BH (QT) 109 – The President (9)

Chapter 109 – The President (9)

Jian Yunxiu sneaked upstairs to play the piano, Yan Jing Ze was originally a little angry at Jian Yunxiu for not taking care of his health – it’s already 1:00 am!

But Jian Yunxiu looking like this is really too cute!

Yan Jing Ze’s anger disappeared for a while and only felt that his heart softened.

But Jian Yunxiu can’t just play the piano without sleeping like this… Yan Jing Ze’s voice is particularly gentle: “Even if you want to compose for me, you can’t stop sleeping…”

“What should I do if I lose my inspiration?” Jian Yunxiu became more justified.

Yan Jing Ze doesn’t understand music but hopes that Jian Yunxiu’s work and rest can be more regular. Now this thing… “Well, if you don’t sleep at night, I won’t sleep and stay with you.”

Jian Yunxiu glared at Yan Jing Ze – Yan Jing Ze had threatened him with himself, he was angry!

The way Jian Yunxiu glares at people is so beautiful! Yan Jing Ze leaned over and kissed his left cheek: “Yunxiu, your body is very important. You must go to bed early, you know?”

Jian Yunxiu waited for Yan Jing Ze to kiss his right cheek again, then said, “Well then…” Yan Jing Ze kissed him and he suddenly wasn’t angry anymore…

“Let’s go to bed first, and when we wake up, you can play for a long, long time.” Yan Jing Ze took Jian Yunxiu downstairs.

Jian Yunxiu entered his bedroom, and when Yan Jing Ze was about to leave, Jian Yunxiu came out again: “Yan Jing Ze!”

“Is there anything else?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“You didn’t sleep either, Yan Jing Ze! If you were sleeping, how did you know I was upstairs?” Jian Yunxiu’s eyes fell on Yan Jing Ze’s clothes, a little exasperated: “You haven’t changed your clothes either!”

Yan Jing Ze: “……”

When Yan Jing Ze went to catch someone not sleeping and ended up being “caught” by Jian Yunxiu, Dong Qinglin took his cell phone and went to his place with a gloomy face.

In the morning after Yan Jing Ze signed the termination letter, he turned off his phone.

In accordance with the experience of the previous period, Yan Jing Ze will keep calling him, shutting down the phone a hundred times.

But what he didn’t expect was that in just half a day, Yan Jing Ze actually came out of the closet online with Jian Yunxiu.

After this happened, he immediately turned on his cell phone, and as a result, there was no call at all from Yan Jing Ze, and there was not even a message.

What exactly is going on?

Tonight, Dong Qinglin made an appointment with Gao Bohao. As a result, when he was eating and playing together, he couldn’t help but be distracted because he was thinking about it, which made Gao Bohao upset.

Could it be that Yan Jing Ze is just trying to make him suffer?

Dong Qinglin gathered his mood and opened the door with the key.

As soon as he opened the door, Dong Qinglin felt that something was wrong—someone had been to his house and touched his things!

He quickly turned on the light and entered the house, and then found that his piano had been moved away, and some other musical instruments were gone!

This house is a finely decorated house bought by Yan Jing Ze. The furniture and appliances he bought later are not worth much, but those pianos and instruments are all good things, worth more than one million in total!

Now, these things are gone… Dong Qinglin picked up his cell phone and immediately dialed the police, and headed for the door, wanting to ask the property what was going on.

At this time, Dong Qinglin suddenly found a note on the table.

He picked up the note at the same time the phone was picked up and the police officer spoke on the other side: “Hello…”

Dong Qinglin hung up the phone in embarrassment and looked at the note with fire in his eyes.

This note was left by Secretary Zhou.

After Secretary Zhou got the order from Yan Jing Ze to sell the house and the musical instruments in it, she first contacted Dong Qinglin.

As a result, Dong Qinglin’s phone was switched off and he could not be reached, so she could only go to Yan Jing Ze for instructions again.

Yan Jing Ze told her to ignore Dong Qinglin and sell it directly… She contacted the piano store where she had bought the instruments before, and asked the people in the piano store to pull those instruments away.

Piano shops are willing to depreciate and recycle things like pianos. Anyway, whether they it sell second-hand or rent them out, they will not lose money.

