Chapter 193 – She was definitely possessed by a wandering spirit!

Aunt Sun appeared to be asking, but her expression was definitely not pleasant.

After all, Aunt Sun had just seen clearly the malice in Jiang Xiao’s eyes.

If she harbored such malice toward her grandson, how could Aunt Sun still maintain a good expression towards her?

When Jiang Xiao saw Aunt Sun, she immediately realized and withdrew her gaze, her expression becoming somewhat awkward.

She smiled and said, “No, nothing’s wrong, I have something to attend to at home, so I’ll go back first.”

After speaking, she glanced casually at Tiedan standing beside Aunt Sun and then left.

Aunt Sun looked at Jiang Xiao’s back and increasingly felt that she was a strange person.

She didn’t like Jiang Xiao.

She always felt that Jiang Xiao gave her a strange feeling, as if Jiang Xiao wasn’t a young girl but rather someone of her own age, like a grandmother.

Anyway, it just felt off.

When her gaze fell on people, it made them uneasy.

“Tiedan, in the future, if you see that aunt, don’t pay attention to her. If she talks to you, no matter what she says, just come home. If she offers you something to eat or says she wants to take you somewhere, you mustn’t go, understand?” Aunt Sun advised Tiedan.

“Grandma, Tiedan understands.”

“Tiedan is really obedient!”

Actually, Aunt Sun’s advice was not unreasonable.

In the following days, Jiang Xiao would occasionally appear not far from where Tiedan was playing. There was even one time when she voluntarily gave candy to Tiedan.

Tiedan himself didn’t like Jiang Xiao. He felt uncomfortable when this aunt looked at him, and coupled with his grandma’s words, as soon as he saw Jiang Xiao approaching, he turned and ran back home.

This infuriated Jiang Xiao, who stomped her foot in place, her gaze darkening as she watched Tiedan’s retreating figure.

As for why Jiang Xiao would approach Tiedan in the first place, it was because she had a thought brewing, a plan in motion.

She wanted Tiedan dead.

She believed that with Tiedan’s death, everything would unfold just like it had in her previous life.

Only then could Jiang Xiao feel like everything was under control.

It wasn’t because Tiedan hadn’t died that made her anxious, fearing that things might turn out differently in the future, rendering her regression meaningless.

Jiang Xiao couldn’t allow such a thing to happen.

She felt that since she had regressed, everything should revolve around her. She was the daughter of heaven, and everyone should sacrifice, contribute, and pave the way for her.

Unfortunately, Tiedan ran away and didn’t eat the dr*gged candy she offered. Otherwise…

If one were to ask why Jiang Xiao dared to do such a thing, it was also because being a regressor gave her absolute confidence, bordering on arrogance. She believed that whatever she did was justified and wouldn’t result in any consequences.

That’s why she dared to use dr*gs, especially when no one else was around to witness it.

When Tiedan dies, no one will know she gave him candy.

Unfortunately, her plan failed.

In fact, it’s not just Tiedan; Jiang Xiao has also recently set her sights on someone else.

That person is Xu Jinning.

She purposely came to Qinghe Production Brigade these past few days, near the Xu family’s house, hoping to run into Xu Jinning.

She wanted to probe into what was going on with Xu Jinning.

If Xu Jinning posed a threat to her, she would find a way to get rid of Xu Jinning too.

Unfortunately, despite wandering around the Xu family’s house for several days, she never once encountered Xu Jinning. In fact, she was caught lurking suspiciously and peeking by Xu Xiangdong and his brother.

Their looks weren’t friendly.

It felt like they were about to question her the next second. Unable to do much, Jiang Xiao had to leave and temporarily set aside the matter of Xu Jinning.

Because Jiang Xiao had something more important on her plate recently.

That is, Hou Chen is about to return to his hometown. He has got a family visit leave and might be back for about a week.

Thinking about Hou Chen’s young and sturdy body, Jiang Xiao’s eyes lit up, and her tongue involuntarily licked her somewhat dry lips.

At that moment, Jiang Xiao felt an intense itch all over her body.

She couldn’t wait for Hou Chen to come back.

Moreover, Jiang Xiao also knew that, based on the developments, shortly after Hou Chen returned, he would be sent on a mission.

This mission was very dangerous; Hou Chen would get shot, almost losing half his life.

In her previous life, that mistress, Ruan Xiaohui, appeared around that time.

Because she was a nurse at the military hospital, responsible for caring for the injured Hou Chen for nearly one or two months, their interactions developed into feelings.

It was this care that made Hou Chen see Ruan Xiaohui as a gentle, caring, and attentive woman, leading to their relationship.

Jiang Xiao knew about this from her previous life when retired Hou Chen and Ruan Xiaohui were interviewed, talking about their early days and how their love blossomed due to that care.

And now…

Jiang Xiao naturally wanted to find a way to crush this so-called budding love.

She planned to accompany the military this time no matter what and then, after Hou Chen got injured, personally care for him to deepen his feelings for her.

She would not give Ruan Xiaohui any chance to rise, and she would also find an opportunity to expose Ruan Xiaohui as a shameless mistress.

