BH (QT) 82 – Little White Face (10)

Chapter Eighty-Two – Little White Face (10)

In the University City base, Yan Jing Ze’s reputation is still very high. Who doesn’t know that Zhou Wenxiu, who manages the base, likes men and has a little white face?

Currently, the ordinary people in the base may only know the name of Yan Jing Ze but they can’t recognize him when they meet him. But the psychics or the leaders of the base can all recognize Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze’s photos were often circulated among them.

All these fire-type psychics who want to follow Zhou Wenxiu to kill zombies know Yan Jing Ze. After recognizing… they looked at Yan Jing Ze with complicated eyes.

They remembered that this man was an ordinary person? Why would he follow them to kill the zombies?

While they were wondering, Yan Jing Ze, who had greeted them, had already run to Zhou Wenxiu: “Wenxiu, would you like some water?”

Zhou Wenxiu was not thirsty, but Yan Jing Ze was holding a glass of water and looked at him …… he took a sip from the glass.

Yan Jing Ze waited for him to drink, took the glass of water and had a sip. While smiling, he said: “Look at us like this, is it an indirect kiss?”

Zhou Wenxiu: I was teased again!

  As they were talking, a man and a woman came from a short distance away: “Sorry, President, we’re late.”

    “I’m the one who came early.” Zhou Wenxiu laughed.

Yan Jing Ze followed Zhou Wenxiu’s gaze and found that the two who came were wearing the same sportswear and looked very ordinary. Among them, the female psychic, by the light on her body, was an earth-type, while the male psychic was a water-type.

They have a bright glow on them, their psychic abilities should not be weak.

Zhou Wenxiu greeted the two people and introduced them to Yan Jing Ze.

Today, these two are the people who led a team to kill zombies outside the city with Zhou Wenxiu. They are a couple, the woman is called Chen Shuxin and the man is called Lu Huarong.

Like Yan Jing Ze, they were rescued by Zhou Wenxiu when he went out to find supplies some time after he established the base.

These two people came to the base earlier and had very strong abilities. Zhou Wenxiu knew them very well and he planned to let Chen Shuxin be his assistant after Meng Jiaying left, so he called them this time.

“Hello,” Yan Jing Ze greeted these two people with a smile.

     Lu Huarong and Chen Shuxin also greeted Yan Jing Ze with a smile.

Their attitude was quite calm, at least Yan Jing Ze did not feel malice from them.

    Zhou Wenxiu still had trustworthy friends.

Today, there are more than 123,400 people registered in the University City base, of which 3,761 are psychics.

     Among the more than 3,000 people with psychic abilites, there are 532 people with fire abilities.

     It was impossible for Zhou Wenxiu to bring all these fire-type psychics at once, and finally decided to take them out in batches.

Today, there were fifty fire-type psychics who followed. They were already waiting by the side. When Lu Huarong and Chen Shuxin arrived, everyone set off together.

     People in the base go out to kill zombies usually by truck. The psychics stay in the truck compartment to facilitate attacks on the surroundings.

The fifty of them sat in four small trucks, in addition to an SUV, which was for Zhou Wenxiu and others.

     Zhou Wenxiu and Chen Shuxin usually don’t take action. They only help when the fifty fire-type psychics are in danger.

Two of the four trucks were in the front, two were in the back, and the SUV in the middle, and the team went in the direction of City H.

There are no visible zombies near the base but away from the base, you can see zombies.

     At first, they could only see one zombie occasionally, but then more and more…

“The roads here have been cleared?” Yan Jing Ze asked Zhou Wenxiu next to him. At a glance, there were many damaged vehicles on the side of the road, but the road was clean.

     “Our base will come out to clear the road, and also clean up the zombies in the surrounding neighborhoods.” Zhou Wenxiu pointed to the nearby residential area and said: “Zombies are the enemy of humans. Killing one more is better. Although there are more zombies than humans now, but as long as we persist, we can kill all the zombies sooner or later and let the end of the world end.”

When Zhou Wenxiu said this, his eyes were full of hope.

     Yan Jing Ze somewhat wanted to kiss him.

     Zhou Wenxiu is his boyfriend. He could kiss him if he wanted to kiss… Yan Jing Ze hugged Zhou Wenxiu and kissed him: “You are awesome, Wenxiu.”

     Zhou Wenxiu: “…there are people.”

Lu Huarong, who was driving, didn’t squint, but Chen Shuxin laughed: “It’s okay, it’s okay, you guys just pretend we don’t exist!”

     That’s what she said, but Chen Shuxin quickly said again: “President, so you like this type…”

     Zhou Wenxiu: “…” Before meeting Yan Jing Ze, he didn’t know that he liked this type.

