BH (QT) 84 – Little White Face (12)

Chapter Eight-Four – Little White Face (12)

After a battle with the zombies, everyone was exhausted and dirty, and some even got their clothes burned.

At the same time, the surrounding zombies have all been killed.

    Even the house…

While Zhou Wenxiu was feeling distressed for the injured hand of Yan Jing Ze, a loud boom was heard next to them and a building fell down.

Then, as if someone had pushed the first domino, some buildings collapsed one after another.

The building in the downtown area is really not very solid.

     In this blast, Zhou Wenxiu suddenly realized something was wrong.

Just experienced a life-and-death battle, but he is here flirting with Yan Jing Ze. Isn’t it a bit bad?

But Yan Jing Ze was so worried about him that he even hurt his hand… He must give Yan Jing Ze something delicious later.

“President, shouldn’t we go back quickly?” Chen Shuxin said, “What if those zombies come back?”

They didn’t know that the zombies had been ‘burned’ to death, and they all thought they ran away because they were afraid of Zhou Wenxiu.

This kind of thing has happened before, some zombies that have become stronger and have a little intelligence will run away after encountering a psychic that they can’t beat.

  But Zhou Wenxiu knew that the zombies would not return, if not, he would not have rushed to release Yan Jing Ze.

But it was better for them to get back quickly.

    “Who has the strength to drive?” Zhou Wenxiu asked.

Everyone was exhausted, but they still responded. Lu Huarong said, “I can drive.”

Their car was parked on an empty square not far away. Everyone got up and walked over there. They lined up and suddenly found that they were missing two people.

“We are missing two people!”

Fire type abilities are not good at close combat, so just now they have been fighting zombies with the fortifications built by Chen Shuxin. Although the psychics were exhausted due to continuous attacks, and even losing powers or accidentally burning themselves or their teammates, but no one was caught or bitten by the zombies.

“I noticed it before… Did they…” said another fire psychic, sniffing

In fact, some of them have long discovered that there are some people missing. They think that the two people should have died before the battle started. They were afraid that the others would feel uncomfortable when they learned about the matter, so they didn’t say anything.

“Go back first.” Zhou Wenxiu said, casualties are inevitable, they still have to move forward.

  The crowd hung their heads and walked towards the parking place, and when they got there, they were dumbfounded.

    The SUV that Zhou Wenxiu was in when he arrived was gone. It was obviously driven away.

Those of them who come out to kill zombies have formed some habits over time, such as leaving the car door open when they get out and leaving the keys in the car – so that they can escape quickly.

Therefore, someone else has a chance to drive away their parked car, but there is no one else here. Who drove the car away?

Yan Jing Ze’s head was very painful and he was not in a good mood. He said grimly: “I don’t think the two people are dead at all, but ran away.”

The wind psychic that attracted the zombies was very strong and the speed was also very fast and seemed to have some method to make the zombies pay less attention to him. At that time, he escaped quickly with the two traitors… Now, they are probably already on the way back to the base.

“They won’t…” A skinny fire psychic who had a good relationship with those two spoke up for the two.

Yan Jing Ze looked at this person and lightly said “Heh…”

  The skinny fire psychic was exasperated by the attitude of Yan Jing Ze and was somewhat displeased, but Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu were holding hands…

  If it wasn’t for Zhou Wenxiu, they would all be dead!

Having fought side by side with Zhou Wenxiu, he knew how strong Zhou Wenxiu was, and with Zhou Wenxiu in, he was embarrassed to accuse Yan Jing Ze.

He could only end up glaring indignantly at Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze ignored him completely and the other fire psychics looked at each other… Actually, they agreed with Yan Jing Ze’s words.

Those two probably ran away!

    The SUV is gone, so Zhou Wenxiu and Yan Jing Ze also got into the truck.

Now, most people have lost their combat effectiveness, only Zhou Wenxiu is a little better. Of course, he can’t drive… He is standing in the compartment of the first truck, observing the surroundings, ready to fight with the zombies.

Zhou Wenxiu is very busy, but Yan Jing Ze has nothing to do. He sat at the front of the truck compartment, leaning against the back of the truck head, with a drowsy look.

Those fire psychics could not avoid being jealous when they saw him like this, so the skinny man said, “You haven’t participated in the battle before, why don’t you drive?”

Yan Jing Ze, who had been keeping his eyes closed, slightly opened his eyelids, glanced at him, and confidently said: “I can’t drive.”

People around: “…”

Chen Shuxin was also resting in this compartment, sitting next to Yan Jing Ze, feeling helpless after hearing Yan Jing Ze: “You… you still have to learn something in the future.”

