Chapter 194 – Fool Husband

Wen Huihui was pushed back step by step by Wen Yulan’s words, rendered speechless.

Because Wen Yulan’s words hit the nail on the head of her thoughts.

She knew that everything was caused by her jealousy and scheming against Wen Yulan, leading to her current situation.

But knowing it was one thing for Wen Huihui; admitting it was another.

She didn’t admit it because if she did, it would mean everything was her own doing, and it would show that she deserved this.

But Wen Huihui didn’t want to think like that. She only felt relief when she pushed everything onto others.

She felt it wasn’t deserved if she admitted it was her fault.

However, Wen Huihui didn’t expect that her parents would wake up that night but not come to rescue her.

Wen Huihui remembered how desperate she was that night and how much she hoped her parents would come to save her.

But they didn’t, they didn’t show up.

After she returned, she questioned them, but her parents said they were under Wen Yulan’s spell for a long time and by the time they woke up, it was too late.

Later on, Wen Yulan threatened them not to rescue her.

And now, when she confronted Wen Yulan, this was the answer she got.

Comparatively, she believed Wen Yulan’s words more.

She never imagined that her parents, who clearly had the chance to save her, actively gave up on her. Did she hold no place in their hearts? Did they not care about her regardless of the situation she was in?

They simply didn’t treat her as their daughter.

After all the scheming, she realized that from start to finish, no one cared, and no one loved her.

Wen Huihui suddenly felt like a failure in life.

In an instant, all her spirit seemed to drain away.

Finally, she left Wen Yulan’s home like a walking corpse.

After that, Wen Yulan never saw Wen Huihui again.

However, it was unexpected that today news came out about her getting married again.

Her uncle and aunt would tell everyone that Wen Huihui was going to marry someone in the city, her luck was good, she was going to be a city dweller, and the family even gave a betrothal gift of two hundred yuan!

The villagers discussed it, thinking how could Wen Huihui, in her current state, possibly marry someone from the city? There must be some undisclosed problem, just like with her previous marriage to the Cui family.

They speculated that this uncle and aunt of Wen’s might be trying to sell Wen Huihui again.

Wen Yulan didn’t know what Wen Huihui was thinking this time, or if it was voluntary.

However, she didn’t care and didn’t want to get involved in other people’s affairs.

Wen Yulan focused more on her own wedding.

It was just unexpected that on the night before Wen Huihui’s second marriage, someone who hadn’t been seen in a long time, Wen Huihui herself, came to her house.

Wen Yulan narrowed her eyes instantly. Could Wen Huihui have some new scheme against her?

But when she saw Wen Huihui again, Wen Yulan was slightly taken aback.

She noticed that Wen Huihui had changed completely.

The previous Wen Huihui was restless, hypocritical, and always scheming.

The rescued Wen Huihui who came to see her was angry and full of resentment.

And now, Wen Huihui exuded a sense of calmness from head to toe, as if her whole being had settled down.

Her facial expression was also serene, her eyes calm.

“I know you may not welcome me, but I still wanted to see you,” Wen Huihui spoke first, her tone unusually calm, almost devoid of any fluctuations.

“You should have heard about my upcoming marriage.”

“Yes, I’m getting married. It’s tomorrow, to a city dweller, twenty-three years old. But…” Wen Huihui paused, “he’s a fool.”

Wen Yulan frowned.

“But this time, I’m willing to marry.”

“Because I want to escape from the current predicament, escape from this place that I despise, that almost suffocates me.”

“So, even if it’s marrying a fool, it’s okay, as long as I can get far away.”

“Cousin, although your parents are gone, you’re luckier than me.”

“At least they loved you, at least now you’ve found a man who loves you so much, and whom you love, to marry.”

“I believe you’ll be very happy in the future.”

“You’re right, everything before was my own doing.”

“I refused to admit it before, I was fixated on things and people I couldn’t attain or didn’t belong to me.”

“But that day, when you pointed it out like that, I saw clearly.”

“So, I want to leave here and start a completely new life, even if it starts off a bit difficult, even if my future husband is a fool. But I also know, given my current circumstances, this is the best I can do.”

“People, no matter what the future holds, the most important thing is what they do themselves.”

“I feel like the old me had a foggy mind, unable to see the essence of things clearly, and was foolish.”

“But now, that fog has lifted, and I’m clear-headed.”

“Cousin, for the things I’ve done before, I want to say I’m sorry to you. I won’t ask for your forgiveness, but I do want to say sorry.”

“In the future, I will strive to live well.”

Wen Yulan didn’t know if Wen Huihui had truly had a realization and changed, or if it was just a disguise. She pursed her lips tightly and didn’t say anything.

Wen Huihui didn’t seem to care whether she would say anything. After saying all this to herself, she bowed deeply to Wen Yulan and left.

Wen Yulan watched Wen Huihui’s figure leave, feeling like her footsteps were lighter than ever before, as if she had shed the burdens from her body and soul.

The next day, Wen Huihui got married.

The people from Dahe Production Brigade also saw the Wen’s so-called city dweller son-in-law, as mentioned by Uncle Wen and Aunt Wen.

That young man looked like a fool.

Realizing this, everyone knew that indeed, their previous suspicions were not wrong, and there was a problem with this marriage.

Could it be that the couple had sold Wen Huihui again?

So, some kind-hearted people sent someone to ask Wen Huihui if she was willing, and if not, they could help her report to the authorities.

However, the response from Wen Huihui was that she was willing, without any indication of coercion.

This was unexpected for everyone, after all, who would willingly marry a fool?

But Wen Huihui’s in-laws seemed to value her quite a bit, giving a substantial bride price and even some extra betrothal gifts. However, the previous two hundred yuan bride price and these extra betrothal gifts all went with Wen Huihui as part of her dowry.

It’s unclear how Aunt Wen agreed to this.

Aunt Wen certainly didn’t agree willingly.

However, to have a city dweller son-in-law, even if he’s a fool, sacrificing a daughter who’s already seen as worthless isn’t a big deal.


Xu Jinning sat in the back seat of her father’s car today, planning to go to the city with him, only to come across Wen Huihui being carried on a bicycle by her fool husband.

Looking at Wen Huihui, dressed in red, leaning against her husband, Xu Jinning’s mind suddenly flashed with some scenes…

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  1. It’s actually very refreshing that even evil cannon fodder can change for the better, if only given the opportunity of someone pointing out to them their wrongdoings and their own responsibilities in them. I like very much the fact that Wen Huihui chose to acknowledge her flaws and try to live better for herself. I hope she has a good ending and that her parents won’t be able to take advantage of her anymore.

    I don’t remember if the Wen family has a son or not, but if so, I’m pretty sure they’ll find it difficult to get a future daughter-in-law because if they can treat their own biological daughter like that, then it’s questionable how they’d treat someone not related to them in their family. I just hope that the Wen family has a horrible life in the future.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

  2. Oh my, this is something rarely seen in stories. A cannon fodder who repents and decides to live their life peacefully? How refreshing!

    But her parents are so vile and muddle-headed. The lack of regard for women and their lives is just too gross to look at.

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