BH (QT) 83 – Little White Face (11)

Chapter Eighty-Three – Little White Face (11)

Every zombie has a black mist or black energy on its body. Only when their heads are blown off will the black energy disperse and blend into the gray fog in the air.

According to Yan Jing Ze’s speculation, this gray fog is the culprit that turns humans into zombies.

In addition, whether the black fog on the body of the zombie is thick or not, can also be used to determine their strength or weakness.

The batch of zombies that came was stronger and more numerous than the zombies they had encountered before.

  What is even more chilling is that there is a wind psychic in front of these zombies.

With the help of the psychic power, a wind-type psychic can move fast between dilapidated houses and dusty abandoned cars. Every time a toe taps the ground, he can fly away to a distance.

And he was followed by a large group of ghastly white skinned zombies.

Their expressions are dull, and some of them are physically mutilated, but this does not affect their actions. They are wrapped in a thick black mist and they are chasing after the wind psychic.

Probably because of the black mist in the body serving as energy, the body parts of the zombies will be zombified, they will not rot and they will never feel tired.

Weak zombies may be slow to move but when they become stronger, they will get faster and faster. Running as fast as a car is not a problem to them.

Yan Jing Ze’s heartbeat instantly picked up.

In the original historical trajectory, Zhou Wenxiu was killed by a zombie!

   Yan Jing Ze was about to give a warning when he suddenly found that two fire psychics in their group had sneaked away…

Someone deliberately attracted those zombies, not to mention, there are still those traitors in the team!

Yan Jing Ze was so angry he wanted to laugh. At this moment, Zhou Wenxiu’s expression suddenly changed: “There are zombies here! Assemble! Beware!”

The movement of a large group of zombies is not small. Zhou Wenxiu had gained a lot of experience in the battle with the zombies, at this time, he had also found something wrong.

Zhou Wenxiu’s voice was loud. As soon as his words left his mouth, those psychics who followed him were on guard, and those who killed zombies not far away came over.

Chen Shuxin and Lu Huarong came over especially fast, and their faces were not too good: “This movement… where did so many zombies come from?”

Zhou Wenxiu, Chen Shuxin, and Lu Huarong are very nervous, but those who followed the fire system…

The people who followed Zhou Wenxiu out this time, most of them are recently awakened psychics. They have not experienced any danger before and at this moment they still can’t figure out the situation. Although they obediently gathered together, but they were a little excited: “There are a lot of zombies coming? Can we kill a few more?”

” Is the President and the others going to take a shot?”

    “I haven’t seen the president kill a zombie.”


“Quiet!” Zhou Wenxiu reprimanded: “There are many zombies, you have to be careful, otherwise you may die!”

As soon as Zhou Wenxiu’s words came out, those with fire psychics were afraid to speak, and the young faces showed fear.

At this moment, a large number of zombies had already arrived in front of them.

There are thousands of zombies coming and the black mist on the dozens of zombies in the forefront is still particularly dense. Although not as dense as the red glow on Zhou Wenxiu’s body, but already at the same level of Chen Shuxin and Lu Huarong’s.

  Behind these dozens of zombies, there are hundreds of zombies whose strength is similar to that of the 50 fire psychics who followed them out!

However, the thousands of zombies that are further back are poor in strength and not enough to be feared.

“Jing Ze, you hide!” Zhou Wenxiu pulled Yan Jing Ze and looked at Chen Shuxin: “Shu Xin, create a shelter for him.”

Chen Shuxin had already used her earth powers to erect a fence around their perimeter. Hearing Zhou Wenxiu’s words, she used her powers again and made a sealed shelter, covering the entirety of Yan Jing Ze.

The shelter is cylindrical, more than two meters high and two meters in diameter, and there is not even a hole on it.

Yan Jing Ze was imprisoned in such a small space before he could even react.

It was pitch black around him and nothing could be seen. The sound from outside could not come in… Fortunately, it didn’t affect his use of spiritual power.

When Zhou Wenxiu saw that Yan Jing Ze was being shielded, he sighed with relief and regretted that he had brought Yan Jing Ze out.