She wanted Ruan Xiaohui to fall from grace!

As she picked vegetables and plotted how to ruin Ruan Xiaohui, Jiang Xiao’s gaze gradually turned fierce.

Unbeknownst to Jiang Xiao, her mother-in-law, Cai Juhua, who had just come out of the house to check on her grandson, had noticed everything in her eyes and expression.

However, she didn’t say a word, even trying to avoid making any noise, and turned back inside.

In fact, apart from Jiang Xiao, Cai Juhua had also been waiting for her son Hou Chen to come back.

She couldn’t wait to tell her son to stay away from Jiang Xiao.

This Jiang Xiao was definitely not the same as before!

She must have been possessed by some wandering spirit.

The current “Jiang Xiao” is even more ruthless and adept at disguising herself than before.

But Cai Juhua, who had long known who Jiang Xiao really was, had seen through her and knew all her weaknesses.

She absolutely couldn’t let this wandering spirit harm her son!


Spring, the beginning of the year, was also the season for the wedding of Wen Yulan and Xu Xiangdong, just shortly ahead.

So, recently, Wen Yulan had been busy preparing for her marriage.

Even if she was alone, she still put her heart into preparing.

After all, she was going to marry the man she loved, and who loved her.

However, today she suddenly heard some news, that is, Wen Huihui was getting married again!

That’s right, it’s the same Wen Huihui who once plotted against Wen Yulan but ended up being exposed and taken away by the Cui family.

Back then, Wen Huihui was taken away by the Cui family.

That night, her second uncle and second aunt were already awake.

However, Wen Yulan underestimated their cruelty; they didn’t go rescue Wen Huihui at all.

They even went around the next day, saying that Wen Huihui had already been married off by them.

They did this to cover up their original plan to scheme against Wen Yulan.

Seeing their actions, Wen Yulan pondered at home for a long time and ultimately decided to report to the police on the third day.

In the end, it was Zhang Changzheng who came with people to the Cui family and took Wen Huihui away from there, still enduring constant ab*se.

Of course, he also brought down the entire Cui family.

Now, except for the old lady from the Cui family, everyone else was locked up. As for how long they would be kept there, no one knew, but it was said to be at least twenty years.

After all, they had forced women, and now, if it were a few years ago, they would have eaten peanuts immediately.

As for Wen Huihui, she returned to her own home.

Of course, her situation couldn’t be hidden, and it spread throughout the entire Dahe Production Brigade.

Wen Yulan had pondered for a long time before deciding to report to the police.

However, she didn’t expect that on the second day after Wen Huihui was rescued, Wen Huihui would come to her house and confront her.

“Wen Yulan, you knew what I would face at the Cui family, so why didn’t you let me go?”

“It was my parents who schemed against you, not me. How could you be so heartless?”

“Wen Yulan, does Xu Xiangdong know that you’re such a heartless and malicious woman?”

Wen Huihui, questioning Wen Yulan, had no idea that Xu Xiangdong was also there that day, and that he even carried her to that room.

But Wen Huihui didn’t know that at this moment, Wen Huihui herself looked disheveled, covered in wounds, her face swollen beyond recognition.

She looked pitiful, portraying herself as an innocent victim.

It was only natural for her to question Wen Yulan.

Wen Yulan sat on a chair, listening to her questioning, and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Wen Huihui, don’t portray yourself as so innocent.”

“Isn’t this mess at the Cui family something you planted yourself? How could you forget? Since you sowed it yourself, you should reap the bitter fruits. What right do you have to question me? What face do you have to pretend to be innocent?”

“Wen Huihui, the reason I reported to the police wasn’t to forgive you or pity you, but because I believe people like the Cui family are simply beasts. They have no humanity and deserve to be arrested and jailed!”

“I don’t want them to have the chance to harm other innocent girls in the future, so I chose to report to the police, not because of you.”

The reason why she called the police was because Wen Yulan saw from the inner thought images of Xu Jinning that in the original development, she jumped off the cliff and died, but later on, the Cui family also used such a way to wreak havoc on several girls.

They were innocent and pitiful, just like her, and they also met tragic ends.

And the Cui family, especially those three brothers, repeatedly v*olated women’s wills and still roamed free. That’s why she chose to report to the police.

She didn’t want the Cui family’s three brothers to harm other girls again.

As for Wen Huihui, she was only rescued because the Cui family was arrested. But that certainly didn’t mean she could forgive Wen Huihui or that Wen Huihui was innocent.

“Wen Huihui, am I the one you should blame the most?”

“With your current situation, shouldn’t the ones to blame be yourself and your parents?”

“It was your own scheme against me that first attracted the attention of the Cui family.”

“It was your mother who accepted money from the Cui family.”

“And it was them, who were awake that night but chose not to save you, and even spread rumors the next day that you were already married off, trying to settle the matter!”

“Wen Huihui, admit it. Admit that it was your own scheming, jealousy, and your parents’ ruthlessness and greed that led to your current situation.”

“Wen Huihui, when you sow the seeds, you must learn to bear the consequences!”

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