BH (QT) 81 – Little White Face (9)

Chapter Eighty-One – Little White Face (9)

  As soon as Zhou Wenxiu entered his office, he felt someone rushing towards him.

This should have caused him to be alert, but for some reason, he could not be alert at all, so he was hugged, followed by a few kisses on his neck.

The tingling feeling spread throughout his body… Zhou Wenxiu stood still for a while and couldn’t even think about what Yan Jing Ze had said.

After a while, he reacted and patted Yan Jing Ze’s back distressingly: “It’s just a dream, don’t be afraid, it’s okay…”

While talking, Zhou Wenxiu’s expression suddenly froze.

Yan Jing Ze had a nightmare and acted like a baby, it was strange enough, he actually comforted…

Wait, there are others behind him!

Zhou Wenxiu stopped moving, collected his expression: “…there are still people.”

Yan Jing Ze actually knew long ago that there were people behind Zhou Wenxiu and he just deliberately let people see it.

Yan Jing Ze, who took advantage of Zhou Wenxiu and received Zhou Wenxiu’s comfort, raised his head and looked at the person behind Zhou Wenxiu, showing a gentle and harmless smile: “Hello, I’m sorry, let you see a joke.”

The person who came in after Zhou Wenxiu was Jia Wenhan, the head of the Field Department, and two other psychics, whom Yan Jing Ze had met before.

Hearing what Yan Jing Ze said, Jia Wenhan smiled perfunctorily: “It’s okay.”

Yan Jing Ze can feel that this Jia Wenhan doesn’t like him, but he is really not likable now… Yan Jing Ze has a well-behaved look: “Wenxiu, I’ll make tea for you.”

Yan Jing Ze took tea leaves and water to make tea. At this time, Zhou Wenxiu had already sat at his desk and asked Jia Wenhan, “What do you want to see me for?”

“I heard about the meteorite on the radio. President, the meteorite is good for psychics, it can enhance their strength and reduce unnecessary casualties… I think it’s best to give the meteorite to our Field Department, so we can take it with us when we go out in the field,” Jia Wenhan said.

After Zhou Wenxiu disclosed the existence of the meteorite, he knew that he would face such a scene, but he did not agree: “The meteorite in my hand is only useful for fire-type psychics. In your Field Department, fire-type psychics are only a minority. “

Jia Wenhan said: “Maybe there are benefits for other psychics as well? Wouldn’t it be good to let everyone study it? Besides, the fire-type psychics were already the main attackers in the team, so their increased strength would be good for the whole team.”

Yan Jing Ze put the water in front of Jia Wenhan, Jia Wenhan didn’t drink it, but kept persuading Zhou Wenxiu.

Yan Jing Ze said: “The meteorite is Wenxiu’s, why should he give it to you?” This person has a big face!

Jia Wenhan frowned and glanced at Yan Jing Ze dissatisfiedly.

Zhou Wenxiu said: “The researchers in the base have already studied it. The meteorite in my hand is really only useful for fire-type psychics. As for what you said, I also considered… I will bring the base’s fire-type psychics in the future, go out to work more.”

Jia Wenhan’s face changed slightly: “Field missions, aren’t they all done by me?”

“Now that the base is stable, I don’t need to stay in the base all the time.” Zhou Wenxiu gave a final word.

 The University City base, it was Zhou Wenxiu who led the people to build it up bit by bit.

When the end of the world came, many people did not dare to fight with zombies even though they had abilities. At that time, he brought those people to fight with zombies.

But then there were more and more people in the base, and more and more things were going on in the base, so he didn’t go out much to kill zombies. But now that things are on track in the base, he thinks he should still go out.

Jia Wenhan still wanted to fight to get the meteorite, but Zhou Wenxiu disagreed, and he left in a rage.

“Wenxiu, he is dissatisfied with you.” Yan Jing Ze said. Probably because his spiritual power is very strong, he often has some subtle feelings. This feeling is very much like the sixth sense, just now, he clearly felt that he did not like Jia Wenhan.

“I know.” Zhou Wenxiu. There were some psychics in the base who were dissatisfied with the base’s current rules and regulations, and he was aware of it.

