Chapter 199 – His Fate

She also wanted to see if people like Yang Zhigang would ultimately be given a chance to survive by heaven.

Dealing with Yang Zhigang, Wei Rou only made a move once.

Regardless of whether Yang Zhigang was ultimately found or not, that was his fate.

On this side, Yang Zhiwen, Mother Yang, and others were all searching for Yang Zhigang’s figure.

“I remember now, when I got up to pee in the morning, it seemed like I saw someone walking towards the mountains. Now that I think about it, it seems like it was Brother Gang.” The speaker was a seven or eight-year-old boy.

The reason why Yang Zhigang was called Brother Gang is that when he was a few years old and not confined by his mother, Yang Zhigang wanted to play with these kids.

Of course, most of the time, they called Yang Zhigang a fool.

Now, in front of Yang Zhiwen and Mother Yang, it changed to a call of “Brother Gang.”

“What, you saw Zhigang heading towards the mountains? When was this? Why didn’t you stop him, why didn’t you tell him not to go, why did you see it and not come tell me…”

Mother Yang’s interrogations and stern face instantly frightened the boy.

“Sun Meiyun, what’s gotten into you? My grandson kindly told you about your son’s whereabouts, and instead of being grateful, you speak to him like this.”

“Does my grandson have an obligation to stop him or an obligation to tell you?”

“Lu Dan, let’s go, we’re going home, don’t mind this crazy woman with a black heart.”

Lu Dan’s grandmother, seeing Mother Yang’s interrogation and her grandson getting scared, immediately got angry.

She retorted and then turned around, pulling Lu Dan into the house and closing the door.

“You, you…” The door slammed shut, and Mother Yang stood at the doorway, her hands trembling with anger.

“Zhiwen, look, if your father were still here, if he were still in that position, do you think this old lady would dare speak to me like this? It’s really infuriating me.”

Yang Zhiwen impatiently listened to her words and said, “Alright, stop talking about it. Our family is no longer the same as before, let’s not talk about the past.”

“Now that Lu Dan has given us a clue, let’s search the mountains as soon as possible. If we delay any longer, it’ll be dark soon.”

Nobody knows what lies deep inside the mountains of Dahe Production Brigade.

Nobody knows why Yang Zhigang chose to go into the mountains.

Being a fool, venturing into the mountains is truly reckless.

Yang Zhiwen had already concluded in his heart that his foolish elder brother was likely in grave danger this time.

Thinking of this possibility, Yang Zhiwen’s mood became complicated.

He wasn’t sure whether he hoped for his elder brother to be found.

In fact, there were many moments when Yang Zhiwen didn’t want to have such a foolish brother around.

From a young age, because of his foolish brother, he had been laughed at countless times.

Some even called him “Fool’s Little Brother” directly.

Back then, Yang Zhiwen would get into fights with those people out of anger.

Later on, when he realized his own physical shortcomings and even lacked the ability to be a man, Yang Zhiwen’s heart became more twisted.

Because of this foolish brother, his father and mother always instilled in him the idea that he must support his brother more in the future.

“You can’t do it, so you’ll rely on your brother for continuing the family line. You have to treat your brother well and support him for life.”

Every time he heard these words, Yang Zhiwen felt unusually annoyed and couldn’t help but sneer inwardly.

He didn’t think of this person as someone reliable, nor did he believe he could take care of himself for a lifetime, so he was expected to support his foolish elder brother and let his foolish elder brother depend on him?

The thought itself seemed ridiculous to him.

However, Yang Zhiwen had to admit that due to his physical defects, he had to rely on his foolish elder brother to continue the family line.

Many times, he loathed his own physical inadequacies.

He loathed being a man without the ability to perform manly tasks.

Even continuing the family line depended on his foolish elder brother.

But, no matter how resentful he felt, he couldn’t change the situation.

His pride prevented him from letting anyone know about his physical defects, or else he would be mocked just like he was in childhood when others laughed at his brother.

His foolish elder brother might not care and might even consider others’ mockery as playing around, but for him, a person of sound mind, he couldn’t accept it.

Therefore, he needed a wife who knew about his situation but wouldn’t disclose it, so he had to have children…

Only then would others not suspect anything about him.

But Yang Zhiwen felt stifled.

Thinking about his wife lying beneath his elder brother…

Thinking about his children calling him “Dad,” when in reality, their true father was his foolish elder brother.

It made Yang Zhiwen feel incredibly stifled.

Moreover, Yang Zhiwen also knew that his parents had planned for Wei Rou to have several children.

Doesn’t that mean Wei Rou would have to sleep with his foolish elder brother many times?

Wouldn’t they end up having many children?

Especially now that his father was gone, his mother would definitely want Wei Rou to have more children.


Although Yang Zhiwen didn’t particularly like Wei Rou, he inexplicably felt possessive towards her, especially since she was the one he had married, at least in name.

If possible, he naturally wouldn’t want Wei Rou to be touched by anyone else, even if that person was his elder brother!

So, now that his elder brother was missing, possibly even dead, it was beneficial for him.

Wei Rou was already pregnant, which meant she could carry on the Yang family’s lineage.

In the future, Wei Rou wouldn’t have to interact with that fool anymore.

He wouldn’t have to take care of that fool for a lifetime either.


Yang Zhiwen closed his eyes.

Actually, no matter how he thought about it, the fool’s disappearance was absolutely beneficial for him.

But then Yang Zhiwen remembered the past.

When he was young, whenever he was b*llied, the fool would rush to his defense, even if it meant getting hurt, and would cheerfully assure him that he was fine.

Even when he tricked the fool into doing risky things that could get him hurt and scolded, the fool would foolishly go along with it just because he asked.

The fool would even think about what treats to bring back for his little brother.

There were many, many instances like this.

The fool treated him like a little brother, but the fool didn’t know that he didn’t want such a foolish elder brother at all.

He wished he didn’t have such a brother, wished his brother would disappear, wished… that they wouldn’t find him this time in the mountains.

Yang Zhiwen looked up at the deep mountains.

Let’s see.

Let’s see how lucky that fool is.

If, if they find him this time, then he’ll take care of him and treat him well.

If, if they don’t find him, then it’s just his fate.

After thinking it through, Yang Zhiwen felt a bit relieved. Let everything be arranged by fate.

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