BH (QT) 110 – The President (10)

Chapter 110 – The President (10)

From the first time he saw Jian Yunxiu, he wanted to take all the good things in the world and bring them to Jian Yunxiu.

And to do so, you need to have money.

Yan Jing Ze subconsciously began to search for the memory left by the original owner—the original owner died two years later. It stands to reason that the original owner should know which stock has earned which fund rose in the past two years. And how the original owner’s company fell, the original owner should also know.

However, the memory of the original owner for the next two years is very vague.

He knew what would probably happen in the next two years, and the ones related to Jian Yunxiu were still extraordinarily clear, but those other details were blurry, and there was no way he could make money off those memories.

He probably can only keep his feet on the ground and run his company properly.

Yan Jing worked until two o’clock in the afternoon before he asked Secretary Zhou to bring his lunch. As a result, when he was eating his lunch, Cai Heng, the Old Cai who had been advising him to give up Jian Yunxiu and live a good life with Dong Qinglin, came to see him.

The original owner had a good relationship with this Old Cai… Yan Jing Ze asked Secretary Zhou to bring him in.

“Yan Jing Ze!” Old Cai came in and sat down across from Yan Jing Ze: “You’re very good, my phone calls are not answered, my messages are not returned… With that Jian Yunxiu, you don’t even want friends anymore?”

While talking, Old Cai tapped his phone on Yan Jing Ze’s desk.

Yan Jing Ze’s desk is very large and very solid. With such a small movement, the water in the glass on the table did not sway.

Yan Jing Ze ate a big mouthful of rice with a composure.

“Yan Jing Ze!” Old Cai took another shot.

“If your phone breaks, I won’t pay,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Old Cai: “…”

“Old Cai, I don’t understand, why do you always persuade me to be with Dong Qinglin? You like him so much? You can chase him if you like him, I am very supportive!” Yan Jing Ze said helplessly, this person has been persuading him to be with Dong Qinglin…

“Yan Jing Ze, you are crazy, you let me go after your man!”

“Since when is he my man? Jian Yunxiu is my man.”

“Yan Jing Ze you are really crazy! What the hell is Jian Yunxiu, let you hollow out your heart and lungs…” Old Cai’s words stopped halfway through – Yan Jing Ze’s face was just too ugly.

Yan Jing Ze raised his eyes and glanced at Old Cai, with a cold voice: “If you say it again, you will be my enemy in the future.”

“Yan Jing Ze, you…” Old Cai looked at Yan Jing Ze speechlessly and flipped out some photos from his phone: “Yan Jing Ze look, look at these photos! New ones came out last night!”

“I know, I let someone delete it.” Yan Jing Ze said: “That’s not Jian Yunxiu.”

“This is not Jian Yunxiu and who is it?” Old Cai said.

“How do I know who he is?” Yan Jing Ze said, “Maybe it’s Dong Qinglin.”

“Yan Jing Ze, I didn’t expect you to be such a person. Dong Qinglin has been with you for two years anyway, so what do you say about him?” Old Cai said.

“Old Cai, did you make a mistake? I have never touched Dong Qinglin,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Old Cai was taken aback.

Yan Jing Ze pushed his lunch aside: “I saw him look very similar to Jian Yunxiu, but had nowhere to go, so I helped him and asked him to pretend to be Jian Yunxiu to make me happy. At that time, his mother had no money for medical treatment. I paid 300,000 yuan on the spot, and then I gave him a fixed salary of 100,000 yuan every month, and I also gave him a little extra from time to time. The money spent on him in the past two years has not reached 5 million but it’s definitely more than 4 million. I don’t owe him anything.”

“What?” Old Cai froze.

“Even if he likes me… Just because he likes me doesn’t mean I have to like him back, right?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“What you said is true? He took so much money from you?” Old Cai calmed down.

“Why should I lie to you?” Yan Jing Ze: “Even if I don’t like Jian Yunxiu someday… Of course, this is impossible. I don’t have to talk about feelings with someone who is coming for my money, right? “

The reason why Yan Jing Ze didn’t black out this person last night was because he found that many people in his circle of friends had a better impression of Dong Qinglin than they did of Jian Yunxiu.

Before the sudden change in attitude, Dong Qinglin was very obedient to the original owner, and he was still a high-achieving student in the art school. He was able to master several talents such as piano. Although all aspects are not as good as Jian Yunxiu, but the original owner’s pursuit of Jian Yunxiu, hasn’t it been fruitless?

Compared to spending money and energy on Jian Yunxiu for nothing, they feel the original owner is better off with Dong Qinglin.

Of course, they would have such an idea, there is actually another reason, that is, the original owner has not told anyone about his money transaction with Dong Qinglin, and Dong Qinglin himself did not say.

After all, Dong Qinglin studied art and had a good temperament. The original owner gave him a lot of money. In addition, when the original owner took him out, he didn’t say that he was raised by himself. People outside felt that Dong Qinglin should have a good family background. .

But now, Yan Jing Ze feels that this matter still needs to be clarified, and this clarification starts with the talkative Old Cai.

As long as this one is clarified, others will also be clear.

Old Cai still couldn’t recover his senses: “I think Dong Qinglin cooks for you every day and he is very devoted to you…”

“Am I short of a cook? The salary of my chef is not as high as his, and the cooking is much better than him,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Old Cai had nothing to say: “I haven’t figured out the situation… but Jian Yunxiu in those photos…”

“The person in the photo is definitely not Jian Yunxiu, he is Jian Qishan’s son, how can he do this kind of thing?” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Is he really Jian Qishan’s son?” Old Cai asked, “Didn’t Jian Qishan never recognize him?”

