Chapter 1 – Transmigrated into the Cannon Fodder Fake Daughter

Xu Jinning never expected that she would be pushed down the stairs by her step-sister, who had always seemed so good to her. What’s more, she never imagined that when she opened her eyes again, she would have transmigrated, and to make things even more unbelievable, she found herself in a fictional world from the 80s that she had read about before!

Born in the 21st century, Xu Jinning’s father was a billionaire who had a business marriage with her mother. When she was five, their relationship soured, leading to their divorce. Six months later, her father remarried, bringing in a stepmother and her step-sister, who was later renamed Xu Jinwen.

From that point on, Xu Jinning and her step-sister became a study in contrasts.

Xu Jinning struggled academically, while her step-sister Xu Jinwen excelled, winning scholarships every year.

Xu Jinning had a stubborn personality, spoke straightforwardly, often infuriating her father. In contrast, her step-sister Xu Jinwen had a gentle temperament, skillfully using sweet words to make their father happy.

Xu Jinning was somewhat introverted, lacking many friends, preferring to stay at home. Her step-sister, on the other hand, was sociable, and everyone of their age liked her.

Since childhood, people always compared her to her step-sister, but fortunately, Xu Jinning didn’t care much; her resilience was quite strong.

Moreover, her step-sister and stepmother had always treated her well.

However, what Xu Jinning didn’t expect was that just before she turned 18, her father planned to announce in her coming-of-age ceremony that he would leave all the company shares to her.

It was precisely because of this that, on the night before she came of age, her eavesdropping step-sister ruthlessly pushed her down from upstairs.

To this day, Xu Jinning vividly remembers her step-sister’s sinister expression and the jealous words she uttered.

“I don’t understand. Why, even though I’ve done so well, does Dad still only care about you? Is blood really that important?”

“I’m so smart, and you’re so dumb. The company should be handed over to me.”

“Xu Jinning, go die. Only when you’re dead, I’ll become Dad’s only daughter, and the company will be mine.”

“Do you know, ever since we were young, my mom and I were just pretending to be nice to you. Never thought you would be foolishly deceived.”

“Go die. I’ll be filial to Dad for you, and I’ll inherit the company for you.”

That’s how Xu Jinning was pushed down the stairs. She thought it would be a certain death, but unexpectedly, when she opened her eyes again, she had transmigrated.

Looking at the brick-and-tile house in front of her, the kang bed underneath, the old mosquito net above her head, and the calendar on the wall marked with the year 1976, Xu Jinning confirmed once again that she had indeed transmigrated.

Moreover, she transmigrated into a group-favourite real and fake rich daughter novel.

At present, the real daughter has already been recognized by her biological parents in the city who have become officials and professors, while she, the fake daughter, returns to the countryside.

The original owner was physically weak, suffered severe motion sickness on the train, almost losing half her life on the journey.

Also, due to her own background, the original owner was overwhelmed with sadness, leading to her untimely death.

Opening her eyes again, she became Xu Jinning of this era.

Outside, the voices of the Xu family members could be heard.

“Mom, I don’t like this sister anyway. In my heart, Fangfang is my real sister. Don’t expect me to take care of her in the future.” The speaker was the eldest sister, Xu Fanghua.

“I don’t care. Mom, are you cooking chicken today? Be sure to leave a bowl for me. I want to bring it to Educated Youth Sun. She’s too weak and needs nourishment.” This was the second brother, Xu Xiangdong.

“Mom, Dad, we should stay in touch with Fangfang more. She lives in the city, and her biological father is an official. Building connections might benefit us in the future.” This was Xu Jinning’s second brother, Xu Xiangbei, sounding rather youthful.

“Ailian, you can take care of Ningning’s affairs. I’m currently busy with the promotion to director at the factory.” The deep and resonant voice belonged to the head of the family, Xu Aiguo.

“Okay. I hope Ningning can be as obedient as Fangfang.” The last one to speak, with a gentle voice, was Xu Jinning’s biological mother, Zhang Ailian.

Lying on the kang bed, Xu Jinning listened to these words and recalled the scenes when she read this novel and its comments initially.

In the later part of this novel, Xu Jinning, the fake rich daughter, returned to her rural home, and the entire Xu family treated her poorly. They considered Xu Fangfang, the real rich daughter, their biological daughter and sister.

Physically weak and lacking much education, the original owner who couldn’t engage in any physical labor, fell ill and passed away after three years.

In reality, after returning to the countryside, the original owner did not look down on her biological parents and siblings. She intended to integrate into their lives and live peacefully in the rural setting.

She was obedient and not self-pitying, far from someone with lofty ambitions.

Unfortunately, regardless of her efforts, she found that her parents and siblings didn’t like her and only favored Lin Fangfang.

In the end, she fell ill and died, with a component of depression contributing to her demise.

In fact, readers criticized the author of this novel, claiming it was unrealistic for biological parents not to love their own child.

Later on, the author explained that this was a controlled world, where the original owner’s parents, siblings, and even the original owner herself were all cannon fodder.

Cannon fodders should accept their predetermined fate and arrangements, devoid of independent thoughts.

It was like setting up NPCs to serve the main character.

Therefore, no matter what the original owner did, she was destined to be a cannon fodder, a fake rich daughter who was not liked by her biological parents and siblings, serving merely as a contrast to the real rich daughter.

Xu Jinning accepted the reality of her transmigration and initially intended to live well in this world. After all, in the 21st century, there was nothing for her to cling to.

She initially intended to get along well with the original owner’s family in this era.

Now, thinking about the author’s setting, she suddenly felt it was unnecessary.

Because it was futile.

After some contemplation, Xu Jinning ultimately chose to lie down.

The author of this novel had a penchant for writing fictional period novels. Although the plot was melodramatic, Xu Jinning had read five or six of the author’s period novels.

The author, in her novels, had numerous fan-made settings, and the timeline didn’t match reality. Fortunately, even though Xu Jinning was academically challenged, her memory was good, and she vividly remembered the content of these novels, including the timelines.

In the world of this novel, the original owner returned to the countryside in 1980, and the next year was when the college entrance examination was reinstated.

However, regardless of the specific year for the reinstatement of the college entrance examination, Xu Jinning had no intention of participating. It was unrealistic for a mediocre student like her to take the university entrance exam, especially considering that the original owner had never attended school and was illiterate.

A few years later, engaging in business after the reforms to become the wealthiest person? That wasn’t an option either. She lacked the business acumen, or else her father would have arranged for her to join the company initially.

Farming? Taking the path of prosperity in the countryside?

Xu Jinning looked at her slender arms and legs and remembered her inability to distinguish between leeks and green onions in the 21st century.

In the end, Xu Jinning made a decision.

Lie down, do nothing, just live the life of a salted fish.

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