BH (QT) 85 – Little White Face (13)

Chapter Eight-Five – Little White Face (13)

“From the inspection… blood sugar…”

     “No problem…”


The first thing that Yan Jing Ze did after he regained consciousness was to use his spiritual power to investigate the surrounding environment.

     The spiritual power is so good that he almost uses it as his eyes.

Yan Jing Ze found himself in a classroom… No, this is not a classroom, this has been transformed into a hospital room.

There were ten hospital beds in the spacious classroom, but he was the only patient. At that moment, Zhou Wenxiu stood next to him and asked a man in a white coat, “Is he really okay?”

“President, his body is really fine. At most he is just tired,” the man in a white coat said helplessly.

    After Zhou Wenxiu returned to the base today, he took Yan Jing Ze into the hospital, and let the doctor examine Yan Jing Ze.

According to the inspection results, Yan Jing Ze is in good health and has no problems at all.

     The doctor even suspected that he was pretending to be dizzy…

     But Zhou Wenxiu didn’t agree with the doctor’s words and frowned slightly.

“Wenxiu, I’m really fine, just a little weak…” Yan Jing Ze opened his eyes. His body is in a bad state, he is also quite helpless…

     Well, his body is actually not in a bad state, mainly because his spiritual power is too strong.

     He must hurry up and exercise!

” Your complexion is quite awful.” Zhou Wenxiu frowned. In fact, Yan Jing Ze’s body temperature was a bit high before…

     “I’m really fine, I want to go home.” Yan Jing Ze smiled at Zhou Wenxiu.

The doctor couldn’t see the problem with Yan Jing Ze, Zhou Wenxiu could only take Yan Jing Ze back home.

     Yan Jing Ze went home and lay down in the room.

Although he has encountered many things today, he has been wearing protective clothing and his body is not dirty. At most, he sweats a little.

    The main thing is that he can not take a shower! He is too uncomfortable!

    After lying on the bed for a while, Yan Jing Ze got better.

  Zhou Wenxiu came to see him several times and prepared food and water for him, but Yan Jing Ze did not drink from the water cup when he was thirsty.

    He stretched out a finger, and a small water ball appeared at his fingertips.

    He opened his mouth and ate the little water ball, Yan Jing Ze sighed.

Today, his spiritual power skyrocketed once, and as a result… several of his psychic abilities, other than fire psychic ability, awakened.

He has several kinds of light in his body, which actually means he can have several kinds of psychic abilities… It’s just that the light in his body is a bit weak, so much so that each kind of psychic ability is particularly weak.

For example, the water ability can only make a small water ball, the wind ability can only be an electric fan, the earth ability can probably let him make a few palm-sized clay sculptures?

Fortunately, psychic abilities can improve a person’s physique and make his body stronger.

    While lying on his bed, Yan Jing Ze began to analyze all the things he encountered today.

     After a while, he stood up, dragged his heavy body and knocked on Zhou Wenxiu’s door.

  Zhou Wenxiu has been thinking about Yan Jing Ze and is about to go to see Yan Jing Ze again when he suddenly heard a knock on his door… His heart jumped suddenly.

He and Yan Jing Ze are the only ones in his house so who else will knock on his door? Of course, only Yan Jing Ze will knock on his door at night. What does he want to do?

When Zhou Wenxiu thought of this, his breathing was inevitably a little faster, but soon, he thought of the fact that today Yan Jing Ze followed him out, not only his hand was injured, but he also fainted.

Although the doctor said he was fine, but what can he do in this condition?

    All right, although Yan Jing Ze can not do anything, but maybe he wants him to do something… Recently, Yan Jing Ze would always seduce him…

Thinking of this, Zhou Wenxiu was ready to open the door and see Yan Jing Ze wearing sexy clothes.

     He also listened to the stories told by Chen Shuxin to Yan Jing Ze during the day today, which talked about ‘seduction’…

Zhou Wenxiu thought a lot in an instant, but when the door opened… he saw Yan Jing Ze in thick pajamas.

     Zhou Wenxiu was lost for a while.

On the other hand, Yan Jing Ze was very uncomfortable. His heart was loaded with things and did not notice Zhou Wenxiu’s loss. He looked at Zhou Wenxiu: “Wenxiu, I have something to tell you.”

“What’s the matter?” Zhou Wenxiu asked.

     “Wenxiu, there are traitors in the base… I know who the traitors are.”

     Zhou Wenxiu frowned.

