BH (QT) 75 – Little White Face (3)

Chapter Seventy-Five – Little White Face (3)

These days many people can’t eat enough, even if you want to vomit nothing will come out, but the original owner is different.

The original owner, who has suffered a lot of hunger since the end of the world came, now has a great love for eating. Because he had to pretend to be kidnaped and couldn’t bring food, he ate a lot before setting off.

Earlier, the car ride was very bumpy and the original owner was already very uncomfortable. Just after crossing, Yan Jing Ze felt nauseous. Later on, he saw the disgusting zombies and received the memory, he was even more dizzy…

   Yan Jing Ze, therefore, wanted to vomit a long time ago.

Now he is vomiting freely.

Qu Wanwan, who was dragging Yan Jing Ze out of the off-road vehicle, was thrown up by Yan Jing Ze.

Qu Wanwan is a woman, a delicate woman who still wears makeup and dyes her hair even in the last days. She screamed, then let go of Yan Jing Ze and backed away, and quickly used the water system ability to wash away the dirt on her body.

The young girl’s curves were exposed because she was soaked to the bone, but Yan Jing Ze had no time to pay attention.

He had already opened the other side of the car door, got out and ran: “Wenxiu, help!”

  At a time like this, it’s important to run for your life!

  As a kidnapped person, he must flee to his golden master at every opportunity!

Yes, he was kidnapped, there was absolutely no such thing as elopement!

As for the safety… Zhou Wenxiu is very strong, in the original historical trajectory, he even has the ability to single-handedly take the original owner to escape the siege of the Sky Dragon base people.

   If there is no one to drag his legs, he can definitely fight a tie with the people of Sky Dragon Base. In this case, the people of Sky Dragon Base dare to kill him and anger Zhou Wenxiu?

Definitely not!

He is at the tip of Zhou Wenxiu’s heart!

“Wenxiu…” Yan Jing Ze’s nice voice echoed in the air, making the surrounding zombies move stupidly.

Yan Jing Ze himself, after running a few steps, was also confused.

The SUV is followed by two trucks, at this time, the people in the compartments of these two trucks are pointing weapons at him without saying anything, he stood in place…

  There are zombie limbs on the ground in front, and there are zombies wandering around, it’s too disgusting! 

Yan Jing Ze wanted to throw up again.

  He does not have his own previous memories, only the memories of the original owner, and the original owner was trapped in the house for a year. Although he had not been able to take a bath because of the lack of water stored in the house and was once dirty, the vast majority of the time, he was clean and dry.

What’s more, the ones in front of him, it’s not the matter of being dirty, it’s rotting flesh and blood!

    The original owner was really lucky, he had never faced such a scene directly, so Yan Jing Ze also felt a little depressed.

There is Qu Wanwan in the back, people from Sky Dragon base in front, and zombies around…

Yan Jing Ze imagined running out to have a hug with Zhou Wenxiu, now he can only think about it.

Yan Jing Ze stood still and could not stop panting.

Why is the original owner so useless?

He has been to the security base for quite some time, and he doesn’t even know that he needs to exercise a bit?

A big man almost fell apart when he was in a bumpy car ride, and he couldn’t breathe after a few steps… The days were simply impossible!

The whole person was stunned, and at this time, Qu Wanwan raised her hand, a huge ball of water was poured towards Yan Jing Ze…

Whether Yan Jing Ze is now cooperating with them in acting or really wants to escape to Zhou Wenxiu, Qu Wanwan doesn’t care. She struggled to hook up with Yan Jing Ze because she wanted the meteorite in Zhou Wenxiu’s hand.

If she wants to get the meteorite, she must try to draw Zhou Wenxiu out alone.

Today, Zhou Wenxiu’s University City Base psychics, went to clean up the zombies nearby. They took Yan Jing Ze away, Zhou Wenxiu found out and there is no way to bring too many people to catch up, plus Yan Jing Ze in their hands… their chance is here!