Jia Wenhan, for example, has always felt that the psychics should have more privileges, such as living in a place that should be separated from ordinary people. If ordinary people offend them, they should be able to strike and teach them lessons and so on. They also feel that their base is wasting food and supplies by giving subsidies to people who have no way to work.

But he doesn’t think so.

This is the end of the world, and mankind is facing life and death. At this time, everyone should help each other and overcome difficulties together.

“Wenxiu, just do what you want to do, I will always support you,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Many of Zhou Wenxiu’s ideas, although a bit naive, he respects them.

If you really want to open the way for the strong to bully the weak, what will this world look like in the future?

“Hmm.” Zhou Wenxiu nodded.

Yan Jing Ze said again: “Wenxiu, if you go out to do the task, I also want to go together!”

Yan Jing Ze talked about this before, but Zhou Wenxiu thought about it afterwards and felt that Yan Jing Ze said that, maybe just to coax himself, he didn’t take it seriously.

Unexpectedly, now, Yan Jing Ze said it again.

Zhou Wenxiu said: “It’s dangerous outside, there are zombies everywhere, and it’s dirty…”

“I want to go.” Yan Jing Ze insisted: “If you don’t let me go, I will go alone.”

Zhou Wenxiu: “……” Is he encountering the so-called object’s small temper?

“No matter what, I must follow.” Yan Jing Ze went out of his way and said coquettishly: “Let me go!”

   Zhou Wenxiu goose bumps are up. Yan Jing Ze, this look is simply difficult to describe! On the contrary, he still thinks it’s… quite cute: “You… why are you… so clingy?”

Yan Jing Ze said without thinking, “Because I love you.”

Zhou Wenxiu: “…” Forget it, it’s okay to bring one more person. He led the team out, originally just to clean up the nearby zombies, not to do dangerous tasks.

Many bases will not go out to kill zombies. At most, they will kill some zombies when looking for supplies.

But the University City base is different. The University City base will organize personnel to kill zombies. In the beginning, when there were still many survivors, they would also specialize in saving those survivors.

Getting a positive answer from Zhou Wenxiu, Yan Jing Ze was very happy, but felt depressed when he thought of his disgusting weak chicken ability: “Wenxiu, do you think… I am too weak?”

Zhou Wenxiu really felt that Yan Jing Ze was too weak, and he especially wanted to take Yan Jing Ze for more practice.

But he suddenly remembered that when the boys in the dormitory, before the end of the world, were chatting, they talked about having a desire to survive as a boyfriend.

Zhou Wenxiu said: “No, I like weaker people.”

Yan Jing Ze: “…” Okay…

Yan Jing Ze’s previous afternoon ‘nap’ had passed. At this moment, Zhou Wenxiu’s work had been completed, and the two returned home together.

Yan Jing Ze did his part and went into the kitchen to cook, making egg fried rice.

There is a lot of rice left at noon, making egg fried rice is the easiest and most convenient!

The rice that had been removed of gray mist by him earlier was now covered with a faint black mist… Yan Jing Ze re-purified and scrambled some eggs. He used today’s contribution points to exchange for greens to make a green vegetable soup.

The green vegetable soup was cooked a little longer and the color is not good-looking. The eggs in the egg fried rice are all burnt but the taste… is still so amazing.

Zhou Wenxiu ate too much again and volunteered after eating, “I’ll wash the dishes.”

“How can this work? I rely on you to raise me now. How can I let you wash the dishes? I’ll do it!” Yan Jing Ze said quickly, “You should take a shower first, or… wait for us to shower together?”

Zhou Wenxiu: “…I’ll shower first.”

Yan Jing Ze gave Zhou Wenxiu a depressed look and went to wash the dishes.

Zhou Wenxiu: “…” Yan Jing Ze looked a little sad. Should he agree to shower with Yan Jing Ze?

In fact, he also wanted to shower together…

Wait, what is he thinking! Zhou Wenxiu quickly entered the bathroom and turned on cold water.

The original owner was reluctant to cook and wash dishes, but Yan Jing Ze did not feel there was anything wrong with doing housework.

He was not willing to let Zhou Wenxiu do it, so he had to do it himself.

