BH (QT) 106 – The President (6)

Chapter 106 – The President (6)

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Yan Jing Ze posted a message in support of Jian Yunxiu.

He forwarded Jian Yunxiu’s clarification in Weibo and said: “That’s not Yunxiu at all. For those who create rumors, see you in court!”

As a result, as soon as he finished the post, Yu Ye saw it.

“Are you Jinkou Yuyan?” Yu Ye looked at Yan Jing Ze in surprise.

“Yes,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Before the original owner fell in love with the substitute Dong Qinglin, the recipient of his heart and soul, the white moonlight, is Jian Yunxiu. Of course, after he fell in love with Dong Qinglin, his heart and soul’s recipient changed.

In short, before today, Jian Yunxiu has always been the No. 1 in the heart of the original owner. He is particularly willing to pay for Jian Yunxiu. This fan account naturally stands out by giving Jian Yunxiu money.

For example, Jian Yunxiu just released his solo album “Lights” half a month ago. He bought two thousand sets in one go, one thousand sets for his own collection, and one thousand sets were used to forward the lottery.

Previously in Jian Yunxiu’s solo concert, he also rushed to buy tickets and then forwarded them to people.

“Surprisingly, you turned out to be Jinkou Yuyan…” Yu Ye murmured, and for a while his good feeling towards Yan Jing Ze soared.

When Jian Yunxiu first returned to China, he was not very famous and had few fans, but at that time, this Jinkou Yuyan had already started to support Jian Yunxiu. So far, he has supported Jian Yunxiu for five years, every day for five years!

Although the gender of Jinkou Yuyan is “male”, Jian Yunxiu is a man in the end. Most fans who like Jian Yunxiu are women. Jinkou Yuyan doesn’t understand music and he even made jokes because he doesn’t understand music. So, everyone thought this was a high-cold Bai Fumei who fell in love with Jian Yunxiu because of his handsome face.

As a result… it turned out to be Yan Jing Ze?

Yu Ye suddenly felt a little sympathy for the two of them. They obviously loved each other but they couldn’t be together for several years. “Actually, Yunxiu wanted to post your photos on Weibo before to look for you. Blame me. I didn’t let him post…” At the time, he didn’t know who Wang Shengchao was. He thought that if Jian Yunxiu wanted to find someone on the Internet with great fanfare, there would be a bunch of media coming out to dig out everything about Wang Shengchao. Fans would also be concerned about the little black fatty in the photos and will certainly post comments. The criticisms might affect Wang Shengchao’s normal life, so Jian Yunxiu was not allowed to do so.

If he had known that Wang Shengchao was actually Yan Jing Ze, he would not have stopped him.

Yan Jing Ze naturally understood Yu Ye’s consideration.

Moreover, the original owner was actually a bit nasty. If he really did meet Jian Yunxiu early and found out that Jian Yunxiu was so attached to him, he might not like Jian Yunxiu anymore.

“It’s okay, isn’t it good now?” Yan Jing Ze smiled.

Starting today, he is Yan Jing Ze and Jian Yunxiu is his!

“Yes.” Yu Ye said and asked Yan Jing Ze: “Then what shall we do now?”

Yan Jing Ze is reading the comments.

After his Weibo was posted, there were many comments.

“Sister is so domineering!”

“I also think it must be fake, the photo is so blurry!”

“It is impossible for Yunxiu to do such a thing!”

Of course, the black powder… may also be the water army, is more.

“Someone has already identified it, the photo is not P.”

“Before, there are real videos of Heaven on Earth!”

“The fans are still washing the dirt!”

“Jingkou Yuyan, you are so aggresive, have you slept with Jian Yunxiu?”

“Maybe this Jinkou Yuyan is the woman in the photo.”


Yan Jing Ze was furious: “I will have someone find a lawyer.”

“Does it work to find a lawyer?” Yu Ye asked. He asked a lawyer previously, but the result was that the lawyer said a bunch of things. Listening to him, Yu Ye who only studied art became dizzy, but still did not get a solution.

“It works.” Yan Jing Ze said, “You think it doesn’t work because you didn’t pay enough money.”

It was useless for Yu Ye to find a lawyer because Yu Ye couldn’t get so much money to sue so many people, but he has money.

With that said, Yan Jing Ze immediately took out his cell phone to make a call and started contacting his company’s lawyers, his father’s company’s lawyers, and the lawyers’ company with whom his father has cooperation

These lawyers may not take this kind of work, but they know other lawyers and can introduce him.

