BH (QT) 108 – The President (8)

Chapter 108 – The President (8)

Yan Jing Ze is not ashamed of his demented behavior of hanging Jian Yunxiu’s photos all over the wall but proud of it. He smiled and looked at Jian Yunxiu: “This is my collection of your photos, aren’t they all very nice?”

Jian Yunxiu looked at the photos with wide eyes. These photos span a large period of time and there are some that he himself does not know when they were taken.

“I think the people in these pictures are the best-looking people in the world.” Yan Jing Ze smiled and looked at Jian Yunxiu.

Yu Ye: “…” He admitted that Jian Yunxiu is very handsome but isn’t that too much to say so?

Jian Yunxiu, however, blushed: “You look good too.”

“So, we are made for each other,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Jian Yunxiu nodded seriously.

Yu Ye: “…” These two people are really a perfect match.

Yan Jing Ze was happy to hang Jian Yunxiu’s photos all over the wall. As for Jian Yunxiu, he didn’t even feel embarrassed when he saw it!

“Now this villa hasn’t been cleaned properly enough… Let’s take a look at it first and then I’ll have someone to clean it carefully?” Yan Jing Ze suggested.

It is said that Jian Yunxiu did the cleaning of his place himself. This place was too big and enough to make Jian Yunxiu tired. He decided to find someone to clean it.

Jian Yunxiu said: “Actually, my cleanliness addiction is not that serious, it doesn’t matter.” After that, he has a little frustration again—his habit of cleanliness is actually quite serious…

“It’s always about making you comfortable,” Yan Jing Ze smiled at Jane Yun Xiu.

Jian Yunxiu felt himself fascinated by Yan Jing Ze’s smile.

He followed Yan Jing Ze and began to tour the three-story villa.

The villa is located in an area where villas were not allowed to be built years ago, so the villa is a bit old, but a few years ago it was redecorated, now it looks especially new.

In addition, the owner of this villa is also a wayward person, which makes this villa unique.

“The ground floor is the living room, the dining room, and two guest rooms… Yu Ye, you can choose one to live in later,” Yan Jing Ze looked at Yu Ye.

“Mr. Yan, thank you!” Yu Ye said with joy.

The rooms on the ground floor are of course not as good as those on the upper floor, but Yu Ye is not picky at all—the two rooms on the ground floor are both with bathrooms, and both are larger than the living room of the house they lived in before!

Moreover, he was a pauper, and he could only do odd jobs with Jian Yunxiu. He was already satisfied to live in such a villa.

When his father hadn’t become a scoundrel, he couldn’t even live in such a house.

After the first floor, it is the second floor.

Here… there are still many photos of Jian Yunxiu.

“The middle of the second floor is a living room. There is a gym and a guest room to the north. There is a study and two bedrooms facing south… Yunxiu, one of the bedrooms was prepared for you,” Yan Jing Ze said and opened the door of one of the bedrooms.

The house is designed with double master bedrooms. There are two bedrooms on the second floor, one is the male master bedroom and the other is the female master bedroom. The dressing room of the two bedrooms are still connected.

Of course, this is something that Yan Jing Ze did not mention at all.

He smilingly took Jian Yunxiu to visit the bedroom given to Jian Yunxiu.

When you first enter this bedroom, that first thing you will see is a small livingroom or study so to speak, and only further in can you see the bedroom, which is connected to three rooms: bathroom, toilet, and dressing room. Every furnishing here is very exquisite, and those furniture, no doubt, are also expensive luxury items.

Of course, for the truly wealthy, that is not a luxury, that is the daily necessities.

Yu Ye was shocked: “This one bedroom, the size is comparable to Yun Xiu’s entire house, right?”

It really is! Yan Jing Ze looked at Yu Ye and then went to look at Jian Yunxiu, he hoped that Jian Yunxiu would like it.

However, Jian Yunxiu didn’t feel surprised, he just looked at him, “Where is the piano room?”

