BH (QT) 87 – Little White Face (15)

Chapter Eighty-Seven – Little White Face (15)

The city walls of the safe base were built by the earth psychics and ordinary people together. It was very strong. It was scratched by zombies for a long time before and was poured with fire and water by the psychics and it was still fine.

But now, the city wall suddenly collapsed.

The people standing on that section of the city wall fell as the city wall collapsed, they fell into the pile of zombies outside. Some people were quick to get up and ended up fine, but there were also people with bad luck who got bitten by the zombies who did not completely ‘die’ but just lost their mobility.

Although they were rescued by their comrades-in-arms, no one knows whether they can survive the zombification in the end.

     No, someone still knows.

     Yan Jing Ze knows.

Yan Jing Ze watched the earth psychic, who is in the same carriage with him, use his ability to collapse the wall, and saw someone very unlucky, who fell and was bitten by a zombie leaving only his head.

He had some sympathy for the man, so in turn, the black energy injected into the man’s body after the zombie bit him was drawn out by him.

Without this black energy, this person would definitely not be able to become a zombie.

     Yan Jing Ze sat on the ground and sighed secretly.

     Those people tied him too hard and his hands hurt.

Forget it, spiritual power is useless for real objects, and his abilities are so weak that he can’t loosen the rope a little…

When Yan Jing Ze was once again feeling that his body was too useless, the people outside were still confused.

    The collapse of the city wall happened too suddenly!

Zhou Wenxiu hurriedly ran to the collapsed place but saw that the collapsed city wall was flattened under the power of the earth psychic. At the same time, a container truck passed through the city wall and rushed directly to the outside.

The car drove very quickly, and after it came outside, the upper part of the container behind the car was cut off by the wind blade of the wind power superpower, and everyone saw the inside of the container.

There were several adult men standing there, and two others were tied up and sat on the ground.

     Under the attention of everyone, one of the people standing raised a middle finger in the direction of the base.

     Everyone in the base was taken aback.

“Jing Ze!” Zhou Wenxiu got close and noticed that it was Chen Shuxin and Yan Jing Ze who were sitting on the ground tied up.

No wonder Chen Shuxin never came to the wall to participate in the battle, she was captured!

     And Yan Jing Ze…

Yan Jing Ze is not in good health. If he is tied up and taken away by them, he will definitely be frightened, and maybe he will be seriously ill.

Zhou Wenxiu regretted it for a moment—he shouldn’t have left Yan Jing Ze behind!

  And what puzzled him even more was the fact that someone was actually kidnapping people when the zombies were attacking the city… At times like this, shouldn’t everyone stick together?

Whatever the hell is going on… Zhou Wenxiu jumped off the city wall and went after him.

    “President!” Lu Huarong called out and jumped down after him.

Others saw this scene, some jumped down, and some said, “Find a car and follow them!” Those people were driving a car, the president only has two legs, how can he chase them?

 The people at the safe base who had finally killed all the zombies in the siege became anxious again.

     At this time, there was movement again in the distance.

     A few cars drove toward this side, and a group of zombies followed.

Although there were a lot of zombies before, the zombie group was chaotic. These zombies are different. They are a little apart from each other. Although they are not lined up neatly, they look different from ordinary zombies.

Those powerful psychics in the base were inexplicably disturbed by the sight of these zombies.

    What made them even more uneasy was that there were people mixed with the zombies.

    Everyone’s eyes fell on those cars.

Those cars are all luxury cars and the one in the front is still a convertible sports car worth tens of millions before the end of the world.

This kind of car with a very low chassis is actually impossible to drive in the end times. Fortunately, there are psychics…

     The earth psychics leveled the road and the car drove out smoothly, which looks very impressive!

In this car, there are two people besides the driver, and the one standing among those two people… is none other than Jia Wenhan.

The eyesight of psychics can be strengthened, and many people can see Jia Wenhan clearly. Even ordinary people can see far away using binoculars.

     “It’s Jia Wenhan!”

     “It’s him!”

    “He’s actually with the zombies!”


