Chapter 186 – The Blessed Fish

In fact, what Xu Jinning was even less aware of was that while she unconsciously used her inner thoughts to help the cannon fodders awaken and change their fates, the protagonists with skewed moral compasses were gradually losing their halos step by step. Eventually, they became ordinary people, following their original personalities, characters, and the destinies they were supposed to walk.

In the end, that roughly 6 pound big black fish, with Xu Jinning’s consent, was taken away by the captain to be raised.

If, after three days, no larger fish appeared, then this fish would be crowned as the Fish King.

“Aunt Hua, you just said that if my little sister could catch a fish, you would drink this river water. People should keep their promises. I’m not asking you to drink all of the river water; just drink this bucket.”

After the captain left, Xu Xiangdong, who always stood up for his family, remembered Aunt Hua’s mockery of Ningning before.

He directly scooped half a bucket of water and brought it to Aunt Hua.

Aunt Hua looked at the muddy water in the bucket and was instantly speechless.

She also regretted secretly. Why didn’t she leave when the captain arrived? Now she was caught by this kid, Xu Xiangdong.

Indeed, the offspring of Zhang Ailian was not a good person.

Aunt Hua awkwardly smiled and said, “Haha, Xiangdong, you really know how to joke. Auntie didn’t say anything serious; it was just a joke with the girl. Why are you taking it seriously?”

“Well then, I also have to go catch fish. I’ll leave first.”

After saying that, Aunt Hua left without looking back.

Xu Xiangdong watched Aunt Hua’s embarrassed departure and snorted coldly. If Ningning hadn’t signaled him to let it go just now, he wouldn’t have let Aunt Hua leave so easily.

“That Aunt Hua, why does she still hold onto past grievances after so many years? She always seems to target us from time to time, but fortunately, Ningning, you really put her in her place this time,” Xu Xiangbei said.

“Hmm?” Xu Jinning heard the implication and asked, “She used to target you guys too. Why?”

“It’s because she liked Dad back then and wanted to marry him, but Dad only liked Mom and didn’t like her at all.”

“But Aunt Hua still thinks that Mom used some extraordinary means to snatch Dad away.”

“If Mom didn’t live well after marrying Dad, Aunt Hua might not feel anything.”

“But our family is doing very well.”

“Especially Dad, who is the workshop director at the textile factory and even got us a house.”

“Aunt Hua envies and is jealous of us.”

“So she targets you, not because of you, but because of her own reasons. Don’t overthink it,” Xu Xiangdong explained to his sensitive sister.

Xu Jinning nodded, realizing the reason behind it.

So, even in the countryside, there are so many love-hate relationships.

“Big brother, second brother, maybe I shouldn’t fish anymore,” Xu Jinning looked at the bucket full of fish in front of her and felt the occasional gazes falling on her, saying.

Intuition told Xu Jinning that if she continued to fish, she might end up with basket after basket, or bucket after bucket…

While that would mean plenty of fish for her family, it would also harm the interests of the villagers.

That wasn’t what Xu Jinning wanted.

Her family didn’t lack these fish, and she was just here to experience the joy of fishing.

Now that she had experienced it, continuing would be too ostentatious.

In these times, being so ostentatious wasn’t good.

“Alright, then you go home and rest,” Xu Jinning thought about it, and Xu Xiangdong also thought the same, so he agreed with Xu Jinning’s suggestion.

“Brothers, good luck with catching fish.”

So, after bidding farewell to her two brothers, Xu Jinning left and went back home.

The others by the river, upon seeing Xu Jinning leave, breathed a sigh of relief.

They were truly afraid that Xu Jinning would continue fishing.

With Xu Jinning’s skill just now, if she continued, they wouldn’t have any fish left to catch.

Luckily, Xu Jinning left.

It seemed that this girl not only had good fortune but was also understanding.

Actually, if Xu Jinning had continued fishing, even if they had objections, they couldn’t say anything. After all, she caught the fish with her own skills.

It was Heaven’s favor towards the girl, and they couldn’t do anything about it.

But Xu Jinning’s decision to give up the possibility of catching so many fish and actively choose to leave actually raised the villagers’ impression of her.

The young girl’s character is really good!

Moreover, she’s also a lucky person. Otherwise, how could she repeatedly catch so many fish?

Those fish, in her baskets and buckets, behaved so well. It was clear for everyone to see.

And she even caught the Fish King.

That’s right, even though today was just the first day, everyone was sure that the fish Xu Jinning caught was definitely the Fish King.

The Fish King, ah, only lucky people can catch it.

When the time comes, no matter what, they all have to drink the fish soup the captain will make.

They just didn’t know if the fish Xu Jinning caught were also blessed fish.

Some people were thinking this in their hearts.

In fact, it wasn’t just the people by the river who were thinking this way. Even later on, when people from other production brigades heard about Xu Jinning’s feat, they also thought the same.

So, as soon as Xu Xiangdong and his brother came out of the river, ready to take a break and have lunch, many people surrounded them, expressing their desire to buy the fish Xu Jinning had just caught. Some even hinted that they were willing to pay a higher price if they were willing to sell.

Upon learning the reason why they were so eager to buy, Xu Xiangdong and his brother were somewhat amused and exasperated. But deep down, they were also thinking that Ningning was indeed a lucky star. She even caught the Fish King. Who knows, maybe the fish she caught really do have the power to bless.

The Xu family couldn’t eat all the fish, so after setting aside some to give to relatives, they sold the rest.

The people who bought fish from Xu Xiangdong and his brother immediately carried the fish home with excitement.

They immediately made soup and served it to their families.

Whether it was a placebo effect or if Xu Jinning’s caught fish truly had a blessing effect, they all felt very comfortable and energized after drinking the fish soup.

Some who had colds found their symptoms alleviated after drinking the soup. Others who had back or leg pain found relief after sleeping and waking up.

So, the idea that Xu Jinning’s caught fish had a blessing effect quietly spread unintentionally.

By the third day, when Xu Jinning came to the riverbank to call her two brothers home for dinner, there were actually people urging her to continue fishing, and it wasn’t just one person, but many.

Xu Jinning was instantly bewildered.

What on earth is going on?

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