Chapter 195 – Anonymous Report

The people in the scenes were Wen Huihui and her husband.

In the scenes, Wen Huihui was really different from before, becoming calm, steady, and striving for progress, facing life’s difficulties and hardships positively.

After marrying her fool husband, her mother-in-law was very critical of her, but she gradually resolved the conflicts and eventually turned her mother-in-law into someone closer than her own mother.

She soon became pregnant with twins, but her luck was not good.

One of the twins died shortly after birth, which saddened Wen Huihui, but she still worked hard to raise the other child.

After the reform and opening up, Wen Huihui had already given birth to three children with her husband, two boys and a girl.

She didn’t favor boys over girls at all, and she even loved her daughter more than her sons, as if trying to make up for everything she had missed before.

Later on, with the opening of buying and selling, she rented a stall at the city’s vegetable market to sell fish, while her children were taken care of by her mother-in-law, and her husband helped unload and butcher the fish.

Although her husband was a fool, it was just that a high fever in his childhood damaged his brain, leaving his mental age stuck at seven or eight years old.

He didn’t understand the ways of the world, but he could take care of himself.

He also listened to Wen Huihui.

He listened to what his mother said, to love his wife, help his wife, and listen to his wife.

Their life was plain and a bit hard, but each day was fulfilling.

In the final scene, Wen Huihui picked up a cloth to wipe the sweat off her husband’s forehead after he finished unloading, and he looked at her with a silly smile.

Wen Huihui’s eyes were also filled with tenderness…

Xu Jinning suddenly snapped out of it, taking a while to react.

[Did I just see Wen Huihui’s future?]Do I really have this ability? Could it be my imagination?

This was the first time Xu Jinning had such an ability!

Could this be the delayed “golden finger” after her transmigration?

Seeing someone else’s future?


Xu Jinning tried to see others again but couldn’t see their future.

So why?

Why could she see Wen Huihui’s future but not others’?

Xu Jinning didn’t know. When she had that thought, Wen Huihui, sitting on the backseat of her husband’s bicycle, looked at her, her eyes showing a hint of doubt and contemplation.

[But looking at it this way, Wen Huihui has changed for the better. In the future, although her life isn’t extravagant, she and her husband support each other, have children, and live busy but happy days.]

Xu Jinning thought that Wen Huihui, originally a minor antagonist in the plot, must have changed for the better.

In the original plot, Wen Huihui married her older brother in her past life, then constantly troubled him due to his leg injury. Her end wasn’t good.

In this life, she schemed against Wen Yulan but was also schemed against in return.

Now, she had remorsefully realized her mistakes and married a fool husband.

Xu Jinning thought, perhaps this was the best arrangement for Wen Huihui.

It was her own choice, not too great but not bad either.

At least she had a simple and happy life, instead of being a villain or cannon fodder who ended up tormenting herself to death and causing trouble for others!

“My future is happy?”

The bicycle had already gone far away, and Wen Huihui murmured to herself. Sitting on the backseat, she could no longer see Xu Jinning’s figure.

Wen Huihui didn’t know that she had heard Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts.

Even more so, she didn’t know that it was Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts after seeing her future.

However, a smile slowly crept onto Wen Huihui’s face.

Would her future be plain but happy? If that’s the case, it’s not bad.

That’s what she wants right now.

As the bicycle rode away, Wen Huihui thought that maybe what she had just heard was Xu Jinning’s blessing for her.

At least, at least this marriage of hers has someone’s blessing.

No matter how her husband is, no matter how her future turns out, she will strive to make it good.

Wen Huihui looked at the broad back of her husband carrying her, her eyes filled with a newfound clarity and determination.

“Huihui, hold on tight, there’s a pothole ahead,” the man suddenly spoke up.

“Okay,” Wen Huihui reached out and gently hugged her husband’s waist…

The Dahe Production Brigade had another person paying attention to Wen Huihui’s wedding: Wei Rou.

At this moment, Wei Rou was already carrying a large belly.

Her freedom had long ceased to be restricted several months ago.

Wei Rou felt that both her and Wen Huihui’s growth experiences were quite similar. They were both unloved by their parents, both would be schemed against and abandoned by their parents.

They were both foolish in their own ways.

Wen Huihui seemed to want to scheme against Wen Yulan, who was going to marry Xu Xiangdong, and ended up being schemed against herself.

While she wanted to scheme against Xu Fanghua and marry Song Yi, but ultimately failed and suffered the consequences.

After failing, Wen Huihui’s next choice was to marry a fool and escape far away from there.

As for her…

Wei Rou touched her belly, realizing that her personality was ultimately different from Wen Huihui’s.

She could let go of her jealousy and resentment towards Xu Fanghua.

But she couldn’t let go of her hatred towards her parents and the Yang family.

So, she wouldn’t run away. She would choose to retaliate.

And recently, finally, luck favored the determined. She found it!

“Arou, why are you here? You should go back,” Yang Zhiwen, who had just finished work and was riding a bicycle, saw Wei Rou on the road, looking at the wedding procession of others.

Wei Rou glanced at Yang Zhiwen indifferently, “Got it.”

After saying that, she turned around and left.

A few days later, a major event erupted in the Dahe Production Brigade.

The village’s senior official, Yang Yuxiang, was arrested.

Someone had reported that during his tenure, Yang Yuxiang had secretly sold the collective grain every year, making a lot of money and hiding it at home.

It was an anonymous report.

Because of this report, police officers from the local station came and conducted an investigation into the matter.

In the end, indeed, in Yang Yuxiang’s room, they found the account books of the grain sales over the years, as well as a large sum of money he had hidden.

Of course, there was also a witness, the village accountant who had colluded with him, was also arrested and confessed to everything.

The trial’s result came out quickly.

Yang Yuxiang not only lost his position but also had to eat peanuts, and the female accountant had to go to jail. Moreover, it was revealed that the two had an improper relationship.

After Yang Yuxiang and the female accountant were taken away, the whole Dahe Production Brigade was in an uproar.

“I knew long ago that Yang Yuxiang wasn’t a good person, and now he’s finally getting his retribution.”

“Good heavens, he actually sold the collective grain. In the second year he started this, there was a famine. How could he, with a clear conscience, sell the little grain that was left?”

“These kinds of people, you can’t expect them to have a conscience. Over the years, the Dahe Production Brigade became Yang Yuxiang’s territory, the Yang family’s domain. No one dared to say anything.”

“It’s good that he’s been caught. Such a black-hearted beast deserves to eat peanuts!”

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