“The piano room is on the third floor.” Yan Jing Ze smiled. He should have actually taken Jian Yunxiu to see the piano room from the beginning.

The entire third floor of the villa was designed for Jian Yunxiu.

There is a huge, spacious piano room with a million-dollar professional-grade piano in the middle of the room. There is a special musical instrument room with various instruments on display, and a beautiful, flower-filled terrace where it is an absolute pleasure to sit and play a violin.

It is really beautiful here, but unfortunately in the original historical trajectory, everything here was smashed by the original owner, because Dong Qinglin did not like it.

Before today, the original owner showed how much he loved Jian Yunxiu, and after today, the original owner showed how much he loathed Jian Yunxiu.

It was as if his fondness was all fake.

The original owner was so concerned about Jian Yunxiu, and even found someone to secretly photograph him. He could not possibly not know that Jian Yunxiu is a geek and does not like to go out.

How could such a Jian Yunxiu fool around with so many people?

The original owner was just already in love with Dong Qinglin and abandoned Jian Yunxiu.

No, he had not only abandoned.

He also deliberately hurt Jian Yunxiu.

From the beginning to the end, Jian Yunxiu has done nothing wrong with him. To be honest, even if Jian Yun’s private life is chaotic, the original owner has no reason to hurt Jian Yunxiu.

But the original owner just felt that he had done so much for Jian Yunxiu, so Jian Yunxiu owed him.

Therefore, Jian Yunxiu’s private life chaos, Jian Yunxiu’s plagiarism and other things, obviously there is no evidence, but he just had to add trouble, too. The things that can be slowly calmed down became bigger and bigger.

Someone helped Jian Yunxiu but he stopped those people and took action against them.

Later, when Jian Yunxiu wanted to go abroad, he was planning to go abroad and continue to make trouble for Jian Yunxiu—thinking it was all because of Jian Yunxiu that he could not get Dong Qinglin!

Then they were in a plane crash together.

The original owner didn’t even think about it. He believed he had done a lot of things for Jian Yunxiu. But aside from the support that he had given to Jian Yunxiu as a fan, he only decorated a piano room which Jian Yunxiu hadn’t enjoyed. So how could it be blamed on Jian Yunxiu?

How can it be considered his dedication to Jian Yunxiu?

The good thing is that now, in the end, these still belong to Jian Yunxiu, and he will, in the future, give Jian Yunxiu better.

The third floor is too perfect, probably any musician would want such a place.

Jian Yunxiu’s face was full of surprises.

He circled the piano and said, “I’m going to wash my hands!”

After washing his hands, he sat down in front of the piano and started dancing his hands on the piano.

When he finally stopped, Yan Jing Ze immediately clapped his hands: “That was great!”

Jian Yunxiu smiled and looked at Yan Jing Ze: “This piano is very good, but the tuning is not good.”

Yan Jing Ze touched his nose awkwardly. He didn’t understand music, how could he know tuning?

Yan Jing Ze didn’t understand but Jian Yunxiu did. He closed his eyes and began to listen to the sound of every note and tune the piano.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t bother him, listening quietly beside him.

Yu Ye left quietly and went to clean up his room.

He is now completely at ease with Yan Jing Ze.

Until nightfall, Jian Yunxiu did not leave that piano, he even forgot about his cleanliness.

That’s how he is, as long as he is immersed in the music, many things will be forgotten.

But Yan Jing Ze couldn’t stand it anymore: “Yunxiu, it’s time for dinner.”

Jian Yunxiu suddenly came to his senses, raised his head to look at Yan Jing Ze, after a while, he reacted: “Ah…I’m hungry.”

“Then go to eat right away,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Wait, I want to take a bath first.” Jian Yunxiu jumped up all of a sudden.

Jian Yunxiu went to take a bath and Yan Jing Ze also took his third bath today.

Meanwhile, there was already a special cleaning company that cleaned this villa.

