Chapter 44 – Why? Why!

On the other side, Xu Aiguo also received orders from the factory.

Recently, the factory produced more than half of the polyester fabric, which was to be supplied to the seaside market. Xu Aiguo was responsible for supervising the continued production and management.

“Aiguo, this batch of polyester is very important. You must supervise and manage it well. As long as you perform well, your contribution will be significant.”

The deputy factory director patted Xu Aiguo on the shoulder.

Xu Aiguo was secretly frightened and accepted this burden at the same time, “Director, rest assured, I will take good care of it.”

“That’s good, work well, your rewards will come later.”

After saying this, the deputy factory director left, leaving behind many workers in the workshop discussing.

“I didn’t expect that Comrade Xu Aiguo would be entrusted with the supervision of this batch of polyester. This batch of fabric is crucial, not just anyone can handle this responsibility casually.”

“Yeah, if the higher-ups are entrusting Comrade Xu Aiguo with this responsibility, it must be because they value him. And mentioning rewards coming later, does it mean that the position of our workshop director is going to be Xu Aiguo’s?”

“I think so. Anyway, I feel that Comrade Xu Aiguo is more outstanding than Comrade Cao Jiandang.”

“Yes, I think so too. The eyes of the higher-ups are as sharp as ours, and they can clearly see who is better.”

On the side, Cao Jiandang seemed to be working, but in reality, he was eavesdropping, listening all along.

Or perhaps, since the deputy factory director came in, he had lost interest in working.

When the deputy factory director came in, he was already thinking, why did the deputy factory director come? Was he looking for him? Or was he looking for Xu Aiguo?

He had some vague guesses.

As a result, they were really looking for Xu Aiguo, and their conversation did not avoid others.

The deputy factory director directly entrusted Xu Aiguo with this crucial batch of polyester.

What does this imply?

It means, just like the workers discussing it, that the higher-ups value Xu Aiguo.

Does this directly mean that Xu Aiguo is the future workshop director?

If Xu Aiguo becomes the workshop director, does it mean that he also has the chance to get a house? If he successfully oversees this batch of fabric, does it increase his chances of getting a house?

And what about Cao Jiandang?

What is he?

Is he just Xu Aiguo’s foil?


How is Cao Jiandang inferior to Xu Aiguo? He is from the county town, while Xu Aiguo is just a rural villager.

Why is this fabric entrusted to Xu Aiguo for supervision, and Cao Jiandang has no chance at all?

If given the opportunity, he could also perform excellently.

His abilities were not lacking; he had received the Excellent Worker Award several times.

He was completely capable of competing with Xu Aiguo.

But now, Cao Jiandang realized that in the eyes of both higher-ups and fellow workers, from beginning to end, the one they favor was Xu Aiguo, while he, Cao Jiandang, was just an indifferent foil.

At this moment, Cao Jiandang felt like a clown.

Cao Jiandang clenched his fists tightly, desperately suppressing his emotions to prevent them from bursting out.

Just then, someone suddenly patted his shoulder.

Cao Jiandang instantly turned around, revealing a pair of bloodshot eyes.

The pair of eyes, glowing red with anger and resentment, directly startled Xu Aiguo.

Yes, the person patting Cao Jiandang’s shoulder was Xu Aiguo.

Not only did he hear the deputy factory director’s words, but even the workers heard them too.

Cao Jiandang naturally heard them as well.

Thinking about the words he heard from Ningning’s inner thoughts, Xu Aiguo really wanted to know Cao Jiandang’s reaction.

To be honest, he was unwilling to believe that Cao Jiandang was as selfish and unscrupulous as Ningning described.

So, he came over to see Cao Jiandang’s situation.

Unexpectedly, when he turned around, he saw Cao Jiandang with a somewhat ferocious expression and red eyes.

Those eyes were filled with resentment, anger, and restraint.

In an instant, Xu Aiguo was greatly startled.

“Jiandang, what’s wrong with you? Your eyes are all red?”

Cao Jiandang snapped out of his thoughts and realized what he was just thinking.

Especially when he realized that Xu Aiguo was standing in front of him, he quickly reacted.

He quickly wiped the expression off his face and forced a smile, “Aiguo, what’s wrong?”

“Jiandang, why are your eyes red? It looks a bit scary.”

Cao Jiandang realized this time that when he was angry or furious, his eyes would turn red.

He quickly rubbed his eyes and said, “It’s nothing. I probably didn’t rest well last night, so my eyes turned red. It’s nothing.”

“Oh, that’s good.”

“Yeah, it’s fine. By the way, I haven’t congratulated you yet. The deputy factory director handed over this batch of high-quality products to you, indicating that he values you a lot. Maybe, in the future, I’ll have to call you Director Xu.”

“Hey, Jiandang, don’t say that.”

“What? Don’t be so humble. I’m stating facts, and everyone is saying the same. You don’t need to be modest.”

“Jiandang, you…”

“Aiguo, I’m a bit busy right now. How about I get back to work first, and we can talk later?”


Cao Jiandang turned around and went back to work as if he had no emotions.

However, due to that glance just now, Xu Aiguo elevated the perceived danger level of Cao Jiandang in his mind to a peak.

The look Cao Jiandang gave just now was too frightening.

The emotions within were too obvious.

Cao Jiandang was undoubtedly harboring emotions because of this incident.

Whether these emotions would continue to accumulate or find an opportunity to vent, Xu Aiguo didn’t know.

Could Cao Jiandang really do something as selfish as Ningning’s inner thoughts suggested?

Regardless, Xu Aiguo would strengthen his guard!

After all, he considered Cao Jiandang a friend, a good comrade, but he had no idea what was going on in Cao Jiandang’s mind.

Moreover, he would never give up his deserved benefits for the sake of others, and he definitely couldn’t repay betrayal with kindness.

If Cao Jiandang really did something like that, he wouldn’t hesitate or show mercy.

Because Cao Jiandang would be harming not only his personal interests but also the collective interests, and that was unforgivable.

On the other hand, just as Xu Aiguo thought, although Cao Jiandang seemed to be diligently working, his face was completely gloomy.

No one knew how he felt when he called Xu Aiguo “Director Xu.”

The voice of discontent inside him was screaming.

Why? Why!

Actually, if it were just the workshop director position, Cao Jiandang could tolerate it. But it wasn’t just the workshop director; it also involved housing allocation.

That was a house, the thing Cao Jiandang needed most at the moment.

And Xu Aiguo didn’t need it at all.

If he could become the workshop director, perform well, and then get allocated a house, that would be great.

But what could he do?

At this moment, suddenly, a newspaper he had seen before flashed into Cao Jiandang’s mind…

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