BH (QT) 74 – Little White Face (2)

Chapter Seventy-Four – Little White Face (2)

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“Zhou Wenxiu is really here!” The beautiful girl beside Yan Jing Ze said excitedly, and looked at Yan Jing Ze: “Jing Ze, we’ll have to ask you to cooperate with the act later.”

Acting? What kind of drama? The question flashed through his mind, his head was dizzy, and some memories suddenly appeared in his mind.

It was the memory that belonged to the original owner.

    The original owner… is a scum!

He actually wore a scumbag!

This person is also named Yan Jing Ze, he is a native of H City.

His family is well-off, and he is the only child in the family. Since he was a child, he was loved by his parents, paternal grandparents, and maternal grandparents, and had everything he wanted.

But he wasn’t raised to be a little overlord, he was raised to be… a delicate flower.

The original owner did not like to walk when he was a child, so the family will carry him. Didn’t want to eat on his own, the family will feed, will not wear clothes and shoes, the family will help.

  Even when he studied, under the pampering of his family, he never lived in school. He was always taken care of, even when he was in college. He went to a school close to home, and his father picked him up every day!

What’s even better is that he’s good looking!

People always give preferential treatment to good-looking people. When he was a child, he was like a white jade doll. His teachers and classmates liked him. When he grew up, he was even more handsome and unrestrained, so that even if he doesn’t know anything, just stand there and there will be countless girls who will help him and give him things one after another.

In short, with the favor of his family and a good face, the twenty-one years before him had been smooth sailing, and the years to come… If the end times did not come, maybe it would not be too bad.

He didn’t study very well, he only got a low-level undergraduate degree in H City, but he was good-looking and sweet. At the same time, because of being too lazy, he didn’t want to go to work after graduation, so he started webcasting from his freshman year.

He chatted with people on the live broadcast and coaxed the girls who watched the live broadcast to get a lot of rewards every day. After he started to be a beauty blogger, his fans became more and more.

Although he likes to enjoy and buy all kinds of luxury goods, the money he earns and the subsidies from his family are enough to spend.

He even caught a Bai Fumei, planning to marry her and let her raise him in the future.

The original owner planned his life very well, ready to live a lifetime of ease, but unfortunately… the end of the world came.

Although the original owner was in college, he went home every night. When the end of the world came, he and his parents and grandparents were at home.

The fact that none of the five members of their family turned into zombies is something to be thankful for, but it’s not so easy to survive.

In particular, the original owner was pampered since childhood, and after the advent of the end times, he only knew how to eat and drink, but was not willing to do anything.

He was a young man in his early twenties who simply did not dare and refused to go out. It was always the original owner’s father, who was in his fifties, who went out to find food.

At first there were not many zombies, and because the outbreak was at night, many zombies were locked in the house. The original owner’s father was able to get back a lot of food, but over time, the food on the market deteriorated, and the zombies are getting more and more…

One day, the original owner’s father went out to look for food and never came back.

The original owner still did not go out.

The original owner’s mother was afraid of running out of food at home and started to go out to find food… She found some food back at first, but then… she went out a certain time and never came back.

  That day the original owner actually heard his mother’s wail coming from downstairs, but he hid and didn’t even dare to look at it.

There wasn’t much food left in the house.

The original owner’s grandparents, who were already over 70 years old, ate very little to save food after the end of the world. They have long been skinny and hanging on by a breath. They simply cannot find food, rather, they are more likely to become food for the zombies instead…

In order not to waste food and drag their grandchild down, the elderly couple jumped off the building after their daughter-in-law failed to return.

The original owner… still did not go out.

The original owner actually secretly hid some food when there was still enough food at home, plus the food left at home, the original owner surprisingly lasted another month.

At this time, it had been a full year since the end times began.

It was also the original owner’s luck that he met the team led by Zhou Wenxiu who came out to find supplies before starving to death and was brought to the university city base, and because he was young enough, he was also given a job.

The original owner… couldn’t do it.

Before the end of the world, the original owner was a spoiled person who did not work. This year, he has been hiding at home and never left the house, the muscles have shrunk, what work can he do?

After less than half an hour of work, the original owner was already lying on the floor.

Such a life is too painful for the original owner, he immediately decided to find a golden master, but this is the last days, even the strong, are not willing to raise a waste.

Not to mention that the original owner’s requirements for life are not low.

The original owner who could not find the golden master wanted to sell his body, and at this time, he met Zhou Wenxiu who was surrounded by a crowd of people.

Realizing that Zhou Wenxiu is very powerful, the original owner went out of his way, he went up and confessed to Zhou Wenxiu, saying that he liked Zhou Wenxiu very much and was willing to do anything for him.

The original owner was just trying, but it turned out that Zhou Wenxiu really accepted it and brought him home.

The original owner has been living in Zhou Wenxiu’s house for four months now.

Zhou Wenxiu was very busy and didn’t go home very much, but he was really good to the original owner. The original owner didn’t need to work, and there was food.

Zhou Wenxiu is the original owner’s bread and butter. The original owner was always provided for by Zhou Wenxiu, until the original owner found another golden master.

