Chapter 3 – Grilled Fish with Herbs

After putting down the phone, Hill looked at everything in the room. The Demon King’s bedchamber basically has nothing, it is empty, like a rough room. There is no mattress or any kind of beddings on the bed, it is hard. There is a mirror opposite the bed, Hill went to the mirror to look at his current self. The face is slightly similar to his own before crossing, about 1.90 meters tall, wavy white hair falling on the shoulders, with two red horns on his head. The eyes are dark red, and the body is wearing a black armor, but is a relatively revealing kind, and there are too many elements, such as the dark punk style barbs and the collar… The extent of the excessiveness even made Hill think of Van or Billy Harrington.

And now he possesses a handsome man with smooth muscles ah.

He touched his horn, thinking in his mind, does this thing have to exist, how to hide? The thought just came out, the horn on his head disappeared. He was flabbergasted and then silently chanted in his mind: “No white hair, no white hair.”

The next second, he turned into a bald man.

What a “no white hair”. This is very strong.

Hill looked at his bald head in the mirror and pondered for a few seconds, then changed his statement: “Change it to long black hair.”

This time, his appearance in the mirror is much closer to human.

Hill then tried other things. He found that he could directly change his appearance and also have some influence on the surrounding environment. For example, when he said “collapse” to the table, the stone table was immediately broken into fragments, and then he said “repair”, and the fragments did not move.

After the test, Hill understood the basic situation of this “Word Soul Magic” ability. He wanted to explore more but suddenly found that he was very hungry. The feeling of hunger exploded directly from his stomach and spread to his whole body. The feeling of hunger made him want to eat the pile of stones.

So, does the use of power require food consumption?

He resisted hunger and walked to the window. There was no glass in the window and the wind blew through. It was night at this time and the moon was blood-red, quite a demonic atmosphere. Only then did he discover that his bedroom was on a high tower, probably as high as dozens of stories. He stood in front of the window and looked at the scenery outside. He found that his eyesight was quite good. The first thing he saw was the lake below. The tower was built in the lake water, and some places on the lake surface were frozen. In the distance is the desert with the blood-colored moonlight spilling over the yellow sand. Together, they extend to the unknown distance, just as his life extends to the unknown future.

Hill stood in front of the window for a while, he slowly pushed away his trepidation, uncertainty, and other negative emotions. He told himself that it was nothing. He was dressed as such a Demon King is relatively unfortunate but he tentatively also carried out a relatively good start.

He now knew that the dark elf named Albrecht Darkmoon was a top-notch assassin and that he was also a being that could be trusted. He also learned that if he drank the water of the River of Sorrow and swore, he had to keep his oath or his body and soul would disintegrate.

Well, he told himself. Do your best.

Hill walked out of his bedchamber. The long corridor was empty and only the torches inlaid on the walls were emitting light. He walked through the corridor to the stairway and was shocked by the terrible height of the spiral staircase… Is there no elevator for him to use? These dozens of stairs are exhausting, right?! And he was starving to death!

At this moment, a voice came from over there, “O Great King, your most faithful servant Irvine is here, do you have any instructions?”

Hill turned around and saw that the hallway was empty.

Well… What a damned thing. He thought in his mind. But the other party was supposed to be a demon though.

So now what should he say?

Say ‘appear in front of me’? Say ‘I’m going to talk to you face to face’? It doesn’t seem like that’s even good.

Hill was inspired and said in a voice full of authority, “Kneel down.”

The torches in the corridor immediately began to sway, and all the fire flew out of the mound, and then flew together to form a human figure, and then that human figure knelt down in front of Hill: “My King.” He said, “May I ask if there is anything I have done wrong?”

Irvine is a fire elemental spirit and a personal servant of the Demon King, Hill. When the Demon King is in the bedchamber, he turns into a flame to illuminate the corridor outside the bedchamber. When the Demon King leaves the bedchamber, he will also leave, and the torches in the corridor will be extinguished. In this way, Ministers can determine whether the Demon King is in the bedchamber.

“I’m hungry,” Hill said very directly.

“Yes, My King, I will go and prepare food for you,” Irvine said.

“Wait, what kind of food are you going to prepare?” Hill asked.

Irvine replied, “Water snails, plague grains, spiders and bats, and fried cockroaches.”

Hill: “…………”

Hearing this terrible name, Hill felt his soul flew out of his body for a few seconds. Holy crap! There are actually bats? Hello, Virus Warning! Then he said, “Another one.”

“So, you want to try the triple spice cockroach?” Irvine asked.

“No.” Hill said, “I want to eat something today that I don’t normally eat.”

Irvine thought for a moment, then said, “Would you like to eat a human?”

Hill: “……ha?”

Irvine said: “Although the Paladins are now stationed in the Demon World, if you want to eat humans, I can sneak out the humans in the dungeon for you to eat.”

The corner of Hill’s mouth twitched, “I think I’ll pass, I don’t want to eat humans.”