They are wearing special disposable plastic overalls, with masks and gloves, with disinfectant, and are giving the whole house a thorough cleaning and disinfection. Even if there are many people, they may not be able to end it for a while.

In the villa of Yan Jing Ze, everyone was busy and everything was fine, but the people online are not so good.

After Yan Jing Ze posted on Weibo, he felt that it affected his mood, so he stopped reading the news on the Internet. He didn’t know that two hours after he posted his Weibo post, his Weibo verification finally passed.

He has a company under his hand and Qisheng’s shares. As a result, his Weibo verification became… high profile.

In particular, some people picked out his identity and said that he was the son of Yan Guoqi, chairman of Qisheng.

Yan Guoqi is very low-key but he has also participated in interviews. At that time, the host once asked about Yan Guoqi’s children.

At that time, Yan Guoqi said that he had a daughter and a son, and in his words, he paid special attention to the two children, and mentioned that he could not control the two children, and only asked them to have a good life.

Because of that interview, many more people called Yan Guoqi “Dad”, and now…

“This Yan Jing Ze is the son of Yan Guoqi?”

“Fuck! It’s awesome!”

“@YanGuoQi, did you know that your son came out?”

“It is said that Yan Guoqi favors his son, it seems to be true…”

“People dare to come out directly!”

The identity of Yan Jing Ze has almost been finalized, and at this time, the direction of Jian Yunxiu’s affairs has also changed.

“Jian Yunxiu has a boyfriend, so how can he be with an old woman?”

“The things in the Heaven on Earth… Jian Yunxiu was well dressed at the time, it was obviously a mistake.”

“The police also said that he didn’t know. Wasn’t he released that night?”

“Jian Yunxiu is actually quite noble and he especially doesn’t give others face. Some invite him in activities but he doesn’t particularly go… I said he can’t sell himself for money.”

Of course, there are also people who insist that Jian Yunxiu has a problem: “The matter in the Heaven on Earth, maybe it was Yan Jing Ze who helped Jian Yunxiu to set things right.”

“Jian Yunxiu eats men and women?”

“Jian Yunxiu’s ability is not small ah…”


However, those who said so were quickly disliked back: “What can Jian Yunxiu really do in the Heaven on Earth, Yan Jing Ze still helps him cover up? Do people like to wear a green hat?”

“If you are Yan Jing Ze, will you like someone who eats both men and women?”

“Yan Jing Ze said ‘let’s meet in court’ twice… I will stand by Jian Yunxiu on this matter.”

Not only that, there were many CP fans at once: “Ahhhhhhh! These two are too good together!”

“I’ve been researching who can match Yunxiu, and now I’ve found someone!”

“Both of them are so handsome!”

“JianYunxiu: Jing Ze, someone is bullying me! YanJingZe:I’m going to sue them all!”


By the time Yan Jing Ze and Jian Yunxiu had dinner, the vast majority of people online already believed that the person in the indecent photos was not Jian Yunxiu.

At this time, everyone dug up Jian Yunxiu’s past resumes.

Jian Yunxiu’s resume is really beautiful. His former teachers are all world-renowned pianists and he has won certain awards that no one else in China has ever won except him.

It was also mentioned that people like Jian Yunxiu, who has won many international awards, making money is too easy and there is no need to sell their body.

And even if his father is not Jian Qishan, since he is a world-renowned pianist, he is worthy of Yan Jing Ze.

The only problem may be that he is a male.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t know these things.

Jian Yunxiu doesn’t want to eat takeaway, and doesn’t want to eat what others make, so after taking a good bath, Yan Jing Ze decided to cook together with him.

When they finished eating, it was already nine o’clock in the evening, and the cleaners finally cleaned up the entire villa.

Yan Jing Ze accompanied Jian Yunxiu to his room, changed the bedding into the one brought from his home, and let him sleep well.

“I will sleep well.” Jian Yunxiu lay in the middle of the two-meter-wide bed and said solemnly to Yan Jing Ze.

