Chapter 198 – Yang Zhigang Goes Missing

Director Zhang remained silent for a while, then sighed and said, “Zhiwen, everything you’ve mentioned, I already know. I think you know too, the real reason for dismissing you this time isn’t that…”

“Your father’s matter has spread throughout the factory, causing too much impact, so…”

“Zhiwen, I’m the director of this factory, I have to consider all the workers here, I can’t just consider you alone.”

“Here’s the thing, you should go home for now. Once this gossip dies down, I’ll see if there’s a suitable position for you.”

Hearing this from the director, Yang Zhiwen knew that he was ultimately affected by his father’s situation.

There was no chance of reversing his dismissal.

“Director, I understand,” Yang Zhiwen said dejectedly, as if he had lost all spirit in an instant.

In the end, Yang Zhiwen’s dismissal became a certainty.

Yang Zhiwen packed up and went home.

Along the way, he always felt countless eyes on him, feeling uncomfortable all over.

He couldn’t make out what those people were saying, but he felt they were talking about him. He could even mentally repeat their words, wondering what they were discussing about him.

There were discussions, mockery, schadenfreude, etc…

All of this made Yang Zhiwen increasingly irritable, even a surge of hostility arose within him. There was a moment when he wanted to turn around, grab their collars, and demand why they were discussing him, mocking him, and why they couldn’t say it to his face.

He even felt like giving them a few punches.

Yang Zhiwen, with his head lowered, gradually had red eyes, like a lion on the verge of eruption, ready to pounce and bite at any moment.

His fists were clenched tightly.

Yang Zhiwen was on the brink of exploding, but he managed to restrain himself.

He knew this was a food factory, not a place where he could unleash himself.

So, no matter how stifled he felt, he had to restrain himself.

It wasn’t until he walked out of the food factory that Yang Zhiwen finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The mask he had been wearing on his face, the expression on it, instantly turned somber.

He maintained this gloomy expression all the way back to his village.

Recently, due to Yang Yuxiang’s situation, the people in the village had been paying a lot of attention to Yang Zhiwen. However, now seeing him with such a gloomy face, everyone dared not approach him.


Before Yang Zhiwen could enter his house, as he reached the doorstep, someone suddenly rushed out from inside and grabbed his arm.

They held on tightly and kept shaking him.

Her tone was also very panicked, completely at a loss.

“Zhiwen, what should we do, your older brother is missing, I can’t find him no matter how hard I try.”

The person in front of him was Mother Yang, at this moment her hair and clothes were somewhat disheveled, her face showing nothing but panic and helplessness, as if she was about to burst into tears the next second.

Yang Zhiwen frowned, “What happened, how could he go missing? Have you searched thoroughly? Could he be hiding somewhere?”

“Also, wasn’t he locked up?”

Yang Zhiwen’s reason for asking like this was because Yang Zhigang had gone missing before, but it wasn’t a real disappearance. Eventually, it was discovered that Yang Zhigang had hidden himself.

That fool was quite skilled too, able to hide himself for a day and night without eating or responding to anyone’s calls, even though there was no reason for it.

“Yeah, there was a lock on his room, but today, I don’t know why, when I went to check, the door was open, and your older brother wasn’t inside.”

“I’ve searched all the places he used to hide before, but I couldn’t find him.”

“Zhiwen, what should we do? Could your older brother really be missing, or did those thugs take him away?”

“We need to go find your older brother.”

Although Yang Zhigang was a fool, Mother Yang usually treated him very well, taking care of his clothes, food, and sleep.

After all, even though the eldest son was a fool, he still crawled out of her belly.

And now, with Yang Zhiwen unable to do it, her husband gone, and her unable to even see him one last time, her older son carried the heavy responsibility of continuing the Yang family’s lineage.

Yes, Mother Yang didn’t plan to stop at just one child with Wei Ruo, even if her current pregnancy might be a boy, it wouldn’t be enough.

Although Mother Yang had only given birth to two children, she planned to have five or six with Wei Ruo.

So, Yang Zhigang’s existence was also crucial.

“Alright, I understand. I’ll find someone right away to help look.” Although Yang Zhiwen didn’t like his fool of an older brother, he also knew that he couldn’t appear too heartless.

So even though he felt terrible because of his dismissal, Yang Zhiwen agreed to help Mother Yang find that fool.

Because of Father Yang’s situation, the Yang family in Dahe Production Team was pretty isolated.

But in the end, Yang Zhiwen still spent money, found people, and together they helped inquire and search for Yang Zhigang’s whereabouts.

“Arou, you’re heavily pregnant, don’t strain yourself, just stay at home,” Yang Zhiwen said, looking at Wei Rou’s large belly before leaving.

“Okay, I understand. I’ll stay home,” Wei Rou obediently replied.

“Oh, by the way.” Yang Zhiwen took a few steps, then suddenly turned back and asked, “Do you know why big brother’s door was open this morning? Did you see him leave?”

Wei Rou’s face was filled with confusion. “I don’t know. I stayed in my room this morning, making clothes for the baby, and didn’t go out.”

Yang Zhiwen glanced at her, unclear if he believed her, nodded, then turned and left.

Naturally, Mother Yang also went along to search for Yang Zhigang.

At the Yang family’s home, only the heavily pregnant Wei Rou stood at the doorstep.

She watched Mother Yang and Yang Zhiwen leave, and on her face, which had been devoid of much emotion, a hint of a smile appeared, somewhat cold.

No one knew that early this morning, she had gotten up, taken the key Mother Yang had put away, unlocked the door, and let Yang Zhigang out.

After that, while there weren’t many people outside in the early morning, she led Yang Zhigang step by step towards the direction of the mountains.

Watching Yang Zhigang walk foolishly towards the mountains, Wei Rou felt incredibly satisfied.

So, all those who had insulted her, the Yang family members, her parents, all of them! She planned to make them all suffer, step by step.

As for Xu Fanghua, Song Yi, and the Xu family, Wei Rou had no intention of retaliating against them.

Perhaps deep down, she knew they weren’t at fault; it was her fault at that time.

She was bad, but she still wanted some clarity in right and wrong.

Wei Rou touched her belly, gradually suppressing the emotions in her eyes as she entered the house and closed the door.

Search, go ahead and search.

Let’s see if you can find Yang Zhigang.

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