“Okay.” Irvine said.

Hill thought about it and couldn’t trust the demon food anymore, he shook his head, “Why don’t you walk with me outside for a while.”

Irvine nodded, “Yes, My King.”

So, the two of them started going down the stairs, and it took an estimated 20 minutes or so just to go down the stairs. By the time they got to the ground floor of the tower, Hill was already completely starving. He didn’t know he was giving off the smell of insane hunger. That smell of hunger given off by the higher demons was enough to scare the piss out of the other demons, after all, some demons eat each other.

So, all the demons in this area, including a few ministers who are still lingering over here, rushed to run away. After all, the might of the Demon King is too horrifying.

As for why Irvine was not scared enough to piss, the reason is simple, he is a flame spirit. The water vapor in his body will automatically evaporate… Wait a minute, it’s too obscene.

When Hill came out of the tower, he saw several glorious human paladins standing at the door. This is the army of the paladins stationed in the demon world as Irvine said. Seeing Hill and others came out, the leading paladin stepped forward. He had a face quite in line with the temperament of a paladin, brilliant blond hair and sea blue eyes, and a handsome and upright face: “Where are you going?” he asked. When he said this, his voice was also very cold, without any respect, and even with hatred.

This question… Hill thought for a while, feeling that the Paladins should be here to monitor him. It can also be imagined that after the war between the two countries, one country was defeated badly and the monarch of the other country was under surveillance. This is probably what it meant.

The real demon might feel angry and humiliated, but Hill himself didn’t feel anything. After all, he just traversed, so he didn’t resonate with this place. But he also understood that he had to adapt to his current identity. He and the Demon World share both glory and loss.

But it’s good that he’s calm. It’s not good to get excited in the face of such behavior from the church.

“Does His Majesty, Demon King, need to report to you worms where he wants to go?” Irvine beside Hill spoke up angrily, “Stand down!”

The flames on his body were soaring and his aura was shocking, and the paladins suddenly became serious.

Hill raised his hand to stop Irvine from talking, and replied by himself: “I’m going out to find something to eat.”

As soon as he finished saying this, all the serious paladins immediately paled. They drew out their swords and Hill saw that the paladins’ legs behind started to tremble.

What? What did he say? Didn’t he just say he was out looking for something to eat? How come these people reacted so much worse than when Irvine scolded them?

The paladin leading the group had a condensed face and thunderous anger brewing in his gloomy eyes, “Lord Demon King, please act with caution!”

“What did I do?” Hill was confused, “I just don’t want to eat what I usually eat and then come out to see if I can find other food. What are you guys excited about?”


There was an awkward silence.

The paladins looked at each other.

The Paladin Captain seemed dumbfounded for a second, then asked, “Aren’t you talking about eating us?”

Hill was speechless: “You are all too imaginative.”

He felt that both the paladins in front of him and his ministers, the ability to imagine is too strong. He just said very ordinary words, how can these people get excited by themselves one after another.

But this should not really be blamed on them, but rather the bloody prestige of the Demon King in the past is just too terrible…

The other Paladins are also a bit embarrassed, neither are they holding their swords, nor are they retracting their swords.

Hill shook his head, “You stay here, Irvine, let’s go.” He said to the Fire Elemental Spirit next to him.

“Yes, My King.” Irvine said. At this moment, Irvine thought to himself that his Great King seemed to be a little more cunning than before. He actually used a few words to play tricks on the Paladins. This is really amazing. It seems that the defeat of the war has allowed his king to grow a lot, ah, such a great Demon King is the existence that should be followed!

Hill stopped after a few steps and looked back at the Paladin Captain and said, “Do you want to come along?”

He made everyone present freeze at this suggestion.

Irvine: …… What? What does the King mean by this? The king’s mind is really getting deeper and deeper, it’s too powerful.

Hill smiled faintly and said, “You guys are just monitoring me here, right, so it’s only right to come along.”

The Paladins looked at each other, they were all taken aback by the demon who played cards in an unreasonable way. In the end, the Paladin Captain said in the worried eyes of everyone: “Okay, Demon King.”

Below the black tower is a vast expanse of lake water, above it, there is a small wooden bridge that looks dangerous. Hill walked on the wooden bridge, crouched and observed the lake for a while, and then saw the shadow of fish below.

Hill pointed to the fish and said, “That’s the one.”

Irvine said, “No one has ever eaten those fish.”

“I want to try it today,” Hill said.

Then Hill saw Irvine shrink himself into a small fire ball and directly plunge into the water. Irvine quickly caught a few fish up, but the surface of those fish is a bit charred. As a fire elemental spirit, Irvine’s body temperature is too high. The paladin next to him was visibly flabbergasted at the sight of the fish. Hill looked to him and asked, “Recognize?”

The paladin hesitated for a few seconds and said, “I have this kind of fish in my hometown.”

