BH (QT) 72 – The Emperor (Extra 2)

Chapter Seventy-Two – The Emperor (Extra 2)

Chu Ting Xiu looked at his sister in a daze.

His sister was so blotchy and out of shape, he almost didn’t recognize her.

    “Ting Lan,” Chu Ting Xiu called.

    “Big… Big brother.” Chu Tinglan looked at her elder brother, and started begging Chu Ting Xiu again: “Big brother, you take me out, big brother…”

    Chu Ting Xiu didn’t respond.

Chu Tinglan’s crime, according to the law, even the execution of the whole clan’s nine generation is not excessive. She can now live here peacefully, it is already Yan Jing Ze’s benevolence.

    “Big Brother…” Chu Tinglan cried again.

    Not only Chu Tinglan was crying, but there were other people who were crying for a while.

    Yan Jing Ze said: “Don’t cry, crying is useless.”

    King Ping and the others looked at Yan Jing Ze together.

    Yan Jing Ze smiled: “I won’t let you out.”

    In fact, he didn’t hate King Ping too much, but letting King Ping out would be very troublesome.

    As for Chu Tinglan, he wouldn’t let it go.

    He was not too angry when Chu Tinglan found someone to assassinate him, but Chu Tinglan did not put Chu Tingxiu in her mind at all… He also had an opinion on Chu Tinglan.

    After Yan Jing Ze said that he would not let the people out, King Ping was stunned.

    After a while, King Ping stood up and sneered: “So you came here just to see how miserable I am?”

After being imprisoned, there was nothing to do. King Ping got fat without knowing it, before kneeling again. Before, he knelt down and begged for mercy, inevitably giving people a foolish impression, but at this moment, this feeling has completely disappeared.

    After all, he was a person who could develop his own power under the eyes of the Queen Mother.

    “I don’t have time to watch your jokes, I want to take away the child inside,” Yan Jing Ze said, and looked at the people around him: “Go and take the child out.”

    “I didn’t expect you to be such a benevolent woman,” King Ping sneered.

    From the time they were detained, the guards told King Ping’s concubines that they could send their newly-born children outside to raise them if they wanted.

    When King Ping rebelled, Yan Jing Ze did not rush to kill people. Whether it’s King Ping’s mother’s clan or the two side concubines’ natal families, there are still people in the family. It’s better for the child to be sent outside to be raised than to be confined here.

    However, after the two concubines of King Ping were detained, they were not willing to be close to King Ping, and they never gave birth, but Chu Tinglan gave birth to a child.

    Yan Jing Ze did not speak.

    In the end, he’s a traverser. Although he has no previous memories, but some of his thoughts are always different from those of people at this time.

    For example, he always felt that King Ping’s side concubines did not need to be locked up here with King Ping.

It’s just that when they go out, they are more than likely to have a bad time, so he doesn’t toss them.

    In this era, people are always bound by various rules, especially women.

    He is a man and also an Emperor, it is already a great luck for him.

    The child was taken out.

    Chu Ting Xiu stretched out his hand: “Let me see.”

A crumpled child was placed in his arms. The child was crying, but after being held, she suddenly stopped crying. Instead, kept using her mouth to reach the things around her mouth, probably hungry.

    Chu Ting Xiu looked at the child for a while, then looked at Chu Tinglan: “I will take this child away, and I will raise her well.”

    “Big Brother…” Chu Tinglan ignored her child and continued to beg: “Brother, take me out, please… I was wrong, I will be obedient…”

    “He is Yan Jing Ze’s running dog and Yan Jing Ze said that he won’t let you go. What’s the use of begging him?” King Ping sneered and looked at Chu Ting Xiu again: “Chu Ting Xiu, you are quite capable. You can wear clothes embroidered with dragon patterns on your upper body… Don’t think that you will end well if you follow Yan Jing Ze. You will definitely be worse than me in the future!” 

Chu Ting Xiu’s clothes have dragon patterns, which is actually one of the privileges given by Yan Jing Ze. But in the eyes of King Ping, it is very abnormal.