Yan Jing Ze continued: “When I was kidnapped by the people from Sky Dragon Base before, they thought I had fainted, they said something that I heard… I was confused at the time and didn’t know if I heard it wrong. Plus, there is no evidence, I dare not tell you after I came back…”

“What did you hear?” Zhou Wenxiu asked.

    Yan Jing Ze said, “I heard them say that Jia Wenhan wants the base. He wants to get rid of you so he can control the base… And it seems that Jia Wenhan can also control the zombies.”

Zhou Wenxiu’s expression became serious.

     Yan Jing Ze said: “What I said is true.”

     Zhou Wenxiu said: “I believe you… I will go out immediately.”

     After Zhou Wenxiu finished speaking, he went out immediately.

Although he is gentle most of the time, but he is by no means someone who can be bullied, and he does things even more aggressively.

    In the early hours of the morning, a villa at the base of the university town.

There are many precious decorations in the spacious villa which makes the whole villa a little too rich.

     At this time, seven or eight people were sitting inside, exhaling clouds of smoke.

  The smoke rings scattered one by one and the faces of these people blurred behind the smoke rings, making it somewhat difficult to see clearly.

    At this time, one of the people sitting on the mahogany sofa spoke up, “Zhou Wenxiu is really lucky, he has escaped several times.”

“With so many high-level zombies today, he can still survive…”

     “It will be difficult to strike in the future.”

     “The people in Sky Dragon Base are all trash, those zombies are useless!”


As these people were talking, someone suddenly said, “Zhou Wenxiu made a lot of actions a few days ago, later…”

    “He felt that the zombies that appeared today were not right and has asked people to check it out.”

    “Our business…”


  The expressions of these people were not so good anymore, and at that moment, someone asked the person in charge of them, “Boss, should we follow the original plan and destroy the Sky Dragon base first?”

“No, let’s settle this side first.” The man sitting in the mahogany chair tapped his finger on the armrest.

    Everyone else got excited.

    Just then, however, there was some sudden commotion from outside…


After Zhou Wenxiu went out at night, he never came back. Yan Jing Ze knew that he must have caught the traitor.

Now, his head is still pounding. He can’t help in this matter, so he simply did not help.

     Back in the room, Yan Jing Ze lay down and fell asleep.

     When he woke up again, he learned that Jia Wenhan had run away.

   After learning from him yesterday that Jia Wenhan might have betrayed them, Zhou Wenxiu immediately led his men to find Jia Wenhan, intending to capture him and ask him a clear question.

As a result, Jia Wenhan was arrested, and he led his people directly out of the base!

Forget that. After this happened, someone with a psychic ability found Zhou Wenxiu to complain. Zhou Wenxiu knew that Jia Wenhan usually arranges easy tasks for his cronies in the field office, but arranges dangerous tasks for others, and as a result, some people died.

In addition, Jia Wenhan did some evil things in private.

Jia Wenhan is the second strongest person in the base after Zhou Wenxiu. In the past six months, Zhou Wenxiu has less time to leave the base. As the head of the Field Department, he has become more powerful, less satisfied, and more ambitious…

No, he is no longer simply ambitious… He even deals with zombies as well!

    Previously, Yan Jing Ze had seen Jia Wenhan twice, and at that time, he felt that the dark energy on Jia Wenhan’s body was a bit dense… He had thought that it was because he had killed too many zombies, and only realized that something was wrong after he found out yesterday that the wind psychic who had attracted the zombies was actually someone from Jia Wenhan’s side.

  Jia Wenhan probably spent a long time mixing with the zombies.

    Unfortunately, his body was too wasted to follow Jia Wenhan.

    Jia Wenhan’s rebellion from the base caused a huge uproar at the base.

He took away actually only dozens of people, but no one thought he had only so many men, so these days, Zhou Wenxiu has been very busy, especially after finding out that Jia Wenhan might still want to do something big.

But this did not affect Yan Jing Ze’s life.

     After all, he is a little white face who knows nothing. Not long ago, he fainted in front of so many people in the base…

     This is really a shame! Yan Jing Ze continued the devil training.

Probably because he had awakened several abilities and the total amount of abilities in his body had increased, his body was a little better. In just a few days, his body not only fully recovered, but his physical strength also improved to a notch.

Yan Jing Ze was eager to try, a little bit wanted to climb the bed.

     But thinking that Zhou Wenxiu was physically better than him, he finally dispelled this idea.

