BH (QT) 80 – Little White Face (8)

Chapter Eighty – Little White Face (8)

When Zhou Wenxiu and Yan Jing Ze returned to the base, it was around seven o’clock in the evening. By this time, it was already more than ten o’clock in the evening.

The place where they live is where Zhou Wenxiu used to study, the No.1 University in H city.

Currently, the green areas in the school have been planted with vegetables and grain. The street lights are on but it seems a little dim due to insufficient electricity.

When Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu walked to the place where they lived, there was no one on the road.

He took Zhou Wenxiu’s hand and asked him, “Wenxiu, what do you want to eat tomorrow?”

Zhou Wenxiu: “I’m not a picky eater, anything is fine.” Yan Jing Ze’s cooking skills surprised him. He really felt that as long as Yan Jing Ze made it, he would love to eat anything.

“Then I’ll see what dishes are fresh tomorrow and make them for you,” Yan Jing Ze said.

  As the two men talked, they had returned to their residence.

The teacher’s dormitory where Zhou Wenxiu lives is a two-bedroom and one living room. The indoor area is about 70 square meters, which is not big, but it is enough for two people. Previously, the original owner and Zhou Wenxiu had always had one bedroom per person.

Yan Jing Ze is very satisfied with this, but at the same time a bit tangled—should he recommend himself tonight?

He is different from the original owner! He wants to sleep with Zhou Wenxiu!

Zhou Wenxiu is also a bit tangled.

The first time he saw Yan Jing Ze, he liked him, and later on, he even brought him directly back home to raise him. But at that time, he never wanted to do anything to Yan Jing Ze.

But now… he suddenly wanted to do something.

After raising a little wolf dog for so long, it’s time to have some fun?

But soon, Zhou Wenxiu vetoed this idea of his.

Yan Jing Ze was frightened today, just let him rest early.

Zhou Wenxiu looked to Yan Jing Ze: “You go to bed early.” After saying that, he went back to his room without looking back.

He was afraid that if he stayed any longer, he would want to change his mind…

Yan Jing Ze: “…” Climbing the bed has not yet succeeded and he needs to work hard in the future.

Zhou Wenxiu went to bed. When Yan Jing Ze went back to his room, his complexion changed.

He behaved very harmlessly in front of Zhou Wenxiu, always with a smile, but this time, his expression was icy cold and grave.

The University City base has many problems and is facing a huge crisis.

Not to mention, in the original historical trajectory, there will be a large group of zombies hitting the University City base in a month.

At that time, Zhou Wenxiu went to protect the base with his injuries and eventually died outside the city. Later, the original owner was not spared when the zombies broke into the city.

This is a matter of life and death! To avoid such a thing from happening, it is urgent to improve strength.

Previously, Yan Jing Ze was anxious to have psychic powers because of this, but unfortunately, he failed.

Fortunately, his mental power is very powerful, as long as he makes good use of it, he can also play a huge role.

The zombie tide in a month’s time needs attention and there are also some things that cannot be ignored.

  University City base, is really a good base. Zhou Wenxiu is also a good leader but sometimes… he is too good.

The university city base was built on the basis of many universities. The original members of the base were all university students. Even Zhou Wenxiu was originally just a student.

Such students who have never entered the society are always a little naive. When they build the base, they will also have ideas such as equality for all.

The university city base is very democratic and free, and Zhou Wenxiu is also very gentle, but in the end times, this is actually not appropriate.

Combining the memory of the original owner and some news received today, Sky Dragon Base actually always comes to the University City Base to take advantage. But because many people here sympathize with the ordinary people in Sky Dragon Base, they have always supported Sky Dragon Base.

As a result? Sky Dragon base in turn calculated Zhou Wenxiu.

Zhou Wenxiu did a lot of things for the base, and some people in the base didn’t take Zhou Wenxiu seriously!

It’s a pity that these things can’t be solved in a short while, the most urgent thing is to find out who is in collusion with the Sky Dragon base.

That person is unlikely to be Meng Jiaying. Although Meng Jiaying hates him, looking at Meng Jiaying’s appearance, this person really likes Zhou Wenxiu. There is a high probability that he will not harm Zhou Wenxiu.

