Chapter 4 – “Let’s take a look at the great rivers and mountains of this King”

Paladin Captain Monroe felt that his more than twenty years of life is simply ups and downs.

When he was four years old, he was still curled up in his mother’s arms and listening to fairy tales. At that time, he thought he would grow up to be an excellent farmer just like his father.

As a result, when he was seven years old, it was said that there were demons in the village. Then people from the church came to cleanse the village, and then caught two people covered in black, saying that they were demons from the lower realm. But Monroe’s mother had previously told Monroe that they were Mortonians and had come from an island outside.

Some people in the village defended them, and as a result, they were actually all killed. The reason was that they were under the spell of the devil.

And then, he and several other children who did not speak up for the devil were adopted – in fact, he wanted to speak up for the devil, but his mother told him before she died, “Don’t speak for them, don’t speak for me and Dad. You just have to curse me and your Dad in front of the church people.” He was a clever child, he did so, and he lived.

After he grew up in a church school, he was valued by the bishop because of his talents, and he was accepted as a disciple. At the age of sixteen, he thought he would become a gentle priest in the future. Although he had some doubts about what happened back then, he didn’t doubt it too much because he received a good education (brainwashing).

But when he submitted a project entitled “Study of the Mortonians”, he was expelled from the church school and severely reprimanded by the bishop.

Monroe had no choice but to cast the pen to join the army. As a result, his talent in combat was actually stronger than theological research. He awakened the talent of the Paladin smoothly, and then became a glorious Paladin. He later wanted to re-study the Mortonians, but his team was too busy and was always sent to the front line. He didn’t know why. Once, his deputy captain smiled bitterly after being injured and said: “Captain, did you offend the people above?”

“What nonsense.” Monroe scolded the other party sternly, “This is the trust that Lord Pope has placed in us! We should feel honored!”

Monroe really thought so. He believed that his belief in the God of Light was unshakable.

Although the war rations are really terrible. When he swallowed the hard bread with cold water, he thought in his heart.

Monroe is a loyal paladin. He hates the demons like other paladins. However, before the war broke out, they had only seen illustrations of demons in books, and specimens of demons in the classroom. The profound priest told them that the demons are dark and degenerate existences. Many of them like to kill and eat people. According to legend, their Demon Kings like to eat Light bearers the most, especially the Paladins. This story is widely circulated, so when Hill said casually, “I came out to find something to eat,” the Paladins were almost scared to pee.

After the war broke out, Monroe’s team was sent to the front lines as usual. The power of the demons was unexpectedly strong. Only then did Monroe realize how useless his colleagues who used to talk about drinking and playing were. Many high-ranking Paladins couldn’t even use the holy fire halo in a qualified manner—of course, the Paladins who really held high positions would not come to the front lines. Here, he fought hard and didn’t make great achievements, but at least let himself survive.

The human race is losing ground.

After the demons had beaten out the humans who had invaded the lower realm, when they were about to set foot on the land of humans, the upper realm sent a supporting force — the angels.

Monroe saw that many people were possessed by angels, their countenance became radiant, cruel and awe-inspiring. They raised their swords in their hands and exploded with devastating power against the demons. The demons were defeated in that battle, and the paladins possessed by angels died after the battle. The bishop announced that their bodies had decayed and their souls had gone to heaven. They should be happy for them.

So, the remaining paladins were rightfully elated that their fellow paladins had gone to heaven (haha).

This continued in the three consecutive battles. In the third battle, Monroe was almost possessed by an angel, but his mind flashed back to the “Mortonians” and the villagers who were slaughtered, so he subconsciously resisted, the angel did not succeed in possession. Afterwards, Monroe was a little frightened, did he lose the opportunity to go to heaven forever? Was there any impurity in his faith?

Later, the demons suffered a crushing defeat and the war ended. He was sent to the lower realm to guard the Demon King. This seemed to be an errand of nine deaths and no life, but he felt liberated. It would be good if he died like this. After all, he was a paladin who could not even be possessed by an angel… In fact, he had a thought in his heart that he hadn’t seen that kind of dark-skinned demon that resembled the Mortonians during the period of the battle in the lower realm. If possible, he wanted to ask the Demon King if the two people at that time were really demons…

However, the current situation of being reckless and chatting with the Demon King by the lake… is totally wrong, ah?!

The Paladin Captain Monroe’s thoughts, Hill did not know. After finishing these grilled fish, he felt that his stomach felt much better, but it was not enough. He still wanted to eat more. With this thought in mind, Hill said: “Let’s just walk around.”

“Yes, King.” Irvine said.

Hill stood up from the ground and looked at his reflection in the lake. He had already followed his mind and turned his appearance closer to humans. At this time, he looked a lot kinder, but everyone here knew that he was the Demon King. He secretly asked himself a question, is it interesting to lie to yourself?

Unknowingly, Hill’s thoughts were changing.

The paladin over there followed in silence.

Hill retracted his thoughts and sighed with emotion: “Let’s take a look at the great rivers and mountains of this king.”