Although the University City base has always sent people out to clean up the zombies, but because the vast majority of the base are ordinary people, and the psychics are also responsible for other tasks, they have not cleaned up many zombies.

     And what they came to today was an area that hadn’t had time to clean up.

     This is an urban village with many dilapidated houses and countless zombies wandering in them. Many zombies are even locked in the house.

The car stopped on the side of the road and a few zombies came over immediately. The fire-type psychics on the truck quickly killed those zombies before getting off the car.

     Zhou Wenxiu got out of the car as well and when he got out of the car, he saw that the ground was dirty… He first burned the dirt on the ground nearby with his ability and then made Yan Jing Ze get out of the car and said to those with fire abilities: “Today we are responsible for cleaning up this community. You are divided into two pairs…”

     Zhou Wenxiu divided these fire-type psychics into two teams. While one team was killing zombies, the other team will follow him to recover their energies and listen to him explain the techniques of using psychic abilities.

     “Yes, President!” These psychics responded in unison and quickly moved into action.

Chen Shuxin and Lu Huarong followed the team of zombie-killing psychics and left, while Zhou Wenxiu took another team and found a relatively clean green area nearby to stay.

    He first took out the meteorite and put it in the middle of the crowd.

    When the meteorite was first taken out, the fire-type psychics were excited, and they reached out and touched it.

After touching it, they got even more excited: “It’s hot!”

    “I can feel the powerful energy inside!”

    “The stone is comfortable to touch!”

    “So, the meteorite is like this!”


    These people probably think that with this meteorite, they can become as strong as Zhou Wenxiu… Yan Jing Ze wanted to tell them ‘you think too much’.

    The meteorite does contain powerful fire energy, these people can also feel it, but their spiritual power is too poor. They simply cannot actively absorb the energy inside.

Therefore, the benefits they get by staying around the meteorite are actually not great, at least it is difficult for them to feel it themselves.

     Here, he has a way to absorb the energy in the meteorite, but his talent is too bad. Even if he absorbs a lot of fire energy, he is still just a lighter.

Thinking about it made Yan Jing Ze depressed, he leaned on Zhou Wenxiu.

He is so sour he can’t even sit still…

     Zhou Wenxiu held Yan Jing Ze and patted him soothingly.

     People around: “…” They should be here to kill zombies, not to eat dog food?

     Regardless of what others think, after being patted by Zhou Wenxiu a few times, Yan Jing Ze regained his energy.

He lay on Zhou Wenxiu’s lap and used his spiritual power to grab the fire element emanating from the meteorite and stuff it into his own body and Zhou Wenxiu’s.

    Unfortunately, his psychic power did not become a little bit stronger…

    The feeling of Zhou Wenxiu is different – probably because of the presence of Yan Jing Ze, he is in particularly good spirits today. His psychic power is surging through his body, making him eager to rush out and enjoy a good fight.

  But his main job today is still to teach others: “After the researcher’s study, this meteorite has the same energy as fire psychic power, and can speed up the recovery of psychic power. Normally, it takes you an hour to recover your psychic power, beside it, it may be enough in forty minutes.”

“President, can it make us as strong as you?” someone asked.

“If it were so magical, our base would already have a group of powerful fire-type psychics.” Zhou Wenxiu said: “At that time, there were a few fire-type psychics who stayed next to the meteorite in cooperation with the research. During the period, their strength was small. The increase in magnitude is not obvious. Even if I don’t come into contact with the meteorite, my strength growth is not slower than theirs… We have been studying for a long time and we have never figured out how to use the energy in the meteorite.”

Hearing Zhou Wenxiu’s words, the fire alters who had already tried to absorb the energy in the meteorite, but could not absorb it at all, sighed in disappointment. There were also very few who obviously did not believe Zhou Wenxiu’s words and showed sarcasm on their faces.

Yan Jing Ze was fully armed and wearing a mask. He seemed to be asleep on Zhou Wenxiu’s lap, but in fact… he had been observing those people mentally.

     Of course, others are also watching him.

A person without psychic abilities, not only followed them out, but also acts squeamish…

    Before his feet hit the ground, Zhou Wenxiu helped him to clean the ground with fire.

Now that he came down, he also brought a folding chair. They just sat casually in the flower beds of the community, and he sat on the chair.

Forget about sitting on a chair, he is still lying on Zhou Wenxiu’s lap…

     What is he here for?

These fire-type psychics were very entangled, but they didn’t dwell on it for too long, they changed shifts.

The people in the other team were eager to get in touch with the meteorite, so they were very active when killing the zombies, and they almost burned a building… When their psychic powers ran out, they couldn’t wait to come to Zhou Wenxiu. They all looked at the meteorite placed in the middle and their eyes were still shining.