Of course, what he did before is also disgusting.

  If he hadn’t cross through, Zhou Wenxiu would still be seriously injured!

  The spiritual power of Yan Jing Ze stretched out and came next door.

  Zhou Wenxiu was not yet asleep, Yan Jing Ze tried to use his spiritual power to calm him… Zhou Wenxiu really fell asleep quickly. Yan Jing Ze saw this and then grabbed those fire elements surrounding Zhou Wenxiu and stuffed them into Zhou Wenxiu’s body.

Those fire elements were all absorbed by Zhou Wenxiu.

The other person’s talent is really good, unlike him…

   The original owner used to read a lot of novels, and according to those novels he had read… Maybe this psychic ability can be cultivated rather than necessarily waiting for it to grow naturally?

Yan Jing Ze studied for a whole night and took time to observe the people living in this building.

One night passed, he was very tired and his face was a little pale… but it was not in vain.

He found a little bit of the law of psychic ability.

More importantly…

When Zhou Wenxiu woke up early in the morning, he felt refreshed and he also clearly felt that his strength had become stronger.

What the hell is going on here? He just slept, how did his strength become stronger?

Zhou Wenxiu couldn’t understand it. After thinking about it, it can only be attributed to… the nourishment of love?

There are so many benefits of raising a little wolf dog?

As he was thinking this, Zhou Wenxiu smelled the aroma of rice.

Yan Jing Ze tossed all night, there was no time to make breakfast in the morning. So, he went to the cafeteria to buy some food and then purified it with mental energy.

Now, a sumptuous breakfast has been laid out on the table while Yan Jing Ze yawns and sets the tableware.

“You don’t have to get up so early to make breakfast.” Zhou Wenxiu was a little distressed to see the sleepy-eyed Yan Jing Ze.

“It’s not too early.” Yan Jing Ze looked tenderly at Zhou Wenxiu: “I want you to have breakfast as soon as you wake up.”

Zhou Wenxiu: “……” His heart is beating fast again!

When Zhou Wenxiu started to eat…

  Today’s breakfast is obviously not made by Yan Jing Ze. He bought it from the base canteen but it was still amazingly delicious.

Is his filter for Yan Jing Ze a bit thick?

Zhou Wenxiu thought so and looked at Yan Jing Ze, he saw Yan Jing Ze yawned again.

Okay… He thought Yan Jing Ze was so handsome when he yawned. What else is impossible?

Zhou Wenxiu finished his breakfast and went to work, announcing the news of the meteorite by the way.

Now is the moment of life and death for human beings, and some things are made public, so that more people can become stronger and fight against zombies.

The more dangerous the moment, the more mankind should unite together!

   Speaking of which, although he did not disclose the existence of the meteorite but he took the initiative to give the meteorite to the researcher to do research and then went out to do missions and so on. He was always with those fire-type psychics and when he was free at night, he will call those fire-type psychics to teach them how to use the psychic powers …

At that time, he was carrying the meteorite, hoping that the people in his base could become stronger.

When news of the meteorite spread throughout the base through the radio, Yan Jing Ze was wandering around.

The ordinary people in the base don’t care much when they hear this news, only a very few will be curious: “This meteorite, can it make people gain psychic abilities?”

But someone soon replied to him, “Didn’t it say on the radio? It’s been researched and it can’t.”

Those who fantasize about gaining psychic powers are lost in silence.

As for the psychics in the base…

All the other types of psychics were a little envious: “No wonder the president is so strong, no wonder our base’s fire psychics are not weak, it’s because of the meteorite.”

“How come there are no meteorites suitable for other psychics?”

  “Do we have any chance of finding the meteorite?”

As for those with fire abilities, most of them are very grateful: “No wonder the president always asked us to learn from him… following him, my abilities have indeed increased.”

“This meteorite should be quite precious, why did the President say it?”

“Next time I must follow the president more and rub some of the meteorite!”

  But some people are jealous, and privately they can’t help but complain: “The president has been hiding it, it’s been more than a year before he said it…”

“The president is already so strong, shouldn’t the meteorite be given to someone else to use?”