But he didn’t have time to think too much… the zombies are here!

     Zhou Wenxiu took the shot immediately.

     With this shot, Zhou Wenxiu’s heart sank.

The strength of these zombies is very strong! He has met and killed such a strong zombie alone, but so many such strong zombies…

The battle outside has already begun. In the cylindrical shelter where the earth element’s powers are condensed, Yan Jing Ze has a cold face and is engrossed in observing the surrounding situation with spiritual power.

The fire element emitted from the meteorite was collected together and placed beside Zhou Wenxiu. In addition, he tried to grab the energy in the surrounding air to attack and tried to control the zombies.

The energy in the air is fragmented and cannot be used to attack at all, and those zombies are not sane and difficult to control. The only thing he can do, it seems, is to try to enhance the psychic abilities of those on his side…

It has been four days since Yan Jing Ze came to this world. Although he studied some of the use of spiritual power, but in the end, the study is not thorough enough. He hadn’t experienced battle before, so he didn’t know what to do for a while.

Calm down, calm down… Yan Jing Ze kept telling himself. His nervousness gradually calmed down, while his spiritual power seemed like a large net that enveloped the entire battlefield.

Everything outside is under his ‘eyes’.

Those dozens of zombies whose strength is comparable to that of Lu Huarong and Chen Shuxin are very strong. and the abilities of ordinary fire type supernatural powers fall on them, and there is no way to hurt them.

The ordinary fire psychics’ attacks fall on them and did not cause any damage at all.

As for Lu Huarong and Chen Shuxin…

Lu Huarong is a water psychic. Although he can send out ice arrows with his current strength, his combat power is still not strong. Zhou Wenxiu brought him for one thing, because when you go out, the water psychic is of great use – everyone needs water to drink as well as clean up, all of them need a water psychic.

There are many things that happen when fire psychics can’t control their own powers. When killing zombies, they can accidentally burn a lot of houses. They need a water psychic next to them who can help put out the fire.

As for Chen Shuxin, she is an earth-based psychic, more adept at defense but weak in attack.

In other words, only Zhou Wenxiu could hurt those dozens of powerful zombies.

If there are only a few of these zombies, Zhou Wenxiu is sure to kill them, but now… there are dozens of these zombies!

Zhou Wenxiu felt he was in better shape than ever before, and when his powers were used, the weaker zombies were directly burned into a puff of black smoke.

Initially, when the fire psychics who followed him saw this scene, they were very happy, and some even cheered.

But the next second, they froze.

Zhou Wenxiu can kill a large number of ordinary zombies, but there are some powerful zombies. Although they were beaten back by Zhou Wenxiu’s ability, but a black smoke appeared on their bodies and they rushed up like nothing happened!

  As for their attacks…

Their ability to hit those zombies is of no use at all, and even those weak zombies that Zhou Wenxiu can burn to death in a ‘sea of fire’, they need several people to work together to kill one.

These fire psychics who had not been involved in brutal battles before almost collapsed in the face of this situation.

“Make a group of five people and choose a zombie to deal with together,” Zhou Wenxiu said, another sea of fire used. Chen Shuxin cooperated together, blocking the zombie’s advance.

But even then, it can only be blocked for a few seconds.

“President, go back and report the news!” Chen Shuxin looked at Zhou Wenxiu, she wanted him to escape.

Among these people, Zhou Wenxiu is the strongest, if he wants to escape at this time, he can escape.

No matter how strong the zombies are, their brains are not sober… For example, they were attracted by a wind psychic before, but then the wind psychic ran too fast, and there are a group of people here… They, of course, were attracted by the people here and didn’t chase after the wind psychic.

At this point, Zhou Wenxiu could definitely run away if he left alone.

    “Stop talking,” Zhou Wenxiu said.

He knew that he would be able to escape if he wanted to, but he took these fire psychics out of the base. It was he who asked Lu Huarong and Chen Shuxin to help… In this case, can he escape?

What’s more important is that if he carries the words and scenes, he can’t escape at all.

