Chapter 43 – He must protect himself!

Meanwhile, Xu Jinning was unaware that someone else regarded her as a lucky star.

She was still thinking that, in the future, if there was a chance, she would remind Shen Hongling and Xu Yu to stay away from Jiang Xiao.

Of course, she also needed to keep her distance from Jiang Xiao.

It was not just a reborn individual; she was the female protagonist in the author’s story, a delicate flower of heaven. Everyone had to make way for her success.

Xu Jinning was afraid that if she encountered Jiang Xiao, she would be forced to lower her intelligence, which would be terrifying.

Whether it was a decline in intelligence or being controlled, those were not what Xu Jinning wanted.

Although she was laid-back and indifferent, she wanted to truly be herself, not become an NPC destined to sacrifice herself for others and serve as a stepping stone for the main character.

On the way back, Xu Xiangdong also talked to Xu Jinning about the relationship between their family and Xu Yu’s family.

In fact, their families were distant relatives in the generation of Xu Xiangdong’s great-grandfather. However, as time passed, this relationship gradually drifted apart.

But they were indeed relatives, and they were of the same generation as Xu Yu. Shen Hongling, her deceased husband, Xu Aiguo, and Zhang Ailian were also of the same generation.

So, calling Shen Hongling “Aunt Shen” was not wrong.

Currently, Shen Hongling and her family of three were living a difficult life in Qinghe Production Brigade, relying solely on Shen Hongling’s work.

The others in the family were either old and had poor eyesight or young with not-so-good mental faculties.

Especially the elderly in the village, some didn’t like Shen Hongling and avoided her, thinking she brought bad luck.

Even the children didn’t want to play with Xu Yu, considering him a fool, a mute who didn’t deserve to play with them, and they often b*llied him.

Therefore, Shen Hongling’s family had few people in the village with whom they could get along.

However, Xu Aiguo’s family was considered one of the better ones in terms of getting along.

Especially Zhang Ailian, who got along the best with Shen Hongling and often looked after Shen Hongling’s family.

Xu Xiangdong also had a good impression of Xu Yu, even though that kid was different from ordinary children, he wasn’t a bad child, and he was still just a child.

So, whenever Xu Xiangdong saw someone b*llying Xu Yu, he would step forward to protect him.

“If you like, you can play with Yuyu together,” Xu Xiangdong thought that the little girl liked Xu Yu, and Aunt Shen Hongling’s character was also good.

In Xu Xiangdong’s eyes, the thin Xu Jinning was also a child, and children should play together with kids like Xu Yu.

As for making Xu Jinning work, Xu Xiangdong never thought about it.

Before Xu Fangfang left, they didn’t make her work in the fields, let alone Xu Jinning, who was a younger sister.

Moreover, in their family, some worked as laborers to earn wages, some were teachers, and some were record keepers. He could earn twelve work points every day without needing the small girl’s work points. What they earned was enough to support Xu Jinning.

“You, now you just need to take care of your health. Look at your body; I can lift you with one hand, as easy as picking up a chicken.” He rubbed Xu Jinning’s hair and advised.

Xu Jinning was touched by the first part of his statement, but upon hearing the latter part, she was amused and almost wanted to retreat. She couldn’t help but find it somewhat awkward.

What does it mean to lift her as easily as picking up a chicken?

Is it appropriate to say that about a person?

She is definitely heavier than a chicken.

Xu Jinning looked at Xu Xiangdong with a faint expression, and Xu Xiangdong seemed to realize that he had said something not quite pleasant. He immediately showed a pleasing smile to Xu Jinning.


In these days, many things happened without Xu Jinning’s knowledge, and some of them were related to her.

On Zhang Changzheng’s side.

Upon confirming that his wife was pregnant and expecting twins, he immediately believed Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts.

So, the next day, he discussed with his superiors about strengthening measures against human traffickers.

Initially, the superiors didn’t pay much attention, but upon learning that in other provinces, human traffickers were rampant and cunning, and some managed to escape the law, their expressions immediately turned serious.

Especially when Zhang Changzheng added, “What if this human trafficking group comes to our area? What if they come here?”

If we can catch them, it would certainly be a significant achievement.

After all, these human traffickers were too cunning, with a large number of people involved and a considerable number of abductions. Their crimes were extremely heinous, and being caught meant facing severe consequences.

But if they were not vigilant and let these human traffickers escape or abduct women and children in their area, the consequences would be equally severe, and the impact would be significant.

Moreover, these were despicable human traffickers.

You couldn’t guarantee that they wouldn’t one day appear near your relatives or children and target them. And then…

Hearing Zhang Changzheng’s analysis, his superior immediately realized the seriousness of the situation.

So, he promptly convened a meeting of all law enforcement personnel and quickly established a task force to track down human traffickers and prevent the abduction of women and children.

In the coming days, they would discreetly enhance their security measures.

If they encountered this group of human traffickers, they must apprehend them.

Seeing the leadership’s decision, Zhang Changzheng breathed a sigh of relief.

Now it was up to him.

He hadn’t forgotten that according to Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts, his future self would be fighting against human traffickers and eventually be fatally stabbed.

Zhang Changzheng decided that during this period, no matter when, he would have to carry a weapon with him.

It was a guarantee for his life.

Now, he not only has parents but also a wife, and within his wife’s belly are two little ones who will be born in a little over half a year. He is about to become a father, and the weight of responsibility on his shoulders has increased. He knows he is the mainstay of the family and cannot afford to fall.

Therefore, he must protect himself! Only when he is well can his family be well.

He can hardly imagine what his parents and wife would face if, according to Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts, he sacrificed himself. The pain of parents burying their own child is something not easily endured.

As for his wife, having just faced the loss of her husband, she would then have to endure the miscarriage of the two children she had eagerly awaited. That kind of pain is not something anyone can easily bear.

And that’s just what would be visible on the surface, right after his sacrifice.

What about afterwards? Two elderly people without their only son—how would they spend their remaining years?

For the wife who lost both her husband and children, left alone as a vulnerable woman, how could she live well, avoid the judgmental gaze of society, and find happiness again?

Therefore, Zhang Changzheng feels that he is very important.

No matter what, he has to be okay.

Of course, while protecting himself, he will also make every effort to capture human traffickers and bring those despicable, heartless beings to justice.

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