The fire-type psychics who had just experienced the ‘power’ of the meteorite looked at them sympathetically and went to kill the zombies.

    And these people… they soon discovered that the meteorite is not as good as they thought…

  The morning passed quickly.

    These fire-type psychics had all gone to kill the zombies twice and were a little tired, so Zhou Wenxiu offered to take a break at noon.

    “Wenxiu, I’ll cook for you!” Hearing that he was going to take a break, Yan Jing Ze finally got up from Zhou Wenxiu.

He followed, because he was afraid that Zhou Wenxiu would be injured outside, but Zhou Wenxiu didn’t encounter any danger, so now he can only help Zhou Wenxiu cook.

     “No, just eat something,” Zhou Wenxiu said. According to his experience in the past few days, as long as he is with Yan Jing Ze, no matter what he eats, it is all the delicacies of the mountains and the sea.

“It doesn’t take much effort, I’ll just make a soup,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Yesterday he specially cooked a little more rice. In the morning, he fried it with sausage and egg and took it with him. Now he plans to make a vegetable soup.

It’s hard to come out and kill zombies, he should let Zhou Wenxiu eat some fresh vegetables… Yan Jing Ze, on the other hand, ignored the fact that Zhou Wenxiu did not really do anything today.

    “Then make a soup.” Zhou Wenxiu got up and moved around.

When Yan Jing Ze was lying on his lap for a long time, he thought his legs would be numb, but… his legs were actually very comfortable?

     The pot was quickly brought in. Yan Jing Ze asked for some water from Lu Huarong, a water-type psychic, and asked Zhou Wenxiu to boil it with his psychic ability.

The water produced by Lu Huarong, a water-type psychic, is very clean and contains no impurities. Yan Jing Ze removed the impurities from the washed vegetables, threw them into the pot, put in a little salt and a little MSG, and cooked it for a while. “Okay, you can eat.”

     Hearing that Yan Jing Ze was going to cook, whether it is those fire-type psychics or Lu Huarong and Chen Shuxin, they are all looking forward to it.

Yan Jing Ze looked very confident. His dishes should be delicious?

     Can he cook a bunch of delicacies?

     Even if he may not do much, even if they may not have a turn to eat, but they can still get a good smell, ah!

As a result… Yan Jing Ze’s cooking, can it be more perfunctory?

     Just pick up some vegetables and throw them into the water to boil. This is called a vegetable soup?

     These people were speechless.

Chen Shuxin, who originally wanted a bowl of soup to eat, silently ate the buns he brought.

Zhou Wenxiu couldn’t enjoy it alone and asked Chen Shuxin and Lu Huarong, “Do you want some?”

“No need.” Chen Shuxin refused, “We bought buns in the cafeteria this morning… President if you are willing, why don’t you help us heat them up?”

    Zhou Wenxiu smiled and helped them heat up the buns in the lunch box.

    After heating them up, Zhou Wenxiu looked at the others again.

    Their base is planted with a lot of vegetables, there is no shortage of vegetables to eat, so they all refused at this time: “President, you can just eat by yourself.”

    “President, we don’t need it.”

    “President, I brought food.”


 In fact, Zhou Wenxiu didn’t want to divide the food made by Yan Jing Ze… He took the soup and drank it slowly, drinking it and eating egg fried rice.

It’s really too good! His body feels warm when he eats!

Could it be that he is a love brain, with Yan Jing Ze by his side, he thinks everything is beautiful?

Yan Jing Ze saw Zhou Wenxiu having a good meal and he was also happy. He stuffed the fire element from the meteorite into the food… This thought was not in vain!

     People around: “…” Does Zhou Wenxiu need to be so exaggerated? Such a pot of ordinary vegetable soup, he can look so intoxicated while eating it…

Zhou Wenxiu ate a lot, but Yan Jing Ze didn’t eat much.

     Zhou Wenxiu asked, “Jing Ze, why don’t you eat it anymore.”

     Yan Jing Ze was a little helpless: “The smell here is not good, I have no appetite.”

Zhou Wenxiu suddenly felt a little distressed: “Don’t come out anymore, it’s dirty and smelly outside…”

     “But I want to be with you.” Yan Jing Ze said: “As long as I can be with you, I am not afraid of anything.”

     Zhou Wenxiu felt hot when he heard it: “Hurry up and put on your mask…Next time I will ask them to make you a few masks that only block your nose, so that it won’t affect your meal.”

People around: “……” This is definitely a male vixen, look at what they have charmed their president into…

Although the fire-type psychics who came were not used to seeing this scene, most of them just slandered him a little bit.

They respect Zhou Wenxiu very much, even if they have opinions on Yan Jing Ze, they would not say anything for Zhou Wenxiu’s sake… But one person jumped out and questioned Zhou Wenxiu: “President, we came out to kill the zombies. Why are you bringing this person?”

