BH (QT) 77 – Little White Face (5)

Chapter Seventy-Seven – Little White Face (5)

When Yan Jing Ze was full, he looked at Zhou Wenxiu: “Wenxiu, do you want to come and rest in the car?”

“You rest, I will keep an eye on the surroundings,” Zhou Wenshu.

They have been cleaning up the zombies, but because many people do not want to leave the base and do not have the ability to leave the base, the progress is not smooth. The number of zombies in H city is still very high.

   What’s even more frightening is that those zombies are actually getting stronger.

Some of the zombies that were originally locked up in their homes and couldn’t get out are now able to break through the doors.

“I’ll stay with you,” Yan Jing Ze said, opening the car door and trying to get out.

However, when the car door opened, his movements stopped.

The road was a mess, and he… was still wearing delicate little leather shoes.

Yan Jing Ze: “……”

    Zhou Wenxiu laughed: “You stay in the car. If you come out, I will also be distracted.”

Yan Jing Ze silently closed the door: “Then I will not give you trouble…”

He’ s better off in the car and study his mental powers.

Also, since he has spiritual power, does he also have psychic powers?

At the time when he just traversed, Yan Jing Ze’s mind was blank and he didn’t understand anything. Later, he finally had the memory of the original owner but he was in such an environment… he had no time to observe the world at all.

Yan Jing Ze closed his eyes and ‘looked’ around using his spiritual power.

He found that the whole world was gray, but in the black mist that was everywhere, there were some other colors mixed in.

  As for Zhou Wenxiu’s side… Zhou Wenxiu was a red glowing human form in the world he saw with his spiritual power.

And on this human figure, there is a small sun the size of an egg!

Yan Jing Ze opened his eyes and looked at Zhou Wenxiu.

Zhou Wenxiu still looks the same, not red at all.

Yan Jing Ze smiled and closed his eyes again.

If he is not mistaken, Zhou Wenxiu will emit a red light because the supernatural ability he possesses is fire-based.

And the ‘little sun’ on his body should be the meteorite that the Sky Dragon Base wants.

The people at the Sky Dragon Base actually asked the original owner whether there are any special gems around Zhou Wenxiu. The original owner said something at the time, but the original owner didn’t know the existence of the meteorite, so he didn’t say it.

While thinking, Yan Jing Ze saw another dark figure wrapped in black mist coming towards this side…

The red figure representing Zhou Wenxiu rushed over. The black figure was covered with a layer of red light and disappeared quickly.

But the heavy black mist on the figure did not disappear, but scattered into the air, and the nearby gray fog was dyed a few shades darker.

Yan Jing Ze: “……”

Everyone generally thinks that zombies change after being infected with the virus, but how does he think that the appearance of zombies has a lot to do with this black fog?

Yan Jing Ze looked around and his focus turned to himself.

At the same time, Zhou Wenxiu looked around in a puzzled way—how did he feel that something approached him just now? It also made him particularly comfortable…

Yan Jing Ze found that there was no light on his body… Wait, he had a very faint, extremely faint, almost invisible… several kinds of light?

Could he, by any chance, possess several psychic abilities?

The heart of the Yan Jing Ze jumped with surprise, however, he simply could not use his psychic powers!

The surrounding red light, or fire element, was condensed in Zhou Wenxiu’s body. Zhou Wenxiu should be able to possess psychic powers because of this. If he wants to possess psychic powers, he should also need to absorb the surrounding elements.

But those elements, they don’t move towards his body at all.

Yan Jing Ze tried for a long time, only to find that he could use his mental power to grab those elements and stuff them into his body, but after stuffing them in, they could still get out!

This is simply hopeless!

Is he just destined… not to have psychic powers?

Zhou Wenxiu kept an eye on Yan Jing Ze.

When he saw Yan Jing Ze sleeping with his brow furrowed… Zhou Wenxiu thought, after they return, he must get some delicious food to comfort Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze is so weak, he must have been terrified this time.

The sun gradually set, Zhou Wenxiu’s complexion became darker.

