Chapter 507 – Su Man’s Invitation

However, Jiang Junmo didn’t seem adept at comforting people. He furrowed his brow and simply said to Qi Xiao, “She’s not suitable for you!”

As a result, when Lu Xia looked at Qi Xiao, he seemed even more upset. She rolled her eyes at someone in exasperation and said after some thought, “Maybe it’s just that you’re not meant to be. Don’t belittle yourself. Perhaps she really isn’t the right fit for you.”

Upon hearing this, Qi Xiao wiped his face with his hand and forced a faint smile, “Old Jiang, Sister-in-law, I understand. You don’t need to persuade me. I know it in my heart. It’s just that I’m still a little sad.”

Lu Xia sighed at this point, “Perhaps it’s a matter of fate. You will definitely meet someone who suits you in the future. Don’t rush it. How about I introduce someone to you, Qi Xiao?”

After saying that, she started to think if there were any suitable single girls around her.

Qi Xiao, upon hearing this, didn’t have the heart to stay sad and immediately declined, “No need, Sister-in-law. I plan to turn my sorrow into strength and focus on my career wholeheartedly from now on!”

Lu Xia listened and fell silent for a moment, then said, “Alright, try to be more optimistic. Things will get better in the future.”

Neither of them was particularly skilled at comforting others, but seeing that Qi Xiao could understand the situation, they felt relieved and exchanged a few more words before parting ways.

After returning, Lu Xia sighed again, feeling regretful for Su Man. Qi Xiao was really a good guy.

Jiang Junmo looked at her like this and said helplessly, “Don’t worry, Axiao’s personality is like this. He’s deeply upset when things go wrong, but he’ll soon come to terms with it.”

Lu Xia nodded, still not understanding. Why did Su Man reconcile with Gu Xiangnan?

After all, she was so outstanding. What kind of man couldn’t she find? Why did she have to hang on to Gu Xiangnan?

She found it very unworthy and couldn’t comprehend it.

But she couldn’t influence Su Man’s thoughts; she could only feel awkward herself.

However, it was quite a coincidence that shortly after receiving news about Su Man, when Lu Xia had a free weekend and went to a beauty salon for a visit, she ran into her.

Su Man had just finished her beauty treatment at the moment, with no makeup on. She saw Lu Xia about to leave and naturally greeted her, “Are you about to leave? Do you have plans later? Want to go out together?”

Lu Xia was surprised by Su Man’s invitation, but after thinking about it, she didn’t refuse.


So the two of them went to a café.

Yes, a café. Lu Xia learned from Su Man that cafés like this existed in this era only with her guidance.

However, the café was located in a small alley, and the interior was quite retro in design.

Even the name of the café had a distinct Chinese style.

Double Happiness Café.

After Lu Xia sat down and saw the coffee served in teapots with the characters for “double happiness” on them, she was already quite composed.

Presumably, everything in this shop, aside from coffee, was authentic Chinese style.

When Su Man saw her gaze, she smiled and introduced, “The owner of this café was once a professor who studied in the United States. After ten years in the rural areas, when he came back, everything had changed, and he had no family left. He declined the job arranged by the government and later opened this café. The reason for the decoration is to cherish the memories. The coffee here tastes pretty good. You can try it.”

Lu Xia nodded and took a sip, feeling nothing special. Whether in her past or present life, she didn’t have strong feelings for this kind of petty bourgeois stuff and couldn’t tell if it was good or bad. She treated it as a drink for staying up late.

“How’s the taste?”

Hearing Su Man’s question, Lu Xia shook her head apologetically, “I haven’t really drunk coffee much, so I don’t know if it’s good or not.”

Su Man understood. In her opinion, Lu Xia was a local of this era and hadn’t drunk coffee much, which was quite normal. Besides, people usually couldn’t get used to it the first time they tried. The fact that she didn’t find it unpleasant was already good.

So Su Man smiled and said, “It’s okay if you don’t like it. I also ordered some pastries; we can have some later.”

Lu Xia nodded and didn’t refuse.


Chapter 508 – Baby’s Photos


After the pastries arrived, Lu Xia took a bite and quite liked it.

Unlike the pastries available in modern department stores, they sold various small cakes here, and they tasted delicious.

It wasn’t a waste of the high price.

Truly, you get what you pay for.

Later, she could bring Jiang Junmo here to try; he would probably like it too.

Seeing Lu Xia enjoying the pastries, Su Man smiled, and then they started chatting.

Lu Xia thought that Su Man had something to tell her when she invited her out, but after chatting about various topics for a while, she didn’t hear any specific purpose.

Just when she thought she might have guessed wrong, Su Man finally spoke up.

“Among those who relocated to the countryside, you and your husband are now living the best life, with both sons and daughters, and a happy marriage. It’s great!”

Hearing Su Man’s admiring tone, Lu Xia was a little surprised. She didn’t expect that even as the ‘female protagonist,’ Su Man would envy others.

So she smiled and said, “Actually, everyone is doing well. Especially you; you’ve achieved a lot in your career, and your business is so successful that even I envy it. Sun Shengnan and the others are doing well too. Sun Shengnan had another child in the past two years, a boy, so now they have both a son and a daughter. Liu Jun also started a business. Although he didn’t earn a lot, he’s living comfortably. I know that everyone is doing well in their own way, so everyone is living a good life.”

Su Man smiled upon hearing this, “You have good relationships with people. I haven’t been in touch with everyone.”

Lu Xia smiled and didn’t say much. Both of them were travellers, but compared to Su Man’s aloofness, she indeed integrated a bit more. Moreover, she could imagine that during the time in the countryside, Su Man probably didn’t care much about them, or else she wouldn’t have avoided having any interaction with them.

Su Man didn’t have any other intentions; she was just expressing her feelings. Then, she suddenly said, “Did you see Gu Xiangnan before? He came to see me again.”

Lu Xia nodded, and then couldn’t help asking, “So, have you reconciled?”

Su Man smiled at her and didn’t hide anything, shaking her head, “Not yet…”

“Not yet?”

“Yeah, because I don’t know if we’ll reconcile later.”

“Huh…” Lu Xia was a bit surprised upon hearing this. So Su Man did have the intention to reconcile.

Lu Xia subconsciously wanted to ask why, but Su Man didn’t say anything and instead pulled out a photo and handed it to her…

“Isn’t she cute?”

Lu Xia took it and saw that the person in the photo was a baby, probably a baby girl. She looked very young, about a little over a year old, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, and a cheerful smile.

After becoming a mother, Lu Xia had no resistance when it came to children and subconsciously smiled.

“She’s adorable, really adorable. Whose baby is this? She’s so beautiful; she’ll definitely be a little beauty when she grows up.”

Su Man smiled as she heard Lu Xia’s words, “Thank you for the compliment. She’s my daughter.”


“…What?” Lu Xia doubted if she had misheard. She looked up in astonishment at Su Man.

And Su Man, with a calm expression, smiled at her and said, “She’s my daughter, my own. She’s two years old this year!”

“How… how is that possible?” Lu Xia couldn’t quite believe it.

But looking at Su Man’s serious demeanor, it seemed like it was true.

After careful calculation, if the child was two years old, then Su Man should have been pregnant during their time in the countryside, right?

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