Chapter 509 – Su Jingyan

Later, Su Man also gave an affirmative answer.

“It was during the time in the countryside when I got pregnant.

Actually, we had already separated by then, probably around July. One night, he came to see me after drinking too much, crying and feeling miserable. I felt soft-hearted.

The next day, when he woke up, he mentioned wanting to reconcile, but at that time, Cheng Yujiao and his family matters were not resolved, so I declined.

Although he was disappointed, he didn’t insist.

Just didn’t expect that I got pregnant that very night.

At the beginning, I didn’t know. When I found out, the child was already three months old.

Just at that time, the notice for the resumption of the college entrance examination came. I had to focus on preparing for the exam and didn’t think about anything else.

After the exam, the child could already move. At that point, I couldn’t bear to abort anymore…”

Saying this, Su Man’s face showed a gentle expression, revealing her motherly side.

But Lu Xia still found it hard to believe.

“But, how didn’t I notice?”

Yeah, logically speaking, when Su Man was in the countryside, she should have been quite far along in her pregnancy, right?

How did no one notice? Moreover, thinking back, Su Man’s actions at that time didn’t seem different from before. She was quite intense when confronting Zhuang Hongmei back then. It was impossible to tell she was pregnant.

Su Man smiled at her when she asked like that.

“Maybe because it was winter. I wore more layers, and my belly didn’t show much.

To be honest, the baby was really small. Even when she was born, she weighed just a little over five pounds. Clearly, I ate well, but I don’t know where all that nutrition went…”

Saying this, Su Man’s tone carried a sense of heartache.

Lu Xia fell silent after hearing this. According to what she said, it was indeed possible.

Before, she often saw news about young girls in their teens not realizing they were pregnant. Their bellies only slightly enlarged, and they only found out when they gave birth. So, it was indeed possible not to show obvious signs of pregnancy.

So, Su Man had really been pregnant and had a child?!

This revelation surprised her greatly…

Su Man also knew she probably hadn’t expected this before, but it seemed she could finally share her feelings as a mother with someone. At this moment, she poured out a lot about the child to her.

And from Su Man’s tone, Lu Xia could tell that she truly loved this child.

So, Lu Xia calmed her thoughts and asked, “What’s her name?”

“Jingyan, Su Jingyan!”

Lu Xia nodded, “It’s a beautiful name. Just hearing it, you know she’s a pretty girl.”

Hearing her say that, Su Man became even happier, “Yes, even at such a young age, she loves beauty. She’s a beautiful little princess.”

The two chatted for a while, and Lu Xia finally fully accepted that Su Man was already a mother. She then asked, “So, did you give Comrade Gu another chance for the sake of the child?”

Su Man shook her head at her words, “Not entirely. To be honest, when Jingyan was born, I was very tired. It had been less than two months since school started, and there was no one to take care of me. At that time, I thought, I worked so hard to give birth to a daughter, she’ll probably be just mine in the future.

But as the child grew up gradually and learned more, she suddenly asked me one day where her dad was.

I felt a bit uneasy about that and didn’t know how to tell her.

Later, when Gu Xiangnan came again and told me that the matter was resolved, and there were no obstacles between us, actually, I hadn’t considered getting back together with him.

But I told him about the child.

I thought it would be good if we could raise the child together like this, no need to revive the past.

What really made me consider getting back together was that he’s a good dad. The child is very happy when she’s with him, happier than when I take care of her myself.

It was at this time that I realized maybe I had taken things for granted. The child needs a complete family and a father’s companionship…”


Chapter 510 – Reason I Can Express


Lu Xia fell silent when she heard this. “So it’s for the child?”

Su Man also fell silent and then chuckled with self-derision, “Perhaps that’s the reason I can express…”

What does that mean?

“Then you don’t like him anymore?” Lu Xia asked again.

