BH (QT) 78 – Little White Face (6)

Chapter Seventy-Eight – Little White Face (6)

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Previously, when Yan Jing Ze was unconscious, Zhou Wenxiu had helped him dry his soaked clothes.

The fitted suit was wet and then dried, it was already a little wrinkled, but this does not affect the appearance of Yan Jing Ze at all.

At this moment, the handsome young man looked at Zhou Wenxiu with deep affection: “Wenxiu, you must be tired after a busy day today, go to the car and take a rest.” You can let others do the rest.

Zhou Wenxiu nodded as he explained a few things and headed in the direction of where the SUV was.

After taking two steps and not seeing Yan Jing Ze follow, Zhou Wenxiu turned his head and saw that Yan Jing Ze was looking at the dirty things on the ground and carefully walked around… Throwing out a few small fireballs, Zhou Wenxiu burnt all those messy things on the ground clean.

The road surface was scorched but it also became clean.

“Wenxiu, you’re so nice! I’m so lucky to have met such a nice person like you.” Yan Jing Ze looked at Zhou Wenxiu.

Such a good man and yet the original owner did not like him, it was definitely an aesthetic problem!

Now it’s good! The man is his now!

“Hurry up.” Zhou Wenxiu said uncomfortably, walking ahead.

Yan Jing Ze hurriedly followed and held Zhou Wenxiu’s hand.

Two big men holding hands while walking seem a bit strange. But if Zhou Wenxiu doesn’t hold Yan Jing Ze’s hand, Yan Jing Ze might become sad… So, Zhou Wenxiu did not struggle.

  Those men who followed Zhou Wenxiu at the base: “……” Is that their president?

Is their president being worn?

There was a girl who liked their president, and when she went with him to clean up the zombies, she pouted to him and said that the smell of zombies was bad, and was taught a lesson by their president.

“It smells really bad here,” Yan Jing Ze did not hold back and said. The air had been filled with a rotten smell, and now when Zhou Wenxiu used fire, the smell was even more indescribable, and he kind of wanted to vomit.

Zhou Wenxiu said: “It’s all like this outside, just go back to the base.”

“I can’t stay in the base for the rest of my life,” Yan Jing Ze said.

  “Why not?” Zhou Wenxiu asked rhetorically.

“Because I want to be with you all the time, and you will leave the base.” Yan Jing Ze looked serious. This is the end of the world, and if you are careless, you will die. Although Zhou Wenxiu is very powerful, he is not invincible so he wants to follow.

Yan Jing Ze is so weak, wouldn’t it add chaos if he follows him outside the base? Zhou Wenxiu subconsciously wanted to refuse.

“I was always sad when I couldn’t see you before,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Zhou Wenxiu: “…We usually clean up the zombies nearby, you can follow.” He did ignore Yan Jing Ze before, he can take Yan Jing Ze to stroll around when he has the opportunity.

“Wenxiu, you’re too good, I love you,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Zhou Wenxiu: “Cough! Cough!”

Those who came to Zhou Wenxiu: “……” This Yan Jing Ze is really too good at coaxing people!

Yan Jing Ze was talking to Zhou Wenxiu and had already entered the SUV.

Yan Jing Ze said, “Wenxiu, let me massage your legs.”

“No need.” Zhou Wenxiu felt that there was no need to massage his legs.

“But I want to do something for you.”

Zhou Wenxiu: “…don’t get tired.” Just let him massage it!

After awakening the psychic ability, all aspects of the psychic’s body will become stronger, including hearing and vision. Therefore, the conversation between Zhou Wenxiu and Yan Jing Ze, those who came to Zhou Wenxiu, all heard it.

They were speechless for a while and they all looked at Meng Jiaying.

Meng Jiaying was interested in Zhou Wenxiu, many of them had noticed this, but Zhou Wenxiu knew nothing about it.

There were many women who had shown interest in Zhou Wenxiu before, but never a man before. It was also related to Meng Jiaying who would stop those men.

Some people, seeing that Meng Jiaying couldn’t get Zhou Wenxiu, felt that they were definitely not good enough, so they gave up.

At that time, Zhou Wenxiu really acted very straight. No one would have thought that when Yan Jing Ze suddenly jumped out to confess, he actually agreed.

Their boss, so he likes this type?

Meng Jiaying grabbed his burnt glasses and looked at the direction of the SUV with obscure eyes.

He has always liked Zhou Wenxiu, and since Yan Jing Ze appeared, he has hated this person.

However, he originally thought that people like Yan Jing Ze would be abandoned by Zhou Wenxiu soon, but he didn’t expect it to be the opposite.

Zhou Wenxiu actually kept Yan Jing Ze!

He could not wait to kill Yan Jing Ze.

But Yan Jing Ze stayed in the base. After their base stabilized, they made solar generators, set up the base’s internal network, and re-arranged the monitoring… Although all these are not as easy to use as before the end of the world, they also made him difficult to start.

This time, the people from the Sky Dragon Base kidnapped Yan Jing Ze. Originally, it was not so easy to leave the base but he secretly helped. After Zhou Wenxiu went to chase after them, he also delayed the time and didn’t let people keep up.

He believed that Zhou Wenxiu would be fine.

However, the battle between the psychics can easily affect the people around them. Yan Jing Ze is such an ordinary person, it’s easy for him to die in an accident.

He hoped that Yan Jing Ze would die outside.

As a result, Yan Jing Ze is fine and Zhou Wenxiu hates him.

Meng Jiaying’s face was blue.

What’s so great about Yan Jing Ze? Why would Zhou Wenxiu like such a person?

No matter what Meng Jiaying thinks, the people who came with him have already gone to drive.

Zhou Wenxiu has been waiting here because there are several cars, he cannot drive them alone. But now that these people have come, they can drive those cars.

