BH (QT) 107 – The President (7)

Chapter 107 – The President (7)

Qisheng Group, how big is that group?

The director of Qisheng, how much money should he have?

This person, is he really a director of Qisheng?

“Fake, right? Even if Qisheng has such a director, he shouldn’t be so young.”

“How could the director of Qisheng chase stars online?”

“@YanGuoQi, what is this director all about?”


People on the Internet kept making noise, and for a while, no one even mentioned that Yan Jing Ze and Jian Yunxiu had come out of the closet.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t care about those who jumped up and down. He looked at Jian Yunxiu: “I have posted on Weibo, why don’t you post one too?”

“Okay.” Jian Yunxiu took out his mobile phone.

Yan Jing Ze took it and said, “Can I post it?” In Jian Yunxiu’s Weibo, there must be many people attacking him and he didn’t want Jian Yunxiu to see it.

Jian Yunxiu directly agreed: “The password is six zeros.”

Yan Jing Ze entered the password to open Jian Yunxiu’s phone, clicked on Weibo and saw countless comments and forwardings. There was no private message. It is estimated that Jian Yunxiu has set non-friends to not send private messages. Since he does not like to follow people others can’t send him private messages.

Yan Jing Ze took a casual look and found that in the comments and forwardings, there were supporters and some hate comments.

He didn’t bother with it, he just forwarded his own Weibo using Jian Yunxiu’s Weibo and then added a “heart”.

He posted this himself, but the more he looks at this heart, the more beautiful he feels.

After posting Weibo, Yan Jing Ze turned off his mobile phone and looked at Jian Yunxiu: “Yunxiu, would you like to move to my place?” This neighborhood is too unsafe for Jian Yunxiu.

Before, no matter what Yan Jing Ze said, Jian Yunxiu will always promise, but this time he hesitated and did not speak.

Yan Jing Ze said: “My villa is safer. I have installed a large piano room over there. There is a professional grade piano. You can also have all kinds of musical instruments… Of course, if you are used to using your own piano, you can also move over…”

Yan Jing Ze talked endlessly.

Jian Yunxiu said, “But I’m not likeable.”

“What?” Yan Jing Ze asked, “What about Jian Yunxiu is not likeable?

“Will your parents like me?” Jian Yunxiu asked.

It turned out that Jian Yunxiu was worried about this!

Yan Jing Ze said, “I live alone there and you are the one who I like the most… so, do you want to go?”

“Want to go.” Jian Yunxiu said directly, his eyes shining when he looked at Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze finally couldn’t help it and kissed his left cheek.

Jian Yunxiu did not hide, still looking at Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze couldn’t help but laugh heartily and finally saw Jian Yunxiu showing some unhappy expressions.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t dare to laugh anymore, a little nervous: “Not used to it?”

Jian Yunxiu: “How can you only kiss one side?” He was slightly compulsive and the fact that Yan Jing Ze only kissed one side of his face made him a little uncomfortable.

Yan Jing Ze hurriedly kissed the other side of his cheek—there is still such a good thing!

Yu Ye: “…” Did you two forget about me again?

After Jian Yunxiu agreed to move in with Yan Jing Ze, Yan Jing Ze immediately contacted Secretary Zhou and asked Secretary Zhou to find some bodyguards for himself and then helped Jian Yunxiu pack things up.

Jian Yunxiu had very few things.

Yan Jing Ze had musical instruments over there, so he didn’t plan to bring his own instruments. In the end, he only packed up a suitcase and a bag of clothes, just carry it and he can go.

On the contrary, Yu Ye had two big boxes of various things and three bags of clothes.

Changing back to the clothes he wore when he came, Yan Jing Ze took Jian Yunxiu’s things and asked the bodyguards who had already arrived to help Yu Ye get things, and then walked outside.

There were reporters outside but the bodyguards protected them very well. When they left, they went to “talk” with those reporters… to ensure that no photos would be circulated.

After getting in the car, they went to the villa where Yan Jing Ze lived.

At this time, Yan Jing Ze was already admiring himself to death—he just went out for a trip and actually abducted his wife home!

“Yunxiu, I will treat you well,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“I will treat you well too,” Jian Yunxiu said.

Yan Jing Ze wanted to kiss him again…

While Yan Jing Ze and Jian Yunxiu were being sweet and loving to each other, on the other side, Dong Qinglin was furious.

Dong Qinglin didn’t answer Yan Jing Ze’s phone call last night but he saw Yan Jing Ze’s message and knew that Yan Jing Ze was in his residence.

Early in the morning, when he came to Yan Jing Ze with the contract cancellation letter, he was prepared for Yan Jing Ze’s disagreement. A few days ago, he talked to Yan Jing Ze about the termination of the contract, and Yan Jing Ze lost his temper. He left him hanging for a few days and he was probably even more angry.

It’s funny. He has always been obedient to Yan Jing Ze in his previous life but Yan Jing Ze didn’t take him seriously. After rebirth, he didn’t please Yan Jing Ze, but Yan Jing took care of him and did a lot of things to please him.

That’s right, Dong Qinglin was reborn.

He loved Yan Jing Ze in his previous life, so he did not hesitate to act as a stand-in for another person, but Yan Jing Ze never took him seriously.

But at that time, he suffered a tragic love for Yan Jing Ze.

Just before the expiration of their contract, Yan Jing Ze got drunk one time and regarded him as Jian Yunxiu, and spent the night with him.

He thought that since then, their relationship would change, but he didn’t expect to wake up the next morning and Yan Jing Ze was furious and kept scolding him, thinking he wasn’t the one who climbed the bed.

It’s true that he didn’t reject Yan Jing Ze, but that night, it was clearly Yan Jing Ze who took the initiative!

