Chapter 188 – Wanting fish soup for childbirth?

The fish soup had been simmered, and Xu Changyi served a bowl to Aunt Sun.

Aunt Sun held the fish soup carefully in her hands and placed it gently.

“Aunt Sun, here’s the fish soup, but I really can’t guarantee it’ll cure Tiedan’s illness,” Xu Changyi emphasized repeatedly.

“I understand, Changyi, thank you. Whatever happens later, Auntie won’t blame you.”

Aunt Sun received the fish soup and left without delay.

Xu Changyi looked at Aunt Sun’s graying hair and stooped figure, thinking: if only this fish soup could truly cure all ailments and bring blessings, then…

Aunt Sun wouldn’t have to witness her grandson die before her.

Unexpectedly, shortly after Aunt Sun left, two more people came asking for fish soup — a middle-aged couple from the neighboring Dahe Production Brigade.

“What? They want fish soup for childbirth?!” Xu Changyi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this reason.

He knew this couple, the Zhous. They got married when they were seventeen or eighteen, and now it’s been over twenty years. Despite reaching middle age, they still didn’t have children.

Years ago, when they couldn’t conceive, they went to the hospital for tests. Zhou Jianjun had no issues, but the problem lay with Li Xinghua.

Li Xinghua had a difficult time conceiving due to childhood ab*se by her stepmother, which had left her with a physiological condition that made pregnancy challenging.

Usually, in such situations, the parents of the husband would demand a divorce from their son to avoid such complications.

However, the Zhou parents didn’t do that. Perhaps it was because they were kind-hearted, deeply sympathetic towards Li Xinghua’s past or maybe because they had another son, Zhou Jianjun’s older brother, who could carry on the Zhou family’s lineage.

So, Zhou Jianjun and Li Xinghua’s marriage continued like this.

Neither Zhou Jianjun nor the Zhou parents ever spoke a negative word about Li Xinghua due to her infertility; they treated her well.

Li Xinghua was deeply moved and had been trying various methods over the years, hoping to conceive a child.

But despite trying everything, twenty years had passed, and they were still childless in middle age.

They were almost resigned to it.

After all, at this age, some of their peers were already grandparents.

Originally, Zhou Jianjun and Li Xinghua were both ready to give up.

But now, Zhou Jianjun’s mother was in poor health, nearing the end of her life.

In her semi-conscious state, her last wish was to see Li Xinghua have a child.

It wasn’t about continuing the Zhou family line through Zhou Jianjun but rather about not growing old alone, without anyone to care for them.

But how could Li Xinghua get pregnant now?

At this moment, news of Xu Jinning’s miracles reached their ears.

Blessings, Fish King, Lucky Star…

All these terms entered their ears.

They thought, Xu Jinning must be a lucky star. They all said that the fish she caught also had a blessing effect. So, if Li Xinghua ate that fish, could she get pregnant?

Unfortunately, when they realized this yesterday, the fish market was already closed. And the fish Xu Jinning caught had been bought by someone else on the first day.

They wanted to buy it at a high price from others, but some were unwilling because it was a blessed fish, and others had already eaten it.

Helplessly, they thought of Xu Changyi, who still had a Fish King caught by Xu Jinning.

Today, Xu Changyi was going to make fish soup for the members of the Qinghe Production Brigade.

So, with their last hope, they shamelessly came to him.

Xu Changyi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he heard this. “No, listen to me. Although I call it the Fish King and distribute it to the brigade members with a blessing, it doesn’t have any pregnancy-inducing effects.”

Treating illnesses was already unbelievable enough, and now they were talking about pregnancy?!

Would the next claim be that drinking this fish soup could bring the dead back to life?!

Xu Changyi was a hundred percent sure that the fish soup didn’t have this effect.

“Captain Xu, regardless of whether it has that effect, you said it represents a blessing. Maybe, this blessing has already taken effect?”

“And, Comrade Xu Aiguo’s daughter, I’ve heard about her fishing experience. She’s undoubtedly a very fortunate person. So, the fish she caught must be extraordinary too.”

No matter how Xu Changyi argued, Zhou Jianjun found reasons to refute, believing that the fish soup must have a blessing effect.

Seeing his stubbornness, Xu Changyi gave in. He didn’t want to argue anymore.

“Alright, your wife wants fish soup, right? I’ll give it to you.”

“But, I can’t guarantee that drinking this fish soup will make your wife pregnant. If she doesn’t get pregnant, don’t blame me.”

“Of course not, we’re already grateful that you’re giving us the fish soup.”

Hearing this, Xu Changyi thought Zhou Jianjun was reasonable enough. After politely refusing the gift Zhou Jianjun offered, he immediately served a bowl of fish soup and gave it to him.

The couple happily left with the fish soup.

“Wife, the fish soup is almost done. Let’s quickly broadcast and ask the brigade members to come with their bowls to get some,” Xu Changyi said.

“Oh, so soon? Didn’t you say the fish soup would taste better if it’s simmered a bit longer?”

“No more simmering.” Xu Changyi waved his hand.

If they simmered it any longer, the fish soup would be “simmered out.”

If they kept simmering it, who knows how many more people would come asking for fish soup. Giving one or two bowls was fine, but more than that, it wouldn’t be enough for the brigade members.

“Alright, I understand. I’ll notify everyone right away.”

After the broadcast, the members of the Qinghe Production Brigade immediately came with their bowls, regardless of size or age, to line up and get the fish soup.

The rumor about Xu Jinning’s fish having a blessing effect had originally spread from the Qinghe Production Brigade.

So, how could the brigade members here not have expectations for this Fish King’s fish soup?

They had already prepared their bowls at home, waiting eagerly for this bowl of fish soup.

As soon as the broadcast came, they immediately lined up with their bowls.

Regardless of the size of the bowl they brought, each person only got one scoop.

This scoop of fish soup wasn’t much, but a fish soup with a blessing effect, even if it was just a spoonful, they were satisfied.

As they received the fish soup, everyone drank it on the spot.

“Hey, don’t you all think this fish soup tastes even better than what we usually make?”

“Yeah, I feel the same. I could smell this aroma from far away.”

“This is the Fish King with a blessing effect. Its taste must be different.”

“I think Comrade Xu Aiguo’s daughter is extraordinary. The other day, I bought a fish she caught, and I have to say, the taste was really different from what we usually catch. And also…”

The person lowered their voice, “And also, I think the fish she caught is really magical.”

“After eating it, I feel energized!”

That night, he and his wife had an intense session in bed, lasting for three hundred rounds until dawn before they fell asleep.

You see, previously, he would finish quickly, and his wife would often complain.

But last night, although his wife was tired, her expression was definitely happy.

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