Yan Jing Ze responded well: “Well… I will learn when I get better.”

“Are you in bad health?” Chen Shuxin asked, only to realize that Yan Jing Ze’s face was pale and his lips were blue.

“Yeah… I am not in good health.” Yan Jing Ze showed a weak smile at Chen Shuxin.

Yan Jing Ze is like this, it really doesn’t seem to be a pretense, and if he is in poor health, there are some things that can’t be blamed on him.

Speaking of which, Yan Jing Ze didn’t give them any trouble today, and he was really well behaved.

“You are not in good health, so don’t come out again…” Chen Shuxin sighed. After encountering something like this today, she didn’t want to leave the safe base for a short time.

Zhou Wenxiu heard their conversation and came over: “Jing Ze, are you uncomfortable?”

“I’m dizzy, you hug me.” Yan Jing Ze looked at Zhou Wenxiu, stretched out his hand, and blinked.

Yan Jing Ze is an adult man. It is not appropriate to do this kind of cute action, but he can’t resist his good looks.

Zhou Wenxiu’s heart beat faster and once again felt fascinated.

  He moved a stool to sit next to Yan Jing Ze, Yan Jing Ze obediently leaned into his lap.

Yan Jing Ze was really uncomfortable, but being held by Zhou Wenxiu made him feel much better. So, he couldn’t help but want to take advantage of Zhou Wenxiu.

He heartily took action… Yan Jing Ze’s hand moved up.

Zhou Wenxiu: “…” Is this person really uncomfortable?

Yan Jing Ze’s movements were very concealed and people around him didn’t notice. At this time, Chen Shuxin even whispered to Zhou Wenxiu: “President, he is not in good health. You cannot toss him too much… at night or something.”

Zhou Wenxiu didn’t understand it at first, it took a while to understand what Chen Shuxin meant.

     He was wronged!

     He hasn’t done anything!

“I heard that men ‘there’… need to take the trouble to ‘take care’,” Chen Shuxin whispered again.

   Chen Shuxin was originally a carefree person, and after the end of the world came, people were generally not as shy as they were before the end of the world, so she dared to say anything.

Zhou Wenxiu: “…” He really didn’t do anything! And he suspects that he and Yan Jing Ze are incompatible.

  But it can’t be helped, he really likes Yan Jing Ze…

Zhou Wenxiu didn’t say a word, but Yan Jing Ze suddenly changed his posture and lay on his stomach, looking at Chen Shuxin, “How do I take care of it?”

Chen Shuxin said, “I’m not sure about this, I just saw it in a novel. You’d better go ask the doctor.”

    “What kind of novel are you reading?” Yan Jing Ze became interested.

“There are a lot of them! Let me tell you about it!” Chen Shuxin immediately talked to Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze stopped touching him… Zhou Wenxiu suddenly became a little unhappy.

When the four trucks drove to the safe base, the two traitors who left the team had already returned to the University City base.

They drove Zhou Wenxiu’s car, and the car drove to the gate of the base, slammed the brakes to a stop, and then the two of them rolled and crawled out of the car.

  They were both in a terrible mess, and as soon as they got out of the car, they cried, “You guys go save the president and the others, they’ve run into a swarm of zombies!”

“A swarm of zombies? What’s the matter?” The squad captain from the Security Department who was in charge of the watching the gate came over when he saw that something was wrong with the car, and asked at this time.

“When we went to clean up the zombies, a large group of zombies suddenly came… President asked us to come back to report,” these two people said.

“The President is so strong, even if you encounter a group of zombies, you don’t have to be afraid… What is going on?” The squad captain was puzzled.

 “That is not an ordinary zombie group, that group of zombies is particularly powerful! The president is also not their opponent, the president also took that Yan Jing Ze… ” these two cried, the meaning of their words, as if Yan Jing Ze dragged Zhou Wenxiu’s legs.

Those zombies are very strong, and Zhou Wenxiu can’t escape unless he escapes by himself.

They put the fault towards the Yan Jing Ze. So even if Zhou Wenxiu escaped… That fact that he took an ordinary person outside of the city and got dozens of psychics killed as a result… This can also hit the prestige of Zhou Wenxiu.

Of course, Zhou Wenxiu not running away has the highest probability, so it is better to let everyone in the base hate Yan Jing Ze, so that no one will investigate the truth.

“That Yan Jing Ze has no strength at all, but he has high demands. He has to cook at noon… Originally, everyone had a chance to escape!” The two continued to pour dirty water on Yan Jing Ze.

