Chapter 42 – This thing is worthless

Even in a television interview, they said they had no feelings for their mother and couldn’t remember their mother.

If possible, Jiang Xiao would have liked to strangle her two sons.

But Jiang Xiao held back.

Not only could she not strangle them, but she also had to treat them well. After all, the achievements of these two sons in the future could be significant.

However, Jiang Xiao decided that among the three sons, she would definitely be the most doting on the youngest.

After feeding the three children with milk powder, they finally stopped crying and fell asleep.

When Cai Juhua learned that Jiang Xiao had fed the three children with milk powder, she was very surprised. Not only that, in the afternoon when she couldn’t help but discharge, Jiang Xiao surprisingly did not scold her or strangle her. Instead, she heated water and helped her wash.

Cai Juhua did not feel fortunate; on the contrary, she was terrified.

People cannot change all at once.

Without a reason for change, if there is, it must be a disguise.

Now, Cai Juhua is a little afraid. With Jiang Xiao’s sudden change, she fears that there might be some ulterior motive.

However, Cai Juhua soon stopped thinking so much because that night, the three children fell ill with a fever, especially Xiao Bao, who had a severe fever. It was then that Cai Juhua learned that Jiang Xiao had given the three children diluted milk powder with cold water.

They are only 5 months old infants; their digestive systems are so weak, how could they bear it?

Cai Juhua strongly suspects that Jiang Xiao wants to take advantage of the opportunity to harm her three grandchildren.

Jiang Xiao was extremely afraid, especially fearing that Xiao Bao would be lost due to this fever, afraid that Hou Chen would resent her.

Frantically, she took them to the county hospital overnight, feeling overwhelmed. In the midst of this busyness, Jiang Xiao temporarily forgot about the matter of big black ten with Shen Hongling and Xu Yu.


On the other side, on that noon, Shen Hongling took Xu Yu home and immediately went into the room to discuss the matter of big black ten with her mother-in-law.

“Big black ten? Yes, we have that thing in our house.”

Saying that, Shen Hongling’s mother-in-law directed Shen Hongling to open her cabinet.

In the innermost layer, inside a cloth bag, Shen Hongling slowly opened it and saw a stack of things similar to money.

Is this big black ten?

Shen Hongling had never seen it before.

Big black ten is the second set of currency issued in the country, and it has a large denomination.

It just wasn’t in use for long before being discontinued.

Shen Hongling looked at it, and the money inside indeed had a high denomination and was well-preserved, looking brand new.

Is this big black ten? The kind that can be exchanged for a lot of money at the bank?

Does her mother-in-law really have big black ten? So, what Ningning said, is it true?

Does that mean…

Almost in that instant, Shen Hongling looked excitedly at Xu Yu playing not far away.

If what Xu Jinning said is true, does that mean her Yuyu is not really stupid? He just got sick, just got that thing called autism.

Her Yuyu will get better, right?

Shen Hongling was very excited, with a hint of tears in her eyes.

Meanwhile, Shen Hongling’s mother-in-law began to explain the origin of this big black ten.

When the big black ten came out, Shen Hongling’s father-in-law had already passed away.

He left behind a wife and son, with the wife not seeing very clearly, and a son, an orphan with a widowed mother.

At that time, people could still conduct business transactions.

The market would open every first and fifteenth day of the month.

Shen Hongling’s mother-in-law would make some pastries to sell during that time.

During that period, big black ten could not be used, but Shen Hongling’s mother-in-law was not very aware of it.

At that time, when big black ten was exchanged at the bank, the amount of money received was relatively small.

So, some people, seeing that Shen Hongling’s mother-in-law’s eyes were not very clear and unaware that big black ten could not be used, used big black ten to buy things from her stall.

By the time Shen Hongling’s mother-in-law found out that big black ten could not be used, it was already a long time later.

But by then, she had already accumulated quite a few big black ten.

In fact, at that time, Shen Hongling’s mother-in-law could have exchanged it at the bank.

But she didn’t in the end.

Because the amount of money she would get in exchange was too little.

So, she kept the money at home, intending to use it as a lesson for herself, a reminder not to be deceived again in the future.

Over time, she forgot about this big black ten.

If Shen Hongling hadn’t mentioned it today, she would have forgotten about it.

“Lingling, why do you want this big black ten? This thing is worthless,” the elderly woman said.

It wasn’t worth much back then, and now it’s even more worthless.

“No, Mom, I heard that you can exchange quite a bit of money for this big black ten at the bank.”

“Really?” The elderly woman seemed somewhat incredulous.

“I heard it from someone else. For the details, we might need to go to the bank and inquire,” Shen Hongling replied.

“Alright, let’s go ask. If this big black ten can really exchange for a substantial amount of money, that would be great,” the elderly woman held onto Shen Hongling’s hand and said, “If possible, you can take Yuyu to a big city for medical treatment.”

The elderly woman knew that Shen Hongling had always had a wish, which was to take Xu Yu to a big city for medical treatment. Shen Hongling never believed that Xu Yu was a fool or mute. She thought that Xu Yu was just sick, and perhaps by going to a hospital in a big city, getting checked by doctors, he could recover and live a normal life.

Both the elderly woman and Shen Hongling, as either one of them, wished for Xu Yu to get better.

Otherwise, if they were no longer around, leaving Xu Yu, perceived by others as a fool and mute, how would he live on his own?

Even if they were no longer alive, they couldn’t rest easy with that thought.

So, as soon as the elderly woman learned that big black ten could fetch a good amount of money, she immediately made this plan.

She handed all the big black ten to Shen Hongling, saying, “Take these big black ten, exchange as much as you can, and then take Yuyu for medical treatment.”

Looking at the stack of big black ten in her hands, Shen Hongling felt as if they weighed a thousand pounds.

“Alright, I will go ask, exchange, and take Yuyu for treatment. Not only will I take Yuyu, but I’ll also take you with me. Your eyes might be able to be cured in the big city,” Shen Hongling promised.

At this moment, both Shen Hongling and her mother-in-law had smiles on their faces, as if they saw the hope of a beautiful future.

Xu Yu was their greatest hope.

As for Shen Hongling, looking at the big black ten in her hands, she was determined in her heart. Regardless of whether Xu Jinning was a fairy or not, she was the lucky star of their family, and they must treat her well in the future.

‘I wonder if Xu Jinning likes this big black ten. Maybe I should take some and give it to her?’

And that person named Jiang Xiao…

Shen Hongling didn’t know her and hadn’t heard of her, but she remembered the name.

In the future, whether it’s her, her mother-in-law, or Yuyu, they all need to stay away from this woman named Jiang Xiao.

As far away as possible.

Otherwise, according to Xu Jinning, that woman Jiang Xiao could bring disaster and destruction to their family.

That’s too frightening!

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