In addition, his company’s public relations team can also help Jian Yunxiu clear his name.

The brain of Yan Jing Ze spun quickly and proposed many solutions at once which made Yu Ye froze.

“In the future, I still have to find a special agent for Yunxiu. His career path must also be well planned,” Yan Jing Ze said. He remembers that in the next two years, Dong Qinglin signed a company and found an agent to enter in the entertainment circle, stepping on Jian Yunxiu’s position to reach the top. It didn’t take long for him to become more popular than Jian Yunxiu…

Jian Yunxiu’s talent is much better than Dong Qinglin’s. He can obviously go much higher and farther, so he cannot be delayed!

“Wait,” Yu Ye suddenly said, “You have to ask Yunxiu about this first.”

“Right…” Yan Jing Ze looked towards the living room, no, towards the piano room.

The sound of piano was still playing, and Yan Jing Ze’s anger that had arisen from seeing the online comments slowly disappeared.

Standing up, Yan Jing Ze took out the milk tea formula he bought and went into the kitchen.

“What are you doing?” Yu Ye asked.

“Making milk tea,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Yunxiu usually only eats what he makes,” Yu Ye kindly reminded.

“It’s okay, I’ll drink if he doesn’t.” He first made tea, strained out the tea leaves, and then added milk powder and sugar to the tea.

This is definitely the authentic “milk tea”. Yan Jing Ze tasted it and thought it tasted okay, slightly changed the amount of ingredients to make a new cup, and asked Yu Ye: “Can I go into the piano room?”

“Yes, but Yunxiu will not necessarily care about you,” Yu Ye said.

“That’s okay.” Then, carrying the milk tea, Yan Jing Ze quietly entered the piano room.

The living room and balcony were opened up and changed into a spacious piano room. The piano in the middle of the room is probably the most expensive thing in this family.

But this is not a good piano, not even as good as the one the original owner bought for Dong Qinglin.

Jian Yunxiu participates in competitions in various places. When participating in activities, he has used various expensive pianos, but the piano commonly used in his home is ordinary.

But Jian Yunxiu was sitting in front of the piano, and this piano immediately looked different.

It was already in the afternoon, and the sunlight outside came in and fell on Jian Yunxiu, making Jian Yunxiu look like an angel.

Yan Jing Ze was dumbfounded.

At this moment, as if their souls are linked, Jian Yunxiu suddenly raised his head and looked at Yan Jing Ze.

Their eyes locked on each other, Jian Yunxiu’s hand moved faster on the piano. The beautiful sound kept jumping out from his fingertips and hitting Yan Jing Ze’s heart one after another.

At this time, Jian Yunxiu even smiled.

Yan Jing Ze felt his soul drifting away and wanted to go to heaven.

Fortunately, Jian Yunxiu pulled him back.

Jian Yunxiu stopped and smiled and looked at Yan Jing Ze: “Did I play well?”

“It sounds good!” Yan Jing Ze did not hesitate: “This is the best piano sound I have ever heard!”

Jian Yunxiu added: “I’ll play for you every day from now on.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you play every day from now on.” Yan Jing Ze was lightheaded.

Jian Yunxiu asked again, “What is that in your hand?”

“The milk tea I made, do you want to drink it?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“Yes.” Jian Yunxiu nodded, “I like milk tea.”

Yan Jing Ze brought the milk tea, Jian Yunxiu took it and drank it bit by bit.

The way he eats, he makes people feel happy and makes them want to kiss him, but they feel as if they will blaspheme him.

“Yun Xiu, what do you want to do in the future? What are your plans for the future?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“I don’t want to do anything.” Jian Yunxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze: “Are you short of money?”

“I am not short of money, I have tons and tons of money,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Then I don’t want to take too many performances in the future, I don’t want to meet too many people,” Jian Yunxiu said.

Yan Jing Ze was stunned.

At this time, Yu Ye leaned in half of his body from the door: “Yunxiu doesn’t like to contact people. Before, he wanted to make more money to find you, so he reluctantly took so many jobs, otherwise he would definitely not want to go out and deal with people.”

Yan Jing Ze felt that someone was gnawing at his heart, which made him particularly painful.

Jian Yunxiu, however, nodded naturally, “Yes, I don’t want to get in touch with them.”

In fact, with Jian Yunxiu’s reputation, it is very easy to make money. He has never had much money, mainly because he refuses to go out. Every time he goes out to work, he has to do a lot of psychological construction.