    King Ping looked at Yan Jing Ze again: “Yan Jing Ze, you are really good at allowing Chu Ting Xiu to help you like this… But can you bear Chu Ting Xiu’s climb on your head?”

    King Ping is now ready to give up, so he starts to provoke.

    Yan Jing Ze looked at him quietly. After listening to him, he said, “You don’t need to worry about the matter between me and the Queen.”

    King Ping was stunned again, and then suddenly looked at Chu Ting Xiu.

    Chu Ting Xiu’s face changed slightly, as if he was happy and embarrassed.

    Yan Jing Ze gave him the title of King and gave him various preferential treatments, but it was the first time that he said he was a Queen.

    “You, you…” King Ping’s voice trembled.

    Yan Jing Ze looked at Chu Ting Xiu: “Do you want to talk to your sister?”

    “No need.” Chu Ting Xiu said. Although his sister is not doing well here, but that was relative to the past.

    In the whole Qi Dynasty, how many people can’t get enough to eat or wear warmth? Her life is okay now.

    Moreover, when Chu Tinglan faced him, there was no guilt at all, and he was also quite chilled.

    “Then go,” Yan Jing Ze said.

    Yan Jing Ze took Chu Ting Xiu and left. Behind them, King Ping yelled, “You are in this kind of relationship, it is like this… Chu Ting Xiu, do you think Yan Jing Ze can always be with you? Sooner or later, he will abandon you!”

    Some things that he couldn’t figure out before, King Ping figured it out all at once. No wonder Chu Ting Xiu stayed overnight in the palace, no wonder he moved strangely when he got off the horse in the middle of the night and got hurt on his body. No wonder Chu Ting Xiu refused to let Chu Tinglan enter the palace. And was even willing to act with him for the sake of Yan Jing Ze.

    It turns out this is a pair of dog men!

    But he believes that these two people will never last long.

    The Empress Dowager had a deep and righteous relationship with the Emperor Taizu back then. What happened later? For power, the two fell out long ago! The death of Emperor Taizu may be caused by the hands and feet of the Queen Mother.

    Chu Ting Xiu and Yan Jing Ze are both men, and they will part ways sooner or later.

    Yan Jing Ze turned his head, glanced at King Ping, and smiled.

    Yan Jing didn’t say anything in front of King Ping, but as soon as he went out, he said to Chu Ting Xiu: “Ting Xiu, I am so sad, they all misunderstood that I would be bad for you… how can this be done!”

    Chu Ting Xiu said: ” Your Majesty, I believe in you.”

    “But I am still very sad.” Yan Jing Ze looked at Chu Ting Xiu and blinked.

    Chu Ting Xiu: “What does your majesty want?” There is no doubt that His Majesty has strange ideas again…

    “I want to go to Jiangnan to play, you accompany me,” Yan Jing Ze laughed.

    Behind the two, King Ping was still yelling and cursing.

    He had been scolding for a long time before finally stopping. At this time, it was dark.

    King Ping looked at Chu Tinglan suddenly: “Your brother is actually so good at serving others with sex… sooner or later he will be abandoned and will not end well.”

    Chu Tinglan was stunned.

    “No wonder your brother is so desperate for Yan Jing Ze, no wonder Yan Jing Ze is willing to give up his life to save your brother. It’s just that feelings are fickle, hehe!” King Ping sneered.

    Chu Tinglan hadn’t reacted yet.

    King Ping said again: “Had I known that Chu Ting Xiu was good at it, it’s not that I can’t do it…”

Chu Tinglan jumped up and tried to hit King Ping.

    The two scuffled together, cursing endlessly, but in the end they also reached a consensus, thinking that Chu Ting Xiu and Yan Jing Ze would inevitably separate.

    However, in the second year, on Chu Ting Xiu’s birthday, the guards brought some delicious food: “His Majesty gave General Chu a birthday banquet and rewarded you.”

In the third year, Chu Ting Xiu’s birthday, the reward came again.