  The people of the University City base began to curse, yet Jia Wenhan, who was in the distance, was looking smug.

“Jia Wenhan, you’re crazy!” Zhou Wenxiu shouted, suddenly remembering something – Yan Jing Ze once said that Jia Wenhan could control the zombies.

    Is this true?

    But why would Jia Wenhan do that?

    He’s a human!

Zhou Wenxian found it difficult to understand. He saw Jia Wenhan waved his hand and then some of the zombies beside his car rushed towards them.

On the wall of the base, there were countless people paying attention to Zhou Wenxiu, and seeing this scene, although they were angry, they were also full of confidence in Zhou Wenxiu.

  Their president is so strong, he must be able to kill all those zombies!

    ” President, kill them all!”

    ” Catch that traitor!”

    “Damn Jia Wenhan!”


   The people were optimistic, the same could not be said for Zhou Wenxiu.

    He found out that these zombies were as strong as the powerful ones he had fought against some days ago.

  He may not be able to fight even at his peak, let alone the fact that he just experienced a battle that lasted nearly five hours.

Seeing the zombies approaching, Zhou Wenxiu and those who jumped off the city wall with him had to fight these zombies.

The wall built by the earth psychics is broken by the zombies, and the ice arrows issued by the water psychics can’t penetrate the zombie’s head. It is Zhou Wenxiu’s fireball and firewall… Although they can stop the zombies from advancing and can hurt the zombies, they can’t kill them either.

The people who were cheering for Zhou Wenxiu and the others on the wall were confused at this time.

    Zhou Wenxiu and the others… kept backing away.

    This is still only a few dozen zombies fighting against them…

    Behind Jia Wenhan, there are still thousands of zombies left!

    The people of the university city base were all pale.

At this time, Jia Wenhan’s luxury car fleet had already merged with the container truck carrying Yan Jing Ze and drove near the wall of the University City base.

At this time, Yan Jing Ze knew why Jia Wenhan could control the zombies.

In fact, it is not Jia Wenhan who is controlling the zombies, but the person sitting in the car with Jia Wenhan.

It was a middle-aged man who was dark and thin, with wicked eyebrows. When he looked at the University City base, his eyes were full of greed.

     And his body has the same black light as that of a zombie.

It’s just that the zombies are actually dead, but he is different. He is alive and sane. He… doesn’t look like a zombie but like a psychic.

Not only that, there is also a meteorite full of dark energy on his body, which is similar to the ‘meteorite’ that Yan Jing Ze used to condense with the dark energy extracted from the zombies, but it is much larger than that of Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze suddenly had a guess.

     The psychics in this world may be similar to the sorcerers in the magical world.

Different psychics correspond to different sorcerers, for example, Zhou Wenxiu, who is actually a fire sorcerer.

And the gray mist that has been filling the air, the black glow on the zombies, should all be dark energy.

He had observed before that all the people in the base, whether strong or weak, more or less, have light in their bodies, which is equivalent to possessing magical talent.

So… could it be that all those with magical talent did not turn into zombies, while those with no magical talent at all turned into zombies together on the night the end times came?

Perhaps it is not a zombie, but a dark creature or undead creature that has been invaded by dark energy.

Some powerful psychics, accidentally bitten by a zombie weaker than them, will not turn into a zombie, because the ‘magic energy’ in their body is stronger than the dark energy of the zombie.

The few ordinary people who are bitten by zombies will not necessarily die, and may even awaken psychic abilities because they have magical talent. Although they were not able to naturally stimulate the psychic ability, but by the dark energy stimulation, they may awaken psychic ability.

Most ordinary people will become zombies if they are bitten by zombies, but the zombification time varies, which is also related to the strength of the light in their bodies, which is their magical talent.

For example, the original owner has several magic talents, but they are all very weak and should belong to the category of people who will instantly become zombies if bitten by ordinary zombies. Some people have good talents, and it may take several hours or even a day before they become zombies.

The more Yan Jing Ze thought about it, the more he felt that this was the case.