Qu Wanwan actually does not think much of Yan Jing Ze, and if Zhou Wenxiu did not like this man, she would not bother to coax him.

Just now, Yan Jing Ze threw up on her body, she was so angry, so even though Yan Jing Ze stopped running, she still smashed a big water polo over.

Qu Wanwan’s water was poured over Yan Jing Ze’s head, and Yan Jing Ze did not dodge it.

It was a bit uncomfortable for him to be smashed on his head, but there was also a feeling of awakening and enlightenment.

  In fact, when just crossing over and observing the surroundings, Yan Jing Ze has found something wrong.

He obviously couldn’t see the roof of the SUV, but he could feel someone on top of it.

He should not be able to see the appearance of Zhou Wenxiu, who was far away, but he still saw it.

At this time, when Qu Wanwan used her ability towards him, he even felt it when the water came over, just too late to dodge it.

  But although he could not avoid it, he could control the water.

No one around noticed that the water stopped in mid-air for half a second before it was poured over him.

Yan Jing Ze took a deep breath, in a flash, the original master’s memories of the psychics, came flooding back to him.

The psychics in this world can manipulate certain elements, such as water, fire, earth, metal, etc. Others can manipulate lightning, plants, or have space.

   The activation of the psychic ability depends on luck, and after the activation, whether the psychic power is strong enough, has a lot to do with talent.

Some people can only send a small fireball at most, but there are also people who can wave a sea of fire.

But sometimes, it is not the stronger the psychic ability, the stronger the psychic is.

Whether a person is strong enough or not also depends on his control over his psychic powers… The people of the University City call this control ‘spiritual power’.

People with strong spiritual power, when using their psychic abilities to attack, will not waste psychic powers at all, and can also accurately hit the target. But people with weak spiritual power, if they want to throw a fireball to the zombie’s head, it may be thrown to the zombie’s stomach instead.

Of course, spiritual power, like psychic power, is enhanced by using more.

    And this situation he’s in now… he actually has a very strong spiritual power?

  After realizing this, Yan Jing Ze then felt that everything around his body became clear, as if the whole world is under his control.

The original owner was a good-for-nothing scum, but he was different!

He’s a genius!

Yan Jing Ze, who was smashed by water, was excited.

If he is not mistaken, he actually has a spiritual power that others can hardly reach, so at least it’s useful, isn’t it?

  It is just that he does not know how to use this spiritual power, and… After observing the surroundings with spiritual power, he saw many more disgusting zombies, plus being hit by water made his head even more dizzy…

“Ou…” Yan Jing Ze vomited again.

In his early twenties, a pale-skinned and handsome young man stood in the middle of the abandoned city, surrounded by the remains of zombies, dirty vehicles, and people who spent more than a year in the extremely rough Sky Dragon base in the last days. All this makes him more and more different.

In particular, he was also drenched.

Water dripped from his hair and onto his face, where it rolled back down his smooth skin into his form-fitting suit…

Because of vomiting, his eyes were a little red, and occasionally he raised his eyes to make people feel more pitiful.

The image is, inexplicably, enticing.

   Zhou Wenxiu’s heartbeat accelerated violently, the various reactions that arose when he first saw Yan Jing Ze appeared again, even more pronounced than that time, he always had a feeling that he had fallen in love again.

Of course, it’s not falling in love again, he only ever liked Yan Jing Ze.

It is just that… Yan Jing Ze is even better looking than he thought at first, so he was feeling excited again.

Zhou Wenxiu scorned himself a little.

He never knew his own preferences before he met Yan Jing Ze, it turns out he likes this type.

He always thought he liked strong and confident people. Occasionally, in the middle of the night, he would even dream that he was overpowered by a powerful man…

He firmly believes that he is strong and that only people who are stronger than him can get his attention. As a result…

One time when he led a team to collect supplies, the people under his hand heard the call for help and rescued a skinny and dirty young man from a residential building, he was actually… shamefully tempted…

Zhou Wenxiu himself did not know what was going on in the end.