     He should use his evening time to exercise. By the way, he can help Zhou Wenxiu increase his strength.

As a result, Zhou Wenxiu felt full of energy every morning recently. He would feel uncomfortable if he can’t find someone to fight.

  At noon this day, Yan Jing Ze went to deliver food to Zhou Wenxiu again.

    After Jia Wenhan defected from the base, the leadership of the base has changed again. Zhou Wenxiu was very busy and had no time to go out and kill the zombies.

Yan Jing Ze was eager to do this and changed his style every day to cook for Zhou Wenxiu. He even learned some dishes from others through his spiritual power so his cooking skills skyrocketed for a while.

Unfortunately, there are not enough ingredients in the base, so there are not many dishes that can be cooked.

     As soon as he entered the office building, many people greeted Yan Jing Ze.

     Recently, Yan Jing Ze has come here often and he has become familiar with the people here.

     Although Yan Jing Ze is a bit lazy for not working but they can… not blame him.

Their president is very energetic. If he can’t take the fire psychics out to kill the zombies, he will fight against those fire psychics at the base martial arts field every day. One person can knock over a hundred… Yan Jing Ze has to serve such a person, it’s not easy.

He also has to cook and do housework and stuff every day…

    They can’t discriminate against home cooks either, right?

    “Yan Jing Ze, what did you cook for the president today?” Chen Shuxin, who was working as an assistant to Zhou Wenxiu, asked with a smile.

“Steamed cabbage with ham, braised pork in brown sauce,” Yan Jing Ze said.

     “There is meat again, it’s great… the president is already waiting, you can go in,” Chen Shuxin said.

Yan Jing Ze entered Zhou Wenxiu’s office and saw Zhou Wenxiu tapping on the computer. He raised his head when he heard the movement.

  Seeing that it was him, Zhou Wenxiu instantly smiled.

   Yan Jing Ze’s heart jumped up quickly…

    Zhou Wenxiu is really too handsome!

    Using the meal, Yan Jing Ze had to take advantage of the situation again.

For the time being, he can’t eat the big meal, but flirting is not a problem.

     However, when Yan Jing Ze picked up a piece of braised pork and was about to feed Zhou Wenxiu, someone suddenly rushed into the office building.

Yan Jing Ze, who discovered this with spiritual power, quickly stuffed the meat on Zhou Wenxiu’s mouth.

And at that moment, the man’s voice rang out: “President, it’s not good! There are many, many zombies coming towards the base in the southeast direction, at least tens of thousands, probably more! They are also moving very fast…”

They set up some guard posts on some tall buildings near the base to observe the surrounding situation. A large number of zombies came over and one of the guard posts found them.

Zhou Wenxiu’s expression changed and he stood up abruptly.

     Yan Jing Ze also sighed secretly.

     The zombie siege, which should only appear 20 days later, happened ahead of schedule.

     This zombie siege must have something to do with Jia Wenhan.

  In the original historical trajectory, the University City base was overrun by zombies, and now…

    No matter what, at this point in time, they can only face it.

He was really miserable. After traversing, they never had a rest, so that he didn’t have time to cultivate a relationship with Zhou Wen…

    Fortunately, he had mastered the unique technique of killing zombies.

    The kind of powerful zombies they had encountered before, the number should not be too many?

    If there are too many, Jia Wenhan may not be able to handle them?

When Zhou Wenxiu got the news, he stopped eating and immediately rushed to the southeast of the base.

     At the same time, an alarm bell rang in the base’s broadcast.

The zombies attacked the city, this is a matter of life and death for the entire base!

  Zhou Wenxiu didn’t take Yan Jing Ze with him when he left, and only asked Chen Shuxin to protect him and send him home.

Yan Jing Ze was left in the office.

     Zhou Wenxiu eats very quickly and almost finished his share. Yan Jing Ze continued to slowly eat his share…

He suddenly discovered that a group of psychics quietly approached the office building.

     Yan Jing Ze frowned.

     These people seem to be coming for him?

  If he follows these people, he might be able to get a little bit of inside information from Jia Wenhan’s side.

    He never understood why Jia Wenhan, a human, would want to do something like a zombie attack on the city.

The speed of Yan Jing Ze’s eating accelerated.

     “You can eat slowly…” Chen Shuxin said, as soon as the voice fell, someone broke in.

     Yan Jing Ze was kidnapped again…

     Well, can’t say ‘again’, it wasn’t actually kidnapping last time.

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