BH (QT) 79 – Little White Face (7)

Chapter Seventy-Nine – Little White Face (7)

Yan Jing Ze picked a lot of things in the warehouse. Zhou Wenxiu packed them in a bag and silently helped him take them, leaving him a small bag with seasonings for him to hold.

Yan Jing Ze said a few more sweet words to thank Zhou Wenxiu.

Zhou Wenxiu suddenly felt that the things he was carrying were not heavy.

When the two came out of the warehouse with big and small bags of stuff, some people’s eyes turned red with envy.

Although the original owner was lazy and greedy in the past, he was scared by zombies and other things, so he didn’t go out much and just occasionally went out to the cafeteria to eat.

Zhou Wenxiu now lives in a teachers’ dormitory, where all the base administrators live. Everyone eats in the faculty cafeteria next to it…

In other words, the original owner did not actually go around in front of outsiders.

But Yan Jing Ze now… he was kidnapped and brought back by Zhou Wenxiu with fanfare, and he went to the warehouse to get a bunch of things…

Not sure how many people are jealous of him.

There was even a person wearing the uniform of a base guard who came to Zhou Wenxiu and said discontentedly, “President, when our base was first established, you said that people who don’t work don’t have food to eat, and now you’re not keeping your word?”

When the University City Base was first established, some spoiled students were unwilling to work at first. Zhou Wenxiu had forced them to work… Now he is so indulgent to Yan Jing Ze?

This man had been forced by Zhou Wenxiu before and now he was naturally indignant.

“No food is distributed to those who do not work, the rule has never changed.” Zhou Wenxiu said: “The food is mine. I am willing to give it to him and it is not against the rules.”

It’s not just Yan Jing Ze who doesn’t work at their base.

Many children, elderly, and patients cannot work at all. If these people have no family members, they live on the base’s subsistence allowance, and if they have family members, they live on the subsistence allowance and family’s work points.

In addition, there are also young people who are healthy but unwilling to work… Some of the women around Jia Wenhan do not work at all, and some rely on Jia Wenhan’s relationship to find particularly easy work.

Their behavior is wrong, but not against the rules.

“He is a big man who eats soft rice, isn’t that embarrassing?” The man who came over to pick a fight added.

Yan Jing Ze rolled his eyes. Although he also despises people who eat soft rice, but his family’s Wenxiu is willing to let him eat soft rice. It is not the turn of others to accuse him!

Just don’t know what Zhou Wenxiu was thinking… Yan Jing Ze looked at Zhou Wenxiu.

Zhou Wenxiu looked at the man coldly: “It has nothing to do with you!” His family’s Jing Ze is not well. What does it have to do with others if he can’t go out to work?

Zhou Wenxiu surprisingly protects Yan Jing Ze like this… The one who was looking for trouble glared viciously at Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze immediately leaned against Zhou Wenxiu: “Wenxiu, he’s glaring at me!”

Zhou Wenxiu’s brow furrowed.

The man didn’t dare to offend Zhou Wenxiu, he panicked when he saw this and left in a hurry.

Only then did Zhou Wenxiu take Yan Jing Ze home.

During the period, Yan Jing Ze smiled and looked at those around him watching the excitement looking especially beaten.

People who saw him like this: “……”

This Yan Jing Ze was skinny when he jumped out to confess to Zhou Wenxiu and has now been fattened up.

He is very handsome, with fair complexion, and looks particularly young. He looks no different than the idols and other popular traffic stars before the end of the world, not to mention, his height is also tall.

At least standing with Zhou Wenxiu, who is more than one meter eight, the two are about the same height.

The result, such a person has no motivation at all, which is the moral degradation, or the distortion of human nature?

Oooh …… they want that too!

He came to Zhou Wenxiu’s side: “Wenxiu, you are so kind to me.”

  “Hmm.” Zhou Wenxiu thought for a moment, stretched out an empty finger and hooked away the small bag containing just a little bit of seasonings that Yan Jing Ze was holding.

Yan Jing Ze was immediately empty-handed.

Yan Jing Ze: “……” This feeling is really quite cool, no wonder the original owner wanted to be a little white face!