The bedding he used before on the bay window was not big, the sheets were smaller than this bed, and none of them were spread out, making it inexplicably funny.

Yan Jing Ze stepped forward and kissed his left cheek: “Good night.”

After kissing, he kissed Jian Yunxiu’s right cheek again, and chuckled lightly: “This makes it symmetrical.”

Jian Yunxiu quickly covered himself with a quilt: “I’m going to sleep.”

Yan Jing Ze smiled again: “Good night.”

After Yan Jing Ze left Jian Yunxiu’s room, he continued to deal with Jian Yunxiu’s affairs.

Someone has introduced him to the right lawyer and someone has introduced him to a team that is good at handling this kind of thing.

Of course, the original owner’s friends also sent a lot of messages, asking if he was crazy to come out of the closet.

Among them, that old Cai then sent a message and called, Yan Jing Ze hung up all the phone calls, but saw the messages.

“Yan Jing Ze! That Jian Yunxiu is like this, why are you still obsessed with it?”

“Why is Dong Qinglin inferior to Jian Yunxiu?”

“Have you been fed ecstasy by Jian Yunxiu?”

“Wake up! Jian Yunxiu promised to be with you at this time, he was just using you!”

After reading it, Yan Jing directly blocked the person, and after thinking about it, he let the person back again.

But he doesn’t have time to pay attention to this person now…

Yan Jing Ze continued to deal with various things, and at this time, his mobile phone rang again.

The person who called was Yan Guoqi, the father of the original owner.

As soon as Yan Jing Ze answered the phone, Yan Guoqi’s voice exploded in his ears: “What’s going on with you and that Jian Yunxiu?”

“Didn’t you know it a long time ago? I have liked him for many years, and now it’s finally happened!”

“Are you playing for real?” Yan Guoqi asked.

“Of course, it’s true.” Yan Jing Ze said, “Back then, when I was beaten up, it was Jian Yunxiu who sent me to the infirmary.”

Without saying a word, Yan Guoqi directly hung up the phone.

There was a reason why Yan Jing Ze dared to come out of the closet.

At the beginning, after Yan Guoqi was caught cheating, the original owner being bullied in the school also broke out.

Let’s talk about Yan Guoqi, he is a real scumbag, but he was very caring about his son, and he was very guilty at that time. After that, he had a somewhat ‘give whatever he wants’ attitude towards the original owner. In front of the original owner, he automatically becomes smaller.

When parents learn that their children have been bullied because of their negligence, they always feel ashamed in front of their children.

In the original historical trajectory, the original owner lost his company for Dong Qinglin. Although Yan Guoqi was angry, he did not do anything to the original owner. Now he is just coming out of the closet, and Yan Guoqi will probably not do anything.

Not to mention, Yan Guoqi had actually known Jian Yunxiu a long time ago.

The original owner has been thinking about his white moonlight for so many years, the family knows all about it. Even about him finding a substitute, the family knows about it…

By the way, the stand-in thing, he should find a time to confess to Jian Yunxiu…

Yan Jing Ze thought so, went to the balcony from the bedroom and looked to the next door.

The next door is dark, but the light upstairs… why is it on?

Yan Jing Ze went upstairs quietly and heard some piano sounds leaking from the special soundproof room.

Some little guy who should have gone to bed a long time ago, came to play the piano?

Yan Jing Ze opened the door of the piano room and walked in.

Jian Yunxiu should have already adjusted the piano’s sound and was playing happily, obliviously, and did not notice Yan Jing Ze at all.

Playing and playing, he suddenly stopped and frowned slightly: “It’s not very smooth here…”

“Yunxiu, aren’t you supposed to be sleeping? Why did you run up here again?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

Jian Yunxiu was taken aback, jumped up from his seat as if shocked, put his hands on the piano, and made a nice sound.

When he was caught playing the piano, Jian Yunxiu was a little embarrassed, but soon he was righteous again: “I want to write a piece for you!”

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