Chapter 197 – Dismissal

“How come we have to compensate them? If we don’t, they’ll refuse to leave. Let them stay if they want to.”

“I don’t believe they are real bandits, daring to rob!”

Except for the money Father Yang obtained from selling grain, all other money in the Yang family was kept by Mother Yang.

She still had some savings with her.

But Mother Yang was reluctant to use it.

Taking her money was no different from taking her life.

“I won’t take it. Absolutely not,” Mother Yang’s tone was firm.

Yang Zhiwen’s face suddenly darkened.

“Do you think they’ll leave if we let them linger and argue? Do you think we’ll get any good results?” Yang Zhiwen’s tone grew heavier.

He pressed his temples with his fingertips. Initially, he didn’t want to be blunt about everything, but now, seeing his mother still acting high and mighty, as if everything was normal, he felt irritated and absurd.

“Mom, can’t you see the reality by now?”

“Do you know what the consequences will be if they continue like this?”

“They might end up causing trouble at my factory, and there’s a big chance I might lose my job.” He had put in so much effort and money to get his job at the food factory.

Yang Zhiwen valued this job a lot.

Before, Yang Zhiwen’s confidence came from his father and this job.

Now that his father was in trouble and possibly gone, the family relied on him.

So, this job was crucial to him!

He absolutely couldn’t afford any mishaps with his job.

These were things Yang Zhiwen had initially wanted to withhold temporarily, but now he had to say them. He needed to make his mother see the reality.

After hearing this, Mother Yang was stunned.

For a moment, it seemed like her entire soul had been drained.

After a while, she finally reacted.

“Zhiwen, you were just joking with me, right? Your father couldn’t possibly be executed.”

“You’re joking, right? Your father will come back, won’t he…”

Mother Yang’s voice suddenly became sharp, mixed with unease and panic.

For decades, Mother Yang had relied on Yang Yuxiang for her life, and she couldn’t imagine what life would be like without him.

Thinking of this possibility, Mother Yang seemed to lose faith in an instant, and the latter half of her life instantly became bleak.

She was suddenly filled with fear as well.

The once assertive her was now full of unease and fear.

“Do you think I’m joking?”

“The crime Dad committed is too serious. He embezzled collective property for so many years.”

“Zhiwen, can’t you do anything to save your father?”

“I’m just a small worker, what can I do?”

“Mom, accept reality, see it clearly.”

“If Dad is gone, who will you rely on? My foolish elder brother?”

“No, you can only rely on me now.”

“But if I lose my job too, then you won’t be able to rely on me.”

“So, take out the money and compensate them. Let’s get this over with quickly, or else if it drags on, I might lose my job because of them.”

“Mom, a job is a stable income. With a job, we have a future.”

“Think it through carefully. If you’re unwilling to take out the money, and if I lose my job because of this, then I won’t be able to take care of you in the future.”

Yang Zhiwen’s words instantly panicked Mother Yang.

She couldn’t even dwell on the sadness and shock of her husband not coming back.

Mother Yang was a traditional woman.

In her mindset, the husband was everything.

And now, her husband might be gone.

That meant relying on her son.

The elder son was not reliable, so the only one she could rely on was the younger son, Yang Zhiwen.

She had always been indecisive.

Even though money was important to her, her son’s words made sense.

His job had to be secured.

“Alright, I’ll go get it right now.”

“So, how much do we need to take out?”

Yang Zhiwen impatiently replied, “Of course, all of it. Let me see if it’s enough.”

“Okay, okay,” Mother Yang wiped away some tears with her hand and obediently agreed.

Afterward, Yang Zhiwen negotiated with those people, and in the end, every household from that year more or less were given some compensation money.

These compensations almost depleted all of Mother Yang’s savings from these years.

As for the money Father Yang made from selling grain before, it had already been discovered and turned over when he was caught.

“All our savings are gone…” Mother Yang sat down in a daze, as if she had been completely emptied.

Wei Rou watched all this quietly, hiding a glint in her lowered eyes.

Do you think it’s over like this?

Next, what you hold dear, what you value, will all be lost, one by one.

Who’s next?

Wei Rou’s gaze slowly fell on a door locked from the outside.

Behind that door was Yang Zhigang.

Since Yang Yuxiang got into trouble, Mother Yang and others were too preoccupied with his matters to manage Yang Zhigang. They were afraid he might run wild outside, so they locked him in his room, only providing him with three meals a day.

Although he was foolish and seemingly unrelated to everything, Wei Rou wouldn’t forget how he treated her that night.

She remembered how she had been forced to conceive this child in her belly.

Ironically, that person was the father of the child in her belly.

However, Wei Rou would never admit it.

She didn’t have much affection for the child in her belly, but she would keep him and raise him well.

As long as it was there, she could stay openly in the Yang family, and the Yang family would only belong to her from now on.

In just a few days, the thing Yang Zhiwen feared happened.

An anonymous letter was sent to the food factory where he worked, detailing everything about Yang Yuxiang’s situation. At this time, Yang Yuxiang’s sentence was also announced: death penalty!

Yang Yuxiang was despicable, but was Yang Zhiwen, as his son, completely innocent?

This matter spread throughout the food factory, and everyone began questioning Yang Zhiwen.

The situation became heated.

Then, someone else reported that Yang Zhiwen had secretly taken food from the factory home before.

In reality, this was not uncommon in the factory, as long as it wasn’t excessive, everyone turned a blind eye.

But now, since people were looking unfavorably at Yang Zhiwen, even a minor issue could turn into a major accusation against him.

So, that day, Yang Zhiwen was called to the office by the factory manager and was dismissed on the grounds of harming the collective interests of the food factory.

“Manager Zhang, how can you fire me over this?”

“I admit, I did this before, but it’s not just me, others have done it too.”

“Manager, please forgive me this time. I promise I won’t do it again.”

“Manager, I can’t lose this job. Look at my years of hard work for the factory, even if I didn’t achieve much, I still put in effort. Please don’t fire me.”

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