Chapter 196 – Demands for Compensation

“That year, we don’t know how many people in our Dahe Production Brigade starved to death. If that grain hadn’t been sold off, maybe those people could have survived.”

“Yeah, they were all harmed by Yang Yuxiang.”

This conversation spread widely in the Dahe Production Brigade. As expected, the families of those who starved to death that year came to the Yang family, seeking justice for their deceased loved ones.

“You Yang family, come out and give us an explanation.”

“You Yang family have caused great harm.”

“My mother wouldn’t have died if there hadn’t been a shortage of grain that year. They gave us the little remaining grain, and as a result, she starved to death. When she starved, her belly swelled up, filled with weeds.”

“Come out and give us an explanation. We want compensation!”

Yang Yuxiang was arrested, but the other members of the Yang family were still there.

Yang Yuxiang’s wife, his two sons, and daughter-in-law were all there.

Even though Yang Zhigang was a fool, Yang Zhiwen was a worker in the city. He surely had the ability to compensate them.

However, at this moment, the Yang family had already closed their doors tightly.

But the voices from outside still came through the doors and walls.

“Zhiwen, what should we do?”

Yang Yuxiang’s wife was truly at her wit’s end.

She was pacing in place, not knowing what to do.

“These people died so many years ago. Why are they still holding onto it and blaming everything on your father?”

“I think they just want to extort money from us. Don’t think I don’t know what they’re thinking. They’re all insatiable!”

“And your father, how could he get involved with that woman Cai Xijuan!”

Cai Xijuan was the female accountant. In fact, it was only after her husband was arrested that Mother Yang realized that her seemingly honest and reliable husband was actually involved with another woman.

Could it be because Cai Xijuan was younger and more attractive? But Mother Yang felt it was more of Cai Xijuan’s fault.

Men, especially her husband, a village official, having many women interested in him was normal. It was those shameless women’s fault that her husband couldn’t control himself.

And Cai Xijuan was a widow! Mother Yang believed that it was Cai Xijuan who seduced her husband, which was why a widow could become an accountant!

Mother Yang naturally blamed her husband, but compared to that, she resented Cai Xijuan, the widow, more! She felt that most of the blame fell on her.

“Zhiwen, you have to find a way to quickly get your father out.”

Mother Yang was frightened when she heard rumors that her husband might have to eat peanuts recently.

No, she absolutely didn’t believe in such rumors.

Her husband would surely come back.

“Alright, Mom, can you stop talking about it?” Yang Zhiwen was annoyed by his mother’s constant nagging, and his face naturally darkened.

“I’ve been thinking about Dad’s affairs these days. What’s the use of pressuring me here?”

Yang Zhiwen knew the importance of having a village official as a father.

Over the years, the Yang family had been doing well in the Dahe Production Brigade, thanks to his father’s position.

So, if there was a way, Yang Zhiwen wanted to rescue his father, preferably to have him continue as a village official.

But Yang Zhiwen also knew it was highly unlikely.

His father’s crime was too significant; it involved embezzling collective property and harming collective interests, especially during the famine year, which resulted in many deaths.

If this hadn’t been discovered, it would have been fine. But now that it’s out, what awaits his father might indeed be what the rumors say — having to eat peanuts.

As for his father’s situation, Yang Zhiwen could only leave it to fate. He was just a worker and could do nothing about it.

Yang Zhiwen was well aware of this, so his words earlier were just to comfort his mother.

He knew that he was powerless in his father’s matter.

Now, the most important thing was to find a way to get rid of the people outside.

They couldn’t let them continue causing trouble.

He was afraid that if these people went crazy and caused trouble at the food factory where he worked, he might not be able to keep his job.

Yes, Yang Zhiwen’s first thought was naturally his own interests.

Wei Rou, sitting in the corner with a big belly, quietly watched this scene. In a place where neither the mother nor son could see her, a faint smile appeared on her face.

But that smile looked chilling no matter how you looked at it.

No rush, this is just the beginning. There are even worse things waiting for you.

Yang family, you won’t have it easy!

Yang Zhiwen, I will take away everything you once had!

Just as Yang Zhiwen was comforting his mother, he suddenly felt that something was off. He turned his head and scanned around, eventually locking his gaze on Wei Rou.

When Wei Rou noticed Yang Zhiwen looking at her, she flashed a slightly timid smile.

“Are you scared?” Yang Zhiwen walked over and said gently, “Maybe you should go back to your room, and I’ll take care of this.”

“Yeah, okay.” Wei Rou obediently responded and turned to go back to her room.

In the shadow where Yang Zhiwen couldn’t see, Wei Rou’s expression instantly changed. She showed no emotion, her face was icy cold.

The Yang family couldn’t keep the door closed all the time, especially with these people surrounding them. They were numerous, and even at night, they had people standing guard.

So, on the second day, when the Yang family had no choice but to open the door, these people rushed in.

Later on, they refused to leave and demanded an explanation and compensation.

“How dare you! How can you do this? Are you bandits?” Mother Yang was so angry that her chest hurt.

She used to be the wife of a village official, and everyone outside used to treat her with respect. How could they dare to treat her like this now?

But times had changed, and Mother Yang hadn’t realized it yet.

“We may not be bandits, but your husband is a murderer, we all know that.” Those who died of starvation in the past did so because Yang Yuxiang had sold off the grain, leaving them with nothing to eat.

If Yang Yuxiang wasn’t a murderer, then what was he?

“If your Yang family wasn’t guilty, why did you keep your doors closed and refuse to face us?”

“This time, you must give us an explanation and compensation, or we won’t leave. We’ll take away whatever we want from your Yang family.”

“Are you here to rob us? Aren’t you afraid I’ll call the police?” Mother Yang pointed at them, her hand trembling with anger.

“Don’t scare us with the police. If you have the guts, call them now.”

These people were really stubborn, showing signs of resorting to violence if their demands weren’t met.

In the end, it was Yang Zhiwen who stepped forward and had Mother Yang bring out their savings to compensate them.

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