Su Man smiled, “After experiencing much, I’ve realized that suitability is more important than liking sometimes. For now, whether it’s because of the child or not, he is the most suitable person for me. That’s why I’m considering it. But we probably won’t reconcile in the short term. I guess any plans would have to wait until after graduation.”

After saying this, Su Man didn’t mention the matter anymore. Lu Xia initially wanted to ask her what she thought about Qi Xiao, but after hearing all this, she decided not to.

It wasn’t until they were about to part ways that Su Man said to Lu Xia, “I know Qi Xiao’s thoughts. However, we’re not a good match. He’s a good man, and he will meet a girl who suits him better in the future. We’re better off as friends.”

Lu Xia chuckled at her words. “I understand.”

Even after the two parted ways, Lu Xia still couldn’t figure out what Su Man wanted to say. Did she just want to talk to someone? Or did she want to explain the reasons for rejecting Qi Xiao?

Lu Xia didn’t understand, much like how she didn’t understand what Su Man was thinking.

However, when she got back, she still mentioned it to Jiang Junmo. After listening, Jiang Junmo didn’t say much, just told her to listen and not get involved.

Lu Xia put this matter aside.

However, before going to bed at night, she would still reflect on how the current developments had completely deviated from the content in the book.

Su Man and Gu Xiangnan got married in the countryside but separated when they returned to the city.

Even if Cheng Yujiao was reborn, she couldn’t change the fate of the Cheng family’s downfall.

And Su Man unexpectedly became a single mother…

All of this meant that the current story was very different from the plot in the book…

And Lu Xia, who had almost forgotten the specifics of the book’s later events, couldn’t recall them now.

It’s probably for the best. After all, this is a real world, and she is experiencing real life…

Although Su Man’s revelation was quite shocking to Lu Xia, in the end, as Jiang Junmo had said, she let it go after hearing about it.

As for the words Su Man said at the end, she didn’t tell Qi Xiao. After all, he seemed to have figured it out on his own.

Indeed, Qi Xiao, as he had said, focused entirely on his career afterward. He quickly opened another branch, busy and thriving. He even planned to open more stores in other cities, intending to expand his business completely!

Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo were very supportive, and the profits they received were reinvested. They were just waiting to make big money with him in the future. They had absolute trust in him. Qi Xiao worked even harder due to this trust, and he rarely mentioned Su Man afterward.

In May, one day after Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo returned home from school, they found everyone in the family gathered, and Aunt Jiang was smiling secretly, obviously very happy.

“Did something good happen?” Lu Xia asked, noticing the situation.

Aunt Jiang smiled, “It’s good news. Our family is going to have a new member again!”

Lu Xia was somewhat surprised to hear this and immediately thought of something. “Could it be that there’s news from cousin?”

“Yes!” Aunt Jiang was very happy. “Your second cousin has finally realized it. You see, when he got injured, he kept it a secret. We only found out after he recovered. Fortunately, good things came out of a mishap. During his hospital stay, he hit it off with the doctor who took care of him. They’ve already registered for marriage, and they informed us after!”

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  1. Lu Xia should have really given Su Man a hug. It sounds like she really needed one at the time.

    Sometimes I question Lu Xia’s EQ a little. Is it really that hard for her to imagine that Su Man views her as one of her only friends, and that she just needed to talk? Sometimes, you just want to vent about things, and perhaps hear words of validation from the people you care about that you’re doing the right thing.

    1. I agree with you. The problem with Lu Xia is that she still views Su Man as a female protagonist from a novel, and since she was successful in the novel she read, then in real life she’s also someone who can do everything to perfection and not encounter any problems that she can’t solve by herself.

      She probably views the female protagonist as someone who doesn’t need to confide in others or seek affirmation for her actions because a female protagonist should always be confident and successful. I just hope that Lu Xia will one day see her as a normal person with wants and needs like everyone else and not force her own ideals of a female protagonist onto Su Man, since she’s a real person in this world and doesn’t exist in a novel anymore.

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