BH (QT) 86 – Little White Face (14)

Chapter Eight-Six – Little White Face (14)

Countless zombies rushed towards the University City base, this situation is actually very abnormal.

     Zombies generally do not act as a whole.

  And when they gathered together, the densely packed corpses just standing there… were really appalling.

It’s strange to say that only humans will become zombies, and the recipes for zombies are only humans… This makes people think that there will be zombies, which is a great cleansing of humans by the earth.

But no matter what, there is no doubt that humans and zombies are now life and death enemies.

     These tireless, unintelligent, painless zombies feed on living people and make human beings extremely scared.

The University City base is very large. During the year, a huge wall was built around the base to enclose several universities as living quarters.

     At this time, Zhou Wenxiu was standing on the wall, and he could already see the zombies coming here not far away.

Those zombies do not walk neatly. You shove me, I shove you. Occasionally there are zombies that were shoved to the ground… and then other zombies will step over him.

Zhou Wenxiu frowned.

When he met zombies outside the base before, he didn’t know how he won, but now…

“How come there are so many zombies coming all of a sudden?”

    “All psychics, come here to the city wall!”

    “Where are those weapons that the Institute has recently come up with? Move them over quickly!”

    “Ordinary people must also participate in the battle…”


On the fence, the base’s leaders kept directing, and the entire base was working.

The children, the elderly and the sick, who had no fighting ability, entered the bomb shelters dug before in batches under the command of the management. The men and women with average fighting ability began to do logistical work, while all the psychics and the trained ordinary people went up to the walls.

And at this time, the dense army of zombies had already arrived under the city walls.

They raised their heads one by one, smelling the smell of humans on the city wall, and climbed up while lying on the wall… Of course, they didn’t have the ability to climb walls, they couldn’t climb them but they didn’t care. The zombies directly stepped on the zombies in front of them to climb up without stopping.

The psychic abilities and weapons killed many zombies but these zombies felt nothing. They met the attack of the psychics, stretching out their arms to reach up.

The city wall is very high, they can not reach the people standing on the wall, they will only be killed in the next second, but they still do such meaningless movements.

    Zhou Wenxiu saw this scene, his heart sank a little – they were all humans once…

But soon, he was in a good mood again – these zombies were all ordinary zombies! There were no powerful zombies that he had encountered before!

If there were only ordinary zombies, then even if there were more of them, they could still kill them all.

    Together with the other base leaders, he began to organize the people in the base to fight the zombies.

  In the usual battle with the zombies, people can often shoot a zombie in the head. But this time there are too many zombies, it can not be done, they can only use indiscriminate attacks.

   As a result, some of the zombies, although their arms and legs had been blown away, their heads could still move, opened their mouths wide in the direction of the wall and closed them again, making a “clack, clack, clack” sound.

Life in the university city base is relatively comfortable. Some ordinary people in the base have never even faced zombies before. At this time, when they saw the zombies, many people collapsed.

Some people tried to escape, others cried and vomited, wiped a handful of tears, and picked up their weapons again.

    But there are too many zombies, almost endless, giving people great psychological pressure.

    Zhou Wenxiu stood on the wall, constantly using fire ability.

His psychic powers have suddenly grown a lot these days for some reason, and now a sea of flames can burn a large number of zombies.

“Hold on, everyone! As long as we stick together, the zombies will definitely be killed!” Zhou Wenxiu said as another attack was used, burning a swarm of zombies to death.

    “As long as we stick together, we will definitely kill all the zombies!”

    “Kill all the zombies!”

    “We must kill all the zombies!”


People kept shouting, and gradually, those who were trembling stopped shaking.

  The base is prepared for something like a zombie attack and stored a lot of strategic supplies, which are being moved up to the walls at this moment.

  A barrel of oil was poured down, and with the cooperation of fire psychics, a wall of fire was formed to deter the zombies.

Some homemade ammunition was sent to the back of the zombies by the wind psychics and it was able to blow up a large area of zombies.

    In some other places, the water psychics sent out ice arrows that penetrated the skulls of the zombies one by one.

Everyone worked together, and finally, the zombies fell one by one.

     It’s just that over time, some psychics run out of energy, so they can only retreat to the back to rest.