And at this time, Yan Jing Ze, after wasting a lot of energy, consuming a lot of spiritual power, still cannot make his own body glow a little brighter, there was no way to use the psychic powers. Seeing that it was hopeless, he simply gave up.

Anyway, his mental power is very strong and he has the ability to protect himself. If you don’t have psychic powers, then you don’t have psychic powers!

Yan Jing Ze didn’t toss around those elements anymore, but stretched out his mental power, and the surrounding scenes appeared in his mind.

The glowing Zhou Wenxiu, the truck filled with supplies, the tall buildings that were burned in the battle as if they would fall at any time, the city of death… In the distance there was another pickup truck coming this way, with several people in it emitting different rays of light.

Someone is coming.

In the small compartment in the back of the pickup, several people from the University City base were talking.

“So many burned out zombies around here, the president should be right up ahead.”

“Will the president be okay?”

“He went out for so long and didn’t come back…”


These people were worried. One of them was wearing glasses, a twenty-five or twenty-six-year-old, outstanding-looking man said: “The president is so strong, how could something go wrong!”

When the people around heard this man’s words, they all glared at him angrily, “Meng Jiaying, you still have the face to say that! Why didn’t you tell us when the president came out alone to chase after the people from the Sky Dragon Base?”

Yan Jing Ze was ‘kidnapped’ and only Zhou Wenxiu found out. At that time, the people from Sky Dragon Base still left a note at the kidnapping scene and asked him to go alone.

So, he went out alone, but before he went out, he told Meng Jiaying and asked Meng Jiaying to arrange for someone to follow him. He even left a mark.

But Meng Jiaying didn’t tell anyone about it and kept putting it off for hours!

Zhou Wenxiu never returned, and now these people have an opinion about Meng Jiaying.

“The president is there to save the little white face he raised, and according to the rules of the base, personal matters are resolved personally,” Meng Jiaying responded.

“The people from the Sky Dragon base kidnapped the president’s person, obviously trying to harm the president. Is this a personal matter?” another person asked.

Meng Jiaying’s face turned ugly, but he kept quiet.

“If something happens to the president, I won’t let you go,” another person said.

Meng Jiaying sneered, “Nothing will happen to the president!”

As they were talking, they heard Zhou Wenxiu’s voice: “You’re just coming now?”

When everyone looked over, they saw a grim-faced person standing on a truck not far away. Who was it if it wasn’t Zhou Wenxiu?

Zhou Wenxiu is all right!

  Zhou Wenxiu is not only fine, but all the cars of the Sky Dragon base are still there. Did their president snatch back the things from the Sky Dragon base?

As for not seeing Yan Jing Ze… they don’t care about this person. It doesn’t matter if they see him or not.

Speaking of which… their president has always had a good temper. Now, he has not only snatched the materials from the Sky Dragon base, but his face is still so ugly… Did something happen to Yan Jing Ze?

The hearts of these people were relieved: “President!”

  They jumped out of the pickup and headed toward Zhou Wenxiu.

Zhou Wenxiu still stood on the truck and did not step off the truck, he looked coldly at those in front of him and a fireball was suddenly thrown towards Meng Jiaying.

  The smile on Meng Jiaying’s face froze after seeing Zhou Wenxiu. He was a fire-type psychic like Zhou Wenxiu, and his body burst into flames, blocking Zhou Wenxiu’s attack, but he couldn’t help but step back.

At this time, Zhou Wenxiu’s hand had already condensed a huge fireball.

The fireball compressed and became smaller in his hands, the color gradually changed, but also became significantly more powerful.

“Meng Jiaying, you betrayed the base?” Zhou Wenxiu looked at Meng Jiaying.

The fight just now burned the clothes on Meng Jiaying’s body, and when he heard Zhou Wenxiu’s words, Meng Jiaying’s face changed: “I didn’t!”

  “Then explain why you guys are just coming over now?” Zhou Wenxiu asked.

  The people who came with Meng Jiaying stayed away from Meng Jiaying.

Meng Jiaying said, “President, you came to save Yan Jing Ze, this is a personal matter!”