Yan Jing Ze took a deep breath and suppressed the emotions rolling around in his heart, “Yunxiu, from now on, you can do whatever you want.”

“Really?” Jian Yunxiu was a little surprised.

“Really.” Yan Jing Ze held Jian Yunxiu’s hand. He wanted to hide Jian Yunxiu, best not to be seen.

How fortunate that such a person had become his.

Thinking of this, Yan Jing Ze bowed his head and kissed Jian Yunxiu’s hand, and suddenly asked, “Yunxiu, would you like to be my boyfriend?”

Jian Yunxiu: “We’ve confessed our love for each other before, you even kissed me, aren’t you already a boyfriend?”

“Yes, I’m already your boyfriend.” Yan Jing Ze laughed: “Now those messy things on the Internet can be easily solved one by one…”

“How?” Jian Yunxiu asked.

“Make our relationship public.” Yan Jing Ze said. He remembered that in the original trajectory of history, such indecent photos would appear several more.

And even though Jian Yunxiu didn’t admit that the person above was him, he couldn’t prove it.

The person on the photo is too similar to Jian Yunxiu, more so than Dong Qinglin, and the photo is deliberately blurred, so people feel that it is Jian Yunxiu.

All these indecent photos, however, are with women.

Originally, Yan Jing Ze was concerned about Jian Yunxiu’s future. He never thought about revealing the relationship between them. He only planned to find a lawyer to fight a lawsuit with others, trying to find a way to find the person in the photo, but now…

This is the easiest solution and he wants to let people know that Jian Yunxiu is his.

When Yan Jing Ze finished, he looked at Jian Yun Xiu. Jian Yunxiu did not hesitate: “Okay.”

Yan Jing Ze suddenly laughed.

Yu Ye: “…” He also wanted to say that the progress was too fast. They became boyfriends as soon as they met, they even plan to make it public?

Yu Ye asked in a low voice, “Do you want to think about it?”

Yan Jing Ze said: “This is the safest way.”

Jian Yunxiu: “No need to think about it.”

The two finished talking together and smiled at each other.

Yu Ye: “…” Jian Yunxiu doesn’t do things according to common sense, and it’s normal to do so… What the hell is this Yan Jing Ze doing? Is he not afraid that his dad will kill him?

Yan Jing Ze is really not afraid.

When he turned on the phone, he found that the Weibo that he had posted just now, which supported Jian Yunxiu, had many more comments, and some of which were unsightly.

“Jinkou Yuyan can give Jian Yunxiu so much money, most likely is sleeping with Jian Yunxiu.”

“The person who can take out so much money will not be a little girl, this person must be an old woman.”

“Jian Yunxiu is quite pleasing to old women.”


Yan Jing Ze became so angry that he almost smashed his phone.

He sat next to Jian Yunxiu, put his arms around Jian Yunxiu’s shoulders, and took a selfie with his face close to Jian Yunxiu. Then he posted it on the Internet without hesitation: “I am not a woman and Jian Yunxiu is my boyfriend. People who slander Jian Yunxiu, I will see you in court.”

After saying that, Yan Jing Ze immediately let someone call and get himself a Weibo verification.

He even changed his Weibo name and also changed to the most formidable – “Qi Sheng Group Director Yan Jing Ze”.

Qisheng Group is his father’s group and he has shares in this group.

Weibo verification is not so fast. Yan Jing Ze’s Weibo and the changed name, it was the first time that everyone saw it.

The two people in the photo posted by Yan Jing Ze wore the same pajamas and sat in front of the piano. Although the shooting technique was not very good, but both were very handsome.

This “Jinkou Yuyan” turned out to be a man?

Jian Yunxiu actually likes men?

Everyone was stunned and then they saw that Yan Jing Ze’s Weibo name was changed.

Director of Qisheng Group? What a joke!

“Have you been to Qisheng Group? Aren’t you too courageous?”

“You don’t want to brag like that. You are so young and you are still the Director of Qi Sheng?”

“@YanGuoqi, someone is saying that he is the director of Qi Sheng, don’t you come to have a look?”


Everyone was getting excited when someone suddenly said, “I just checked, Qisheng Group does have a shareholder named Yan Jing Ze.”

People: “????”

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Black Powder – Anti fans (I used to always translate this as anti-fans but I’ll be using black powder from now on)

Water Army/ Navy – paid group of netizens

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