Chapter 505 – Jiang Junmo’s Analysis

“What do you think is going on between them? Does Gu Xiangnan really want to reconcile with Su Man?” After coming out, Lu Xia curiously asked Jiang Junmo beside her.

Jiang Junmo shook his head and said, “I don’t know, but it seems like it from what he said.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Xia showed a complicated expression.

“Although Gu Xiangnan seems fine, his past indecisive personality makes me think he’s not worthy of Su Man.”

Jiang Junmo smiled at this and said, “One man’s poison is another man’s honey. Perhaps Su Man doesn’t think the same way.”

“How could that be? I don’t think Su Man would be interested in him. After all, back then, he left without a word and was with Cheng Yujiao when he came back. Even though we now know it was for revenge, I still feel like he’s not clean.”

Jiang Junmo laughed upon hearing this.

“Gu Xiangnan’s personality has matured a lot since the educated youth period. Using his fiancee to bring down the Cheng family has also given him a bad reputation now.

However, he’s destined for a political career in the future. Such a reputation has its pros and cons. Additionally, the current situation of the Gu family is not very stable. If he does this, he will definitely be vulnerable to blackmail.

So, his future life is likely to be precarious, and his wife must also be capable.

I have to say, Su Man is quite suitable. If it’s her, she should be able to handle it well.”

Lu Xia was surprised by his analysis and said, “I didn’t realize you knew Su Man so well.”

Jiang Junmo looked at her helplessly and said, “Don’t think too much. Looking from Gu Xiangnan’s perspective, right now his best choice is probably a political marriage, finding a wife from a good family background can help him.

It’s just that because of the previous incident, he’s finding it hard to find a suitable political marriage partner. Even if he finds one, it’s likely just for the sake of utility.

So, perhaps Su Man is the best choice for him.

Even though Su Man’s family background isn’t good, she’s young and already has the ability to do business. She has personal capabilities and talents, making her a suitable wife.”

Lu Xia furrowed her brow upon hearing this and argued, “Can’t it just be because of love? Do we always have to consider gains and losses? I feel like Gu Xiangnan can’t forget Su Man, and even the way he dealt with the Cheng family might have had something to do with Su Man.”

“Of course, what I said is only a part of the reason. What you said makes sense too. It’s just from the conversation I had with him just now, his liking for her might be mixed with something else…”

“Oh? What did he say to you that made you feel this way?”

“It’s nothing much, just indirectly asking about my grandfather and my uncle’s jobs!”

Lu Xia frowned again upon hearing this, lowering her impression of Gu Xiangnan.

Now, she had to admit that perhaps Jiang Junmo was right.

“But this is also his own idea. Su Man probably won’t agree. Choosing Gu Xiangnan over Qi Xiao doesn’t make much sense. At least Qi Xiao has a good personality, appearance, and family background. He’s also in the same business and can relate to her.”

Jiang Junmo smiled at this and said, “Indeed, that’s true. But I think, compared to Qi Xiao, Su Man probably leans more towards Gu Xiangnan.”

After saying this, he saw Lu Xia frowning in disbelief, and Jiang Junmo continued, “Su Man is an ambitious person. You can tell from the fact that she started her business alone.

And she must have thought about what kind of husband she wants in the future, so that’s why she refused Qi Xiao. After all, while Qi Xiao seems good, he doesn’t have the same abilities as Su Man. Being in the same profession doesn’t help her much.

But Gu Xiangnan is different. He will enter politics in the future, and being the wife of a government official is a prestigious position for Su Man, which also helps her career…”


Chapter 506 – Qi Xiao’s Unrequited Love


Lu Xia heard this and interrupted, “You think Su Man is too realistic. Is she really like that?”

Jiang Junmo smiled and didn’t deny, “Maybe I was overthinking.”

Lu Xia fell silent for a moment, then unexpectedly looked at him and said, “I can’t believe you’re quite good at reading people, analyzing things step by step. I just don’t know if you can also understand others or if you only analyzed Su Man?”