    If he doesn’t bring Yan Jing Ze… this is impossible.

  He loves Yan Jing Ze more than he thought he did, and he would rather die himself than want anything to happen to Yan Jing Ze.

Zhou Wenxiu’s face was grave and another sea of fire was used.

His abilities are really much stronger these past few days, but it is still useless to deal with so many zombies.

The low-level zombies have no wisdom at all, but when the zombies become stronger, they will experience more things and become a little smarter.

Those dozens of powerful zombies rushed to the front at first, but after being attacked by Zhou Wenxiu several times, they actually retreated to the back, letting those weaker zombies to besiege Zhou Wenxiu and others first.

Zhou Wenxiu can deal with several of those hundreds of zombies that are ‘weaker than powerful zombies but stronger than ordinary zombies’ at a time. Those fire psychics can also work with several people to kill one instantly.

But there are too many zombies and the amount of psychic power in everyone is limited.

Some people had a splitting headache, but they were still holding on.

    Someone was almost grabbed and bitten by a zombie and was pulled back by the people around him.

    Some people have long been in tears, but the action did not stop…

Chen Shuxin gritted her teeth to fill a hole in the wall, a mouthful of blood reached her throat, and she swallowed it back.

The ice blade sent out by Lu Huarong could no longer even kill ordinary zombies because of the lack of psychic power.

    A young fire psychic in his twenties fell to the ground, crumbling and crying.


    Probably because today’s situation is too critical and has stimulated the potential, Zhou Wenxiu clearly felt that the recovery speed of his powers is much faster than usual, but even so, it still cannot catch up with the speed of his usage.

Before and after the ordinary zombies have died, Zhou Wenxiu’s powers have almost been exhausted. At this time, dozens of powerful zombies gathered around.

These zombies have no expressions, but being watched by their godless eyes makes Zhou Wenxiu feel like he is in hell.

Taking out the meteorite on his body and throwing it to Chen Shuxin, Zhou Wenxiu suddenly rushed forward and jumped out of the wall that Chen Shuxin was struggling to maintain.

“President!” Chen Shuxin screamed, vomiting a mouthful of blood.

     “President!” A few fire psychics cried.

     At this time, Yan Jing Ze was already soaked.

He has been using spiritual power to help Zhou Wenxiu, and Zhou Wenxiu’s ability to persist until now has a lot to do with him.

     But this is not enough.

     What Zhou Wenxiu is doing now… Does Zhou Wenxiu want to go out and fight the zombies outside?

Yan Jing Ze slammed a fist on the wall that surrounded him, and all his spiritual power surged towards the zombies.

Zhou Wenxiu can’t have an accident.

     He came to this world just for Zhou Wenxiu.

     What is the point of being alive without Zhou Wenxiu?

  The already very powerful spiritual power of Yan Jing Ze suddenly skyrocketed, even giving him a feeling that he was omnipotent.

He had closed his eyes a long time ago, and there was only a variety of energy in front of him… Yan Jing Ze suddenly thought of the method he had done to purify the food ingredients.

If he can extract the black energy from the zombie…

His original mild spiritual power has become violent, and it is much stronger than before. His spiritual power swept through among the zombies, and the dark energy of those zombies was instantly drawn out by him…

Around the shelter where Yan Jing Ze was staying, there were many fire psychics sitting.

     Many of them were crying before, and at this time, they couldn’t help but cry even more: “President…”

Lu Huarong and Chen Shuxin hugged each other and cried silently.

    At this time, Zhou Wenxiu, who was standing outside, had decided to make a desperate attempt.

When a psychic blew himself up at the juncture of life and death, he could produce powerful force. If he blew himself up… should he be able to kill these zombies?

   This will at least give Yan Jing Ze and others a ray of hope.

At this moment, Zhou Wenxiu didn’t think about anything, he just thought about Yan Jing Ze.

  If he dies, Chen Shuxin should take care of Yan Jing Ze? Or maybe, Yan Jing Ze can find another golden master?