     But Zhou Wenxiu didn’t rest. Where there are many zombies, he is there.

After two hours of this, there were more and more people on the walls, and everyone was getting more and more skilled at attacking and could block the zombies. Zhou Wenxiu said, “I’m going outside to kill the zombies, which one of you will follow me?”


    “President, me!”

    “And me!”


People said one after another.

    Zhou Wenxiu pointed out a few people and frowned again, “Where is Chen Shuxin?”

    “Haven’t seen her, probably somewhere else,” someone said.

  The security base is quite large, the walls are also long, the psychics are scattered all over the place, it is quite normal not to run into each other.

   Zhou Wenxiu vaguely felt that something was wrong, but with the zombies in front, he couldn’t care too much.

    Zhou Wenxiu brought some psychics to the outside of the wall and rushed directly to the rear of the zombies.

These psychics brought out by Zhou Wenxiu are the strongest group. After they reach the back of the zombie group, they can use their abilities and a large number of zombies can die at once.

And the most dazzling of them all is Zhou Wenxiu.

  The fire ability is already powerful, and his ability is still the strongest in the base, every time the ability is used, there will be no more zombies around.

In the dazzling fire, the zombies turned into coke, and he was the only one standing among them.

     He was wearing ordinary sportswear, his face looked young, but at this moment, he looked inexplicably tall.

When the people on the walls saw it, they were all shaken, and some of them, who were already tired, were energized again.

    “The president is too powerful!”

    “The president is so strong!”

    “Oh my!”


    With Zhou Wenxiu and the others behind the zombies, the pressure on the fence was reduced so much that the old man in the base even had time to tell the newcomers about Zhou Wenxiu: “The President has always been strong! Especially strong! When the end times came suddenly, all the students in our school were scared out of their minds, it was the president who came to our rescue!”

“When I had just awakened my fire ability, I could launch a small fireball, but not only could I not hit the zombies, I also burned myself. The president is different, he quickly researched the use of the psychic ability.”

“It was also the president’s idea to build the base…”


    There are quite a few people promoting Zhou Wenxiu, who is still killing zombies at this time.

A sea of fire, a wall of fire alternately, and occasionally launches a fireball, which always hits the zombie’s head exactly.

    Zhou Wenxiu is really too handsome!

    The corners of Yan Jing Ze’s mouth hooked up as starlight appeared in his eyes.

Earlier, he was staying in Zhou Wenxiu’s office when suddenly a group of psychics came. Chen Shuxin used her psychic ability to protect him and fought those psychics, but after a while, she was stabbed with anesthetic needles…

  Yan Jing Ze was simply caught as a matter of course, along with Chen Shuxin.

  At that time, these people, in fact, wanted to give him an anesthetic injection as well, but he begged for mercy: “I am very obedient. I will absolutely make no noise. Can you not give me an injection?”

Those psychics probably thought he couldn’t make any trouble, and in the end, they really didn’t give him a shot. They just tied him up and shoved him into a container truck and took him to the side of the city wall.

At this moment, Yan Jing Ze was sitting in the container of a truck near the city wall.

    He was very satisfied with this.

  Here, he can use his spiritual power to ‘see’ Zhou Wenxiu’s battle, and can also help Zhou Wenxiu, which is simply great.

Without these people, Zhou Wenxiu might not let him stay so close to the city wall.

“Are you sick in the head, what are you laughing at?” A psychic who was with Yan Jing Ze asked.

  They actually have been prepared for Yan Jing Ze to cause trouble, that is, they have wind psychics among them. Even if Yan Jing Ze suddenly screamed, they can also make his voice not come out, so there is no worry.

In the end, they didn’t know what was going on with this Yan Jing Ze. After being caught by them, he still looked relaxed. Now he is laughing here by himself… which made him feel creepy.

“I just think it’s quite lively outside,” Yan Jing Ze said.

    The psychic: “……”

    “By the way, what did you catch me for?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

    “You don’t have to care,” the man said.

    “You are Jia Wenhan’s people?” Yan Jing Ze asked again.

    The man gave Yan Jing Ze a blank look and stopped talking.

“The zombies outside, it couldn’t be that you guys got them, right?”

