BH (QT) 73 – Little White Face (1)

Chapter Seventy-Three – Little White Face (1)

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   On June 1, 20X0, a giant asteroid appeared in the telescopes of some astronomers, and after some calculations, it was also found that the asteroid would hit the Earth in six months, bringing a devastating disaster to mankind.

The countries joined together and used all kinds of state-of-the-art spacecraft and missiles to destroy the asteroid before it hit the Earth.

  The asteroid that was originally a whole was eventually blown into countless pieces that fell into the atmosphere and were scattered all over the Earth.

Immediately afterwards, an unknown virus swept the world within hours, infecting a third of the world’s population.

People infected by this virus die instantly and soon rise again, turning into a terrible creature – the zombie.

They are obviously dead, unconscious, but still able to move, and will chase the living humans and eat them.

And all the people they wounded, within an hour or a few days, will become the same walking dead as them.

In addition, the fragments of the asteroid fell into the Earth, the Earth’s magnetic field also suddenly weakened. A large number of charged solar particles bombarded the Earth, the Earth’s dense power grid and satellites outside the atmosphere suddenly became scrap metal, the world lost power, the Internet instantly disappeared, and cell phones did not work.

Humanity ushered in the end times.

Thankfully, when God pressed down a towering mountain on the road to human existence, he blazed a trail through it – and some very lucky people awakened to psychic powers in the post-apocalyptic world.

November 20X1, Suburb of H City, University City.

H City is a provincial capital city with many well-known universities. The end times came suddenly more than a year ago, and college students living on campus suffered heavy losses.

The first batch of zombies appeared too suddenly. Some dormitories, although only one person became a zombie, but the people living with that person inevitably were injured and infected with the virus in an unsuspecting situation.

There were quite a few dorm rooms that ended up being a total loss.

At the same time, communication methods were completely out of order and the electricity and water were cut off, which made those surviving students, who had not yet entered the society, panicked.

Fortunately, at this time, the president of the Z Students’ Union, Zhou Wenxiu, who had awakened powerful fire ability, stepped forward and began to help the students in the school and the people around him.

He led people to save survivors, to kill zombies, to collect food …… Under Zhou Wenxiu’s leadership and organization, they established the “University City Security Base”, centered on the many universities in H City.

The surviving college students and those who were rescued worked together to build the base better and better. The college students, who had been ridiculed for their lack of hands-on skills, also began to make all kinds of useful things to improve their living conditions…

More than a year has passed, the zombies outside are getting stronger and stronger, and the people in the university city security base are getting more and more. The strength of the psychics has advanced by leaps and bounds in the battle, but the strongest person in the entire base is still the base founder and manager – Zhou Wenxiu.

Zhou Wenxiu used to be the president of the student council, but now he is the president of the University City Security Base Management Association and is in charge of the entire base.

Zhou Wenxiu’s father owns a large multinational corporation. He was born smart, and with his childhood education, he has a top IQ and an emotional intelligence that far exceeds that of ordinary people. When he was in college, he was the envy of everyone, and when the end times came, his performance was even more perfect.

Not only does he have great strength, but he can also balance all the forces and keep the base in order, which is not an ordinary person can do!

However, Zhou Wenxiu is not without a flaw.

He likes men and has raised a worthless little white face.

When the end of the world came, those girls who treated Zhou Wenxiu as a male god before the end of the world became more enthusiastic about him. Countless people expressed good feelings for him, but Zhou Wenxiu did not want anyone and remained single.

Just when everyone thought he was clean and different, he brought a man home and started feeding and providing clothes for him.

People who learned about it were curious to ask Zhou Wenxiu what was going on, and then they learned from Zhou Wenxiu’s mouth that the man was his boyfriend.

Rather than a boyfriend, it’s better to call it raising a little white face.

Because that man, in addition to a good-looking face and sweet mouth, is really useless. He can’t do anything. In the base, even the elderly and children will work hard to earn survival supplies for themselves. But after he was rescued by Zhou Wenxiu, he did not do any work. Only relying on Zhou Wenxiu to feed him!

This is simply a shame for men.

However, Zhou Wenxiu is very attentive to him and usually gives whatever he wants. Today, he suddenly found him missing and learned that he was kidnapped by the people of the Sky Dragon base and immediately went after them.

    Ten kilometers from the University City base, a convoy is rampaging forward.

This was the convoy used by the Sky Dragon base to exchange supplies with the University City base and just left the University City base. At this moment, the people in the convoy were cursing and swearing while trying to clear the road so that the convoy could move forward smoothly.

The end of the world came so suddenly that the country could not prepare for it. Because the communication equipment was not working, the news could not be spread, so many people were unprepared and got bitten by their relatives who became zombies and eventually turned into zombies.

The situation elsewhere, they do not know now, but one thing is certain, that is, the big city of H, at least seven out of ten people have turned into zombies.

These zombies, which are still getting stronger with time, are subconsciously chasing flesh and blood again… The convoy wants to move forward, it becomes very difficult, and now and then have to run over the zombies.

In the middle of these cars, there was an SUV, and in the back seat of this SUV sat a young man in his early twenties with a handsome look.

