Chapter 511 – Cousin’s Marriage

Lu Xia laughed when she heard this. “That’s great! It’s good news. When is the wedding? Are you planning to have the ceremony at home?”

Aunt Jiang shook her head, “No, he won’t be coming back. It’s too cumbersome for him to come back. He did have some time off earlier, but he gave it to his fellow soldiers from our hometown in a remote area, saying that it would be inconvenient for them to bring their families back for a short visit, so he asked them to stay a few more days. He didn’t even think about how long it’s been since he last came home!”

Uncle Jiang interrupted, “Alright, the second child has his own plans. He’s also concerned about his comrades.”

Aunt Jiang gave him a look, “I know he’s concerned about his comrades. I’m just upset that he got married at thirty!”

After saying that, she ignored him and continued to say to Lu Xia, “Since they won’t be coming back this time, I plan to go and see them. Although they don’t plan to have a grand wedding, just a meal in the army canteen, both your uncle and I should attend.”

Lu Xia nodded. “Exactly, you have to go. It’s a sign of respect for sister-in-law. By the way, I heard that sister-in-law is also a military doctor, she must have a lot in common with you, Aunt.”

Aunt Jiang became even happier when she heard this. “The second child has finally done something good. Now, it’s just a matter of time for the fourth child, who is a little younger than Junmo, to get married. I don’t know when he’ll tie the knot.”

Lu Xia comforted her, “Don’t worry, I’m sure when the time is right, he’ll get married.”

Aunt Jiang didn’t press the matter further. She just felt sorry for her child, but now that one of her sons was finally married, they wouldn’t worry as much.

The next day, Lu Xia accompanied Aunt Jiang to the department store and the new stores on the street, buying some gifts for her sister-in-law.

Aunt Jiang acted quickly. The next day, she took a day off and went to son’s army base.

Uncle Jiang couldn’t go, but he prepared gifts for his daughter-in-law. Lu Xia and the others did the same. They heard that there would be someone to pick them up, so they sent some electrical appliances by train.

People helped them both getting on and off the train, so Aunt Jiang didn’t have to carry things herself. It could be considered their wedding gift.

Aunt Jiang initially felt like it was too much, not allowing them to buy anything. However, Lu Xia insisted. Uncle Jiang’s family had been very kind to them, and sending some gifts was not a big deal, especially since they bought them at a discount from Qi Xiao’s store, so it was much cheaper than the normal price.

Aunt Jiang didn’t refuse after hearing this.

After she returned a few days later, she was tired from the trip, but she was very happy. She praised her daughter-in-law endlessly, looking very satisfied.

“Your sister-in-law also asked me to thank you. They can’t easily find those appliances you brought, and many people from the family compound came over to see them when they arrived. They were all envious.”


Chapter 512 – Third Sister-in-law Pays a Visit


Lu Xia smiled as she listened, “It’s good if sister-in-law can make use of them. Living conditions there are already difficult, having these things can definitely ease her worries.”

Aunt Jiang listened gratefully and patted her hand, “You’re right. Thanks to these items. Otherwise, your sister-in-law would have been very busy. She already had a tough time working at the hospital, and now, after coming back, she has to handle household chores. It’s definitely a lot easier now.”

Lu Xia felt relieved after hearing this. Later, Aunt Jiang also updated her on sister-in-law’s situation, and it was only then that she learned sister-in-law was not young anymore, already 28 years old this year.

She had a previous fiancé who unfortunately sacrificed, which left her heartbroken. Afterward, she focused on her work and only started considering marriage when she met her cousin.

It could be said that both of them were mature individuals and had common ground. They should get along well.

Seeing Aunt Jiang’s satisfied expression, Lu Xia knew.

She was happy for them too.

After Aunt Jiang returned to her normal life, Lu Xia was about to have her final exams.

At this time, Third Sister-in-law and her husband suddenly came to visit.

“Xiao Xia, you have some understanding of business. Do you think your brother-in-law is cut out for it?”

Lu Xia was surprised to hear Third Sister-in-law’s question.

“Why is Third Sister saying that? Is third brother-in-law also considering doing business?” Lu Xia inquired.

Third Sister sighed, “Exactly. A colleague at your brother-in-law’s workplace has quit his job to start a business and is doing well. Seeing that, your brother-in-law is tempted. He doesn’t want to continue his good job and is planning to resign. But we are clueless and don’t know what to do. We thought of asking you for suggestions.”

Lu Xia was even more surprised to hear this. How did they think of coming to her for advice? Did they think she was knowledgeable in this area?

Seemingly understanding Lu Xia’s confusion, Third Sister smiled and said, “We all know that you not only partnered with that boy from the Qi family to open a shop but also started your own beauty salon, which is doing well. It’s clear that these ideas didn’t come from my brother. So, we wanted to ask if you have any other ideas and if you could give some guidance to your brother-in-law.”

Lu Xia couldn’t help but smile at this. These investments were clearly ideas others wanted to pursue, and she simply invested in them. Yet, in Third Sister’s words, it seemed like she had come up with these ideas herself.

Just as she was about to explain, Grandpa Jiang spoke, “Don’t pressure Xiao Xia. She may not know about this matter, whether it will make money or not. If it doesn’t go well, will you blame her?”

Lu Xia felt a tightness in her heart upon hearing this. Wasn’t that true? She got along well with her sisters-in-law, and after the beauty salon opened, she had even sent trial cards to her sisters-in-law. They occasionally visited to show their support.

So, when her sister-in-law asked for something, her instinct was not to think of the consequences.

But what if her advice didn’t work? Wouldn’t that be harming them?

Thinking of this, Lu Xia hesitated for a moment.

Third Sister quickly added, “How could that be? I just came to ask for Xiao Xia’s opinion. Mainly, we’re quite ignorant about doing business right now. Even if Xiao Xia gives us advice, we need to carefully consider it before deciding whether to do it or not. After all, resigning is a big deal, and even if we end up losing money, we won’t blame Xiao Xia.”

Grandpa Jiang didn’t say anything more after hearing this.

Lu Xia glanced at Jiang Junmo and found him nodding to reassure her. So, after some thought, she said, “Currently, the country has many areas and industries with great development potential. I just don’t know what type of business third brother-in-law is interested in.”

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