“Wenxiu, if I’m so useless, will you dislike me?” Yan Jing then asked.

    “No.” Zhou Wenxiu knew from the beginning that Yan Jing Ze was useless and never disliked him.

“If I get older and unattractive, will you abandon me?” Yan Jing Ze asked with a bit more melancholy.

“I won’t.” Zhou Wenxiu was certain and comforted him again, “You won’t look bad even if you’re older.”

“Wenxiu, you speak so sweetly!”

Zhou Wenxiu coughed lightly.

Zhou Wenxiu dropped off Yan Jing Ze at home and left.

  He still has a lot of things to do, such as the transfer of Meng Jiaying’s position.

In any case, Meng Jiaying such an assistant, he did not dare to want.

After Zhou Wenxiu left, Yan Jing Ze packed up the things he brought back today and went out again, going to the faculty cafeteria next door to change things.

The warehouse is full of food that is easy to preserve, fresh meat and vegetables are not available. And he was ready to change some vegetables and meat to cook.

What the base uses to put contribution points on is the meal card that the original college students have been using.

After working for a day, the base will give a different amount of contribution points according to the degree of contribution, which will be stored in the meal card.

  Zhou Wenxiu’s card has so many contribution points that basically Yan Jing Ze can buy whatever ingredients he wants.

Yan Jing Ze asked for some soy bean sprouts, some meat, and tomatoes and eggs, intending to make sliced boiled pork and scrambled eggs with tomatoes.

Although the original owner was spoiled by his parents since he was a child, he did not know how to cook at all, but after watching many food videos, he still knows the steps of cooking… If he cooks, there should be no problem?

Yan Jing Ze thought so, and found the aunt who served food in the cafeteria: “Sister, I want to ask, how much rice and water do I need to cook rice? How do I make tomato scrambled eggs?”

Cafeteria Aunt: “!!!” Little fresh meat’s smile is so beautiful, her heart can’t take it!

The cafeteria aunt wrote a recipe for Yan Jing Ze, plus the steps on the seasoning package. Yan Jing Ze is ready to do it!

  Before moving, Yan Jing Ze subconsciously used his spiritual power to observe the ingredients in his hands.

   Probably because the surrounding air is gray and misty, the ingredients are also gray and misty…

Yan Jing Ze used mental power to get rid of all the unpleasant gray energy from the ingredients, and found that there were still some messy things like impurities in the ingredients…

Get rid of it!

He ended up with dry and clean ingredients and started cooking.

Tomato scrambled eggs with a little too much water like tomato egg soup? No problem! It is also convenient to eat with rice!

As for the boiled pork slices… With seasoning packets in hand, worse cannot become worst!

Yan Jing Ze finished cooking food and found that the biggest problem was… Zhou Wenxiu hadn’t returned yet.

Zhou Wenxiu must be very busy.

And shouldn’t he, as a qualified little white face, deliver the food?

By the way, he can also declare sovereignty and let people know that Zhou Wenxiu has an owner!

People like Meng Jiaying must be driven away quickly!

Zhou Wenxiu has lived in this house for more than a year and there is no shortage of all kinds of daily necessities in the family. Yan Jing Ze found two large lunch boxes to put the food on, and carried them to the place where Zhou Wenxiu worked.

Zhou Wenxiu has dismissed Meng Jiaying from his position, and Meng Jiaying is very dissatisfied with this. Some people who have been close to Meng Jiaying also help Meng Jiaying speak.

“It’s just an ordinary person being kidnapped, you shouldn’t go into danger alone, President!”

“Meng Jia Ying did not violate the base rules!”

“President, give him one more chance!”

“I’ve seen Yan Jing Ze spend time with people from Sky Dragon Base, so who knows if it’s really a kidnapping!”

Among these people who helped Meng Jiaying speak, there is Zhou Wenxiu’s roommate before the end of the world. Although the world has undergone earth-shaking changes after the end of the world, their friendship is still there. At this moment, Zhou Wenxiu’s mood is really not good. it is good.

When these people had almost finished talking, Zhou Wenxiu said, “The people of Sky Dragon Base kidnapped Yan Jing Ze, they deliberately led me there, they led me there for the meteorite.”

