Chapter 189 – Was everything before their eyes real?

And after that, he found that he could last every night, although not as long as the first night, but it was enough.

When he realized this, he burst into tears on the spot.

It wasn’t easy, not easy at all!

And from the bottom of his heart, he sincerely thanked the Xu’s little girl.

Because of the fish she caught, he now had great prosperity.

She was his lucky star.

And he felt that it must not only be him; other people who bought fish from the little girl would definitely have different effects from those fish, more or less.

Those fish were all so powerful, not to mention the fish soup made from the Fish King.

So when he heard the broadcast, he immediately grabbed a bowl and rushed over.

But he didn’t intend to drink the fish soup himself; he planned to give it to his grandmother who lived in the Chengtian Production Brigade and wasn’t in good health.

He hoped the fish soup would make his grandmother’s health improve.

Actually, it’s not just him; at this moment, the people lining up to receive the fish soup, although their thoughts were different, had two things in common.

One, they all thought Xu Jinning was a lucky star. In the future, they must be on good terms with this little girl and the Xu family. Even if they couldn’t get along well, they absolutely couldn’t become enemies.

Second, whether it was the fish caught by the little girl or the fish soup from the Fish King now, it must have a blessing effect.

Although the Fish King was fished by herself, Xu Jinning also came to receive the fish soup with her parents and brothers.

As soon as Xu Jinning went out, she noticed the difference.

She found that the villagers were sincerely enthusiastic towards her, with a bit of flattery and a hint of awe.

Even some people, even though Xu Jinning hadn’t spoken to them, actually invited her to their homes for meals.

This really bewildered Xu Jinning.

“Ningning, they all think you’re a lucky star,” Xu Xiangdong leaned over to explain to his younger sister.

Because they think she’s a lucky star, they want to be on good terms.

So they invite the lucky star to their homes, hoping that luck will come to them.

Xu Jinning was at a loss.

“But I really am not.”

Hearing her defense, Xu Xiangdong smiled and didn’t say anything, just patted her head and said, “Silly girl.”

Xu Jinning: …

Xu Jinning really couldn’t stand being watched by so many people, nor could she stand having everyone’s eyes on her wherever she went.

It really made her uncomfortable all over.

Especially some people who clearly weren’t familiar or didn’t know her, came up to chat awkwardly.

So, after receiving her fish soup, Xu Jinning immediately went home holding the fish soup.

After returning home, Xu Jinning felt a bit more comfortable.


Drinking the fish soup, Xu Jinning thought: This fish soup seems really delicious.

Of course, the fish cooked at home, no matter how it was prepared, was delicious and tasty, but Xu Jinning felt that was due to her mother’s excellent cooking skills.

But today’s fish soup wasn’t cooked by her mother.

Yet it was still so delicious.

“Could it be because this fish is bigger, so the taste is more flavorful?” Xu Jinning muttered to herself.

That night, Xu Jinning entered a sweet dreamland, unaware that because of the Fish King she caught and the fish soup made from it, many people’s destinies would be changed.

For example, over at Aunt Sun’s place…

During the day, she carefully carried the fish soup home, and after much effort, she managed to wake up her grandson, Tiedan, hoping he would drink the fish soup.

Originally, Tiedan hadn’t been able to eat much these past few days, even the meat he rarely ate, he had no appetite for.

Yesterday, he didn’t eat anything all day.

The village doctor said Tiedan was on the verge of collapse, and it might happen tonight, so they should prepare themselves.

Aunt Sun’s son Zhu Zi and his wife cried until they nearly fainted upon hearing this.

They had heard about the fish soup.

But Aunt Sun believed in the blessing effect of the fish soup, while Zhu Zi and his wife thought it was useless. However, when their mother suggested taking something to exchange for the fish soup from Xu Changyi, they agreed and even helped pay for it.

Although they didn’t believe, deep down, they still held a glimmer of hope and luck.

What if, just what if, the blessing effect was real?

When they saw Aunt Sun bringing the fish soup, they also helped Tiedan drink it.

Strangely, even though Tiedan hadn’t had an appetite for meat or anything else before, after taking a sip of the fish soup, his appetite suddenly improved, and he ended up finishing the whole bowl of fish soup.

They were so excited by this.

After finishing the fish soup, Tiedan said he felt sleepy and wanted to continue sleeping.

They didn’t stop him and let Tiedan sleep.

They stayed by his side afterward.

The three of them didn’t even have dinner; they just stayed there.

Because the village doctor had said Tiedan might not make it through the night.

So they couldn’t leave and had to stay with Tiedan.

If Tiedan really… then at least all these family members would be with him, not letting him be alone in the deep night.

While Tiedan slept, their gazes often fell on him.

Sometimes they reached out to check his breathing, feeling relieved only when they sensed his breath was still there.

Aunt Sun even held Tiedan’s small hand tightly, staying by his bedside.

And so, from that afternoon, they stayed until it got dark.

The long darkness felt like a trial to them.

Time passed second by second.

The house was extremely quiet.

They didn’t speak, silently praying in their hearts.

They didn’t know how much time had passed.

From dawn to dusk, and from dusk to dawn again.

A ray of morning light shone through the window, breaking the darkness in the room.


At that moment, a tender voice of a young boy also broke the silence in the room.

The small hand held tightly by the old woman also moved.

Aunt Sun immediately lowered her head and met a pair of clear and bright eyes.

“Tiedan, are you awake?” Aunt Sun leaned in and spoke softly.

Her voice was very gentle, afraid of startling the little grandson in front of her.

“Grandma, I’m hungry.”

“Hungry, huh? Grandma will make you something to eat. What do you want to eat? Grandma will make it for you.”

“Fish soup…”

“Fish soup? Okay, Grandma will make it for you.”

As Aunt Sun spoke, tears silently fell from her eyes.

At that moment, Zhu Zi and his wife also came over upon hearing the sound, their eyes red with emotion, but they didn’t dare to speak and disturb the moment.

“Tiedan, how do you feel now? Is there anywhere on your body that feels uncomfortable?”

“Warm… Drinking fish soup, warm, sleepy, woke up, no more pain…” Tiedan described his feelings after drinking the fish soup.

“Grandma, I want to get up.”

“You want to get up? Okay, then get up, but make sure to put on your clothes properly.”

Originally, Tiedan, who the village doctor said might not make it through the night, had survived. Now he could actually get up and said he didn’t feel any discomfort.

Aunt Sun, Zhu Zi, and his wife watched Tiedan eating with tears streaming down their faces.

Was everything before their eyes real? They didn’t know if Tiedan had truly recovered or if it was just a temporary improvement.

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