Chapter 5 – “I have to say, the Demon King is really too handsome”

The blood-colored full moon hangs high in the night sky and the stars are dazzling. Walking under such a sky is like walking in a dream. The desert is very quiet, the temperature is extremely cold, and the chilly wind penetrates the bones.

After walking for a while, the weather suddenly changed, with strong winds and raging sand. Irvine said with great experience: “My King, the sandstorm is coming, should we hide for a while?”

He was worried that his king would reject his proposal out of pride and stubbornness, but he didn’t expect that Hill just nodded and said flatly: “Well, let’s hide.”

Great, my King will now accept advice!

The three quickly found a cave and hid in. The original owner of the cave was a monster that resembled a bear, so it not only lost its house, but also lost its body.

Ten minutes later, the beast named Baier Beast was dismantled. This time, there were no branches to use, and he couldn’t put it on Irvine to bake it, so Hill silently looked at the Paladin Captain Monroe… the paladin’s longsword on his waist.

Monroe did not understand at first, he looked down at his crotch, thinking in his mind what nasty things this Demon King was thinking, and then he saw the longsword on his waist, and then thought of how the fish was grilled. So, he became furious: “Don’t even think about it!” As a paladin with faithful beliefs, naturally, he felt that the idea of the Demon King was defiling his faith.

Hill sighed and shook his head. He let Irvine lie down, and then asked Monroe to thin a stone slab in the cave with a sword… This time Monroe finally did not refuse. Then, Hill put the thin stone slab on top of Irvine.

Irvine opened his eyes and looked at Hill innocently. The slate was quickly burned red and Hill put the flesh of the Byer beast on it.

With the pleasant sizzling sound, the scent of meat spread out all at once~

This is a natural stone plate grilled meat.

The Baier Beast’s grease is quite rich, the stone slab is very hot, and next to it, Hill controls the roasting of the meat. The aroma is getting heavier, and the surface of the meat quickly becomes an attractive golden color. He also deliberately cut off the paws of the Baier Beast and roasted them. That guy is a bit like a bear, the bear paws are the best quality.

Outside the cave is raging yellow sand and roaring wind. In the cave is a warm flame and the smell of barbecue.

The picture was a little warm for a while.

Paladin Monroe had been looking at the scenery outside, and Hill looked at him a few times, but he was unaffected. In fact, Hill was quite interested in Paladins in his previous life. He admired the kind of people with firm beliefs. If he could, he really wanted to chat with the other party, but unfortunately his position is different now. And the Paladins, from beginning to end, all put on a rather cold look.

Hill turned the barbecue over and asked, “What’s your name?”

The Paladin did not answer.

Irvine immediately became agitated: “The Great Demon King is asking you something! Human!”

Hill slapped Irvine on the head: “Don’t move, the meat is going to fall.”

“Okay, King.” Irvine immediately lay down obediently.

The picture is also somewhat comical, the fire elemental spirit lying on the ground, the stone slab placed on top of it, the roast meat placed on the slab, the Demon King waiting in front of the roast meat…

“Anyway, there’s no one else here, so talk to me.” Hill said, “Such an opportunity is also rare and I’m afraid there will be no such thing like tonight in the future.”

The paladin seemed stunned for a moment and then spoke, “Monroe.” His voice was a little low, but still cold.

“A very paladin’s name.” Hill nodded fervently, “I guess your parents must have been light bearers.”

“They’re dead,” Monroe said coldly.

“Ah.” A little embarrassed, Hill scratched his hair and said, “I’m sorry.”

“Died of demonic temptation,” Monroe continued.

Hill was even more embarrassed, “Ah, is that so…”

So, Hill stopped trying to talk, by this time the meat was almost done, but the paws were still raw, Hill lost patience and broke a piece of Irvine’s body directly (?). The paws were dropped in and left to fend for themselves. Irvine squirmed uncomfortably twice, but did not resist.