The squad captain’s face changed.

Zhou Wenxiu left the base today with Yan Jing Ze, a scene that many people saw, there was discontent at the time, not to mention now!

They hated Yan Jing Ze who caused trouble.

    At the same time, the news spread out.

    Zhou Wenxiu had quite a few followers in the base.

Some people don’t like idealists like Zhou Wenxiu, but more people like Zhou Wenxiu’s philosophy. Like Zhou Wenxiu, they have been contributing their strength to the base.

Now that Zhou Wenxiu was in danger, these people immediately gathered together.

     They are going to save Zhou Wenxiu!

     The crowd gathered at the gate of the base, their expressions were solemn and their moods were not good.

Someone said: “The president has encountered troubles one after another recently, all because of that Yan Jing Ze.”

     This is true. Zhou Wenxiu was injured just a few days ago to save Yan Jing Ze, and today…

Going out to kill zombies is such a dangerous thing, Yan Jing Ze, this little white face, has to follow… The president, probably because of him, will be in danger!

It had only been half an hour since those two traitors had returned to the base, the crowd had pulled up a convoy and was ready to go.

    And at this time, several cars suddenly appeared from afar.

    Those cars… looked quite familiar.

  The crowd was frozen when someone said, “Isn’t that the truck that the president and his men drove away?”

It was indeed the truck that Zhou Wenxiu drove away, and the person in the car was the same person who went with Zhou Wenxiu before.

These fire psychics have escaped from the dead and they have been very excited. Now they see the base gate…

Relying on the psychic’s good physical fitness, someone jumped off the car directly: “I’m back! I’m finally back! Ahhhhh!”

After one person did so, there was soon a second, a third, and even Chen Shuxin, who had recovered some strength after resting for a while, jumped down.

“You guys are back, where is the president?” one of the men who was going out to find Zhou Wenxiu asked.

    “The president is in the car!” someone answered, showing an expression that was hard to say.

    Their president was so nice to that Yan Jing Ze along the way that he couldn’t stand it!

“Is the president okay?”

    “He’s okay!”

    Those who were planning to go out to look for Zhou Wenxiu immediately looked at the two traitors.

    And at this time, those who came back, also saw the two traitors, and subconsciously asked, “You’re not dead?”

  Those two traitors looked pale for a while, they looked at each other and quickly said, “Sorry, we were afraid and became deserters, but we wanted to find someone to save you…”

Although Yan Jing Ze was weak, his spiritual power was still there.

     He has been paying attention to those two traitors.

     These two people can act as spies, obviously they have some real abilities, at least they are very good at acting. Now, their regretful appearance is acted perfectly.

  And so, they confessed… Although it is shameful to be a deserter, but according to the base regulations, they cannot be convicted.

After all, apart from him, no one knew that the group of zombies were actually lured by others, and no one knew that they were actually traitors.

   The hand of the Yan Jing Ze reached into the pocket of his shirt, where there was a thumb-sized black stone.

  This stone is very similar to Zhou Wenxiu’s meteorite, except that the energy contained in it is not the fire element, but the black energy he extracted from those zombies.

Earlier, he subconsciously drew the energy from the zombies to his side and gathered them together, and as a result, he got such a piece of crystal.

Yan Jing Ze stood in the truck compartment, watching the two men confess with tears, sneered, picked up some black energy with mental strength, and sent it directly to the two men’s bodies.

He knew that wind psychic and had already guessed who the traitor in the base was, so he didn’t need to interrogate these two people.

     They can die.

“President, I’m sorry…” The two apologized while crying. At this moment, someone suddenly exclaimed: “They are zombies!”

     Yes, these two people have become zombies!

Their skin became pale, their eyes became godless, and they were rapidly becoming zombies!

     The people around them immediately dispersed, and everyone surrounded them.

  The two traitors who were still apologizing looked at their hands and were dumbfounded: “How could… this be…”

    Before the words left their mouths, they lost their senses…

  The corners of Yan Jing Ze’s mouth curled up in a sarcastic smile when he saw this scene.

The people in the base were besieging the two zombies, Zhou Wenxiu subconsciously blocked Yan Jing Ze, not wanting Yan Jing Ze to see the bloody scene.

Just at this moment, he saw that Yan Jing Ze showed a smile full of mockery.

    His heartbeat was rapidly accelerating… such a handsome Yan Jing Ze!

    However, just when he felt so… Yan Jing Ze suddenly fell down towards him.

    Really… handsome but just for three seconds.

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