BH (QT) 76 – Little White Face (4)

Chapter Seventy-Six – Little White Face (4)

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When Yan Jing Ze woke up, he found himself lying in the back seat of the familiar SUV.

Realizing this, Yan Jing Ze was shocked.

He fainted… Was it because of this that Zhou Wenxiu could not take him away? Will Zhou Wenxiu be okay?

He was anxious and sat up abruptly, but his head was dizzy again…

“Are you all right?” Zhou Wenxiu’s voice sounded.

Yan Jing Ze found out that although he was still in the SUV, the people of Sky Dragon Base were no longer there, but Zhou Wenxiu was standing outside the car window.

    “Wenxiu, are you okay?” Yan Jing Ze grabbed the car window and stuck his head out, asking worriedly.

    In the original plot, Zhou Wenxiu was seriously injured after he went to the Sky Dragon Base…

    “I’m fine, you are the one who is hurt.” Zhou Wenxiu reached out and touched Yan Jing Ze’s head.

    He checked Yan Jing Ze’s condition, he fainted because his body was overdrawn.

    This person’s own condition is very bad, yet he wakes up and still cares for himself first. He feels very happy.

    “I’m actually okay…” Yan Jing Ze, who was touched, felt a little helpless.

    He fainted, on the one hand, because he was not familiar with the spiritual power, a little overdrawn when he used it, on the other hand, because the body is too poor, cannot afford such a powerful spiritual power.

    Now he feels uncomfortable all over, and his head hurts very much.

    Zhou Wenxiu sighed secretly when he looked at Yan Jing Ze who was pale and still said he was okay.

    It has been several months since he took Yan Jing Ze home. Seeing that Yan Jing Ze grew fatter, he thought his body was healed, but he didn’t expect it to still be weak.

    The people from Sky Dragon Base didn’t hit him, he didn’t have any wounds on his body. It should just be because of the bumpy car ride, plus the water polo that hit him, which made him dizzy…

    “Would you like something to eat?” Zhou Wenxiu asked.

    “Is there anything to eat?” Yan Jing Ze looked at Zhou Wenxiu. He was really hungry and wanted to eat!

    With the memory of the original owner, he can’t bear to go hungry… The pale boy’s eyes are full of longing, it’s distressing to see…

    “Of course.” Zhou Wenxiu pointed to a truck next to him: “I’ll find some food for you to eat.”

People from the Sky Dragon base came to their base to exchange information, exchange supplies, and ask for help.

    The University City base is actually not a big base, but they have advantages that other bases do not have—they all have talents in all aspects! There are also various research equipment in the school!

    In fact, most of those college students can’t do much, but there are still many professors, graduate students, and doctoral students in universities!

    There is even an agricultural university in their university city.

When the end of the world came, they have been improving the lives of the people in the base. Almost all the land that can be reclaimed is used to reclaim and plant crops, and it is by these that the living conditions of the University City base are much better than other bases.

    The Sky Dragon base brought some machines that they didn’t need or could not use to exchange food with the University City base. When they left, the trucks were full of food.

    In the last days, materials are very precious, and everyone even has some customary regulations, such as not destroying materials during the war.

    But you can grab it.

  Earlier, after Yan Jing Ze fainted, Zhou Wenxiu directly started to drive away the people from the Sky Dragon Base and snatched the materials from the Sky Dragon Base.

    His base and Sky Dragon Base have always been friendly and mutually helpful. He shouldn’t have done such a thing, but the people of Sky Dragon Base kidnapped his person to threaten him…

    He has enough reasons to take these supplies.

    As for why he could grab it… Of course, it was because he was strong enough.

    Although Zhou Wenxiu originally had some abilities, he was just a student union president. He couldn’t say he was powerful enough. He was able to become the powerhouse of the University City base entirely because of his strength—he had adventures, and because of this, he gained strength.

    On the night of the end of the world, many young people did not sleep, waiting to see the asteroid blown up, and he was one of them.

    He was from a good family, and he drove a car specially and took an astronomical telescope to a nearby mountain to observe the night sky.

    He saw many meteors, which were caused by asteroid fragments falling into the atmosphere, including a meteorite, which even fell not far from him.

    He subconsciously searched for it and finally found an egg-sized, fiery red meteorite.

    He has seen a meteorite before. This stone is completely different from ordinary meteorites, and it has a huge attraction to him…

    He picked up this meteorite and plans to take it back for testing. If the radiation does not exceed the standard, he can donate it or keep it depending on the situation.

    As a result, as soon as he returned with the meteorite, he discovered that the end times had come, and at the same time, he also possessed the fire ability.

He was carrying that meteorite close to him, it was glowing all the time, and his psychic powers were much stronger than the others.

    He thinks the two are related.

    After setting up the base, Zhou Wenxiu once took the meteorite out for research, but he couldn’t find out anything. He only knew that it could enhance the power. Later, on the advice of the base researchers, he took it with him.

    Sure enough, his abilities are getting stronger and stronger. He also discovered that meteorite not only improves abilities but also consumes less power and recovers faster when the abilities are used by the psychics.

    It’s just that the fact that he owns such a meteorite should be a secret, and he doesn’t know how the people at the Sky Dragon Base knew it.

    A thought flashed in Zhou Wenxiu’s mind, and he put it aside, then took a can of luncheon meat, a compressed biscuit, and a bottle of water to Yan Jing Ze.

    Canned luncheon meat is a luxury item and there are not many cans in the car.

    The food there is mostly compressed biscuits, and these compressed biscuits are produced by mixing various coarse grains together in their university city base.

    Yan Jing Ze vomited clean before he fainted and was really hungry, but seeing these foods… He liked canned luncheon meat, but compressed biscuits, he didn’t like it.

