Chapter 191 – Could it be that fish soup…

Indeed, Village Doctor Zhao planned to visit Qinghe Production Brigade immediately, to visit Xu Changyi’s home and see if the fish soup was still there.

To see if that fish soup truly had such magical effects.

With a heart full of shock, Village Doctor Zhao left with his medicine box.

He encountered others who were also heading to the Sun family’s house.

“Doctor Zhao, just coming out from Sun’s house, huh? Ah, we never expected life to be so unpredictable.”

“Yes,” Doctor Zhao nodded.

A child who was almost dying, after drinking a bowl of so-called blessed fish soup, revived. Isn’t life unpredictable?

“Doctor Zhao, I wonder how Aunt Sun and the couple are feeling now, are they… are they…”

“They are… very emotional…”

With Tiedan alive, they must be emotional.

“Very emotional…” It was indeed a huge blow for them to lose Tiedan.

“Doctor Zhao, we’ll go first. We need to quickly go to Sun’s house to console Aunt Sun and them.”

“Alright, you go.” He was also eager to go to Qinghe Production Brigade.

However, after walking several steps, Doctor Zhao wondered why they were going to console Aunt Sun and the couple if Tiedan was already good. Were they afraid that Aunt Sun and couple would be too emotional to see Tiedan alive?

Hmm, that must be it.

Without further thought, he hurried towards Qinghe Production Brigade…

And over here, those who were going to Sun’s house were surprised when they walked in and saw Aunt Sun’s daughter-in-law washing clothes.

“Zhu Zi’s wife, with everything going on, you still have the mood to do laundry?”

“Have you become too sad that you can’t even figure out what you’re doing?”

“What?” Zhu Zi’s wife was a bit confused.

Previously, because of worrying about Tiedan, she had forgotten to wash the clothes at home. Now that Tiedan was fine, naturally, she wanted to finish all the chores that needed to be done.

“Mom…” At this moment, Tiedan came out of the house and walked towards his mother.

When those people saw Tiedan, their eyes widened, and their legs couldn’t stop trembling.

“Is my eyesight failing, or is my hearing faulty? Otherwise, how did I see Tiedan, who was supposed to be dead, coming out and calling Zhu Zi’s wife ‘mom’?”

“You’re not mistaken, I saw it too, and heard it too.”

Tiedan recognized the aunt and uncle in front of him, so after getting a response from his mother, he approached them and spoke, “Auntie Cuihua, Uncle Shuanzi…”

Meanwhile, upon seeing Tiedan coming towards them, Auntie Cuihua from Tiedan’s mouth let out a thunderous scream.

“Ah, a ghost!”

“So, so your Tiedan didn’t die, he’s still alive?”

After a while, Aunt Cuihua and the others finally understood from Zhu Zi’s wife that Tiedan hadn’t died, not only was he alive, but his health had completely recovered.

“How is that possible!” As soon as she said that, she realized something was wrong and quickly said, “I, I didn’t mean that, what I meant was, just now we met Doctor Zhao, didn’t he say, he said something about your Tiedan…”

Before she could finish her sentence, she also realized that she had misunderstood Doctor Zhao’s words.

Doctor Zhao never mentioned Tiedan’s death from start to finish.

It was their own speculation.

Moreover, if Tiedan was alive, it was normal for Aunt Sun and the couple to be emotional.

And, clearly, someone who could die at any moment suddenly coming back to life without any issues was just life’s unpredictability.

After Aunt Cuihua and the others understood, they were truly dumbfounded.

“So it was just a misunderstanding.”

But a misunderstanding was better than Tiedan really being gone.

Of course, they were also curious about how Tiedan came back to life. Could it be that Doctor Zhao was a miraculous doctor who could even revive someone like Tiedan, who was on the brink of death from pneumonia?

Zhu Zi’s wife didn’t hide anything and explained about the fish soup.

“What, it’s because of drinking that blessed fish soup…”

When the people who rushed to Sun’s house heard this reason, they were stunned.

“So, that fish soup really has such a great effect.”

“If we had known earlier that the fish soup had such a great effect, I would have gone to get a bowl too.”

“Yeah, but I wonder if Captain Xu still has any left.”

“No, I have to go check.”

“I’m coming too.”

They had heard about the blessed fish soup and Xu Jinning in the past few days.

However, they were also skeptical.

Unlike Aunt Sun, who was eager to get a bowl of fish soup to save Tiedan, they didn’t go ask for the soup.

Their thoughts were actually similar to Xu Changyi’s — they considered the blessed fish soup as just a symbol of blessing, nothing more.

They never imagined that just one bowl of fish soup could save Tiedan’s life.

The blessing effect of this fish soup was indeed remarkable.

With such a good thing, it was natural to check if there was any left. If there was, they would also try to have a bowl. Even if they were healthy, drinking it could strengthen their bodies, and who knows, it might bring good luck.


On the other side, Xu Changyi had just managed to deal with Doctor Zhao when another wave of people from the Dahe Production Brigade came, also asking for the fish soup.

They talked all at once, hinting in various ways, saying that as long as Xu Changyi could give them a bowl of fish soup, they were willing to exchange it with other things, even willing to buy it with money.

Xu Changyi felt his scalp tingling as he listened.

“It’s gone, everyone. The fish soup was all given out yesterday, and there’s not even a trace left now.”

“Folks, I don’t know if this fish soup really has such miraculous effects, but I really don’t have any left, truly.”

Xu Changyi explained for a long time before these people left.

Watching their departing figures, Xu Changyi’s wife walked over.

“Changyi, do you think that fish soup really revived Tiedan? Is that fish soup really that miraculous?” They had also drunk the fish soup yesterday, but they didn’t feel any miraculous effects. Could it be because they were already healthy?

Xu Changyi pondered for a moment and replied, “I don’t know if the fish soup is that miraculous, but Tiedan is alive, so it must be true.”

Earlier, it was the village doctor who said so, and just now those villagers who went to Sun’s house must have seen Tiedan’s condition.

So, Tiedan’s health had improved.

Could it be that fish soup…

“Regardless, there’s no more fish soup left.”

“But dear… in the future, our family must be on good terms with Xu Aiguo’s family, especially their little girl.”

“Yes, I understand.”

They hadn’t forgotten that the Fish King was caught by the Xu family’s little girl.

If the fish soup made from the Fish King could really bring Tiedan from near death to health, if it really had a blessing effect, then Xu Jinning, this little girl, was truly a lucky star.

A lucky star, naturally, had to be befriended.

Meanwhile, as the people from the Dahe Production Brigade left, the news of why they came to the Qinghe Production Brigade, as well as Tiedan being revived by a bowl of fish soup, quickly spread…

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