“Is it delicious?” Hill asked.

“Eh… it’s delicious,” the Paladin said.

So, Hill’s eyes lit up immediately. This is also the purpose of his special invitation to the Paladin.

Ten minutes later, Monroe, the paladin captain, felt that he was crazy.

A month ago, he couldn’t imagine that he and his team would be sent to monitor the Demon King himself.

What he couldn’t imagine was that, he was now sitting by the lake grilling fish and talking about his hometown with the Demon King himself.

What’s even more unbelievable is that the fish was roasted not with a fire, but with the dreaded fire elemental spirit!

Yes. They strung fish with branches at this time and inserted the branches on the body of the fire elemental spirit…

That is a fire elemental spirit which has intelligence!

The person who can feel the presence of the elements is the person who has the qualification to become a mage, such a person is one in a thousand. A person who can control the elements can formally become a mage from an apprentice, and such a person is one in a hundred among apprentices. However, any person who can own an elemental spirit marks him as a first-class mage.

Monroe saw a fire elemental spirit in the Royal Academy of Magic’s fire department dean’s office. The spirit was a small mass with an IQ of only three or four years old. As for how the fire elemental spirits were born, there are many different opinions, but history records that the first fire elemental spirit discovered by humans were born in a great battle. The fire mage groups of the two kingdoms of mankind blasted against each other, and then all of them were broken into pieces by the flame explosion because of the forbidden technique. At that time, a large pit was formed there, and the corpses of thousands of fire mage were piled in the pit. Later, someone went to investigate and found that the fire elemental spirit was born inside.

Truly intelligent fire elemental spirits, they are not manipulating the law, they are the law itself, and do not need any incantation and spellcasting preparation to release a rather frightening spell.

Well… Now this fire elemental spirit is grilling fish with the fire on his body. This gap made Monroe hard to accept.

Irvine controlled the flame temperature very well, and the fishy smell quickly disappeared and turned into a faint fragrance.

Deep blue night sky, blood-colored moonlight, brown land on the shore of the lake, and some black trees next to it. Hill felt that the landscape was quite romantic, a bit like a camping outdoor barbecue.

Hill got some sorts of herbs and stuff from the woods, then asked the paladin good-naturedly if he had any spices on him.

Paladin Monroe feels completely blank. In his concept, or in the concept of all the students who graduated from church schools, if the devil takes the initiative to borrow something from you, he usually borrows something else from you. But now, this Demon King actually asked him to borrow the condiment package… He really tried to show the opponent a cold face but still couldn’t help but twitch the corners of his mouth twice for this strange and bizarre request.

Seeing that the paladin didn’t pay attention to him, Hill didn’t take it to heart. He just asked that question casually. If the paladin really had a good attitude, he will have to suspect that this paladin has a problem.

When he returned to Irvine, the fish had already begun to bubble with oil. The water evaporated after being roasted by the flames, and the oil dripped on the burning branches below and made a nice sizzle.

Hill felt his stomach growl.

He crushed the herbs with the word soul magic and sprinkled it on the fish. The aroma of herbs rushed into the noses of several people along with the steaming heat. The paladin Monroe over there just thought: I am a glorious paladin. I am loyal to my lord. The devil is the enemy of all mankind… This smell is pretty good, I want to eat it… I am loyal to my lord… A bit I’m hungry… My lord… Guruguru. … The wartime rations my lord gave me are too unpalatable…

The faint scent of char and rich herbs spreads out and the smell of fish is getting stronger. It should already be ready.

Hill pulled the branches out of the fire elemental elf’s body, then casually handed one of them to the paladin.

The Paladin was shocked but did not take it.

Irvine said angrily: “You don’t know what is good or bad, you dare not pick up something from Lord Demon King—!!!”

“It’s okay.” Hill said with a smile, “Let’s eat.”

Irvine said angrily: “You actually eat this kind of humble thing. This is simply too insulting. You wouldn’t even look at it back then…”

Hill felt that Irvine’s words were really too much, so he directly shoved the grilled fish in his hand into Irvine’s mouth.

“You are Lord Demon King, how can you eat such a poor thing… Um… It seems to taste good… Oh… Lord Demon King, can I have another one?”

Hill couldn’t help laughing. This was the first time he had laughed since the journey. “Eat it,” he said.

When Irvine started eating the second grilled fish, Hill started eating.

The heat is very good. The outside is charred and the inside is tender, the fish has a delicate fragrance of branches, and the outside has a strong aroma of hers, coupled with the taste of the fish itself, it tastes quite good. Don’t know what kind of fish it is but Hill also tasted a little bit of cuttlefish. The delicious taste and the texture are really mesmerizing. Hill quickly ate a fish, feeling the fragrance between his teeth, his happiness was overwhelming.

Irvine caught a total of nine fish, he ate three, and Hill ate six. None was left.

The expression of the paladin Monroe next to him seems to be even colder. One wonders why.

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