The matter of the meteorite, Zhou Wenxiu originally wanted to keep it secret, but now that the people of the Sky Dragon base are aware of it, secrecy is no longer necessary.

Zhou Wenxiu directly took out the egg-sized meteorite: “This is the meteorite I picked up on the night when the end of the world came. Researchers in the base have studied it and found that it is good for fire-type psychics… This is what the people from the Sky Dragon base wants.”

Those people were stunned.

“There are very few people who know that meteorite exist and Meng Jiaying is one of them.” Zhou Wenxiu didn’t hide it.

“I’m not the one who leaked it out!” Meng Jiaying said immediately.

  He did touch this meteorite and even studied it with Zhou Wenxiu, but could not learn anything except that it was good for the fire-type psychics to carry around. And that it could help the psychics replenish their power after they ran out it.

But even though Zhou Wenxiu is strong, he did not rely on the meteorite at all.

Zhou Wenxiu did not say anything, he just looked at Meng Jiaying.

  He did not know if this matter was revealed by Meng Jiaying, but he had always regarded Meng Jiaying as a friend. When he took Meng Jiaying out to find supplies and clean up the zombies in the past, he did not help Meng Jiaying less.

He was particularly disappointed when he asked for help on this rare occasion and Meng Jiaying deliberately delayed.

When he was fighting with the people of Sky Dragon Base before, if it wasn’t for the people of Sky Dragon Base who suddenly had some problems with his abilities, he would probably be injured, let alone Yan Jing Ze…

   And at that time, he would go after them because he thought… Meng Jia Ying and the others were coming soon.

The atmosphere in Zhou Wenxiu’s office was very gloomy.

Just then, there was a knock on the office door.

“Who?” Zhou Wenxiu asked.

“It’s me.” The voice of Yan Jing Ze rang out.

Zhou Wenxiu hurriedly got up and opened the door, “Why are you here?”

“I’ve come to bring you food,” Yan Jing Ze laughed.

Yan Jing Ze has never done this kind of thing before. This is the treatment that was upgraded after he saved Yan Jing Ze? Zhou Wenxiu’s mood instantly turned cloudy: “I’m going back soon; you don’t need to bring it over specifically.”

“It’s not a lot of trouble and I want to bring you food.” Yan Jing smiled, and when he turned his eyes, he saw a few people in the office glaring at him like the one before!

No, not just glaring at him, the way Meng Jiaying looked at him, he simply wanted to kill him!

At the same time, Yan Jing Ze looked scared and hid behind Zhou Wenxiu.

Zhou Wenxiu immediately looked at those people with an unfriendly face, “You guys go out! Meng Jiaying, someone will take over your duties tomorrow.”

“Zhou Wenxiu!” Meng Jia Ying called out, and as soon as he looked up, he saw the provocative gaze of Yan Jing Ze.

Meng Jiaying finally couldn’t restrain himself: “Zhou Wenxiu, where exactly am I inferior to this person? Why do you like him and not me!”

Zhou Wenxiu was stunned and suddenly looked at Meng Jiaying: “You like me?” This matter… he really does not know.

“Yes, I like you!” Meng Jiaying did not dare to confess before because Zhou Wenxiu would keep a distance from people who had confessed to him, and he was afraid that if he really did, he would not even be friends with him anymore.

But now… it doesn’t matter anymore.

“Wenxiu!” Yan Jing Ze looked at Zhou Wenxiu, looking a bit pitiful.

Zhou Wenxiu looked at Meng Jiaying without even a second thought, “Please leave.” Meng Jiaying, because he liked him, did not want to save Yan Jing Ze from death, which was even more difficult for him to accept.

In the end, Meng Jiaying could only leave, and before leaving, he looked resentfully at Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze contemptuously glanced at him – this kind of third party… Piss off!

Of course, when Meng Jiaying left, Yan Jing Ze was still soft when facing Zhou Wenxiu: “Wenxiu, that Meng Jiaying…he is so strong, you…”

Seeing that Yan Jingze looked apprehensive, Zhou Wenxiu said, “I don’t like him.”

“You only like me, don’t you?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

Zhou Wenxiu coughed lightly, “Hmm.”