By the time he finished washing the dishes, Zhou Wenxiu had already taken a shower. Unfortunately, when he came out, he was dressed tightly…

Yan Jing Ze sighed in frustration and went straight into the bathroom without bringing clothes.

Zhou Wenxiu who noticed this: “!!!” He originally wanted to go back to the room, but after thinking about it, he didn’t leave and found a place to sit down in the living room.

This two-bedroom and one-living room house has only one bathroom, and you can see it right here… Cough!

Zhou Wenxiu felt that he might have been fed ecstasy by Yan Jing Ze…

Yan Jing Ze went into the bathroom and washed himself properly.

Thinking of Zhou Wenxiu taking a shower here just now, he felt a little bit aroused, but after taking off his clothes and washing, the feeling disappeared.

The original owner had very good skin and good bone structure, so when he wore the clothes, he looked in good shape.

But once the clothes are off…

The meat is soft! And has a small potbelly!

Wouldn’t it be a bit humiliating for him to go out like this for Zhou Wenxiu to see?

   Forget it, Zhou Wenxiu will not necessarily be watching outside… He is a very serious President.

Yan Jing Ze took a bath with a little loss. When standing in front of the mirror, he saw that the countertop was full of skin care products.

These skin care products, all of which were exchanged by the original owner, the original owner would use every day…

It’s not easy to be a little white face… Yan Jing Ze didn’t have the time to toss like the original owner, so he dug a bunch of cream and put it on his face. He put a bath towel around his waist and went out.

He met face to face with Zhou Wenxiu who was waiting outside.

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

That night, Yan Jing Ze did a lot of abdominal crunches before studying spiritual power, of course, push-ups and squats were also necessary.

Only when he collapsed due to exhaustion did he begin to study his spiritual power.

He was too tired… Yan Jing Ze studied and fell asleep accidentally, and when he fell asleep, he slept very soundly.

Zhou Wenxiu in the other room was not as comfortable as him!

Zhou Wenxiu got up in the middle of the night to wash his underwear.

He didn’t know what was going on, he had a spring dream.

Not only that, the spring dream he had was really weird! He even dreamed that Yan Jing Ze pressed him…

After washing his underwear, Zhou Wenxiu went out and ran to calm down. He also bought some breakfast to take home. Then he heard a violent alarm ringing in Yan Jing Ze’s room. After a while, Yan Jing Ze hit the alarm and came out yawning. As soon as he came out, he said: “Wenxiu, thank you for the breakfast, I love you so much!”

Yan Jing Ze said, helping Zhou Wenxiu clean up the impurities in the breakfast.

Zhou Wenxiu was confessed again, and his heart was as sweet as honey. When he had a bite of breakfast… Why was it still so delicious?

It seems that as long as he is with Yan Jing Ze, he will eat anything tasty and do everything with vigor?

Zhou Wenxiu is full of power, as for Yan Jing Ze… He did a few push-ups yesterday, he can’t even lift his arms today…

Zhou Wenxiu has always been a person who does what he says he will do. After deciding to lead a team to kill the zombies outside the city, he immediately organized a team.

On the fourth day of crossing over, Yan Jing Ze put on the protective clothing Zhou Wenxiu especially found, wore a mask, and set off with Zhou Wenxiu to go outside the city to kill zombies.

When setting out, Yan Jing Ze specially packed up some food and brought it. He wanted to carry it on his own but Zhou Wenxiu rushed to carry it.

Zhou Wenxiu couldn’t help it either… Yan Jing Ze was obviously weak in his hands and feet these days and he didn’t know what was going on… He didn’t dare to let Yan Jing Ze carry things.

Persistent exercise every night results in backaches and leg cramps: He is really too useless!

But although he was useless, he was able to discover through his own spiritual power that his physical fitness was a little bit better… Of course, this has nothing to do with the exercise that he just started, he would be like this because he became a psychic.

Even if he can only light a cigarette, he is still a psychic!

Yan Jing Ze followed Zhou Wenxiu arrogantly to the meeting point of the team going out of town.

There were already some people waiting there. At first, because Yan Jing Ze was fully covered, they didn’t recognize who he was. However, afterward, Yan Jing Ze pulled down his mask and greeted them.

The people who are ready to leave the city with Zhou Wenxiu: “……” Is this person going too?!

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