“The president is worthy of being the president… He actually robbed all the supplies of the Sky Dragon base.”

“I’ve long seen the people at Sky Dragon Base not pleasing to my eyes. They just know how to cry poor to get things from us!”

“They kidnapped the boss’s person this time because they wanted to take advantage of the boss? I’m afraid they would never have thought of it, they would steal the chicken and lose the rice in the end.”

“They can’t even think for themselves, they still targeted the president…”


    The crowd whispered, drove the car, and headed back together.

Among these people, there were also people who drove the SUV in which Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu were sitting.

In the back seat of the SUV, Zhou Wenxiu was sitting there while Yan Jing was helping him massage his legs.

Yan Jing Ze had no technique in massaging his legs, just blindly massaging them. Zhou Wenxiu could tell at a glance, but he didn’t know why, he felt very comfortable.

As if he has found a home, hoping that Yan Jing Ze will keep massaging him and never stop.

He even had a warm feeling of being surrounded by something.

Zhou Wenxiu eventually, surprisingly, fell asleep in a daze.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t know how to massage legs at all, or even how to massage to make people comfortable.

But as a little white face, how can he not have the ability to serve people?

So, Yan Jing Ze chose to cheat.

He wrapped Zhou Wenxiu with spiritual power, grabbed the various fire energies around him, and placed it beside Zhou Wenxiu, so… Zhou Wenxiu would definitely feel comfortable.

As expected, Zhou Wenxiu looked like he was enjoying himself.

  He actually found it enjoyable as well.

  It’s a delightful thing to have the person you love wrapped up in your whole self.

Just… the speed of going back is too fast!

The car soon arrived at the base entrance and it was time to get off.

Zhou Wenxiu is still asleep. If his physical strength is good, he can carry Zhou Wenxiu off, but right now…

Yan Jing Ze was frustrated and called out to wake Zhou Wenxiu up.

When their convoy reached the entrance of the base, they happened to meet Jia Wenhan, the director of the field office of the university city base.

The management team of the University City base is led by Zhou Wenxiu, and is divided into the Field Department which always needs to go outside to clean up zombies and search for supplies, the Security Department responsible for internal security management, and the Internal Affairs Department responsible for internal affairs management.

Jia Wenhan, as the Director of the Field Department, is second only to Zhou Wenxiu in strength and is also a powerful lightning psychic.

  He is as sociable as Zhou Wenxiu and has many friends, but compared to Zhou Wenxiu, he has some criticisms.

Jia Wenhan looks down on ordinary people, and… the women around him, there are already seven or eight of them!

The administrators on the University City Base are all college students. Unlike in the Sky Dragon base where the strong are reigning, as long as they are strong, they can have everything, here, if a woman is unwilling, a man cannot force her.

  However, those girls are willing, others can not control.

“President, I heard that the man you raised was kidnapped by the people from the Sky Dragon Base? Is he alright?” Seeing Zhou Wenxiu, Jia Wenhan walked over.

  “He’s fine,” Zhou Wenshu said.

   Jia Wenhan said, “It’s good that he’s okay… Wait, this is the Sky Dragon Base’s supplies? President, you robbed the Sky Dragon base?”

Zhou Wenxiu nodded: “They broke the contract, there’s no need for me to be polite with them.”

Jia Wenhan smiled, “You’re right…”

As they were talking, someone had already gone to move the supplies.

Zhou Wenxiu saw that they were moving several carts of supplies all the way to the base warehouse, and immediately said, “Wait.”

“President?” The person carrying the supplies was a little confused.

  Zhou Wenzhou: “Half of these supplies are mine …… I want to exchange them for something.”

Zhou Wenxiu didn’t care much about foreign goods before, so he found the materials outside and gave them directly to the base as long as he didn’t need them.

Later, although he raised Yan Jing Ze, he only authorized the contribution points he gained from working for the base to Yan Jing Ze, so that Yan Jing Ze can spend as he pleases. He had hardly spent his contribution points before and he still gets new ones every day, Yan Jing Ze basically can’t spend them all.

If it were in the past, he would send these compressed biscuits directly to the base warehouse, but now…

The person who pulled the supplies towards the warehouse was a bit embarrassed: “Sorry President, I forgot…”

“It’s okay.” Zhou Wenxiu: “You take me to the warehouse; I want to exchange something.”

  After saying that, Zhou Wenxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze: “Jing Ze you go and take a look. If you like something, just take it.”

“Let me pick them all?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“Hmm.” Zhou Wenxiu nodded.

His family’s golden master is really too generous! Yan Jing Ze said, “Wenxiu, you are the best person in the world.”

  Zhou Wenxiu coughed lightly, “Let’s go.”

Yan Jing Ze, on the other hand, hurriedly followed.

The warehouse is mostly full of food.

Nowadays, the most precious things are food. Those gold and silver jewelry have no chance to enter the warehouse.

What Yan Jing Ze then wants is also food.

The most basic materials such as white flour and rice are definitely needed. In addition, Yan Jing Ze also needs a lot of seasonings, especially ingredient packets.

Such as sliced pork ingredient packets, sauerkraut fish ingredient packets, sesame tofu ingredient packets, and so on, these can be the savior of people who can’t cook!

Of course, bean paste seafood sauce barbecue sauce all kinds of spicy sauce cannot be missing!

As a little white face, in addition to good looks, it is best to have a good hand in cooking.

The original owner doesn’t know how to cook, and he goes to the cafeteria to eat, but he thinks he can cook something delicious for Zhou Wenxiu!

As for how to do it… it depends on these seasoning packets and various sauces!

Yan Jing Ze took a lot in one breath and finally took away a ham.

When he goes back, he will show his cooking skills!

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