“Wenxiu, I love you so much.” Yan Jing Ze leaned over and kissed Zhou Wenxiu.

  Zhou Wenxiu only felt his face tingling… No wonder Jia Wenhan likes to raise a group of women!

But he only needs one and that’s enough.

Zhou Wenxiu was a little uncomfortable: “What have you brought?”

    “I made sliced boiled pork and scrambled eggs with tomatoes.” Yan Jing Ze opened the lunch box and brought out two pots… of dishes that looked a bit miserable.

Anyone who is a novice will usually worry about the food being undercooked when cooking. Overcooking plus the skill problems… The tomato scrambled eggs are all cooked into a paste.

As for the sliced boiled pork …

According to what is written on the seasoning package, bean sprouts are used as a base, meat slices are placed on top, and poured with oil or something.

Yan Jing Ze did it according to the above requirements. Although he didn’t add any oil because of the lack of oil, it looked good, but he changed the dishes to pots in order to bring them, and the position of the bean sprouts and meat slices was also lost.

So, what appeared in front of Zhou Wenxiu was… a bowl of boiled bean sprouts?

However, these two dishes are poorly presented, but they really… smell too good!

Especially heavy dishes like sliced boiled pork… which also smells too good!

“The appearance is not very good, but it should taste okay…” Yan Jing Ze was a little embarrassed. He had tasted it; the taste was still ok…

“Smells good.” Zhou Wenxiu said. He had seen the seasoning packets that Yan Jing Ze was holding before, and there were ingredients in it. So, even if Yan Jing Ze cooked casually, the cooked food would not be unpalatable.

Zhou Wenxiu calmly picked up bean sprouts with chopsticks.

Putting the bean sprouts into his mouth and chewing, Zhou Wenxiu’s expression froze.

This bean sprouts are really delicious!

I don’t know if it’s because he hasn’t eaten anything good for a long time since the end of the world came, or if it’s a psychological effect, he feels that the bean sprouts made by Yan Jing Ze are the most delicious bean sprouts he’s ever eaten!

Zhou Wenxiu picked up a piece of tomato.

The tomato skin was not peeled, but it was amazingly delicious, so delicious that he even couldn’t bear to spit out the skin!

“How is it?” Yan Jing Ze asked worriedly, bringing over a bowl of rice.

“Delicious.” Zhou Wenxiu took the rice and ate a bite.

How come this rice is so good too?

After the end of the world came, it was probably due to pollution. The taste of many foods became worse, and people’s sense of taste became numb, making it difficult to taste.

But at this moment, Zhou Wenxiu felt that all his taste buds were opened.

He couldn’t even think about anything else and started to bury his head in the food.

Yan Jing Ze also served himself a bowl of rice and ate it together with Zhou Wenxiu.

The dishes he cooks are really good… It seems that he is still very talented!

To grab a person’s heart, you must first grab a person’s stomach… With his cooking skills, he must grab Zhou Wenxiu’s stomach!

He’s a genius!

When Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu were eating, someone came in outside: “President, do you want to eat together… what smells so good?”

“I’ve already eaten.” Zhou Wenxiu, poured himself a bowl of soup of boiled pork slices to drink slowly.

Although it was a bit spicy, he felt it couldn’t be wasted.

The dishes on the table have been eaten thoroughly, Zhou Wenxiu, a person who usually has a bad appetite, is still drinking soup in such an intoxicated manner…

How good is Yan Jing Ze’s cooking skills?

The person who came to find Zhou Wenxiu to eat in the cafeteria looked at Yan Jing Ze in surprise.

Good-looking and the cooking skills are also good, no wonder Zhou Wenxiu likes him!

The man had no ill will towards him, Yan Jing Ze greeted him with a smile and got up and poured him a cup of tea.

“Thanks,” the man said quickly.

“No need to thank me.” Yan Jing Ze said, pouring another cup for Zhou Wenxiu.

He poured ordinary tea for others. Zhou Wenxiu’s cup is different, it was removed of impurities!

Zhou Wenxiu found that the tea that Yan Jing Ze poured for him was also particularly good…

Is he charmed?

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