After selling the piano, Secretary Zhou waited for a while, but didn’t see Dong Qinglin coming back, so she left a note to Dong Qinglin saying this. Of course, she didn’t forget to ask Dong Qinglin to tidy up his things and take them away – tomorrow she will contact the agent who sold the house, after that there should be someone to see the house, so it’s not appropriate to put Dong Qinglin’s things there.

Secretary Zhou was still very polite and wrote a lot of words, but the more Dong Qinglin read, the more he became angry. His teeth were clenched tightly and the blue veins in his temples burst out.

How could Yan Jing Ze really want to sell this house?

Previously, he felt that the attitude of Yan Jing Ze had changed towards him and liked him. It’s all fake, right?

In the heart of Yan Jing Ze, probably the most important thing is still Jian Yunxiu.

Now Jian Yunxiu hooked his fingers casually, and Yan Jing rushed forward, completely forgetting him, and even more unfeeling than in his previous life. At this time, Yan Jing Ze in his previous life gave him the house probably for compensation.

And there is also Jian Yunxiu.

Jian Yunxiu said that he liked that Wang Shengchao, but now, he can’t wait and came out with Yan Jing Ze… But Jian Yunxiu was too early to be happy. Yan Jing Ze’s family was not easy to provoke. Although Yan Jing Ze’s father didn’t care about him, but Yan Jing Ze’s mother and sister look down on people in particular.

Not to mention, he still has a way to deal with Jian Yunxiu.

Dong Qinglin turned on the phone and saw that many people on the Internet were already speaking for Jian Yunxiu.

He sneered and used a spare phone to make a few calls out, and in no time, there were more indecent photos of Jian Yunxiu with other women on the internet.

He spent money to buy a lot of Jian Yunxiu’s disgusting photos!

He has other ways to deal with Jian Yunxiu!

Dong Qinglin posted a photo and asked the water army to promote again, just waiting for a good show.

However, as soon as his photo was sent out this time, it was deleted!

Dong Qinglin was so angry that he didn’t sleep all night.

Not only that, early the next morning, he ran into Secretary Zhou who brought the agent to see the house.

“Yan Jing Ze promised to sell me the house!” Dong Qinglin said with a cold face.

“Is that so? Then Mr. Dong can talk to the agent,” Secretary Zhou said. Yan Jing Ze told her to leave the matter of selling the house to the agent, so let the agent handle it, as for her: “I have to go to work, so I’ll leave first.”

Secretary Zhou was about to leave after speaking and came back after a few steps: “By the way, Mr. Dong, Mr. Yan asked me to get the car key from you. Mr. Yan said that since the contract is over, the car must be returned.”

“What did you say?” Dong Qinglin froze. That car, Yan Jing Ze actually wants it back?

“Mr. Yan asked me to ask you for the car keys,” Secretary Zhou said.

Dong Qinglin was so angry that his hands were shaking. He took out a bunch of keys from his bag and threw them to Secretary Zhou: “Get out!”

Secretary Zhou was very kind to Dong Qinglin before, but now she is treated this way by Dong Qinglin, she is also very angry. She rolled her eyes and left.

When Secretary Zhou left, the agent looked at Dong Qinglin with a smile: “This gentleman, you want to buy this house? This community is very secured, the surrounding greenery is good, and there are school districts… We just sold a set in the same community before. The house unit price is ninety-nine thousand, the floor of this set is better, and it also comes with two parking spaces…” Although Dong Qinglin seems to have a bad temper, they get a commission for selling a house. No matter how bad the temper is, they can smile and greet.

Dong Qinglin’s face turned black.

This house is more than 120 square meters, that would cost more than 10 million!

Since Dong Qinglin followed Yan Jing Ze, he has not been short of money.

When he met Yan Jing Ze, because his mother had to spend a lot of money on treatment, he almost had nowhere to go, but the so-called “a lot of money” was actually just 300,000.

Yes, just.

Ever since he followed Yan Jing Ze, he found that 300,000 is nothing at all.

But even so, he couldn’t take out more than ten million, and now his savings are only more than two million.

Dong Qinglin was so embarrassed that he stopped paying attention to the agent and grabbed the door.