He didn’t want to admit this at first, but he didn’t do anything. After arriving at the base, this young man actually confessed to him in public.

  Zhou Wenxiu’s sanity disappeared instantly.

Actually, finding a strong man doesn’t really work for him, does it?

  He has been very opinionated since he was a child, doesn’t like people disagreeing with him, and loves power.

It is better to raise one that needs to rely on him than to find one that is stronger than him.

Yan Jing Ze is very weak, he can’t live without him, also cannot leave him. How good is that?

He just took Yan Jing Ze straight home.

    After that, his quality of life, it skyrocketed.

No matter how tired and hard it is outside, when he comes home and sees the face of Yan Jing Ze, being served with tea by Yan Jing Ze, he feels that his life is worthwhile. He began to understand why so many rich people raise beautiful little fresh meat.

This is really a pleasant thing to do.

Just occasionally, he would feel that something was missing …… probably sex?

When Yan Jing Ze first arrived at his place, he was too thin, he had no other thoughts. Although he gained weight later… Yan Jing Ze did not show interest, and he also didn’t want to try.

At that time, he was satisfied as long as he could see the person.

But at this moment, Zhou Wenxiu suddenly once again felt tempted.

Unfortunately, it’s not the right time and Yan Jing Ze is still in the hands of others.

    After discovering that Yan Jing Ze was taken away by the people of Sky Dragon Base, Zhou Wenxiu immediately chased after him.

Yan Jing Ze is very weak, what if he is injured by the Sky Dragon base?

The people of Sky Dragon Base kidnapped Yan Jing Ze, definitely because of him, he does not want his favorite person to be hurt because of himself at all.

Seeing Yan Jing Ze run down from the SUV, not like injured, Zhou Wenxiu was relieved. Later, he saw Yan Jing Ze being drenched with water, and then began to be distressed.

“What do you mean by this?” Zhou Wenxiu looked at the people across from him with a cold face.

Yan Jing Ze, on the other hand, thinks Zhou Wenxiu is very handsome. His looks are actually not considered to be on top, but his temperament is very good.

  It is impossible for someone who has been in the top position for a long time like him to have a weak temperament.

Coupled with the fact that he has great strength… all members of the Sky Dragon Base are very wary.

But with Yan Jing Ze in hand, they always have a guarantee.

Qu Wanwan took a few steps forward and put the knife on Yan Jing Ze’s neck, “Zhou Wenxiu, hand over the meteorite in your hand or I’ll kill him.”

With that said, Qu Wanwan’s hand that didn’t hold the knife still patted Yan Jing Ze comfortingly from behind. Just now, Yan Jing Ze vomited and ran to cause many accidents… She didn’t want this to happen again.

As soon as she moved her hand, Yan Jing Ze felt it, as soon as he felt… Yan Jing Ze ignored the knife on his neck and slapped her hand away: “What do you want?! Don’t take advantage of me!”

Qu Wanwan: “……” Shit! Aren’t you the one who always wants to take advantage all the time?

Sky Dragon base people: “……” A little pat is taking advantage?

  The people of Sky Dragon Base all feel that Yan Jing Ze is sick and also vaguely feel that something is wrong.

The same cannot be said for Zhou Wenxiu.

  Zhou Wenxiu looked at Qu Wanwan, his eyes were on fire – this woman is taking advantage of Yan Jing Ze?

   And what advantage has she taken!

“Wenxiu, if they killed me, you will kill them all and avenge me by putting the Sky Dragon Base in a hole!” Yan Jing Ze shouted, and looked at Qu Wanwan again, with a look that he would rather die than give in, “Kill me if you have the guts!”

Is this Yan Jing Ze crazy or is he angry that she hit him with a water polo?

What the hell does he want to do? Qu Wanwan wanted to give Yan Jing Ze a cut.