After Zhou Wenxiu suspected that the base has a mole, the first object of suspicion is Meng Jiaying.

He had known Meng Jiaying before the end of the world. After the end of the world came, Meng Jiaying had awakened the fire power abilities just like him, and the two got closer.

More importantly, Meng Jiaying knew about the meteorite. Before leaving the base this time, he also told Meng Jiaying.

  Zhou Wenxiu threw the fireball in his hand directly towards Meng Jiaying.

The fireball exploded violently at the feet of Meng Jiaying.

Meng Jiaying is also a fire psychic, he is extremely resistant to fire, but Zhou Wenxiu’s psychic ability is far stronger than his. His clothes were burned by the heat wave, even his face was also burned.

“Zhou Wenxiu, you’re going to turn your face with me just for that Yan Jing Ze?” Meng Jiaying quickly took off his glasses that were partially burned and covered his face as he angrily questioned.

  “This has nothing to do with Jing Ze.” Zhou Wenshu said, his gaze still falling on Meng Jiaying: “Since you feel that this is my private matter, there is no need for you to help… In the future, we will draw a line, you don’t have to be my assistant anymore. It’s better to be on your own.”

He now has no evidence of Meng Jiaying’s betrayal of him. He came out to save Yan Jing Ze, it can really be said to be a personal matter, and it’s okay if other people don’t help.

As for the existence of meteorites… Meng Jiaying is not the only one who knows.

At the beginning of the establishment of the base, he made a lot of regulations to ensure the stability of the base. Among them, they cannot kill people at will. At this time, it is not good to destroy it himself.

Once Zhou Wenxiu’s words came out, not to mention Meng Jiaying, even the other people who came with Meng Jiaying were a bit surprised.

Zhou Wenxiu and Meng Jiaying’s relationship has always been very good, now this is to… cut off the brotherhood?

  “Zhou Wenxiu, what’s so good about that little white face? For him you do this to me?” Meng Jiaying asked.

“You’re Wenxiu’s friend and yet you didn’t help him when something happened. Isn’t it normal for him to not want to be friends with you anymore? What are you pulling on me for?” Yan Jing Ze poked his head out of the car window.

The orange glow from the setting sun shone on Yan Jing Ze’s face, making his face look better as if it was glowing.

When the people in the University City base saw it, they all understood why their president wanted to raise this person. After just seeing this face, they all felt comfortable!

It was only Meng Jiaying, who suddenly changed his face: “You’re fine?”

“With Wen Xiu saving me, how could I be in trouble?” Yan Jing Ze laughed, while his heart burned with raging fire.

Meng Jiaying looked at him with malice in his eyes!

If he did not traverse, Meng Jiaying would still be late. This is one of the reasons why Zhou Wenxiu would be seriously injured. Later, Zhou Wenxiu and Meng Jiaying fell out, and Meng Jiaying kept finding trouble for the original owner…

He didn’t think much about it, but now he saw Meng Jiaying’s attitude toward Zhou Wenxiu, he suddenly realized one thing—this Meng Jiaying liked Zhou Wenxiu!

His affection was barely concealed and he could see it at a glance!

Right, Zhou Wenxiu is so outstanding, there must be many people who want to grab him!

He must not let Zhou Wenxiu be snatched away!

It is just… Does Zhou Wenxiu like little white face like the original owner?

Anyway, he doesn’t know who he used to be, he only has the memories of the original owner, so he might as well be a good little white face!

Of course, he is certainly different from the original owner, he will be a single-minded little white face to Zhou Wenxiu!

Thinking about this, Yan Jing Ze opened the door and got out of the car, carefully bypassing the dirt on the ground and came to Zhou Wenxiu: “Wenxiu, don’t be sad. I will always be by your side!”

Zhou Wenxiu was in a bad mood when he fell out with a trusted friend, but when he saw Yan Jing Ze’s well-behaved appearance… He suddenly stopped being angry.

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Have you guys watched that C-Drama Ultimate Note? Is it bromance like The Untamed? I see a lot of posts about it on youtube. I never really clicked on it because of spoilers so IDK. I’m scared of spoilers…

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