    Then, the fourth, fifth, sixth…the tenth, the 20th, the 30th…

    Although it was good to improve the food for one day, King Ping always felt aggrieved!

    What made him feel more aggrieved was the guard who had never told them about outside matters before. Since that day, he has started to talk to them about Yan Jing Ze and Chu Ting Xiu.

    What ‘Yan Jing Ze took Chu Ting Xiu to Jiangnan’?

    What ‘someone gave Yan Jing Ze a male pet and Yan Jing Ze was furious’?

What ‘someone asked Yan Jing Ze to establish a queen and was beaten by General Chu’s men’?

    What ‘Yan Jing Ze specially built a palace for Chu Ting Xiu in the North, and took Chu Ting Xiu to play’?



    King Ping did not want to listen.

    But apart from this, he has nothing else to listen to!

    What else can he do? He can only listen!

    King Ping is definitely a man with strong willpower. Although he has been locked up, he hasn’t collapsed. Even if he has gained weight, he hasn’t raised too much fat because the food is not good.

    He lived to his seventies.

    Then Yan Jing Ze was still celebrating Chu Ting Xiu’s birthday.

    When he was lying on the hospital bed before he died, he heard the news from these two people: “His Majesty has passed the throne to King Yong’s grandson, and he has taken General Chu to the North Land…”

    King Ping was very unwilling.

    He shouldn’t have rebelled in the first place!

    If he did not rebel, but married Chu Tinglan and have a few children…

    Yan Jing Ze loves Chu Ting Xiu so much. Seeing that Chu Tinglan is Chu Ting Xiu’s sister, he will definitely give the throne to him and Chu Tinglan’s grandson! It’s definitely not King Yong’s turn!

    How could he be so stupid back then?!

    He was already locked up but he still had to listen to people show love for a lifetime, King Ping almost died in agony.

    In his early years, Prime Minister Cui was actually very entangled, and he was always afraid that the two most powerful people would fall out.

    For a time, he even fell ill because he was so worried that he could not eat or drink well.

But in the end, he didn’t dwell on it until he died, like King Ping did.

    Because after he fell ill, His Majesty invited Doctor Hu to treat him, and when Doctor Hu accidentally knew what he was thinking, he looked at him speechlessly: “You actually think General Chu coaxed His Majesty?!”

    “Isn’t it?” Prime Minister Cui asked.

    Doctor Hu said: “You got it wrong! I will tell you quietly that it was His Majesty who gave General Chu the medicine, and General Chu was also injured… Tsk tsk!” 

Prime Minister Cui: “!!!”

Doctor Hu said again: “That is, General Chu is tool loyal and patriotic…”

    Prime Minister Cui”!!!”

    It turns out that it is like this… His Majesty is really not simple!

    Prime Minister Cui’s illness recovered instantly.

    If this were the case, General Chu would definitely not be able to escape from the palm of His Majesty’s hand.

As for His Majesty’s failure to establish a queen and having no children… Forget it, there is more than one emperor without children!

    Yan Jing Ze and Chu Ting Xiu are lived very long. They have survived the departure of many ministers, they are still alive and well.

    One day, the gray-haired Yan Jing Ze woke up and found that he had lost a tooth, and immediately looked at Chu Ting Xiu: “I am so miserable! I actually lost a tooth…”

    Chu Ting Xiu kissed him directly. Yan Jing Ze did not say it but he knew, Yan Jing Ze must have wanted to receive a kiss for comfort.

    On the second day, Yan Jing Ze said again: “I’m very sad when I think of the loss of a tooth yesterday…”

    Continue kissing!

    Day 3: “I only have few teeth left…”


    The fourth day: “Ting Xiu, your teeth are loose too, come, I will kiss you…”

    Chu Ting Xiu: “…” Do it… Decades later, he is used to it, now he’s afraid that people around him will not be used to seeing two old men sticky.

    At the beginning, he thought about enjoying the last time. He didn’t expect that decades have passed and he is still enjoying…

On the side of the couch, no one is allowed to sleep soundly, but on the couch, he can still sleep with others for a lifetime.


    Hundreds of years later, a college history class.

