Chapter 192 – Jiang Xiao’s Doubts and Panic

“Is the effect of that fish soup really that miraculous?”

“Well, definitely. Otherwise, why would so many people from Dahe Production Brigade come over? They must have personally confirmed that the child who was almost dying from illness came back to life after drinking the fish soup. That’s why they all rushed to our captain asking for the fish soup.”

“But our captain gave all the fish soup to us yesterday. There’s none left, so they came up empty-handed.”

“But I didn’t feel any different after drinking that fish soup yesterday.”

“But I think your complexion looks much better than before yesterday. Even I feel more energetic. Before, I always felt a bit weak and lazy, not wanting to move much. After drinking the fish soup yesterday, I’ve been busy all day, and I feel quite energetic now.”


“Yeah, come to think of it, I also feel different after drinking the fish soup…”

Everyone began to talk about the changes they experienced after drinking it. Some mentioned changes in their bodies or energy levels, all positive improvements. Some even said that after drinking the fish soup, their luck improved. For example, one person’s three chickens, which used to lay one egg each per day, suddenly laid a total of six eggs this morning…

Anyway, everyone had something to say, but the bottom line was that this fish soup indeed had a miraculous effect, and its effects varied for different people.

“Hey, don’t forget, the fish used to make the soup was caught by the Xu’s little girl. Do you think she’s… a ‘lucky star’?” someone cautiously mentioned.

After hearing this, everyone fell silent.

Although no one answered verbally, they all nodded unconsciously in agreement.

They also secretly planned that in the future, they must be on good terms with the Xu family and the “lucky star”. Maybe in the future, their family would also have more blessings.

The other people in Qinghe Production Brigade also heard about the rumor of Tiedan. The Xu family naturally heard about it too.

Upon hearing it, Xu Jinning was dumbfounded.

“This must be fake. It’s just fish soup, not some miraculous elixir. How could it have such an effect?” Xu Jinning firmly didn’t believe that the child named Tiedan had regained health by drinking the fish soup made from the fish she caught.

That was too far-fetched.

If it were true, then she really was a genuine “lucky star,” and everything she provided would be blessed.

But Xu Jinning found it impossible. Even if she could transmigrate, she couldn’t possibly be a deity, could she? Lucky stars were celestial beings in heaven.

If she were a deity, how could she have died so miserably in her past life and still be controlled by the world’s plot?

Impossible, absolutely impossible!

“I think this is just a case of hearsay, exaggeration,” Xu Jinning concluded. She believed that maybe the child wasn’t that sick; perhaps his body was already recovering, but people who didn’t know attributed the credit to the fish soup.

“Perhaps,” other Xu family members echoed Xu Jinning’s words.

However, they had different answers in their hearts.

As the closest and most familiar family members to Xu Jinning, they knew how special she was.

Ningning truly was a lucky star.

Perhaps, that fish soup did have such miraculous effects.

The Xu family felt that they should work even harder to protect Ningning in the future. Otherwise, if Ningning’s miraculous abilities were exposed, it could be dangerous for her.

And that was definitely not what they wanted to see.

Because the miraculous effects of the fish soup were widely spread, some people also followed Aunt Sun’s example and wanted to get fish soup from the captain. When they couldn’t get it there, they thought of coming to the Xu family for it.

Naturally, the Xu family didn’t have any left. They also advised Xu Jinning to stay indoors as much as possible during this time. But then, should they help if they encounter these people? If they don’t, they are neighbors and fellow villagers, so it wouldn’t look good.

But if they do help, what if more and more people start asking Ningning for help in the future? And they were afraid that too much of this kind of help could harm Ningning.

They heard a saying that some people have strong personal luck, but one person’s luck can’t always be that much. If they keep helping others, it might deplete their own luck.

That’s definitely not what the Xu family wants to see.

Moreover, if they do help, and it doesn’t work out in the end, their neighbors and fellow villagers might blame them, openly or covertly.

So, the best solution is to keep Xu Jinning indoors and avoid encountering these situations altogether.

They’ll handle everything for her!


On the other side, Jiang Xiao stood not far away, watching the children playing in front of her own home.

One of those children was Tiedan, who had already recovered his health.

Jiang Xiao couldn’t believe it. How could Tiedan, who should have died, still be alive?

Could it really be true, as rumored, that it was because of drinking a bowl of fish soup?

Xu Jinning?!

Who is she really?

Or rather, is she from this world?

Does she really have some kind of miraculous ability?

Jiang Xiao’s mind was filled with numerous questions.

In short, Xu Jinning was not simple. Was she like her, regressed, or had some extraordinary encounter?

Either way, it made Jiang Xiao feel uneasy.

“No, I am the only Heaven’s Daughter of this world.”

“I, Jiang Xiao, am the most special one. How could anyone else be?”

“Yes, it’s only me.”

“Others must have misunderstood something.”

Jiang Xiao muttered to herself, unsure if she was hypnotizing herself, soothing her panic, or something else.

However, her gaze towards Tiedan became increasingly cold, almost terrifying.

She wished that the Tiedan before her was just an illusion and that the real Tiedan was already dead.

Although Tiedan was just a child, sometimes children are more sensitive to good and evil.

At first, he didn’t pay attention to the woman watching him from a distance.

But now, Tiedan could sense something strange in the way the woman looked at him. He didn’t know how to describe that malicious gaze, but it made him uncomfortable.

Tiedan turned and ran into the house, quickly emerging with an elderly woman by his side.

This woman was Aunt Sun, called out by her grandson because he said there was a woman constantly watching him, making him feel uncomfortable and unhappy.

Aunt Sun worried it might be a child tr*fficker and hurried out to see.

Upon arriving, she saw Jiang Xiao.

She confirmed that the person watching her grandson was indeed Jiang Xiao. When Jiang Xiao looked at them, her malicious gaze towards them was obvious and frightening.

That gaze, almost predatory, startled Aunt Sun.

“Hou family’s daughter-in-law, why are you standing there? Is there something wrong?” As fellow members of Dahe Production Brigade, Aunt Sun knew Jiang Xiao well.

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