     Zhou Wenxiu frowned and looked over. Before he had time to speak, Yan Jing Ze spoke first: “What does Zhou Wenxiu have to do with you? He didn’t let you protect me.”


    This person wanted to say something, but as soon as he opened his mouth, Yan Jing Ze rushed to say: “He brought you out to help you and you’re still nitpicking and questioning him. Why is your face so big? “

     “Where did nitpick?” The man was angry.

“When you repeatedly asked about the meteorite before, didn’t you think that Wenxiu was hiding it and suspected that he wasn’t telling you the truth?” Yan Jing Ze said, “This meteorite is Zhou Wenxiu’s and he can actually not take it out at all. He is now taking it out in the hope that he can help you, in the hope that he can study the usage. But you are good, dog bites Lü Dongbin.”

This person has always been dissatisfied with Zhou Wenxiu, and suspects that the meteorite is fake… Yan Jing Ze has long seen him not pleasing to the eyes.

     When Yan Jing Ze finished speaking, some were thoughtful, some looked at Zhou Wenxiu gratefully, but some were even more dissatisfied, and glared at Yan Jing Ze—Why should they be spoken to by such a person?

Yan Jing Ze didn’t care and looked at Zhou Wenxiu: “Wenxiu, am I right?”

     Yan Jing Ze is helping himself to speak… Zhou Wenxiu said: “Yes.”

     “Then wait when we go back, you have to reward me,” Yan Jing Ze said again.

     Zhou Wenxiu nodded.

“Wenxiu you are so nice, I love you more and more,” Yan Jing Ze said.

    Zhou Wenxiu didn’t know what reward Yan Jingzhe wanted later, but he thought… he could give Yan Jing Ze a little more reward.

    Chen Shuxin: “……” Zhou Wenxiu was coaxed into a dizzy spell!

But if there was a man as handsome as Yan Jing Ze to speak for her and tell her that he loved her, she would definitely be happy too…

    After eating, the act of killing zombies continued.

In fact, there are not many skills in the use of psychic powers. Zhou Wenxiu has talked about it in the morning but said nothing in the afternoon. He only answers when someone asks him a question.

Most of those with fire powers admired Zhou Wenxiu, so many people went up to ask questions.

     When Zhou Wenxiu was talking to someone, someone came to Yan Jing Ze.

This one who talked to Yan Jing Ze was a young man who had been looking at Zhou Wen Xiu with admiration and circling around him before, and he walked up to Yan Jing Ze and just said, “Hey… Yan Jing Ze, you just helped the president speak, thank you.”

Yan Jing Ze rolled his eyes: “Wen Xiu himself will say thank you, no need for you.”

This person suddenly became a little angry: “You… Yan Jing Ze, I really don’t understand why the president likes you… You are a big man and don’t do any work…”

Yan Jing Ze said: “I look so good, why wouldn’t Wenxiu like me?”

     “The president is not such a superficial person!” The person said.

     Yan Jing Ze asked, “Then what kind of people do you think he should like?”

     “He should like a strong person…”

“You have heard of Sanda, boxing, and wrestling before the end of the world, right?”

     “Have heard, why?”

     “Those boxers are very good at punching and they can fight several times against ordinary people… Do they have to date a boxer who is as good as them?”

“Of course not,” the man said subconsciously.

     “Then why should Zhou Wenxiu look for a strong one?” Yan Jing Ze asked rhetorically.

     That person: “…”

     Yan Jing Ze said again: “Let me tell you, your president likes a person who is slightly weaker and a bit more subservient. It is best if the person relies on him wholeheartedly and gives him tea and water and waits on him…”

The fire psychic was dumbfounded.

    Zhou Wenxiu, who was afraid that Yan Jing Ze would be bullied, paid special attention to the situation over here: I am not! I do not!

Yan Jing Ze said again: “Of course he has to look good. Which man doesn’t like a good-looking one?”

That fire-type psychic has already agreed with what Yan Jing Ze said, and following what Yan Jing Ze said… this Yan Jing Ze is actually pretty good?

     Yan Jing Ze fooled a fire-type psychic. He still wanted to say something but he suddenly stopped.

     There are zombies coming here, and it is still a big wave of zombies!

     Those zombies came wrapped in a thick black mist, obviously very powerful, and there are still many…

     Yan Jing Ze took a deep breath, his heartbeat almost stopped.

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Dog bites Lu Dongbin – The idiom Gou yao lu dong bin (Dog bites Lu Dongbin) is suggestive of someone who does not recognize a good person and misunderstands his intentions.

Lu Dongbin, out of compassion, freed a dog without authorization and was bitten by it in return.

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