make him desperate. Although Zhou Wenxiu is better than him, he can’t deal with too much.

When he found more than 20 high-level zombies to ambush Zhou Wenxiu, he thought that Zhou Wenxiu would definitely die. Later, he didn’t know why Zhou Wenxiu survived, but today there are hundreds of high-level zombies and thousands of intermediate zombies, Zhou Wenxiu will never survive.

  Jia Wenhan felt that he could completely sweep the entire base.

    But now…

    Jia Wenhan actually watched those powerful zombies fall to the ground and turn into ordinary corpses.

“What the hell is going on here?” Jia Wenhan exclaimed, and Shao Laoqi’s face even changed greatly.

    The people on Zhou Wenxiu’s side were also confused, especially Lu Huarong and others who had just fought against some of these zombies.

These zombies are so strong, how come they suddenly fell down?

    It was only Zhou Wenxiu, who suddenly remembered what happened a few days ago when he was preparing to blow himself up.

    The same thing happened, once again.

    And this… is because of Yan Jing Ze?

While everyone was incomparably shocked, Yan Jing Ze said, “I, for one, don’t like these disgusting things the most.”

    Jia Wenhan suddenly realized something: “It’s you?”

    The dark energy crystals in Yan Jing Ze’s hand were already the size of an egg.

Yan Jing Ze, who always showed a weak look, held this thing and showed a smile towards Jia Wenhan: “Now… do you want to kneel down and beg me?”

“Kill him!” Jia Wenhan shouted.

    The few psychics around Yan Jing Ze subconsciously attacked towards Yan Jing Ze.

Probably because the zombies are actually dead, it is relatively easy to extract the dark energy from them, but it is very difficult to extract the abilities from the psychics, at least it is difficult for Yan Jing to do this now.

  But he can control the psychic powers that others have already launched.

All these powers were sent towards him, but they all bounced back. Nothing happened to him at all, but those who tried to attack him were all smashed by their own powers. They could not even stand firmly on the truck and were smashed off the truck.

The container truck was much taller than the luxury car Jia Wenhan and the others were in. Now that Yan Jing Ze was standing in the truck, he became the tallest person under the wall, looking down at Jia Wenhan and the others.

He was very good-looking, with fair skin and perfect features, but just standing there, he was inexplicably terrifying.

    This person who refuses to do any work, who faints at every turn, who seems to live completely on Zhou Wenxiu, is so strong?

Zhou Wenxiu and several of them were at a disadvantage against dozens of zombies. How about this person? Killed a few thousand silently?

The people in the University City base didn’t know that most of the thousands of zombies were intermediate-level zombies. They thought they were all high-level zombies. They were stunned when they saw a large number of them die. When those psychics attacked Yan Jing Ze, as a result, Yan Jing Ze was not hurt at all. All of them gasped in disbelief.

Who the hell is this guy?

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