    No one answered Yan Jing Ze.

    “Everyone is human, why do you guys want to mix with the zombies?”

    Kidnapper: “……”

    “What are you guys going to do with me?”


     “Is Jia Wenhan so good to you?”


     “Why does he always mess with Zhou Wenxiu?”


     “You guys…”

     The psychic who kidnapped Yan Jing Ze finally couldn’t stand it anymore: “Can’t you be quiet?”

Yan Jing Ze looked at him innocently: “There is nothing here. It’s so boring if you don’t talk.” When he asked a question, although a few people in the car didn’t answer, they still showed some reactions. He observed their reactions spiritually and could see many things.

“I really don’t know how Zhou Wenxiu could look at such a worthless little white face like you!” The kidnapper gave a cold laugh.

    “Because I’m good-looking, I guess.”

“Even if you look good, you are still a man.” The man ‘hehe’ twice: “I did not expect, Zhou Wenxiu does not take the good waterway, but walks on the dry road.”

    When he spoke, he was full of contempt.

“No way, who let him be different and not fall into the commonplace.” Then Yan Jing Ze said, “By the way, what do you guys want?”

    “If you talk again, I’ll give you a shot.” The man finally couldn’t take it anymore.

   Yan Jing Ze finally stopped talking.

    Seeing that Yan Jing Ze did not speak, the man snorted again.

There were many people coming and going outside, and they thought that Yan Jing Ze would definitely be tempted to call for help. They didn’t expect that he was so timid and too afraid to call for help.

They really overestimated him.

     These people are becoming less concerned about Yan Jing Ze.

     Yan Jing Ze ignored them and continued to help Zhou Wenxiu kill the zombies.

     Zhou Wenxiu is so handsome!

     With Zhou Wenxiu’s efforts, there are fewer and fewer zombies outside.

These zombies are ordinary zombies. Although there are many, they are not impossible to deal with.

     In the end, there were only a few thousand zombies standing outside, and slowly, these zombies also fell.

“The zombies are all killed!”


     “Long live the president!”


     People cheered, and the entire base was immersed in the joy of victory.

But after hearing the cheers, the few psychics in front of Yan Jing Ze showed a sarcastic smile.

     Yan Jing Ze saw this scene and sighed secretly.

     He felt it.

Although ordinary zombies were killed, there is a group of stronger zombies coming. And with them, there were hundreds of those powerful zombies that almost forced Zhou Wenxiu to the edge before.

There are thousands of zombies that are slightly weaker than the powerful zombies.

     But these zombies are strong enough to even climb walls easily.

There is no need for ordinary zombies before, just relying on these stronger zombies, they can easily destroy the University City base.

     It’s… not over yet.

     Fortunately, there is him.

Yan Jing Ze laid lazily in the compartment, charging. His expression a bit… unconcerned.

Looking at Yan Jing Ze like this, those who were guarding him were speechless – is this person sick? Doesn’t he know how to be afraid?

What the hell is wrong with Zhou Wenxiu? How dare he like such a person!

    Zhou Wenxiu, who was questioned about his aesthetics, climbed back up the wall.

  He has been fighting for four or five hours already. Although he can still use his psychic ability because it is recovering quickly, he is already very tired mentally and a bit exhausted physically.

Had it not been for something that had been surrounding him and giving him strength, he might have fallen long ago.

     Fortunately, the crisis of the safe base was lifted…

“Let people go down, kill those zombies that have lost their mobility but are still able to move, and burn them together at the end.” Zhou Wenxiu ordered and asked again: “Where is Chen Shuxin?” During the battle, he had been thinking about Yan Jing Ze. And this time, he thinks about him even more.

“I didn’t see her.”

     “Never seen her.”

     “I haven’t seen her either.”

     Everyone said one after another.

    Even Lu Huarong came over, “President, where is Shu Xin?”

     Zhou Wenxiu’s heart jumped.

     At this moment, a section of the city wall near them suddenly collapsed.

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Waterway, dry road – about homosexuality (prob talking about the front and the back lol)

The eunuch in Puyi’s Imperial Palace gossiped about the Emperor not taking the waterway but walking on the dry road instead.

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