Upon hearing her question, Jiang Junmo shook his head in resignation, “Just because I don’t talk much doesn’t mean I don’t understand. You can tell some people’s personalities from their usual behavior. It’s just that you’re simplifying it.”

Lu Xia, although acknowledging his point, still found it hard to accept. “Even though what you say makes sense, I still don’t think Su Man would be like this. She would definitely choose someone she genuinely likes.”

After all, she’s the ‘female protagonist’; she shouldn’t be this pragmatic, right?

Jiang Junmo laughed at her words, “Of course, doesn’t Gu Xiangnan like her a lot? They were even married before, so it’s not unusual for old feelings to reignite. What I said could also be the best choice based on mutual affection.”

Lu Xia remained silent after hearing this. She still didn’t believe that Su Man would forgive Gu Xiangnan so easily, but she didn’t continue to argue with him. She could only wait and see.

She believed the ‘female protagonist’ wouldn’t disappoint her.

Lu Xia had confidence in Su Man. With her unique perspective and pride different from this era, she shouldn’t compromise easily.

However, not long after, Qi Xiao took the initiative to invite them out for a meal.

When they arrived at the restaurant, they saw a distraught and somewhat disheveled Qi Xiao.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen at the store?” Lu Xia was startled to see him like this and quickly asked.

Qi Xiao shook his head, “There’s nothing wrong with the store; it’s my own issue.”

At this moment, even Jiang Junmo frowned and asked, “What happened? Speak up, we can solve it together, don’t keep it in!”

Qi Xiao smiled and sighed, “It’s nothing, just that I’ve had my heart broken… No, it’s not heartbreak; it’s just the end of my unrequited love.”

Lu Xia already understood, “What happened? Su Man completely rejected you?”

Qi Xiao shook his head, a pained smile on his face, “I didn’t even get a chance to be rejected. She already has a partner!”



Upon hearing this, Lu Xia was very surprised. Just a while ago, she thought Su Man wouldn’t forgive Gu Xiangnan so quickly, and now she hears that Su Man has a partner. Could that person be Gu Xiangnan?

“When did this happen? Do we know her partner?” Lu Xia asked.

Qi Xiao shook his head, “It happened recently. Actually, I don’t know if that person is her partner. They just appeared together, and she didn’t reject him, so I knew she was interested.”

“I heard he’s a college student! They knew each other before.

“Su Man is so capable that she always makes me forget that she is a college student. I am not worthy of her…”

Lu Xia fell silent after hearing this. All signs indicated that he was talking about Gu Xiangnan, so Su Man and Gu Xiangnan have reconciled?

Lu Xia didn’t know what to say upon hearing this. She felt like she couldn’t quite understand Su Man again.

Could Jiang Junmo be right after all?

But now wasn’t the time to think about these things…

They both started consoling Qi Xiao. This kid finally had someone he liked, but it ended before it even began. He was probably very heartbroken.

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  1. She believed the ‘female protagonist’ wouldn’t disappoint her.
    Lu Xia had confidence in Su Man. With her unique perspective and pride different from this era, she >shouldn’t compromise easily.

    Dis she forget about the murder of that other girl?

    1. Exactly! I’m quite shocked how idealistic Lu Xia’s thoughts are toward Su Man as the female protagonist. First of all, this isn’t the novel she read, but a different version of it, so of course the characters will be written differently and have different mindsets based on their experiences. Second of all, just based on Su Man’s past life as a wealthy heiress and her current life’s ambitions, it’s obvious that she’s not the overly romantic type, but more pragmatic in her wants and needs, especially when it comes to relationships. I think the problem is that Lu Xia continues to see Su Man and Gu Xiangnan as only characters in a romance novel, hence she romanticizes their personalities and actions, rather than viewing them as real people who have both the pros and cons of human nature.

      Thanks for the chapter! 😀

  2. I’m also quite disappointed with the O!MC. Not because she’s pragmatic but because she can’t find a better option! Like wtf it’s ok to be ambitious but obviously she also have the capabilities, so why not look for another stocks??? She’s already in the society, doing business. I don’t think she can’t see other potential stocks. Or the author really just won’t give her a better choice?

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