The lower realm is divided into nine layers, the entrance to the human realm is covered by a dark forest, and there are countless terrifying monsters inside. The entrance is guarded by a she-wolf symbolizing greed, a lion symbolizing ambition, and a leopard symbolizing pleasure. The aisles are filled with flags and the River of Sorrow is the moat. The ferryman is already dead, so you can only ferry yourself.

The first layer is a green meadow, the second layer is the Black Wind Valley, which is full of winds all year round. The third layer is the land of rainstorms all day long, and the fourth layer is the towering and undulating mountains. The black streams flowing down from the mountains converge into a swamp—that is the fifth layer. The sixth layer is a volcano, the seventh layer is a blood pool, the eighth layer is a forest, the ninth layer is a desert, and in the middle is a glacial lake. In the glacial lake is the high black stone tower which is the palace of the Demon King himself.

At this time, the three of them are next to the icy lake, the shore has some plants and trees that Hill does not recognize. He just relied on the Demon King’s body being immune to poison to eat it casually. Anyway, the demon’s physical fitness is quite good. It’s even okay to eat shi—well, it’s okay, but it’s not necessary.

The distance between the ice lake and the desert is not very far. There are some sparse woods in the middle. Hill touched the mobile phone he placed next to him, thinking that if he took out the mobile phone in front of Irvine and the Paladin now and open Baidu to search for “what can you eat in the desert”, what would the two of them think.

Speaking of which, he was holding a mobile phone when he woke up before, and the demons seemed not surprised.

The temperature in the desert has always been extreme and the desert in the Lower Realm is no exception. Not long after entering it, he felt the biting cold wind. Although Hill didn’t feel particularly uncomfortable, some discomfort is still there. In this situation, having a fire elemental spirit around him is a very happy thing. Hill reached out and grabbed Irvine to get him closer and he felt a lot more comfortable.

He thought for a moment and said, “Irvine, you can turn into all kinds of shapes, right?”

“Yes, King,” Irvine said.

“Turn into a sphere and put a cylindrical hole in the middle… Yes, the hole is bigger.” So, Irvine became a hand warmer under his guidance. Hill put his hand in, ah, warm, cozy, comfortable.

This kind of hand warmer that will automatically follow when suspended in the air is really enjoyable in the cold winter night, ah.

After a while, Irvine began to vibrate inexplicably, and Hill’s paws were picked up by the fire several times. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

Irvine: “The king’s hand is inside my body. I’m so excited.”

Hill: “…”

Hill immediately threw the Irvine hand warmer aside.

What the hell is this. Are the demons all perverted?

The Paladin Captain over there was also shocked by Irvine’s words, and his face became even more stern… The whole person seemed to be full of contempt for the demons… I’m sorry, we deserve it. Hill thought sadly.

A lot of good things have been found in this desert, sea buckthorn fruit (sea berry), Hill can always recognize. His understanding of sea buckthorn fruit mainly originated from a female colleague in the former office, the other party is a female netizen engaged in natural skin care, she would sometimes also distribute some of her homemade skin care products and handmade soaps to the office. She said the beauty effect of sea buckthorn is very, very good.

In fact, it is true, and this small berry has considerable nutritional value, ecological value and economic value. It is the precious economic forest tree species that contains the most natural vitamins in the world. The vitamin C content of sea buckthorn is much higher than that of fresh dates and kiwis. [Fruits also contain flavonoids, triterpenes, organic acids, polysaccharides, pigments, tryptamines, volatile oils, proteins and other nutrients].

Hill pulled down a few sea buckthorn fruits, and the round fruits showed an attractive orange-red color. Hill thought, will there be something from Earth here too? Is everything in the lower realm the same as on Earth? It was unlikely. He put the sea-buckthorn fruit in his mouth. The fruit contains a lot of water and sugar. The juice bursts out in the mouth and it is refreshing when it slips into the throat. He had just eaten too much grilled fish and his mouth was a bit dry. But the taste is more sour, probably cannot eat more. Hill thought in his mind, maybe it can be made into jam or something.

The first step after crossing over is to improve their food, it’s not that he’s spoiled. But with the scorpions, spiders, cockroaches, he really can’t do it, ah!!!

And Irvine over there saw his Demon King actually began to eat such “lowly things”, he was about to cry: “My King, although we are in a very difficult position now, but you do not need to do this for us, ah! You should continue to eat that noble food!”

The corner of Hill’s mouth, who was enjoying the sea-buckthorn fruit, couldn’t help but twitch. What the hell is the noble food… So, he said politely: “No need.” He said, “The Lower Realm has suffered such a disaster. Dereliction of duty is related, how can I indulge in enjoyment at this time?”

The Paladin Captain Monroe next to him was also stunned. Although he didn’t think grilled fish or sea buckthorn fruit was such a lowly food, he could always understand the difference in cultural values. This Demon King showed a temperament different from the textbook.

And Irvine is naturally moved to tears.

He feels that his Lord Demon King is really becoming greater and greater. He has made up his mind. After returning today, he will apply to drink the water of the River of Sorrow with Lord Demon King. He will swear to be loyal to him forever!

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