“It was given by God and it was supposed to be shared by all.”

The spiritual power of Yan Jing Ze swept all over the place, and all kinds of sounds were ‘heard’ by him.

His spiritual power is really strong and has not been depleted, but unfortunately…

Yan Jing Ze was dizzy and suddenly realized that his body was not well again.

This broken body!

Taking a deep breath, Yan Jing Ze sat down at the edge of a farm field.

In the field, several teenagers are working. Before the end of the world, they should be in school at this age, but now they have to work… Compared with these children, the original owner is really a waste.

“Are you all right?” a child asked Yan Jingze worriedly.

“I’m fine,” Yan Jing Ze said.

This very thin little boy heard Yan Jing Ze say he was okay, so he went to work again, but from time to time, he would look at Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze closed his eyes and rested. He rested for a while and when he got better, his spiritual power unconsciously stretched out…

He suddenly found that the little boy who spoke to him had a red glow in his body that was just like Zhou Wenxiu’s.

Similar rays of light are not only found in this child, but also in other children. Some people have one kind of light, but there are also people who have several kinds of light like him. In addition, most people have very, very weak light.

But it’s a little better than him.

Having noticed this, Yan Jing Ze thought about it.

Many ordinary people in this world also have the potential to become psychics?

Yan Jing Ze didn’t stay outside for long, and at about ten o’clock, he went back to cook lunch!

After making lunch, he went to bring Zhou Wenxiu another meal.

Zhou Wenxiu was once again shocked by Yan Jing Ze’s cooking skills, and even couldn’t restrain eating too much…

At the same time, he was shocked by Yan Jing Ze’s weak condition.

While he was eating, Yan Jing Ze was leaning against the table and surprisingly fell asleep like that.

The body of the Yan Jing Ze, how weak it is!

Yan Jing Ze did not know that he had been labeled as physically weak by Zhou Wenxiu.

He was observing the people in the building.

Zhou Wenxiu himself is very strong and friendly to others, the vast majority of people have great respect for Zhou Wenxiu, but there are also people who are not happy with him.

Most of these people are psychics.

The various supplies in the University City base are basically all found by the psychics. Some psychics feel that they are very capable and it’s okay to do more, but there are some psychics that are unhappy with the fact that they have to feed so many ordinary people.

Not to mention that Zhou Wenxiu has set many rules to restrain them.

They are unhappy with this and want freedom and rights.

This is the end of the world… If there is no Zhou Wenxiu, can they, psychics, do whatever they want?

Most people are still very careful. Even though they have such thoughts, they will not speak out… These things are inferred by Yan Jing Ze through their words.

The zombie tide in the memory of the original owner may not be that simple.

While organizing his thoughts, Yan Jing Ze used his spiritual power to grab some of the surrounding elements and stuff them into his body.

It was stuffed… He suddenly discovered that it was probably because he stuffed too much fire elements in his body, his body actually stored some fire elements!

What is he, a psychic?

Yan Jing Ze opened his eyes in surprise.

Zhou Wenxiu was not there, he was the only one in the office, but he was wearing a jacket of Zhou Wenxiu.

  There are no cameras in the office…

Yan Jing Ze stretched out a hand and used the power to condense a fireball in his hand.

The fire element gathered in the palm of his hand and Yan Jing Ze’s heart was full of excitement but soon he looked at his hand and calmed down.

It was really a waste to extend such a big hand when he used his powers.

In fact, just one finger is enough.

At this moment, a peanut-sized flame leaped in his palm, making his hand particularly big.

Yan Jing Ze sighed.

When he exhaled, the flame in his palm was blown out, and all the abilities in his body were exhausted.

This is really a… sad thing.

He became a fire-type psychic but this power can only be used to light a cigarette.

When Yan Jing Ze was feeling depressed, Zhou Wenxiu came in from outside.

“Wenxiu…” Yan Jing Ze ran towards Zhou Wenxiu, hugged him, buried his head on Zhou Wenxiu’s neck, and took the opportunity to kiss him: “Wenxiu, I had a nightmare.”

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