In fact, if Dong Qinglin was not reborn, at this time, he may not worth as much as a house of more than ten million, and is counting on Yan Jing Ze to send it to him.

But he was reborn.

In his last life, he spent more than two years with Yan Jing Ze. Although Yan Jing Ze treated him badly and thought about Jian Yunxiu in his heart, he was really generous in giving money. After he had a physical relationship with him, he would be more generous. Under such circumstances, his consumption level would naturally rise.

Now he doesn’t even take money seriously.

However, he does not take money seriously, Yan Jing Ze is taking money seriously…

When Dong Qinglin went downstairs, he found that his car had been driven away by Secretary Zhou.

Yan Jing Ze is not such a calculating person at all. All of this is probably the idea of Jian Yunxiu!

The scumbag man was raising a mistress outside and was found out by his wife. In the end, it’s nothing. It was not uncommon for a wife to tear up the mistress. Dong Qinglin was like this. Men would only blame the mistress for cheating.

No, Yan Jing Ze cannot be called a cheater.

The original owner and Dong Qinglin have a business relationship from the beginning to end, there is no boyfriend relationship!

Yan Jing Ze didn’t know about Dong Qinglin’s matters.

After bringing Jian Yunxiu back from the piano room last night, he went to sleep.

He slept very soundly and only woke up at 8 o’clock in the morning. After waking up, he first woke up Jian Yunxiu who wanted to sleep in bed, and then went to make breakfast with Jian Yunxiu.

Jian Yunxiu is so cute when making breakfast, he had to kiss a few more times, so there was a lot of tossing going on… When he finally finished eating, it was already ten o’clock.

Yan Jing Ze originally planned to listen to Jian Yunxiu playing the piano after seeing the time, and then have lunch with Jian Yunxiu and take a nap. However, he received a call from Secretary Zhou. There is a contract in the company for him to sign, he cannot not go.

As a president, it’s not good not to work… Yan Jing Ze can only go to the company.

When he arrived at the office, the people in the company were already preparing for lunch, and when they saw him, everyone’s eyes were a bit strange.

Yan Jing Ze knew what was going on.

He came out of the closet, probably everyone in the company already knows… In the company’s gossip penguin group that doesn’t add him, everyone can say anything and they are still anonymous!

As for why he knows… there are always people who want to please him and will betray others.

On the way to the company, Yan Jing Ze has already brought out all the work of the original owner and studied it.

The original owner did nothing to manage the company, he had no merit and no fault. Now he is replaced by him…

He didn’t know what he used to do, and he was somewhat worried, afraid that he could not manage the company well.

However, when he sat in the boss’s chair, when Secretary Zhou and another assistant who specializes in helping him manage the company put all kinds of documents in front of him, Yan Jing Ze put his heart down at once!

He found he never forgets anything!

The original owner is the most impatient to read the contract. He doesn’t move those contracts with dozens of pages at all, the content is too much. The original owner often reads the back and forgets the front, and even misses things.

That is to say, the original owner did not read the contract alone, and someone even explained it to him, so as not to be in trouble.

But he is different! Yan Jing Ze found that after he had read it casually, the contents of the contract were all printed in his mind!

He could have memorized the entire contract and he even found one place in the contract where it didn’t quite fit.

But it was their company cheating others, he didn’t need to care about it.

In fact, he had already felt it last night and felt that his memory was particularly good—he contacted some lawyers at the time, and he had only read the mobile phone numbers of those lawyers once, and he remembered all of them clearly!

Yan Jing Ze quickly read the contract, then took other documents to check, and confirmed one thing—he is a genius!

He not only had a mind that cannot forget but also has a strong understanding ability… Before, he was worried that he would not be able to manage the company, but now it seems that he doesn’t have to worry at all.

He must not be like the original owner whose own company was all screwed up!

He can definitely make a lot of money and raise his family’s Yunxiu!

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Have you guys seen that BL now bromance live action written by Priest? I forgot the title… but it has 26/36 episodes available now. Is it good? I’ve only found out about it now. There is also that animation BL turned bromance called Thousand Autumns, I think? Is it good? Man, my last BL was Cherry Magic.

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