“It’s true. He likes men and fell out with his family.” Yan Jing Ze said: “So, how could he be with a woman?”

“Are you sure you’re not mistaken? I’ve heard people say he’s particularly good at buttering people up…”

“Heard from whom?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

Old Cai’s expression became grave and it suddenly occurred to him that he had heard it from Dong Qinglin: “That day on Heaven on Earth…”

“Someone lied to him and said that I was there, he wanted to find me,” Yan Jing Ze said. He knew about this last night, and after knowing it, he felt uncomfortable again.

“Huh?” Old Cai was dumbfounded again.

Yan Jing Ze decided to tell him an absolutely beautiful love story.

He didn’t want anyone to misunderstand Jian Yunxiu.

“In fact, Jian Yunxiu and I were junior high school classmates, and we had a very good relationship back then,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“You never said it before!”

“Because I’m embarrassed to say.” Yan Jing Ze sighed: “Before I was in high school, I was actually dark, fat, ugly, and bullied at school… Didn’t you wonder before why my family didn’t have pictures of me as a child? Because that’s my black history, so it was all burned by me…”

Yan Jing Ze said everything, from him being bullied in school and Jian Yunxiu helping him back then, even which school, he said everything clearly: “Why do I hate Zhang Haibin’s gang? Because they were the ones who bullied me at the beginning, but they probably don’t know that the little fat guy they bullied was me.”

“If you and Jian Yunxiu have known each other since junior high school, why did you toss and turn for so long without being together?”

“Later, I changed schools, changed my name, and he went abroad… He was so brilliant, like an angel, I felt I was not worthy of him. And also, I overheard that he had someone he liked and was even more afraid to go see him… I just found out yesterday that the one he likes is actually me,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Old Cai: “…” In fact, he thought this story was a bit nauseous, a little bit dog bloody, and a little fake.

But Yan Jing Ze did like Jian Yunxiu for many years… How about Jian Yunxiu? Does he really like Yan Jing Ze?

“In short, without Jian Yunxiu, there would be no me now. I will only love him in this life.”

“Can I meet Jian Yunxiu?” Old Cai asked.

“No.” Yan Jing Ze didn’t hesitate.

Although Yan Jing Ze did not hesitate to reject Old Cai, Old Cai still followed Yan Jing Ze back home without any hesitation.

When he arrived home, Yan Jing Ze reluctantly opened the door and heard Jian Yunxiu’s surprise voice: “Yan Jing Ze, you are back!”

“I’m back.” Yan Jing Ze smiled, and then he wanted to kick Old Cai out.

But Old Cai had already come in and saw Jian Yunxiu, who was wearing an apron and a shower cap, with a plate of food in his hand.

Jian Yunxiu’s dress is a bit unconventional, but how… so cute!

Such a cute Jian Yunxiu, why should he show it to people?

At the same time, Yan Jing Ze saw Old Cai not pleasing to his eyes.

Old Cai was also undoubtedly shocked – this is Jian Yunxiu?

Because of the relationship between him and Yan Jing Ze, he had specifically asked someone to understand Jian Yunxiu. Others have told him that Jian Yunxiu is high-minded and arrogant, not easy to get along with.

He feels that such a person, let alone being a partner, even getting along as friends is tiring, so naturally, he doesn’t like him. But now… who is this soft little cutie?

“Jian Yunxiu, I’ve heard Yan Jing Ze mention you for a long time, and now we finally meet… Hello!” Old Cai extended a hand.

Jian Yunxiu moved behind Yan Jing Ze and lowered his head: “Hello.” He didn’t want to shake hands with people, and he didn’t know how to get along with such people, so he was particularly uncomfortable.

At the same time, Yan Jing Ze directly pressed Old Cai’s outstretched hand down and looked at Jian Yunxiu: “Yunxiu, are you cooking?”

“Made something casually.” Jian Yunxiu said. After eating breakfast today, his inspiration broke out, and within two hours, he finished writing the song he wanted to write. Then he began to clean and finally began to cook…

He hardly eats anything made by others, he usually just eats what he makes, and his cooking skills are just fine.

“You go ahead and do it, I’ll talk to Old Cai,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Jian Yunxiu ran off to the kitchen as if he had been granted amnesty.

Only then did Yan Jing Ze look at Old Cai: “You’ve met him, it’s time to go.”

Old Cai refused to leave: “No! Let me stay and have a meal!”

“Sir Yan, Yunxiu made a lot of dishes, you can let your friend stay,” Yu Ye said. Yan Jing Ze had to let people go, mostly because of Jian Yunxiu… but Jian Yunxiu would blame himself in this way.

Old Cai, in the end, still stayed.

Jian Yunxiu is in a good mood today, and indeed made a lot of dishes, and as soon as Yan Jing Ze was on the table, he picked up a large portion of each dish and took a plate and put it in front of Jian Yunxiu: “You eat more.”

Jian Yunxiu certainly doesn’t like the dishes that others have touched.

“Jing Ze, you are so nice.” Jian Yunxiu smiled and glanced at Yan Jing Ze and ate the dishes on the plate in front of him obediently.

He didn’t take the initiative to talk to Old Cai, but if Old Cai talked to him, he would answer.

Old Cai chatted with him quite a bit, and the more they talked, the more alarmed he became.

He knows that some artists are addicted to art, their mental age is relatively young, and they don’t understand the world, but he hasn’t encountered it… He didn’t expect to meet it today!

Jian Yunxiu is obviously not good at communicating with people and he doesn’t understand many things. Seeing him eating the dishes that Yan Jing Ze gave him before, he didn’t even dare to talk to him. How does it feel like… Yan Jing Ze is abducting a child?

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