Yan Jing Ze did not listen to his explanation, nor did he understand his pain. After scolding him, he turned around and left, leaving him alone at home with a fever and no one to care.

But he still loved Yan Jing Ze.

After that, Yan Jing Ze still treated him badly. When he remembered him, he came to him, and ignored him when he was busy. Once he went out with Yan Jing Ze and sent Yan Jing Ze back home, he saw Yan Jing Ze’s home is still full of photos of Jian Yunxiu.

His heart was broken.

But he still couldn’t leave Yan Jing Ze.

After the contract ended, he stayed with Yan Jing Ze for two more years. Two years later, Yan Jing Ze had a better attitude towards him. At this time, Jian Yunxiu said that he liked men and liked a junior high school classmate.

Learning that Jian Yunxiu actually likes men, Yan Jing Ze went crazy, never seeing him again and running after Jian Yunxiu.

Jian Yunxiu said he liked the junior high school student named Wang Shengchao, but he still entangled with Yan Jing Ze.

He went to find Yan Jing Ze several times but Yan Jing Ze ignored him and drove him out. He was in a daze and got into a car accident.

As a result, he was hospitalized because of a car accident, and Yan Jing Ze didn’t come to see him, leaving him to fend for himself.

It was only when he was discharged from the hospital that the secretary beside Yan Jing Ze found him and said that Yan Jing Ze wanted to break off the relationship with him and as compensation, he could be sent to study abroad.

He didn’t want to go, but Yan Jing Ze wanted him to go, so he went.

He got on the plane going abroad.

As a result, the plane crashed and he died on the way abroad.

However, although he died, he lived again.

He was reborn at a time when he hadn’t yet had sex with Yan Jing Ze because of drunkenness and there were still three months until the end of their contractual relationship.

In his new life, he will never love Yan Jing Ze again! And Jian Yunxiu, the white lotus flower, he will also make him look good!

In his previous life, someone had exposed a lot of Jian Yunxiu’s indecent photos on the Internet. That Jian Yunxiu is simply a person who is not what he seems!

Because of these indecent photos, Yan Jing Ze’s attitude towards him was much better. When he introduced him, he even gave him the title of “boyfriend”.

He lived a very happy life for a few months, but Jian Yunxiu was scolded a lot. In order to get rid of him, he even lied in an interview that he actually likes men, and he likes a man named Wang Shengchao.

Yan Jing Ze immediately abandoned him and went after Jian Yunxiu again.

Why is someone like Jian Yunxiu called an “angel” or a “prince”? Why is he liked by so many people?

If he could have Jian Yunxiu’s family background, his achievements would never be worse than Jian Yunxiu’s.

After Dong Qinglin realized that he was reborn, he planned to expose Jian Yunxiu’s true face.

Yan Jing Ze is very concerned about Jian Yunxiu and knows quite a few things about him, he also remembered Jian Yunxiu’s cell phone number.

He remembered that one day in his previous life, the “Heaven on Earth” was reported by someone, and the police caught a lot of stars from it, which caused many stars to collapse… He sent a message to Jian Yunxiu, saying that Wang Shengchao was there, let Jian Yunxiu go over.

Jian Yunxiu said in his previous life that he had been looking for this person… Although he didn’t know who this person was, it didn’t stop him from using this name.

In fact, he wasn’t sure if Jian Yunxiu will go, but Jian Yunxiu really went!

After that, he contacted the person who had the indecent photos of Jian Yunxiu on the internet, bought those photos and sent them to the media.

He wanted everyone to know that Jian Yunxiu was not as pure as he appeared to be.

As for Yan Jing Ze… he will no longer love this person. He wants to terminate the contract with Yan Jing Ze and live his new life.

However, Yan Jing Ze suddenly changed his attitude towards him… It was funny! After he stopped loving Yan Jing Ze, Yan Jing Ze actually started loving him!

He is very familiar with Yan Jing Ze, Yan Jing Ze looked at him with eyes full of love, he will never be mistaken.

It’s just that Yan Jing Ze himself may not realize it yet.

But he will no longer be with Yan Jing Ze, he has Gao Bohao.

Dong Qinglin was very happy and felt that Yan Jing Ze would definitely make trouble, unwilling to terminate the contract, but…

This morning, Yan Jing Ze unexpectedly cancelled the contract!

Dong Qinglin had the feeling of punching out and hitting cotton.

However, Yan Jing Ze is still reluctant to bear him in the end.

Yan Jing Ze gave him the house he lived in. He lived in it for many years in his last life, he had feelings for it and wanted to buy it. As a result, Yan Jing Ze deliberately opened a high price of more than 10 million yuan… Yan Jing Ze wanted to use this house to force him to stay?

He will never compromise for the house!

Dong Qinglin turned off the phone that he usually uses to contact with Yan Jing Ze, left the house and went to look for Gao Bohao, while not forgetting to pay attention to the news on the Internet.

The power of Jian Yunxiu’s indecent photos has come out and people everywhere on the Internet are scolding Jian Yunxiu.

Jian Yunxiu… He will probably clarify again that he is GAY, right?

But except for people like Yan Jing Ze, no one else would believe the nonsense he said—what kind of nonsense is it that he has been obsessed with a junior high school classmate for more than ten years?

Even if others believe in Jian Yunxiu, it doesn’t matter, he has other ways to deal with Jian Yunxiu!

Dong Qinglin was already waiting to see Jian Yunxiu’s good show.

As a result… he actually saw Jian Yunxiu and Yan Jing Ze coming out online!

What exactly is going on?

Dong Qinglin’s face changed drastically.

At this time, Yan Jing Ze had already brought Jian Yunxiu and Yu Ye to his villa.

As soon as the three of them entered the villa, they saw the pictures of Jian Yunxiu hung on the walls of the villa.

Yu Ye: “…” Isn’t this a bit shameful?

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