The people around him are used to the zombies outside and the bumpy driving conditions of the car. However, the man was frightened by the zombies outside the car window, and when the car made a sharp turn to spare two zombies, he could not restrain himself from dry heaving.

A beautiful girl sitting next to him saw him looking like this and rolled her eyes with some contempt, but when he looked over, she gave a gentle smile and asked with a face full of concern, “Jing Ze, are you okay?”

How does Yan Jing Ze know if he’s okay?

Suddenly he traversed into such a place, he knew nothing, he just felt his stomach turning over and feeling uncomfortable.

The driver does not know how to drive and keeps going on an S-shape, making a big turn at every turn, not only that, the ground is also obviously uneven…

Yan Jing Ze clearly fastened his seat belt but still felt that he would be thrown out at any time. The car shook suddenly, his body was thrown high, followed by a fall, which made him dizzy.

“It’s too bumpy…” Yan Jing Ze couldn’t help but say.

He did not have the memory before crossing nor the memory of the original owner of this body. At this moment, his mind is completely blank, but he felt that… the car should not be so bumpy.

“Jing Ze, endure it. This section of the road has more zombies, it is not easy to drive” the woman’s voice sounded again.

Yan Jing Ze lifted his head and only then did he see the appearance of the woman who was talking to him.

This is a pretty-looking girl, but the makeup and hair are not very well done.

Although she permed and dyed her hair, but that hair is not well maintained, the tips are withered and split, although she wore makeup, but the makeup is very simple, eye makeup is still very rough.

What’s more, she surprisingly did not wear a dress and high-heels, but wore an ugly sportswear, a pair of black sneakers, the shoes are still a little dirty.

Yan Jing Ze is inexplicably a little disgusted.

“Jing Ze, the conditions on the road are not very good, when we go to our base, it will be fine.” The woman looked at Yan Jing Ze with a smile.

Yan Jing Ze vaguely responded, he did not like this woman, he did not want to look at her, instead he looked out of the car window behind the woman…

A ‘man’ with half of his face missing, one eye hanging under the eye socket and covered in dark red blood, rushed towards their car with his mouth wide open.

“What’s that?” Yan Jing Ze subconsciously dodged back.

The woman looked back, turned her head again, and looked speechlessly at Yan Jing Ze, with a deep contempt hidden under her eyes.

The look in her eyes made his heart jump and he didn’t dare to speak again for fear of revealing himself – had he crossed over to some strange place?

The woman saw Yan Jing Ze did not speak, and smiled: “Do not be afraid. Wait until we get to the base side, there will be no zombies. I will protect you, will not let you get hurt.”

  This woman obviously does not like him but the words are very good… Yan Jing Ze lowered his eyelids, feeling a little anxious.

There is no memory of the original owner, even he does not have his own memory before crossing, he does not know where he is now…

    What a pitfall!

As he was thinking about it, Yan Jing Ze saw outside the car window there are a few more people with missing arms and legs, looking clearly dead, rushing towards them.

Each and every one of them, some of them have crooked necks, some of them have missing arms, and some of them have rotten bodies, so why would they still run?

What the hell are these things?

Yan Jing Ze felt a little nauseous. At this moment, he saw a fire flying towards the dead man, directly burning the dead man’s head, and the dead man finally fell to the ground and stopped moving.

Where did this fire come from?

Yan Jing Ze was puzzled and suddenly felt vaguely that there was a person sitting on the roof of the car where he was sitting, and that person… was still throwing a fireball out.

This really is a strange place!

Why on earth would he cross over to such a place?

Yan Jing Ze was feeling frustrated when the man on the roof of the car suddenly said, “Zhou Wenxiu is catching up!”

The man’s voice was clearly tinged with a bit of excitement.

Who is Zhou Wenxiu? Yan Jing Ze subconsciously looked back.

The glass at the back of the car was dirty and he couldn’t see anything when he looked back. Yan Jing Ze’s seat was on the window side, so he could see the outside clearly.

They were moving through an abandoned city, several cars in total in front and behind, supposedly a team, and behind these cars, a motorcycle came speeding near.

The motorcycle was a little far away from them, and according to logic, Yan Jing Ze shouldn’t be able to see the person’s appearance, but for some reason, he could see him clearly.

Sitting on the motorcycle was a young man in his twenties.

He had a flat haircut that was not pleasing to the eye, but it didn’t affect his face at all, instead, he looked clean and neat. The ordinary sportswear looked extraordinary because he was wearing it.

His face is cold, his eyebrows are thick, the bridge of his nose is high, at this time, his slightly narrowed eyes looking ahead, as if a lone wolf that will jump up and pounce on its prey at any time.

The heart of Yan Jing Ze skipped a beat, he even subconsciously covered his heart, as if the heart was about to jump out.

He fell in love with that man at first sight.

He knows why he came to this place… He must have come for this person!

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Little White Face – Pretty Boy

HAPPY NEW YEAR! ヽ(^o^)丿 New year, new arc! This is one of the arcs that I really enjoyed reading. I really like zombie arcs in QT novels.

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