Half a month ago, a group of people from the Sky Dragon base at the other end of H City came to the University City base, and in this group of people, there was a female water psychic, a former high school classmate of the original owner.

    Back then, this girl also pursued the original owner for a long time.

At that time, the original owner received a lot of gifts from others, but he looked down on them and did not agree to the relationship, but this time it was different!

The original owner did not like men and liked women, and he actually disliked Zhou Wenxiu.

He felt that Zhou Wenxiu did not know how to take care of his appearance and was too ugly. He also felt that Zhou Wenxiu had no sense of fun in life, and it was even harder to accept the fact that he might have to sleep with Zhou Wenxiu.

In short, if there is a woman on equal terms in front of the original owner, the original owner is sure to choose a woman, or even a woman with less conditions than Zhou Wenxiu.

Now, a woman has come in front of the original owner!

This former classmate of the original owner is named Qu Wanwan. Since she met the original owner in the University City base, she began to secretly contact with the original owner, express good feelings to the original owner, and even expressed her willingness to take the original owner to the Sky Dragon base and marry the original owner.

  The original owner got excited all of a sudden.

The original owner told Qu Wanwan all the things he knew, related to Zhou Wenxiu, and agreed to leave the university city base with Qu Wanwan.

Qu Wanwan told him that in order to avoid Zhou Wenxiu’s anger to kill them all, let him pretend to be kidnapped so that they can use him to threaten Zhou Wenxiu to make Zhou Wenxiu retreat… This is something that the original owner also agreed to.

So, the day the people of Sky Dragon base left the base of the University City, the original owner cooperated with the people of Sky Dragon base, leaving a scene of being kidnapped, and then left happily.

Shortly after they left, Zhou Wenxiu caught up with them.

At that time, the original owner had been turned upside down by the car, and after Zhou Wenxiu came, he was grabbed by Qu Wanwan and used to threaten Zhou Wenxiu.

Zhou Wenxiu was afraid to attack, and at this time, Qu Wanwan asked Zhou Wenxiu to take out the ‘meteorite’ in exchange for the original owner, saying that if Zhou Wenxiu was not willing, she would kill the original owner.

The original owner had realized by this time that something was wrong, but still played along with Qu Wanwan, crying and telling Zhou Wenxiu that he loved him and that he should leave him alone.

    The more he said this, the more Zhou Wenxiu could not leave him alone.

  Zhou Wenxiu finally agreed to the request of Qu Wanwan and others to use the ‘meteorite’ in exchange for the original owner.

As a result, when the meteorite reached Qu Wanwan, Qu Wanwan surprisingly said, “Zhou Wenxiu, Yan Jing Ze took the initiative to go with us… Right, Yan Jing Ze?”

The original owner felt that he was about to leave with Qu Wanwan, plus the whole person was still controlled by Qu Wanwan, smilingly answered yes, and then was picked up by the man beside Qu Wanwan and thrown towards Zhou Wenxiu…

Even this is not enough, the people on Qu Wanwan’s side even took advantage of Zhou Wenxiu’s stunned state and launched an attack on him.

Zhou Wenxiu carried the original owner, it took a lot of effort to get rid of the people of Sky Dragon base and escape back to the base, but by then Zhou Wenxiu was already seriously injured.

He did not kill the original owner, but drove him out of the house and went to recuperate himself.

  The original owner has lived a life of great suffering ever since, and by the time he saw Zhou Wenxiu again, it was already a month later.

   A month later, the zombies attacked the security base of the university city. Zhou Wenxiu, who was not fully healed, went to meet the enemy outside the city and died in the hands of the zombies.

After the death of Zhou Wenxiu, the safe base was overrun by zombies, and the original owner did not end up well, also died in the hands of zombies.

The more memories Yan Jing Ze receives, the more he felt that the original owner was stupid and poisonous.

He watched his parents and grandparents die. It was Zhou Wenxiu who saved him and later raised him, but as a result, he showed no gratitude to Zhou Wenxiu and even turned around and sold the man clean!

He was dressed as such a person!

Dressed as this kind of person and the time of wearing is still… the time of running away for elopement!

Wait, he can still save it. Now Zhou Wenxiu doesn’t know he’s eloping and thinks he’s been kidnapped, and he came to save him!

He must be rescued properly!

Speaking of which, what is the original owner’s taste? He actually thinks Qu Wanwan looks good and Zhou Wenxiu doesn’t… Obviously, Zhou Wenxiu is the most handsome one!

  Zhou Wenxiu’s motorcycle is very flexible and advances rather quickly, and by now it is close to the convoy and the convoy has come to a halt.

Qu Wanwan’s eyes lit up when she saw this, and as soon as she grabbed the collar of Yan Jing Ze, she dragged him out of the car.

Yan Jing Ze was uncomfortable at first, but now being pulled like this makes him want to vomit…

He also did not hold back, but instead his tongue curled up and probed towards his throat…

“Ou!” Yan Jing Ze turned towards Qu Wanwan and threw up.

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The scum level is high in this one. Poor parents, grandparents…


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