    The professor standing on the podium said: “Today, let’s talk about the prosperity of the twin emperors…” 

“Professor, don’t talk about this.”

    “We all know!”

“There are too many movies and TV series about the love story of Yan Jing Ze and Chu Ting Xiu…”

    “This is definitely the most beautiful love in history.”

“Yes… Because it is too beautiful, no one is allowed to intervene. Now, no one dares to write a novel of transmigrating to the past and wearing one of these two men.”

    “Their feelings are already sweeter than novels. Officially forcing the same-sex couples to do the same thing.”

    “The love letters that Yan Jing Ze wrote to Chu Ting Xiu are in textbooks. We have known them since we were young!”


The students said one after another.

    The professor asked, “Do you know how they got together?”

    “Chu Ting Xiu saved Yan Jing Ze who was oppressed by his grandmother, and Yan Jing Ze fell in love with him at first sight!” said a student.

    “Wrong!” the professor said: “I know some top-secret materials, including the manuscripts of the Prime Minister Cui at the time…”

The students’ eyes lit up.

    The professor said: “The Emperor Yan Jing Ze was not like in those film and television works, relying on Chu Ting Xiu to save his small and weak self. He is a very talented man. At a young age, he pretended to be a fool to hold his grandmother and let his grandmother choose him as the emperor. And then secretly developed his own power… He is highly charismatic and we suspect that he has long since won over Chu Ting Xiu. Chu Ting Xiu’s dealing with the Empress Dowager should not be for the identity of the Emperor, but for him personally. Then, when he and Chu Ting Xiu got together, he calculated it step by step. It is said that he used some less bright means. He even told Prime Minister Cui that if he wants to get Chu Ting Xiu, he will definitely get him, and he will never let go… This majesty is a very clear-headed person who knows exactly what he wants. He chose Chu Ting Xiu and Chu Ting Xiu has never let him down…”

    Students: “…”

Because the history says that when Yan Jing Ze ascended to the throne, he was a teenager, and also because he left a lot of literature written about love, so, a lot of film and television works, are looking for young white meat to play his character. He was shaped into a literary young man who knows how to talk about love, and even some stories about Chu Ting Xiu relying on military power, forced Yan Jing Ze into a relationship, and finally produced feelings for him… Isn’t it?

    This Emperor is actually a talented man?

    Seeing everyone’s shock, the professor said, “The two emperors’ prosperity cannot be created by an emperor who only knows how to talk about love. When Yan Jing Ze was in power, many government decrees were very useful. If not, the ministers at the time will not be convinced by him. When he abdicated, many people were crying and begged him to stay…”

The students listened carefully.

    “When a man and a man fall in love without an heir, they were also very rebellious at the time. These two people are so strong that no one dares to say anything. If you look closely at history, you will find that between the two people, the dominant position is still Yan Jing Ze.”

    Students: “!!!”

So, the film and television works are deceptive! Yan Jing Ze is not at all a sad and sentimental, delicate young man, but a big strong gong!

    At this time, the professor suddenly smiled: “In fact, the works of Yan Jing Ze, in addition to the love letters and love poems that were allowed to be printed at that time and widely circulated, there are also some very personal notes, not many of these notes have been preserved, and I believe that if you see them, you will be shocked.”

The students were excited one by one: “Professor, can we see it?”

The professor said: “Yes.”

The professor clicked on a photo on the computer to show everyone.

    This photo was taken from a fragmented scroll. The first sentence reads: “X Day, the General said: ‘Your Majesty is so powerful, I can’t bear it.’ Very happy, I will continue to practice martial arts tomorrow.”

    There are some daily talks, most of which mentioned Chu Ting Xiu and now and then boast a few words.

    Obviously, the things on this are all literary, but for some reason, when they look at it, they always feel that there is a breath of sand sculpture coming to their faces.

    What about the deep-minded powerful gong?

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Gong – Seme or Top, I really wanted to use seme coz I’m more used to it but it’s a danmei…

Sand Sculpture – when seen as as silly or a fool



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