   They want the meteorite and even want Zhou Wenxiu’s life, but now that Zhou Wenxiu is still in good shape, they really don’t dare to make a move against Yan Jing Ze.

  If something happens to Yan Jing Ze and Zhou Wenxiu goes crazy, they can’t handle it!

On the contrary, Yan Jing Ze was still talking: “Wenxiu you leave me alone, they don’t dare to hurt me! If they dare to hurt me, you’ll get them all killed! Make sure to get them all killed!”

“You talk too much!” The fire psychic on the roof of the SUV jumped down and a fireball was thrown at Yan Jing Ze.

   The fireball flies forward, the trajectory of the movement is all in the control of Yan Jing Ze…

Yan Jing Ze had always wanted to use his spiritual power just now, but he couldn’t do it, but now he has learned how to use it suddenly – he controlled the fireball and led it towards Qu Wanwan’s face.

   Qu Wanwan can make the original owner abandon Zhou Wenxiu, because her strength is not bad. She is a very powerful water psychic.

She was in the mood to watch the show at first, she wanted to see Yan Jing Ze be taught a lesson, but she did not expect the fireball to come at her… Although she quickly condensed a wall of water in front of her face to block the fireball, her hair was still a little bit burned. She yelled at the fire psychic: “Chen Qi, you are crazy!”

“I didn’t throw it towards you!” Chen Qi hurriedly explained, and at this time, Zhou Wenxiu struck.

More than a dozen compressed powerful fireballs went together towards the people of Sky Dragon Base.

    What a powerful psychic power! What a powerful control!

While the people of Sky Dragon Base hurriedly blocked it, Yan Jing Ze was a bit excited.

Along with this psychic power, a particularly familiar spiritual force emerged that made him want to pounce and become one with it…

   Yan Jing Ze became more and more sure of one thing – Zhou Wenxiu must be his destined lover!

Look, their spiritual powers are in tune with each other!

    All of the spiritual power of Yan Jing Ze surged out and began to help Zhou Wenxiu.

  So, on the Sky Dragon base side, holes appeared in the water wall of the person who used it to block the fireball, another person just condensed an earth wall that suddenly collapsed, and another person attacked Zhou Wenxiu with a fireball when that fireball flew to his own people.

    The people of Sky Dragon Base were in a mess.

  Zhou Wenxiu, who took advantage of the chaos and drove his motorcycle to the side of Yan Jing Ze, was a little confused.

The people of Sky Dragon Base turned out to be so weak?

He still has a lot of attacks left to send…

But the most important thing now is to take away Yan Jing Ze.

Zhou Wenxiu controlled the motorcycle with one hand and went to grab Yan Jing Ze with the other.

  At this time, Qu Wanwan also wanted to catch Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze, in a hurry, smashed a spiritual attack on Qu Wanwan who tried to grab himself, and lunged towards Zhou Wenxiu.

He was grabbed by Zhou Wenxiu’s hand and carried to the motorcycle.

Finally rescued! Yan Jing Ze was about to hug the person he fell in love with at first sight, when there was an unspeakable pain in his head…

He fainted straight away.

Qu Wanwan was also dizzy together with him.

“Jing Ze?” Zhou Wenxiu called out worriedly, and under the fire, the psychic power was used again.

The people of Sky Dragon Base: “……” This development is not like what they thought at all!

“Zhou Wenxiu, the little white face you raised is the one who took the initiative to come with us!” The fire psychic named Chen Qi hugged the fainted Qu Wanwan in one hand.

   However, as soon as he said that, Zhou Wenxiu threw a fireball at him.

If Yan Jing Ze really took the initiative to leave with these people, how could he be so happy to see him just now?

Even if these people want to sow discord, they can’t say these wrong things!

Originally, Zhou Wenxiu planned to leave after saving Yan Jing Ze, but now many people in Sky Dragon Base have been injured, and the situation is a bit messy… He thinks he should have some compensation before leaving.

  His family’s Jing Ze is not well, he has to get more good things to make up for him.

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