    This compressed biscuit produced after the end of the world has a particularly bad taste!

    In contrast, the compressed biscuits sold in supermarkets before the end of the world are simply delicious!

    He didn’t want to eat at all… Blame the original owner for being too picky. He, who only has the memory of the original owner, is also a bit picky.

    Yan Jing Ze despised the original owner, opened the compressed biscuits, and took a bite.

    This rough taste, this unpalatable taste… He felt like he was eating sand.

    While trying to swallow, Zhou Wenxiu suddenly reached in a hand from the car window and took away the canned luncheon meat that Yan Jing Ze had put aside.

    Yan Jing Ze was taken aback for a moment, and then he saw Zhou Wenxiu taking the can, opening it, and giving it back to him: “Eat some meat.”

    “You eat too,” Yan Jing Ze said immediately.

    “No, I have eaten it,” Zhou Wenxiu said and helped Yan Jing Ze unscrew the water bottle.

    Yan Jing Ze: “…” He was sure that he was taken care of by Zhou Wenxiu as if he was a weak chicken.

    Well, he really was a weak chicken…

    So, Yan Jing Ze took a bite of meat and a bite of compressed biscuit and ate it in a depressed manner.

    When Zhou Wenxiu saw the way Yan Jing Ze ate, he knew that Yan Jing Ze did not like to eat compressed biscuits.

    He has always hated squeamish people, especially squeamish men. The end of the world has come. Isn’t it annoying if you don’t want to eat this and don’t want to eat that?

    But when it was changed to Yan Jing Ze, he just couldn’t hate it, and he started to find excuses for Yan Jing Ze. In fact, this is not to blame Yan Jing Ze. He is in poor health and it is normal to be a little bit picky in food.

    Anyway, he can afford it.

    Thinking of this, Zhou Wenxiu went to the truck again, came back soon, and gave a package to Yan Jing Ze.

    “What is this?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

    “All the cans in the car.” Zhou Wenxiu gave a light cough.

    The people at Sky Dragon Base didn’t exchange many cans, so he packed them all and gave them to Yan Jing Ze.

    This is what he snatched back, it is reasonable to hand over half of it. But these good things, even if he eats it himself, no one will say anything.

    Big deal, just hand in more compressed biscuits.

    Yan Jing Ze had already opened the package at this time and he saw a lot of cans inside: “Wenxiu, you are so good to me!”

    “It’s nothing,” Zhou Wenxiu said.

    “I really love you so much!” Yan Jing Ze said again. The original owner always said sweet words as if they don’t cost money. He also learned…

    “Yeah.” Zhou Wenxiu responded and turned his head.

    Of course, he knows that Yan Jing Ze loves him.

    In the beginning, Yan Jing Ze disregarded the eyes of others and suddenly jumped out to confess, and after that, he was even more obedient to him.

    What’s more, at their base… he had to admit that he was the person with the best conditions, and only he could afford it and was willing to raise Yan Jing Ze.

   If Yan Jing Ze doesn’t love him, who does he love?

“You eat some too.” Yan Jing Ze used the fork Zhou Wenxiu gave him and took a piece of luncheon meat to Zhou Wenxiu’s mouth, “Good food must be shared with the person you love.”

    Zhou Wenxiu opened his mouth and ate. The corner of his mouth hooked up: “Cheesy.”

    “I’m just telling the truth, why is it cheesy?” Yan Jing Ze asked rhetorically.

    Zhou Wenxiu feels that he has been molested, and he always feels that he can’t show weakness: “Since it’s the truth, then you can talk more, I love to listen!” What if it is cheesy? It’s okay to listen.

    “Then I will tell you the truth every day.” Yan Jing Ze said with a smile and gave another piece of luncheon meat to him. Zhou Wenxiu ate very casually. Although he had eaten before, it was not necessarily luncheoned meat.

In fact, Zhou Wenxiu hadn’t even eaten before, he had been cleaning up the zombies around him.

    He didn’t feel hungry at first, but now he was fed a few bites by Yan Jing Ze, he suddenly felt hungry, so he just opened a pack of compressed biscuits to eat.

    At the same time, Zhou Wenxiu also realized that something was wrong.

    He came out to find Yan Jing Ze. Although he didn’t bring anyone because he was anxious, he notified his subordinates, and his subordinates would follow suit.

    But now the people in Sky Dragon Base have been driven away by him for three hours, and the people under his hands have not even come…

    Zhou Wenxiu ate the compressed biscuits in two bites and he felt his heart sinking.

    At this moment, the people from the Sky Dragon Base who Zhou Wenxiu had driven away had just shaken off the zombies and hid in a residential building.

    “Damn! What the hell is going on? To Zhou Wenxiu, how come my psychic powers don’t work anymore?” Someone asked with dissatisfaction.

    “Me too!” said a person next to him.

    “I couldn’t control my abilities at the time!”

    These people are still entangled. They have a lot of people. In fact, they are not without the power to fight Zhou Wenxiu, but they were injured by Zhou Wenxiu at the beginning, and later there is no power to fight back…

    “There is also that Yan Jing Ze, why did he suddenly turn back?”

    “Didn’t Qu Wanwan say that she has coaxed him? This is called coaxing?”

“That Yan Jing Ze shouldn’t have lied to Wanwan just to collaborate with Zhou Wenxiu to snatch our things, right?!”

    “That should be it!”

    These people have forgotten that they were the first to move their minds, and they even attacked Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu.

    But they could only verbally condemn them. They were all injured, and Qu Wanwan was still in a coma… They can’t do anything to Zhou Wenxiu at all.

    They don’t know why Qu Wanwan fainted… Qu Wanwan is a powerful water psychic. If she was there, they wouldn’t have to be in such a mess against Zhou Wenxiu…

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