As for the dark and thin middle-aged man next to Jia Wenhan… he should be a very rare person with a talent for dark magic.

After the end of the world came, this person awakened the dark power and became a dark sorcerer, naturally possessing energy similar to that of a zombie.

However, zombies belong to the category of undead creatures. There is no sanity, but he is alive—he must be higher than the zombies, so he can control the zombies.

Yan Jing Ze was originally full of doubts, but by this time he had already figured out a lot of things.

    And at this time, he was actually just brought to Jia Wenhan by the truck.

Jia Wenhan probably didn’t want Zhou Wenxiu to die so soon, so there were not many zombies attacking Zhou Wenxiu. Zhou Wenxiu and the others were not in danger for the time being… Yan Jing Ze turned his head and looked at Jia Wenhan.

He had learned about Jia Wenhan’s background. Before the end of the world, Jia Wenhan was a counselor at a very ordinary university in the University City.

The counselor’s work is very tiring, the salary is not high, Jia Wenhan’s family conditions are average, he didn’t have a house or a car at that time, and he was quite depressed.

When the end of the world came, he suddenly awakened the powerful lightning ability, and he began to become arrogant, looking like a villain.

For example, he raises several women or likes to collect some expensive things, and even when he drives, he prefers driving luxury cars.

     He felt that such a person would definitely say something at this time to find a sense of existence.

Sure enough, Jia Wenhan looked towards the safe zone and sneered: “Your president can’t beat these high-level zombies. It won’t be long before he will be gnawed by these high-level zombies!”

The people in the safe zone wanted to refute, but… Zhou Wenxiu and the others had already killed a zombie together, but dozens of zombies were besieging them!

More importantly, there are thousands of zombies behind Jia Wenhan!

     Everyone on the wall was very anxious.

“We are all from the same base. If you are willing to listen to me and do things for me in the future, I can spare you, if not…” Jia Wenhan sneered.

     He originally didn’t want to tear his face.

According to his plan, he intends to defile Zhou Wenxiu’s reputation first and establish his own prestige in the university city base.

Then, he can use the zombies to kill the Sky Dragon base, grab the supplies of the Sky Dragon base, and let these zombies deal with the University City base.

Those weak ordinary zombies can’t actually be controlled, they can only drive them away, they can drive them to the vicinity of the base, and let them attack the base first.

     Wait until the powers of the psychics in the base are consumed, and then let the powerful zombies attack…

Kill Zhou Wenxiu, kill the people who are loyal to Zhou Wenxiu, and kill a group of ordinary people who only consume food… When all the damned are dead, he will then lead people to ‘repel’ the zombies. It will be logical to own the University City base and he will be loved by people.

Although the guy next to him can control the zombies, even those high-level zombies can’t understand the complicated commands, and there is no way to control them if they are far away… In fact, they can’t do anything else at all except killing people with zombies.

   If he wants to live comfortably, he still needs to grab the next base, have a lot of men and abundant supplies.

He planned well, but the plan couldn’t keep up with the rapid changes—he had troubled Zhou Wenxiu several times, but Zhou Wenxiu not only managed to escape but also suspected him.

He couldn’t stand the investigation, so he simply left the base, and now he came directly.

     In fact, if he can’t let the people in the base regard him as the savior, it is also very interesting to let these people fear him.

    Anyway, with so many powerful zombies backing him up, he doesn’t have to be afraid that these people won’t listen.

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I like this whole dark energy thing instead of a virus. It’s just more believable… even though it’s all fantasy. XD

LOL Now I know why villains like saying some lines first before shooting the protag… XD


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  1. Now that you’re mentioning it…. true, dark energy is more believable than a virus xD rather than making it semi Fantasy as in there being a virus that can transform people into some kind of dead but at the same time alive entity, why not go just full on Fantasy. In a way, it’s more pleasant to have a setting that’s completely made up rather than one that loosely borrows from actual science to make up sth that sounds outlandish but still possible enough that there’s quite a few people preparing for that to happen in reality XD
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