Hill put a piece of roast meat into his mouth and then couldn’t help but sigh aloud in admiration.

He still likes this kind of meat better than fish! This time, the fire was too strong and all the meat was a bit burnt, but the full burnt flavor made his appetite stronger. Although there are no seasonings and spices, the taste of the meat itself is quite good, and it does not taste very woody, on the contrary, it is full of flavor…

Then Hill took a bite of a piece of completely burnt meat and found a surprise.

It turns out that the meat of this beast is delicious when it is completely burnt!

One bite is quite crunchy and the elasticity with the smell of meat is simply to die for. The rich grease brings unparalleled enjoyment to the senses, and the burnt yellow color, as well as the crisp sound when biting, and the tender and juicy meat, delicious to the point of euphoria.

If it weren’t for worrying about affecting the image, Hill really wanted look up to the sky and roar, this is what people should eat, ah!

Then he asked Irvine to taste it. At this moment, the slate was still on Irvine, so Irvine was inconvenient to eat. Hill took a piece of meat and fed it to Irvine. Irvine shed tears of excitement… By the way, his tears were like magma, directly melting part of the ground.

Hill sweated, this is really terrible.

Then Hill naturally asked Monroe if he could eat, but Monroe naturally shook his head in denial. As soon as he refused, he heard a very light grunt in his stomach. Hill couldn’t help but smile, Monroe’s face was cold, and then he hid on the side and began to eat the army rations… This is really too shameful, Monroe thought in his heart. It’s too shameful… Damn, why does that roast meat smell so good?!

The strong wind and raging sand gradually subsided, and Irvine said, “Lord Demon King, we should go back, we have to sign a treaty with the Church at noon.”

Hill’s heart thumped and thought to himself, it has finally come?

Losing the war, signing unequal treaties, and what the dark elf named Albrecht Darkmoon called reparations and etc.

Irvine said this carefully, he knew that this topic was an inverse scale for the Lord Demon King. Because when Lord Demon King’s favorite wife and concubine mentioned this matter, she was thrown into the Demon Worm Hole and turned into a corpse. …

Unexpectedly, Lord Demon King just closed his eyes and said, “I know. Then let’s go back.”

Irvine was a little surprised, he couldn’t help but asked again: “My King… Aren’t you angry anymore?”

Hill replied: “It’s useless to be angry. It’s a fact. All in all, you have to face it and accept it.” He sighed, “But I am not left with nothing, I still have you.”

Irvine… erupted with tears again.

Woo woo woo…  Lord Demon King is really great!

Monroe on the other side had a complicated expression. To be honest, he didn’t have any particular hostility towards the Demon King, he just went with the crowd to hate the Demon Race. Although he was sent to monitor the Demon King, the Demon King has not been out of the bedroom, only today, this is the first time he went out and he even let him accompany… In these short hours, the Demon King has constantly refreshed a new image in his heart.

In fact, Monroe was a little moved when he watched the sandstorm when he was grilling in the cave as he had a similar experience with his father when he was a child. But he is a paladin after all, so he can’t have a good attitude to the demon, he thinks. Then the Demon King said, “Such an opportunity is also rare and I’m afraid there will be no such thing like tonight in the future.” Now that he heard that the treaty was about to be signed after dawn, Monroe completely (thought he) understood what the Demon King meant.

We are enemies after daybreak, so on this night we can cook and eat meat together and watch sandstorm together.

This sentence is really touching, Monroe thought.

Then he took a deep breath, walked to Irvine, took a piece of meat from his slab, and then said under the surprised gaze of the Demon King: “Thank you.”

The Demon King was shocked, then smiled at him.

The demon’s smile… Monroe’s mind also drifted for a moment. I have to say, the Demon King is really too handsome.

The true thoughts in Hill’s mind:

What’s the matter with this Paladin? Is he so hungry that he finally can’t take it anymore? Then, should I smile at him so he doesn’t get embarrassed?

I have to say, there’s a big drama in everyone’s mind…

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