Thinking of this, Zhou Wenxiu didn’t want to die… But these zombies must be killed.

Zhou Wenxiu issued a huge sea of fire that was not very powerful but could cover him and all the zombies.

He didn’t want to be seen by others when he blew himself up. He also felt that it would be nice to be burned directly after he blew up.

In the midst of the fire, Zhou Wenxiu took a deep breath and rushed to the zombies to explode.

   But it was as if something surrounded him, reinjecting strength into his body at the same time…

In such a sea of fire, all the zombies around him… were burned to death?

And they were burned cleanly!

    Zhou Wenxiu, who was already ready to blow himself up, stood in the sea of fire, dumbfounded.

Fire psychics are not afraid of fire and can control it, but if they are not controlling it themselves, the fire will still burn them…

Zhou Wenxiu subconsciously ran outside the sea of fire, as a result, the sea of fire did not even need to be controlled by him and split a path in front of him…

After Zhou Wenxiu created a huge sea of fire, those who remained in place, could no longer cry out.

They all guessed what Zhou Wenxiu wanted to do.

     The sea of fire is so big, is Zhou Wenxiu already…

Thinking of this, they suddenly saw Zhou Wenxiu splitting a path in the middle of the sea of fire, and then Zhou Wenxiu, whose face was blackened and clothes burned, ran out of it.

Those who were crying suddenly stopped crying at this moment, and they were all dumbfounded: “President?”

“I’m fine, those zombies…” Zhou Wenxiu didn’t know how to say that those powerful zombies were burned to death by a sea of flames…

“They ran away?” Chen Shuxin thought of this possibility.

     Zhou Wenxiu frowned slightly, not knowing what to say, but the others cheered.

“President! You are amazing! You beat them away!”

     “They ran away! We are saved!”

     “Woo… President…”

These people cried and laughed, but one thing was certain—Zhou Wenxiu was different in their hearts after experiencing this life and death situation.

They had seen Zhou Wenxiu’s strength with their own eyes, and…if Zhou Wenxiu hadn’t gone out desperately, those zombies would not run.

It was Zhou Wenxiu who saved them!

     Zhou Wenxiu’s abilities have been completely exhausted, he could barely stand, and there is still a sense of unreality.

  Anyone who has decided to fight to the death and then the enemy suddenly changed from a tiger to a paper tiger, will feel a bit incredible.

He has really good luck recently. Could this be… the power of love?

Thinking of this, Zhou Wenxiu felt that his body was warm and his abilities were quickly recovering.

Other people’s abilities have basically been exhausted. Chen Shuxin was held by her boyfriend, her face was already pale… Zhou Wenxiu directly used his psychic power and broke the ‘shelter’ that protected Yan Jing Ze.

Those who saw this scene: “!!!” At this time, their president still managed to use his psychic power!

This is too strong, right?

    As they were thinking this, they saw Yan Jing Ze come out of the ‘shelter’ Chen Shuxin had built.

Yan Jing Ze hugged Zhou Wenxiu: “Wenxiu, are you okay?”

Although he had been observing Zhou Wenxiu with spiritual power, he was still uneasy.

“I’m fine.” Zhou Wenxiu said: “How about you?”

Yan Jing Ze’s spiritual power is really strong. At this moment, his spiritual power can actually still be used, but his body can’t stand it anymore, so his head hurts very much…

  Yan Jing Ze buried his head in Zhou Wenxiu’s neck and raised one of his hands: “Of course I’m fine, it’s just that my hand hurts a little…”

Zhou Wenxiu discovered that Yan Jing Ze’s hand had been injured. He didn’t have this injury before, which means that the injury was caused by smashing the wall by himself when he was in the ‘shelter’.

  Then Yan Jing Ze said, “I’m worried about you… Am I too useless?”

“No way! You’re great!” Zhou Wenxiu hurriedly comforted Yan Jing Ze, looking at Yan Jing Ze’s hand with heartache.

The two hugged each other and talked.

The people around looked at them and then at the messy scene outside. They always felt that the two people in front of them were a bit out of tune with the surrounding scene.

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